I Loved You More

I Loved You More Tom Spanbauer s first novel in seven years is a love story triangle akin to The Marriage Plot and Freedom only with a gay main character who charms gays and straights alike I Loved You More is a rich

  • Title: I Loved You More
  • Author: Tom Spanbauer
  • ISBN: 9780986000782
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tom Spanbauer s first novel in seven years is a love story triangle akin to The Marriage Plot and Freedom, only with a gay main character who charms gays and straights alike I Loved You More is a rich, expansive tale of love, sex, and heartbreak, covering twenty five years in the life of a striving, emotionally wounded writer In New York, Ben forms a bond of love with hiTom Spanbauer s first novel in seven years is a love story triangle akin to The Marriage Plot and Freedom, only with a gay main character who charms gays and straights alike I Loved You More is a rich, expansive tale of love, sex, and heartbreak, covering twenty five years in the life of a striving, emotionally wounded writer In New York, Ben forms a bond of love with his macho friend and foil, Hank Years later in Portland, a now ill Ben falls for Ruth, who provides the care and devotion he needs, though they cannot find true happiness together Then Hank reappears and meets Ruth, and real trouble starts Set against a world of struggling artists, the underground sex scene of New York in the 1980s, the drab, confining Idaho of Ben s youth, and many places in between, I Loved You More is the author s most complex and wise novel to date.

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    1. First of all, the pub date is April 1st, 2014. But you can order this NOW direct from Hawthorne books. Link? Link. hawthornebooks/catalogue/iThere were so many things I took away from Tom Spanbauer's workshop. But two of them really stood out in this book, and stood out in a way where I can recommend the book to anybody.The first one, that a writer should tell a story the way he would tell it to a dear friend he hasn't seen in years, 2 cocktails in. You pick up your old friend at the airport, yo [...]

    2. When Tom Spanbauer releases a new book, you drop everything. I love this man. Each time though, I forget how much emotional and psychic energy he wrings out of me, what you go through body and soul. You can't read them passively, you've got to give to get back, he gives you no choice. I always come out the other end changed, feeling more alive, more connected to the practice of being alive. All I can say is I didn't ever want to stop reading this novel. On the last page I cried in front of my ca [...]

    3. I finished this book on the airplane yesterday on my way back from Denver and when I landed, a friend of mine asked me how my flight was, and I tried to describe this book and I feel like I utterly failed. To say it's a book about a love triangle is so hollow; to say it's a book about sexuality, romance, AIDS, fear, shame, hope, and death is a bit closer. I tried to explain that it follows the protagonist across decades, from New York to Idaho to Oregon, from lover to lover, from pre-status to p [...]

    4. Empieza fuerte, con la fuerza ingenua de la juventud, luego los personajes se alejan de Nueva York y parece que la historia frena. Pero solo está cogiendo carrerilla para unas páginas finales demoledoras. Hay tantas frases que cortan como un cuchillo

    5. Uf, por fin lo terminé. Según parece ser que soy de las pocas, poquísimas personas a las que este libro no les ha gustado. Me ha resultado pesado, aburrido y repetitivo y eso que la historia me llamaba muchísimo. Puta coletilla cansina, tío, la bombilla que titila, Litlle Ben arriba, Big Ben abajo, y expresiones recurrentes varias, un no parar vaya. Por no hablar de la absoluta idealización de Hank por parte de Ben, no puedo con ella, es que todo en él es perfección (ajá, mmm, claro… [...]

    6. Lo intenté, juro que lo intenté, pero no pude soportar más a este narrador. La prosa estuvo bien, cuesta adaptarse de todos modos, pero aún así era totalmente tedioso de seguir. Jamás entendí el agigantamiento de Huck por parte de Ben, estaba harto de su excesiva necesidad de contar que el otro era un macho con todas las letras y que romantice tanto sus pedos y eructos en lugares públicos. Y el triángulo amoroso ese tan turbulento y raro que a la final no me apetecía saber en qué term [...]

    7. I closed the final page of this novel and couldn't move. And then the tears came.Spanbauer has written a novel so painful and honest that at times it felt like a physical punch to the gut. This a piece of work that you immerse yourself in. I lived these characters' lives.Now I'm going to spend the rest of my day feeling not quite sure what to do with myself because I'm still processing all these feelings.

    8. I picked this book up on a whim at a Barnes&Noble on a table with contemporary fiction of note as I was buying a travel guide for a coming trip, thinking it’s always good to have a book when traveling because you never know when you’ll be stuck in the airport or somewhere, and the inside front cover and back cover were full of glowing reviews, and I thought, man it’s been a while since I read any contemporary LGBT fiction, and given a part of the novel takes place in my neighborhood in [...]

    9. Chelsea Cain. Chuck Palahniuk. Cheryl Strayed. Monica Drake. Just a few of the names who talk Tom Spanbauer.Last week it was announced that Tom Spanbauer has been awarded the Steward H. Holbrook Literary Legacy Award for contributions to Oregon's literary life. Spanbauer has been running a regular workshop in Portland for decades, and the amount of writing talent in and out of his door is staggering. Indeed, more than 30 of Spanbauer's workshop students have gone on to publish their own work.It' [...]

    10. La perfección hecha libro.- Amor, desamor, dolor, enfermedad, SIDA, cancer, amistad, celos.- Todos los temas dolorosos que puedan imaginar, sin golpes bajos.- Con mucho humor.- El talento de este escritor es envidiable.- Una maravilla.- No dejen de leerlo!

