Strength of the Wolf

Strength of the Wolf After a fiery exit from Afghanistan Tim Madison is promoted to major Jeremy Wagner is a civilian just beginning his Transition to True Alpha As a lone wolf he has no one to teach him the vital prin

  • Title: Strength of the Wolf
  • Author: Kendall McKenna
  • ISBN: MLR1020130136
  • Page: 273
  • Format: ebook
  • After a fiery exit from Afghanistan, Tim Madison is promoted to major Jeremy Wagner is a civilian, just beginning his Transition to True Alpha As a lone wolf, he has no one to teach him the vital principles of strong leadership After a volatile chance encounter, Tim and Jeremy form an intimate bond.As Jeremy prepares to someday lead his own pack, Tim struggles with miliAfter a fiery exit from Afghanistan, Tim Madison is promoted to major Jeremy Wagner is a civilian, just beginning his Transition to True Alpha As a lone wolf, he has no one to teach him the vital principles of strong leadership After a volatile chance encounter, Tim and Jeremy form an intimate bond.As Jeremy prepares to someday lead his own pack, Tim struggles with military werewolves being needlessly maimed in combat, as well as specifically targeted by hostile forces Despite Tim and Jeremy s feelings, werewolf and human politics or family conflict could prevent their mate bond.

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      273 Kendall McKenna
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    1. Re-read Oct. 2015: Loved it just as much the second time! Highly, highly recommended, but read the first book first.Kendall McKenna has done it again with her second installment of the Tameness of the Wolf series Strength of the Wolf. This book has everything we've come to expect from Ms. McKenna. Real military drama. Complex, interesting, three dimensional characters. An exciting, edge-of-your-seat plot. Off-the-rails, ridiculously powerful, emotional sex between the MCs. You get it all with th [...]

    2. written on September 11, 20134 Stars - a sequel that doesn't quite reach the level of the first part, but well worth reading - and hot, hotThis is the second installment in a series where we now have yet another fascinating love story. This time it is the Marine officer Tim's luck to find a lover/werewolf (Jeremy) who may not seek, but needs, a firm hand and a mature mate. Because this novel is so much associated with part #1 Strength of the Pack (5 stars from me), I recommend that you first rea [...]

    3. 09.12.133 stars. But barely.Fair warning: there may be unintentional spoilers. And I somewhat apologize for the snarky gifs. Not really.To be brutally honestis book annoyed the shit out of me.I started reading this on Monday sowhat day is it? The 12th? So that's four days I've been reading this book. And honestlyI'm not finished while writing most of this If I like a book, like REALLY like a book, I can read it along with another or maybe even two more books in a day. Before you ask no, I do not [...]

    4. I didn't love this as much as the first one but it was pretty close.Kendall McKenna writes some really hot sex with some awesome dirty talk. I approve!

    5. 2.5I was happy to this story focus on Tim Madison one of the players from Strength of the Pack but it didn't work for me as much as I wished it did. There were a couple of different story lines flowing here. Tim meeting the civilian transitioning True Alpha Jeremy, the overseas attacks on werewolves, Tim's brother Adam and unexpectedly (view spoiler)[the SOD attempts to use Noah and Lucas' bond for further military operations which is never fully explored here, I'm guessing it's a plot for the n [...]

    6. Shifter wolves. Marines. Wolves WITH Marines? Hell! Yes! Bring on Release day.I agree, YUM!!farm4aticflickr/3001/26Loved it. Thought Jeremy was all kinds of sexy with Tim. Speaking of which, the sex scenes melted my Kindle. It's a mess. I know there was other stuff going onI do know thatke good world building and military intrigue and a transitioning alphabut did I say it was freaking sexy? BecausewellIf you want to read a review? Then it's here - ontopdownunderbookreviews/

    7. I was so excited to read this book, and it definitely didn't disappoint. Kendall McKenna really does a great shifter story and then she combines it will military men and I can't stop myself from wanting to read it. She knows her stuff. Her books are authentic and read well, I also love the fact she creates her own shifters. Things aren't the same as in other books. It's unique, fresh, and hot.From the beginning I was happy. We saw Lucas and Noah - the couple from book one - in the very beginning [...]

