The Old Familiar Sting

The Old Familiar Sting Fanfic Stiles Derek Teen WolfTo say the nightmares started back up again would be inaccurate they never really went away but they had faded to something manageable Not any Words Completed

  • Title: The Old Familiar Sting
  • Author: the_deep_magic
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 373
  • Format: ebook
  • Fanfic Stiles Derek Teen WolfTo say the nightmares started back up again would be inaccurate they never really went away, but they had faded to something manageable Not any.Words 37376 Completed

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    1 thought on “The Old Familiar Sting”

    1. people let you go. let you down. let you fall.but sometimes, if you're lucky, one of them stays. takes your hand. holds you closed fuck me, but that kind of story gets me every timeis fic had a number of flaws i can't remember right now, because all i can think about is the person who will staye one who will take my handd then hold me close.

    2. This is probably one of the best characterizations of Derek I've read. Though we don't really learn anything new, it is a thorough, well thought out exploration of his demons and his struggles. So it's no surprise that he would self destruct into drug use, and it's no surprise that Stiles is the one to bring him back.Derek is far from perfect. As you know he is his own worst enemy. He's afraid of showing weakness and he makes the same frustrating, self sacrificing decisions over and over, despit [...]

    3. 4.5 starsDerek starts using a werewolf drug to help him sleep without nightmares and becomes addicted to it. Stiles soon finds out about it and helps him recover.It's so good.

    4. Okay, it's really not. There's all sorts of wonderful angsty Derek-man pain here. And yet when I reached the end I thought that it was rather fluffy for what I expected to be an anst-a-thon. I guess when it comes to drug addiction (especially when the title comes from one of my most favorite songs FUCKING EVER) I expect epic levels of angst. And angst throughout the entire fic. This had a great beginning and then the angst tapers off somewhat when Stiles shows up. Which, really, is as it should [...]

    5. I wasn't sure going in how I'd feel about this, but the story totally pulled me in, to the point that I experienced genuine worry at the account of Derek's fall into addiction, which felt disturbingly plausible--like I'm sitting here at this moment thinking 'wow, poor Derek, please don't let that happen to him.' The result was that I was totally, 100% invested in his recovery. As addiction stories go, I wouldn't call this harrowing or nauseating a la Trainspotting, (which good, since I find thos [...]

    6. Aftermath.Derek downspirls, everyone is licking their wounds, and then Stiles notices. Hurt/comfort love story that just plucks at you.

    7. This became one of my favorites. And oddly enough I like the story in it and Derek's internal struggle much more than I like the Sterek aspect of this - though of course them together is awesome, but I almost wish there was more of a struggle for them to become a couple. There is A LOT of angst in this one. One of the things about the show that drives me crazy is that I don't think Derek struggles enough with the tragedies that have plagued his life and even missteps that he has made himself. I [...]

    8. I am really getting hooked on these fics where Derek is so fucking real, so fucking broken, just so damaged he can't find a way out. It is truly how he would just have to be. I am especially hooked on the stories where he has a savior, the best savior. A champion. This was amazing. So freaking amazing. His voice, Stiles voice, the story, everything was just perfect. Did I say amazing?

    9. A Teen Wolf, Stiles/Derek fanfic based on this gif:And after seeing that, it’s not hard to imagine that this is a fic about Derek becoming an addict. I mean, we all know how much Derek’s life sucks hardcore, and that he’s the biggest fail!wolf and even more a fail!alpha of all time, so really, addict is probably the next logical step? Thankfully though, he has someone in his life that is good for him. Ok, so Stiles may have ADHD and talk too much, but he’s there and he helps Derek, and e [...]

    10. 4.5 StarsFantastic! How am I just discovering this story now?! Poor form, me!Derek is on an angsty downward slope leading nowhere good ((view spoiler)[werewolf drugsGah! (hide spoiler)]). Luckily, Stiles is an extremely perceptive and persistent bugger, and together they work to get Derek out of his funk. That barely even touches on the trauma and emotion felt within this story, but it's impressively written and originally told, so you don't need me crapping on about it--just read it. The relati [...]

    11. Derek is newly addicted to some kind of werewolfy drug to help him sleep despite his nightmares about the fire, and Stiles helps him recover. Romance ensues.This could have been really dark and painful, and to be honest that's what I wanted when I started this fic. What it ended up being, though, is a moderately well written, sweet and slightly sad story without much development but with some surprising insights in both Derek and Stiles' characters. The pack issue was also handled nicely, experi [...]

    12. Derek is addicted to the werewolf equivalent of heroin.Stiles is there to help him through withdrawal.This was great! Told from Derek’s POV. Both Derek and Stiles were very authentic. “You’re… you’re in bed with me and you’re close to me. Like, really, really close. I’m not sure but there might be some nuzzling? Just wanted to update you on the situation. In case that’s not what you want to be happening. Because it is. Happening.” I loved this one.

    13. Read 5/5/2015Reread 02/29/2016, 4/5/2017This was painful to read, but I loved seeing Stiles pull Derek from the brink of complete self destruction.

    14. My review went poof!This was very well done.I can completely see how Derek could go down that path. Everything he has been through, and his guilt.Stiles is stubborn and insist on helping. Due to super werewolf healing, the physical aspect of the withdraws went pretty quickly. But with any addiction, the physical is only a small portion of the battled this was the focus.I don't remember the rest of my reviewuhhh.It was a different take, and I enjoyed it greatly.

    15. This is another great look into Derek's POV that I really enjoyed. Addictions must be a terrible burden and it was a hard to watch Derek go through his pain though it was great that Stiles was able to reach out and help the big old hunk of werewolf. 4.5 stars

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