Give Me Reason

Give Me Reason Vivienne Callahan has known only hardship As if growing up with an alcoholic drug addicted mother wasn t traumatic enough she s escaped from her physically and verbally abusive boyfriend only to str

  • Title: Give Me Reason
  • Author: Zoey Derrick
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Vivienne Callahan has known only hardship As if growing up with an alcoholic, drug addicted mother wasn t traumatic enough, she s escaped from her physically and verbally abusive boyfriend only to struggle every day to make ends meet as a waitress in a Minneapolis diner.Along comes Mikah Blake, a handsome stranger who quickly takes an unexpected and persistent interest inVivienne Callahan has known only hardship As if growing up with an alcoholic, drug addicted mother wasn t traumatic enough, she s escaped from her physically and verbally abusive boyfriend only to struggle every day to make ends meet as a waitress in a Minneapolis diner.Along comes Mikah Blake, a handsome stranger who quickly takes an unexpected and persistent interest in her On the surface, Mr Suit seems to be Vivienne s opposite rich, well fed, successful As Vivienne will learn, Mikah is than he seems, and for reasons unknown, he s determined to be her knight in shining armor But after having finally found her own two feet after years of abuse, it s difficult for her to accept Mikah s help.Will her body s unexpected response to Mikah s touch be reason enough to overcome her pride and traumatic past and learn to love and trust Or will her past, refusing to be left behind, come back to claim her

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    1 thought on “Give Me Reason”

    1. *1.5 stars*My rating for this book is purely because I didn't like it, not because I hated it or want to rant on it much. Aside from the grammar errors and the extremely high voice of a narrator trying to do a deep male voice with an Irish accent (not good), the content of the book was puzzling. The author tried to combine a paranormal with the TIRED theme of a billionaire self-made 20-something year old hot man "saving" an angelic, needy poor lady. Add in the pregnancy "twist" and a cliffhanger [...]

    2. Well, I can honestly say that I’ve never read a book that made me cry this hard before. I was so attached to the characters that each and every moment that they were in pain I felt for them. The main characters in this novel are quite well developed, even if one remains a bit mysterious. They are real people with real issues. Even if these issues are more extreme than what many of us would face everyday, they are real issues. Derrick continues to write with her usual smooth and approachable st [...]

    3. What is wrong with all those indie writers? Or with all those indie publishers? I just hate that common and newly founded strategy called be-sure-you-buy-the-next-installment, since we provided you with the cliffhanger of the year.Seriously, wtf?It's all about the money, sing a-long.Well, they just gave me a reason (heck, there's no "a" in this title) to buy the next book in serie.And now I'm not sure if I like this book or not. I liked it. I didn't like it. But I want to read part two.So, back [...]

    4. Give Me Reason is another outstanding read by author Zoey Derrick. I finished it and was so disappointed, not in the book, but in the fact that I knew that it was going to be "for-ev-er" before I got to read the next installment! It had me enthralled. When I couldn't read, I was thinking about it, wondering what was going to come next!Vivienne's story is one of tragedy and hardship. Having been beaten close to death by her ex-boyfriend, she's doing it hard trying to make it on her own, working a [...]

    5. Vivienne Callahan has hit rock bottom without even attempting to. After her abusive ex attacks her, she is left trying to move on and take care of herself, but not as successfully as she would like.Mikah Blake sees Vivienne for the first time and she radiates something that Mikah needs in his life. If he had his way, he would protect and care for Vivienne with no questions asked, but he sees he proud young lady in front of him and tries to form a friendship. This was a page turner for me. Vivien [...]

    6. ARC Version From The Author Zoey DerrickI was really excited when the author Zoey offered me a copy of her ARC in her newest set of PNR series. I enjoyed Finding Love's Wings, so I was like yes, of course. With pleasure. Anyway, I thought when I noticed how short the book was, I was tempted to put it as a novella, hehe. But noo, I didn't categorize it as novella. This is one of my fastest reading. Like, 4 hours fast since I received it.When I read the first page, my response was like huh? Angels [...]

    7. What happens when a wealthy and successful businessman gets a strange pull toward a hole-in-the-wall restaurant and finds himself drawn to a young and obviously troubled waitress who works there? She may be down on her luck, but Vivienne is a fighter and is determined to make it in life on her own terms, in her own way. Mikah is equally determined, no, he inexplicably NEEDS to help this brave, yet frail young woman. He doesn’t understand how or why, but he needs to protect her. And admit it or [...]

