Red Rock Rises

Red Rock Rises A fiery former undercover agent as tough as she is beautiful Fiercely independent she is the Rock Few see the vulnerable woman beneath No one messes with Red Rock until she meets the handsome Police

  • Title: Red Rock Rises
  • Author: Taylor Lee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A fiery former undercover agent, as tough as she is beautiful.Fiercely independent, she is the Rock Few see the vulnerable woman beneath.No one messes with Red Rock until she meets the handsome Police Chief.

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    1. Taylor Lee creates an intriguing premise for this book and the series. A female Army major, Jesse O’Connell, retires to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to start her own private security firm. Since her last decade in the military has been served as an undercover black ops field agent, she has the requisite skill set for that type of business. Throw in a secondary plot where her ex-husband is determined to gain sole custody of their teenaged son, and you have the potential for a thrilling action adven [...]

    2. This was great sexy, suspenseful romance with women who can hold their own against the bad guys and the sexy alpha males who fall in love with them.Red Rock" is the nickname for Special Ops Agent, Major Jesse O'Donnell given to her by her male Army peers. A highly decorated, tough-as-nails red head, who was at the top of her career, until an unfortunate incident forces her to leave the military. Then you have Police Chief, Dameon (Code name Wolf) a very strong, yet very compassionate, intelligen [...]

    3. Red Rock Rises (The Red Rock Series, Book 1) by Taylor LeeNanee's Review:Love these characters. Especially Jesse wow! She's a kick ass bad ass, sweet, shy and vulnerable women who always relied on herself. Wolf is tough as nails, bad ass, sexy as hell (swoon) and so amazing in every sense, I loved the basketball and what Wolf does for his community. These two characters are so hot together, scorchingly hot. Love Trey too, he's a awesome kid, shy and sweet and loves his mom. I wanted to slap "the [...]

    4. Another new series for me to follow! I zoomed through this one in less than a day. It was full of action and suspense, mystery and a really hot romance!I really loved Jesse. She's a very strong woman but also has feelings and shows them. At some points she could be very emotional but it was understandable with all that she's been through. She left the Army to try and get her son and facing past demons.Dameon or Wolf as he is known is definitely swoon worthy material. Very alpha male. He's just a [...]

    5. If you are looking for an action packed romance with a very hot alpha male and an equally hot alpha female, then read Red Rock Rises. Jesse O'Donnell, an ex-Army Special Ops Ranger and Major is retired, living with her son in a new town and starting a new business as a bodyguard. Dameon Macarios, aka as Wolf or Chief is the Chief of Police that see her and appreciates her accomplishments but also see the woman under the independent, tough and sexy ex-Ranger.The actions starts with bullets flying [...]

    6. This book has it allWhat a wonderful surprised! I loved this read. It has all the elements for an incredible series. A badass heroine. Fast paced suspenful plot. Sexy alpha male. And lots of passion!!! Even the side characters were strong. Impressive read! I look forward to checking out more of Taylor Lee's work.My only complaint (which has nothing to do with the actual book, only the way it's being sold) is that I paid $.99 for this book and decided since I enjoyed it so much that I would go ah [...]

    7. There was absolutely too much crying in this book. For someone that was supposed to be such a badass she cried too much for me. I mean really too much crying. I understand that she was a woman but the crying was over the top. But besides that this was a pretty solid book. Good explosive characters (when she wasn't crying), great chemistry and good action. I do think that the plot line at the end could have been better as it was pretty anticlimactic compared to other parts of the story but it did [...]

    8. I was a little disappointed with this book. I have read several by this author and have loved them but this one just didn't fit right. It was a great story line and I enjoyed that part a lot. The part that turned me off and had me skimming most pages was the dirty talk, it seemed a little cheesy at points. I know it was fiction and I know most work of fiction is not meant to be real like, but this was just to over-the-top for sexual talk. I like Taylor Lee as an author and maybe when the second [...]

    9. When Jessie leaves the army she starts a new business in a new town so that she can spend more time with her son. Her introduction to the local police chief could not have been worse. Her client is connected with the local mafia. Add in a vindictive ex husband who is determind to take her son from her.The only person she can trust is herself. This is hot romance strictly for adults. The first book of what I know will be an exciting series. There is a prequel to introduce you to exactly how tough [...]

    10. Red Rock is the perfect code name for Jesse. She had to deal with so much during her service, then she has to deal with more crap that had her leave the service, yet she survived it all. Daemon lived through some hell of his own, including hell that Jesse gave him! This was a book that I had to read from start to finish in one setting, it just dragged me in. I will be going to Taylor's website and signing up for her newsletter so I can be sure to get red rock book 2 because the excerpt has me on [...]

    11. a teen caught in a custody battle acts out. the concerned mother is confused about her feelings for the chief of police who sorts out her son's mess. further intrigue when her military record is used to provide she was a prostitute instead of the sexual lire in a special ops team on missions for national securitye, after a lifetime of betrayals, finally learns to trust, fall in love and clear her name plus avoid assassination

    12. Really enjoyable suspenseful contemporary romance, a great page turner, if you like a full on alpha make, who says what he thinks, takes what he wants, this is the BBF for you!, Dameon is it, I found him a bit to arrogant, but hey he's an alpha, what do you expect!, Jesse was a brilliant character so strong but so vulnerable and full of pride much to her detriment, Dameon is perfect to show her how to trust again, great story which leads onto more books in the series.enjoy!

    13. 3.5 stars. This was a good read with truly interesting characters. It was not at all what I expected, in a good way. The dialogue was a miss for me though. Any time things turned sexy, the dialogue seemed more like an author's perspective than true to the characters. I'm intrigued enough to check out the series.

    14. Red Hot Rises is a love story. An ex-special ops officer is fighting for custody of her son, working hard to start a private protection agency and the local chief of police starts helping her by putting her under arrest. The action continues as he tries to make it up to her in this exciting love story.

    15. Sexy, feisty, independent woman gets seriously sexually wooed by a hot Police Chief who takes no prisoners and refuses to let her slip from his grasp. sex scenes at its finest. sleepless nights guaranteed!

    16. A good suspenseful, action packed romance that had me turning pages just to see what happens next. The characters are strong, yet had a vulnerable side to them.

    17. Great blend of suspense, action, and emotionally charged sexy romance with a hint of family drama mixed in -- all the makings of a perfectly entertaining book!

    18. I love all of Taylor Lee's books. If I want to get away from stress etc. I reach for her books and slip away into Neverland.Tama

    19. Loved this series. This series was my introduction to Taylor Lee books. Love how she writes about strong women and the even stronger men in their lives that appreciate them for their strength.

    20. I'm bored with this. 20% in, and I feel NOTHING for either character. Think this is a DNF, and I'll move on to something I can't put down! What a disappointment

    21. This is the 2nd book I read by Taylor Lee. I liked the hot & steamy scenes & some of the dialog was funny.

    22. Interesting but not very suspenseful. and I don't get it how a woman who spent 10 years on special operations in Iraq and Afghanistan can be so shy, anxious and insecure.

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