    8. I don't know maybe 3.75? Maybe 4? It was good, don't get me wrong I just wasn't as interested in this book as I was the first in the series. It seemed a lot of the same and just kinda predictable. Also there was a LOT of sex and normally that doesn't bug me, but it actually got old.Good read still.Edit: ALSO I really love Tim. He is super-duper awesome and authoritative and that's totally hot.

    9. Maybe it's because I loved the first book so much that this one just didn't live up to my expectations. The first book had great sexual tension between Noah and Lucas. Whereas this book had a lot of sex and by the end I found myself skimming those sections. We really don't know a lot about Jeremy. We never meet his family, friends or co-workers. His late True Alpha transition story is never really explained. Tim's issue with his brother Adam is not resolved. That said, I did read this book in on [...]

    10. I've read all the books in this series, but I skipped this one, because it had the lowest rating and because I wasn't sure I would like a book about Tim. I was wrong !!I admit that this one is not my favorite in the seriesbut I really enjoyed reading it.I loved Jeremyhe was such an awesome brat !! I liked his playfull yet dominant wolf :)It took me a bit longer to really warm up to Tim, but I think that's because I've read Adams book first and I love Adam !! I don't think Adam did anything wrong [...]

    11. 3.5 starsI was really looking forward to this story coming out because I loved the first one and did a quick re-read before starting this one. I really enjoyed that the author still included Noah and Lucas and we got to see them again and they were still part of this story. I was a little disappointed with this one, I guess I was expecting the sexual tension that we had in the first one. It was almost 80% into the first story before Noah and Lucas actually sleep together. With this one, Tim and [...]

    12. EPIC FAIL. Sadly, given how much I enjoyed the first book in the series, this second book was truly awful. Basically the plot, not to mention character development, suspense and world building, just disappeared under an avalanche of porno sex. My butt was sore just reading about it, and reading about it, and reading about it.

    13. Quick Nurse, the screens. yowza, this was hot!! 4.5 stars and Following from 'Strength of the Pack', this one featured Captain Tim Madison and lots of Lucas and Noah from the previous book too. Captain Tim has been authorised to set up a new department which will focus solely on Werewolves and their role within the US military. The old rule books are being thrown out of the window so to speak, and Tim, Lucas and Noah are the 'face' of the new-look 'Werewolves Are Wonderful' attitude at the Penta [...]

    14. While i enjoyed this book, I didn’t love it the way I did Strength of the Pack. It was a good read and I loved the two MC’s, I feel like it was more about hot sex then story. And no, I am not complaining about hot steamy sex! (my friends here on GR know better then to think I would do that! LOL) What I loved so much about Strength of the Pack, was the world building, the military action, the dialogue and how Lucas and Noah’s relationship grew. And while this story kept my attention and i g [...]

    15. Review written for Hearts on Fire ReviewsBook 2 in The Tameness of the Wolf series. This segment builds a bit on what we learned about the shifter dynamics from book one with Noah as the True Alpha with Lucas as his Dominant. Whereas in The Strength of the Pack we learned about Noah finding his Dominant and coming into full power, here we meet Jeremy, an up and coming True Alpha and his mate, Major Tim, who we met in Strength of the Pack.I loved that Noah and Lucas are strong presences here, but [...]

    16. Excellent follow up to Strength of the Pack. Completely enjoyed having Noah and Lucas front and center, and look forward to seeing more of all of the guys in the next book.Tim finally gets him man in this installment. Jeremy is a True Alpha werewolf just going through his transition and needs some serious help. His transformation from insecure, bratty kid to large and in charge alpha was an experience. Wasn't too sure about him at the beginning, but it really worked and I found myself being prou [...]

    17. OMG"Tim the "Major" and Jeremy the Alpha-Loving "Brat"LOVED!" BECAUSE THIS BOOK HAS SO MUCH Action.Chemistry.Alpha-Sweetness.Hot Smex'inMilitary Perfection.It is~Well written.Well paced.Captivating. And has ~Noah and Lucas❤️And I loved every bit of it❤️

    18. 65% in and I am seriously wondering why wasting even more time on this.Why did I bother reading SotW at all? I am a freaking masochist, that's why, but even then, I can't stand this book anymore. I don't give a flying bird if something or someone might prevent "Tim and Jeremy's mate-bond". Whatevah. The only question I really want answered - is this the same Tim, A Walking Werewolf Encyclopedia, from volume one? I mean - what the hell happened? Why is he so clueless?Not going into other faults t [...]