    11. I love Tom Spanbauer's writing. I have read all four of his previous novels of literary fiction and each made a permanent, positive impression on me. His first and highly original 1991 novel, The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon, is recognized as a breakthrough in modern gay fiction, honestly exploring multiple aspects of human sexuality. It's one of my all-time favorite books. The other three are similar in quality. He is also a successful teacher of creative writing whose many students have [...]

    12. Tom's a favorite of mine, and more and more every time I pick up one of his novels. This one, though--I'll be honest, my favorite author is Chuck Palahniuk, not Tom Spanbauer--but this one, though. This book is by far the most significant book I've ever read, my FAVORITE book now, too. It's, in my opinion, the best modern book on the shelf. Don't miss out.Also, anyone who's ignorant enough to mistreat homosexuals, you ought to read this, too--it'll make you feel like such an ass, and maybe you'l [...]

    13. This beautifully written, tender, sensitive narration is about love in all its expressions. It's about loving ourselves and all of the ways we are human, as lover, son, brother, writer, friend. It's a Great American Story - western movement, the return home, history, both personal and collective and a story of home.There were passages that made me stop reading and hold the book to my chest until I could breathe again. It's that beautiful. It's haunting.

    14. Sin duda lo primero q debo decir es q no le llega ni a la suela del zapato a El hombre q se enamoró de la luna de este mismo autor. En segundo lugar q me ha costado una vida entrar en el libro y que hasta más allá de la mitad no entendía cual era el camino por el q me estaba llevando. Y en tercer y último lugar, finalmente consiguió entretenerme y hacerme ver los por qué del protagonista.

    15. "I inhale on the cigarette so deep I inhale every aspect of the night, the place, that moment: the kerosene light, the heat from the stove, the draft from the back door, the drizzle of rain on the tin roof, the smell of the rain and the smell of tamales and boiled beans, the smack of hot sauce on my tongue, the tang of the beer."This book has such beautiful writing and such rawness and realness to it. It's a book about being gay, love, friendship, writing, AIDS, cancer and hope. It's pretty amaz [...]

    16. I'm sure beautiful and heartbreaking are words that have been overused to describe this book so add me on to the list of people who would go the easy route and describe it with those two words. The writing just falls off the page into your brain, and just like when reading The Man Who Fell In Love With The Moon I found myself turning an hour of reading before bed into 3 or 4 hours of reading without even realizing it.

    17. So beautiful it hurts. You want to read this book, you don't want to read this book. You want to know what happens next but you don't want to know. And with every painful description of the things you've felt but have never been able to describe, you want to put it down but you don't. As a bookseller I'd feel responsible for the reader I recommend it to. I'd say: read this book, but only if you're sure you can handle it. It's so beautiful it hurts.

    18. I am unsure how to put into words how brilliant this book really is. Although the blurb of the book focuses on the love triangle I feel it is so much more than this, perhaps more it is a celebration of one man's life. Everyone of Tom Spanbauer's books I have enjoyed however this I feel is his best to date, even next to the sublime 'The Man Who Fell In Love With The Moon'. Tom Spanbauer is definitely the master of high class gay fiction.

    19. This book is an amazing achievement, and has become the book by which I judge all others. There are just not enough stars. It's heart-breaking and beautiful and unflinchingly honest. Spanbauer nails love and longing and loss. The ending is really something special, and left me more than a little bit in love with Tom/Ben.

    20. This personal saga covers decades in author Ben's life, and mostly his bromance with writing colleague Hank. Dipping back and forth in time, the novel includes New York's '80s, his Idaho youth, and a few intimate-epic trips. Having recently read Spanbauer's novel Now Is The Hour, I got a clear 'roman a clef' sense, from his references to childhood, and other aspects. The repetition of phrases and foretelling of pivotal events to come, whether poetic or annoying, depending on your taste, returned [...]

    21. Here is an almost epic journey through a writer's adult life - someone of my own generation, with the touchstones we would all have - a visit to childhood and what forms us, our educations, our friends in college who we keep forever in our hearts, the music we loved, the plague years for gay men, love triangles, and for me an eye-opening look into a gay man's relationship with women. Thoroughly enjoyable, I connected with his character of Ben Grunewald from the outset and did not let go. I didn' [...]

    22. This book reminded me of Fight Club, but not in the way you’d think. It’s not about guys beating the shit out of each other, at least not on the surface. But it is a similar meditation on masculinity, from a very different perspective. Because he’s gay, Ben is in many ways an outcast from the world of men. Through his friendship with Hank, a straight guy and in many ways the masculine ideal, the author explores this idea of what it means to be a man, and what it means to be a gay man. The [...]

    23. Yep, I cried. This is why I read. Not to cry, but to be moved by a story, dazzled by language and feel something beyond my own little world.

    24. Fantástico, como siempre. Spanbauer en estado puro: frustaciones, miedos, errores que no podemos o queremos evitar narrado todo en ese estilo tan suyo, tan directo, que te llega al corazón. De nuevo repeticiones de aspectos de los personajes, de elementos de la escena o de palabras clave. De este libro me quedo con "propincuidad".

    25. A pesar de que no me gustan las novelas que sólo se centran en el amor/desamor porque a mi juicio suelen ser todas iguales, ésta me ha gustado bastante porque NO es igual que el resto. Al principio piensas que menuda mierda, después parece interesante, de vez en cuando te hace reír, más tarde te enganchas, y al final te hará llorar.

    26. There are many books I read to escape, they are what I affectionately dub brain candy. Tom’s books aren’t escapist, they’re sinewy and achy, they live in the body. They’re a sort of imagism seared into the body, a living, twisted memory. ‘I Loved You More’ is about a relationship triangle. It’s not even necessarily romantic in nature, but about those relationships that get so close and so much a part of who we are that it’s painful to even move. Propinquity. Hank and Ben meet in [...]

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