Attainment There are many ways to capture a person s love but unwilling full attainment is never the best option Life hasn t been easy for year old Reese Stanford After a traumatic incident a year ago she

  • Title: Attainment
  • Author: J.H. Cardwell
  • ISBN: 9781489571342
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
  • There are many ways to capture a person s love, but unwilling, full attainment is never the best option Life hasn t been easy for 18 year old Reese Stanford After a traumatic incident a year ago, she has a hard time trusting any guy She finally allows herself to fall for the heart throb, Tate Justice, only to realize he too comes with his own set of issues.Swearing offThere are many ways to capture a person s love, but unwilling, full attainment is never the best option Life hasn t been easy for 18 year old Reese Stanford After a traumatic incident a year ago, she has a hard time trusting any guy She finally allows herself to fall for the heart throb, Tate Justice, only to realize he too comes with his own set of issues.Swearing off men, she meets a beach god who will settle for no less than all of Reese That is at least, until she learns a truth about Tate that changes the game entirely.

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    1. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewAttainment is the story of Senior schoolgirl Reese,in her last year, who is dealing with a very traumatic event. What starts the story is her date rape, and this proceeds to impact on her relationships with guys. Tate Justice is one such guy. The very handsome athletic soon to be baseball pro, is besotted with Reese, but knows there is some issues around her intimacy with him but not the fact that she has been the victim of rape. Ree [...]

    2. I am the author so I'm a bit biased of course! ButI want you all to read this if you can before you read the sequel, Atonement due out November 8th! Attainment is my debut book. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Check me out on jhcardwell and on my facebook and twitter page.

    3. You can read more reviews at:escapeinsidethepages.wordpressAttainment is filled with love, suspense, and plenty of teenage angst to say the least. Reese has had a pretty tough time lately, so tough that this book totally had me reaffirming my principals of drinking in clubs/parties. Luckily she has friends and her awesome boyfriend Tate to get her through this difficult time,unfortunately the worst is yet to come. Either way let me just say to you readers: don’t let yourselves be victimized la [...]

    4. I was drawn in to this book from the shocking prologue! Rape, murder, romance and a "who-done-it", is all wrapped up into one fantastic read! JH Cardwell has done a beautiful job of making you want to follow these characters to see where life takes them. The love triangle makes you want to pick sides, like in Twilight with Bella, Edward and Jacob. Who would not be drawn in to a story with two "hotties" like Tate and John fighting over the same girl. This would be every girl's dream! After a terr [...]

    5. Wow this book was terrible. The POV would change from 1st to 3rd person sometimes in the same paragraph, I lost count of how many sentence fragments there were, words were misspelled or the wrong word was used (site vs. sight), and during the attempted rape scene I'm fairly certain the rapist had 3 hands for all the different places grabbed or covered at the same time. All 3 of the guys came off as stalkerish (which doesn't seem romantic to me at all) and it just seemed predictable and improbabl [...]

    6. First off, it's started kinda slow for me, partly cause I am kinda irritated on how childlike the female character here is Guess cause she's brought up differently. she wears a promise ring to only give her virginity to her husband to be. The way her conversation goes, I picture a 14 yrs old talking, and it kinda sounds scripted at times hard to explain, it's the way it is written. But story wise, I like it I'm rooting for John though Tate is alright, but to be involve with ur ex's mom, a no no. [...]

    7. Just finished reading a book, I have given the review for it all ready and now I am waiting for the Seqol of Atonement, the first book is Attainment. I think Julie, did a faboulous job on her first book, now I want to read the full series. J.H. Cardwell wrote one of my favorite now all time books of reviewing. I hope someday I have a book series like she does with the Attainment series. Keep up the great work J.H. Cardwell. I stayed up all night because I wanted to finish the book and if it gets [...]

    8. Amazing book! Really hope Tate and Reese stay together - but Lisa really needs to bugger off and Tate needs to be the one to make her do it. After all that woman has done, can he not see that she is really bad news? She has a son she can lean on - she doesn't need to run to her former (I hope! Cause they be all kinds of yucky!) lover and ruining Reese's happiness.

    9. If you haven't bought this series I highly encourage you to do so. They are wonderfully written. It has romance, morals, drama, suspense, and much more. I giggled (out loud at times). I gasped. I cried. And I had to fan myself a few times while reading too!

    10. Great book for a first time author. Sweet story line and typical high school romances, behavior, drama, etc. Took me back to when I was in school. I'm looking forward to the sequel but I think Tate's jealousy is going to be his downfall.

    11. Great book. Kept me reading late into the night. Can not wait to find out what happens when they go off to college and I just know John will be showing up! I need to know what his deal is!!! Who will Reese end up with and what could possibly happen to her next!! I'm starting book 2 NOW!

    12. I would like to thank We ♥ YA Books! and the author J. H Cardwell for allowing to read this book for an honest review.I am not sure where to start this review, I am trying to be completely honest with myself, I was a little confused at the beginning of the book for the many changes of POV and I seriously went back to read the chapter again and again until I figured whose POV was. There was a lot of descriptive narration, I was kinda bored, I appreciate details it gives my imagination more to w [...]