    8. **I received an ARC of Give Me Reason by Zoey Derrick for an honest review.**After finishing this book five minutes ago and chain smoking a cigarette (don't hate me, gross- I know) I'm STILL frustrated! Oh cliffhangers, how I flipping HATE YOU! Luckily for me, I received an ARC of Give Me Hope combined with this one (*neener neener neener!*) but I feel so bad for those of you that had to twiddle your thumbs waiting for the second book of this series to come out. Zoey totally left me stranded, on [...]

    9. Hello Readers!Today we are going to be taking a look at Give Me Reason. Zoey Derrick tells us the story of Viv, a constantly struggling waitress and Mikah a rich man who is inexplicably drawn to Viv. We meet Viv just after she gets out of the hospital. After being put there by her boyfriend Viv tries once again to get back on her feet, something she's been doing all her life. Mikah is our mysterious hero and right from the beginning we know there is way more to him then meets the eye. After lite [...]

    10. * * * * * 5 STARS * * * * *What a fantastic start to a series!! I loved it!!This book had everything I could ask for… a sexy but mysterious alpha-male hero, a courageous and beautiful heroine, an unexplainable instant connection, and paranormal undertones. I was hooked after the first page! This story is a little over 100 pages long and I always worry a little when I start to read a novella that there won’t be enough there to really keep me interested but… whoa, guess again! This story had [...]

    11. Honored with an ARC from Author, will try to avoid spoilers! I found myself intrigued by this one from page one. I have read this author's debut novel Finding Love's Wings and devoured it. I loved the writing style,the plot and the unique characters. Once I was aware of more upcoming works, I added all of them to my TBR.This one is different, and you are aware of this, by page 2. The plot is simple, yet complex the more you think about it, and the further you venture into the story, you have no [...]

    12. Give Me Reason was a short read. It was a bit emotional, and even inspiring. The book had a somber mood, primarily because of Vivienne's past. The book has been categorized as paranormal, but the only hint of anything paranormal is found only in the prologue.The one thing Vivienne Callahan knows very well is hardship. Living with her alcoholic and drug-addict mother was a hardship. Being in a relationship with Riley was a hardship. After all he put her in a hospital for three days. And now worki [...]

    13. Are you in the mood for romance? Or are you in the mood for a bit of drama and mystery? If you answered yes to the second question then 'Give Me Reason' is a good book for your choice.It starts out with a bit of vague prologue that leaves you not really understanding much. But you can tell its a vital part to the story to come. And that for some reason Mikah is drawn to Viv for reasons he doesn't even understand. But he follows through with his feelings and slowly gets to know her a little.Now V [...]

    14. Received this book for an honest review.******WARNING: MAJOR CLIFFHANGER ****** This book had me on the edge of my seat. There were times I wanted to throw my iPad, shake some into Viv, beat the living shite out of dumbass, and of course comfort Mikah (oh yeah, I could do that). Then WHAM.wait till the next book.Viv has been taking care of herself since she was six years old. Growing up in a household with an alcoholic drug addicted mother she has been dealt a shite hand of cards. Viv is [...]

    15. Give Me a Reason by Zoey Derrick is a great read. Many may not like the cliff hanger endings, but I think they're good because they always keep those characters in the forefront of my mind wondering what will happen to them next.Vivienne Callahan just escaped the brutality of her ex-husband and set her life up again in new place. She busts her ass to make ends, works as a waitress, and I admire her tenacity to never give up.Her life is hard, but she doesn't let it pull her down.I ALWAYS have som [...]

    16. Vivienne has had a hard life. There wasn't a lot of sunshine and flowers when it came to her life and the hell that she lived with an alcoholic/drug addict for a mother, and string of her mother's boyfriends/pimps beating their way into her life. She even started down the same path as her mother once did she got into a not so warm and loving relationship with a not so warm and loving man. A turn of events allow her to leave the only life she knew and gives her reason to start fresh.Mikah Blake i [...]

    17. I read this book in 1 hr 40 mins. That a should tell you its a Great Read . I couldn't stop reading. the only break I took was the minute my reader said it was time to rest my eyes and it forced me to stop. This is a truly amazing book, The characters are well described, perfect male but some paranormal thing going on he doesn't understand, nor do I yet either. The broken, abused, beaten down, poor but beautiful girl trying to make it on her own and too proud to accept help. The ex boyfriend who [...]

    18. **I received an ARC copy for my review**Again a great story by Zoey I loved it, but what a cliff hanger and we have to wait till 2014 for the next book OMG.Vivienne Callahan had no easy childhood with not only an alcoholic, drug addicted mother but also with her mother’s boyfriend who was physically and verbally abusive towards Vivienne. Now after escaping her own abusive ex boyfriend who had beaten her almost to death she tries to survive as a waitress. But she was not expecting Mikah Blake t [...]

    19. The author gave me this book in exchange of an honest review and i just want to thank her for it!!!! I loved it!!!! Couldn't stop reading!!! I loved all the characters!! You can't stop wanting to help Vivienne and you can't stop thinking about Micah! I loved the way the story is written! There's this connection between them that actually grows on you while you read! The author did such a good job that you feel the story, you live it! And for a paranormal romance that's big!!! Usually i don't fee [...]

    20. WOW what a fantastic story, and WOW what an author! Never read any of this authors work before, I really need the next books!I was lucky to get this first book in a series from the author. I say lucky because although its a short read its an outstanding one.I follow the female character from the past she had to leave, to the protection of where she is now. Her place of dwelling, her low paid job and her not having money to feed herself. Mikah. Just where does he fit in.The ending was not as I ex [...]

    21. So love this book very short read but well worth it okay except for the cliffhanger so I'm guessing another one on the way. .;)) Vivienne Callahan is a true lady of past conflicts. hurts, some agony of childhood memories yet strives to be the best she can with what she has dealing with life's throw in the face shots is a hard one to take but she does handle it pretty well. Then Mr. M comes in whew hell the accent irish ways had me smart man, reputable flirtacious.t definitely a manly man the st [...]

    22. I just loved this book, I could not out it down the chemistry between Mikah and Vivienne is amazing,the way Mikah wants to take car of Viv and the over whelming urge to care and protect her controls him is so powerful but Viv has been through so much she is strong and determined to go it alone but little by little she starts to accept Mikahs help and starts to feel some pull some force but will her need to want to go alone push Mikah away for good or will it cost her everything. let me just say [...]

    23. Would have been 5 stars if it were not for the abrupt ending. Actually it wasn't an ending at all, it was the beginning of something big and bam. End. Done. No more. Nada. I'm sriously getting sick of authors, especially indie authors cutting stories in half or 3 parts, and ending with cliff hangers. To an avid reader this irks me to no end. I feel it is a ploy to suck people in with a cheep/free great first book, end with a severe cliff hanger, only to make more money off us with the next few b [...]

    24. This book from Zoey Derrick was all the way up my alley, I wanted to invite it in for coffee and gossip with it. Viv has had a hard life, and it's only going to get worse, but she's strong and determined. Mikah, is perfect on the outside; rich, handsome and the whole nine yards, but he has a secret: one he's not ever sure about.Mikah has an unexplained desire to help Viv, even after finding out about her abused past. But Viv won't allow any help from anyone.Can these two stubborn and determined [...]

    25. Zoey Derrick pens "Give Me Reason" the first book in 'The Reason Series" where she takes you on a wild roller coaster ride of emotions. The chemistry between the main characters was outstanding even though you really want to reach in, grab them by the collar and shake some sense into them. There is a huge cliffhanger at the end that will make you wish the next installment was out already. I was totally captivated with this book and highly recommend it to all.This review is based on a complimenta [...]

    26. This is the introduction to a 4 part novelette series. In this novelette you are introduced to Vivi and Mikah and given parts of their background stories and whats brought them to their current points in their lives. With Vivi's difficult background she has a hard time trusting people and Mikah coming in wanting to help her for no apparent reason makes her unsure if she can trust him.Great begining to a new series, can't wait to see what happens next. Interested to see their story progress and t [...]

    27. Why oh why do I do this to myself? What you might ask?I have gotten myself hooked on another series before the whole thing has been released. This book was a great introduction to what is sure to be a great series.My heart broke for Vivienne. If any one deserves a HEA, it would be her. Mikah oh MikahWe don't learn too much about him yet but I love him already & I can't wait to find out what surprises & secrets he has :-)Good Job Zoey!! You have done another hit on your hands here and you [...]

    28. I have conflicting thoughts about this book. Don't mistake this as me not enjoying it because I truly did. My main problem is the cliffhanger. Right when I mentally prepared myself to pull an all-nighter, it ended. I did find myself wanting to have a "come to Jesus" meeting with Viv and her pride. But I could understand her having that much pride. To some it all up, I am looking forward to the continuation of Viv and Mikah. I was engrossed with their story.

    29. 3.5 stars, I really enjoyed the tone of this one. However, I found Vivienne's stubborn ways to start to get on my nerves after a point. I get that she had to come to her own conclusions and learn to set her pride aside but she could have been nicer about it at some points. A great start, I'm enjoying the plot, and Mikah is beyond adorbs!!! On to the next.

    30. Vivienne has struggled with abuse in one form or another her entire life. She is very untrusting of people, she is used to taking care if herself. So when Mikah comes into the picture and wants to help her she refuses. The story line had me hooked from the first page. The only down side is I have to wait for Book 2 " Give Me Hope" to be released in November(2 months).

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