    13. I won a copy from First Reads.The book starts of with the rape of Reese Stanford. Yes, you did just read my last sentence. I'll repeat it again. The book starts of with the rape of Reese Stanford, from the rapist POV. Normally, books don't start of with such a descriptive detail on that. But this book did. I wouldn't be surprise if everyone found it to be the most disgusting thing in the world. At least the author could had given us some cloudy details, but not the big thing. Not every detail. [...]

    14. I received a copy of Attainment in exchange for an honest review.The story is about Reese Stanford. She is beautiful, smart, has a solid group of friends/family and everyone seems to want her. She is finishing high school and is preparing to go off to Wake Forest University in the fall. Reese seems to be the center of the universe for some people -- all of whom feel they are destined to claim her as their own. This story has deception, drama, love/lust, mystery, obsession and more.Bachelor #1 - [...]

    15. I received this book as an ARC from the author for an honest review. I am so torn with this series, I wanted to love it so badly!! Although I did feel there could have just been a little more ‘umph’ the story line was fabulous. Ok, enough of that lets meet the characters. Reese is an 18 year old girl who has been through so much in such a short time. After being date raped but her boyfriend, Carter, he took off and left her hurting, alone, scared, and drugged… great boyfriend huh? Although [...]

    16. I have been trying to finish this one and unfortunately I just can't do it. This Book has many positive reviews out there, and I know there are many others who will enjoy the story. However, this one isn't for me. There were many things about this story that just didn't work for me personally. I thought that the writing style of the author was hard to get into. It felt extremely choppy to me with very little flow. I also felt like there were a lot of basic errors that went beyond just a few edit [...]

    17. I will start this review by saying, this was was probably me.Reese had been through a lot. She was date raped, had problems dealing with certain social situation and was stung my the lost of contact with her boyfriend who moved away. She kept to her close knit group of friends as a way to protect herself from the unknown and relied on her family and her strong sense of faith to guide her. At first, I really liked her. But then I started to question what she was doing. She vacillated between Tate [...]

    18. Eighteen year old Reese Standford has had a rough life. After a relationship gone wrong she has a hard time trusting any guy. When she finally starts to put the past behind her and let herself fall for Tate Justice she finds out he has a spotted history and that brings doubts to her again. In need of a break, Reese and her girlfriends head to the beach where they meet a group of hotties. One of these hotties, John, falls for her and swears to be there when she really needs him even if it is in t [...]

    19. Attainment is the first book in the Attainment series by J. H. Cardwell. Reese Stanford is only 18 and yet has had a rough life. Reese is a sweet and levelheaded young woman. She is trying to make her way in life in college and in romance. She learns at a young age how precious life is. Reese is a strong woman to be able to go through what she did and come out whole and not forever broken. Tate is a young man who seems to know what he wants in life and is not afraid of his emotions when it comes [...]

    20. *I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*I give it 3.5 starsThis book is the first book in the Attainment series by J.h. Cardwell. This book starts with the main character, Reese, getting date raped by her boyfriend Carter. From that point and though out the book, I absolutely despised Carter. Carter leaves Reese that night, making sure Reese does not remember what happens with her which is really sad. Then she starts going out with Tate Justice. Tate is a [...]

    21. I almost quit this book from page one. I mean, it starts out with a date rape! I wasn't so sure that I wanted to read this book anymore. But I read it and it wasn't bad. I didn't think it switched points of view that many times, which a lot of people complained about. I didn't get what was so great about Reese to have that many guys fawning over her. I don't mind reading young adult books but, the "sexual" scenes were all kissing, because she wants to wait for marriage. People still do that? And [...]

    22. Oh my God! I absolutely loved this book. I fell in love with it from the beginning and couldn't wait to see what all would happen to these amazing characters. I know this was an ARC copy of the book but I really struggled to read it due to all of the mistakes in grammar and formatting, but this should be cleaned up in the finished copy.I loved reading Reese's story and truly felt for her as her story unraveled. I immediately hated Carter, even before you hear about the incident. I am still on th [...]

    23. This book was taken straight out of local headlines. The basis is about a date rape story, where the victim didn't know her rapist until later on. She not only found out who he was; but that she knew him well. So, beware, the prologue is very intense.There are many ways to capture a person’s love, but unwilling, full attainment is never the best option. Life hasn’t been easy for 18 year old Reese Stanford. After a traumatic incident a year ago, she has a hard time trusting any guy. She final [...]

    24. The books is extremely fascinating. It clearly shows how many difficulties Reese faced during her relationships and how she was standing firm in her own decision. It shows that your own decision is the one that really matters, not anybody else's. It was a very well thought of and written book and I have already read Atonement. I am really awaiting Chole.

    25. So I really wanted to love this book but too many times I found myself rolling my eyes. This book was just ok. I felt it was written childish, like something my daughter could write. The 3 loves triangles were too much. Don't get me wrong I love love that has conflict but three different men was just too much for my tastes. I would give this book a 2.5

    26. Shock factor prologue. Page turner from beginning to end. Book encompasses many genre's, mainly romance and suspense. Wonderful Love Triangle. The reader is torn over which leading male for the main character to end up with.

    27. NOt bad and some stuff is happeningbut I don˙t like new adultn˙t like whining teenagers and everything regarding smart drinking, college, parties and loosing virginities not my cup of tea.

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