    19. 3.5*The first book in the series was awe-summ yumminess. This one confused me. I liked Tim and Jeremy, I just felt like I never got to know Jeremy. We never met his family, his coworkers, his friends. Did being a lone wolf mean we weren't allowed to get to know him? Why mention his late shifting if it was never explained or delved into? A lot of time was spent in the Middle East, while I understand it was to move forward the DoD's plot line. It did nothing to move forward Tim and Jeremy. I was g [...]

    20. I'll try to come up with a full review later.Basically I like this more than the first book because it has sex. Like actualyou know. But it is not my favorite shifter story. It's great, but not my favorite for some reason I can't pinpoint. RECOMMENDED! 4 HOT SHIFTER/MARINE/CIVILIAN LOVIN' STARS!

    21. 2.5 stars rounded up because of the halo effect from the first bookInsta-love is one of my least favorite tropes, especially when I can't figure out what the guys see in each other. And insta-love with no real plot and very little action (aside from lots - and lots and lots and lots - of sex)? No thanks.Other than a pretty face, what did Tim find remotely appealing about Jeremy at first? Seriously. It made no sense to me that Tim would want to spend any time at all with Jeremy as we saw him thro [...]

    22. A very different book than the first one in the series. In the first book you are introduced to Noah and Lucas - a True Alpha and his Dominant. There is a lot of combat and military components and it is very tense in every way (sexual, safety, etc). The relationship has this sort of authentic ring to it because it is slow and Lucas is clueless -- and by the time he finally realizes you are like "YES YES YESFINALLY!"Here you have Tim and Jeremy and much, not all, of the book is in the states so i [...]

    23. What this book lacks in severe UST (and some might miss that) as seen in the first story, it completely makes up for it by having an overall easy relationship between the two MC's because they communicate!! What a concept! This means actual culmination, completion, full on sex within the first 20% (as opposed to 90%). Was that a little fast?? Sure but it's a were/shifter book and there's urges and hormones and mystical stuff that needs to be taken care of which negates the absurdity of insta-lov [...]

    24. I didn't like this as much as the first one. Since Tim was a Marine and Jeremy wasn't, they didn't spend nearly as much page time together on page as Lucas and Noah did. It felt like I missed out on the getting to know each other and the falling in love part of the story. However, I did like the characters, and the sex was hot, although I did find myself missing the sexual tension this time around.These guys pretty much got right down to it. For such a long book, it didn't feel like we got to se [...]

    25. *** 3.5 Stars ***I wasn't as enthralled with the story or the chemistry between Tim and Jeremy as I was with Lucas and Noah in Book 1, but McKenna's writing is too good - and her sex scenes too hot! - for me to give this anything less than 3.5 stars.

    26. The second installment in the series, Strength of the Wolf revisits one of my favourite couples and a dearly remembered world, this time in the perspective of Tim and following his romance. This was a novel I enjoyed a lot, but I confess I'm guilty of constantly comparing it to the first one-- to which I found it didn't quite match up.The setting of the novel was as intriguing as ever; reading about how the military is attempt to completely integrate werewolves and utilise their skills effective [...]

    27. 2.3 starsVery, very minor spoilers ahead.Though I had some serious niggles with the first book of this series, I gave it 4 stars, because ultimately it was satisfactory and I had a very good time reading it. In this installment, those niggles grew up and became full-blown irritation.-Everybody is very professional, polite, fast learner and goody two-shoes. All military personnel - superiors and subordinates - are oh-so-helpful, concerned and understanding. They all roll over for the True Alpha a [...]

    28. I almost feel bad for rating this any less then 5 stars because I loved the first one so much and Tim is a true favorite. But this book definitely feels like a second installment in that it almost feels like a filler that's only there to set up the plot for the third book. Unfortunately, you can't help but compare this book to the first and frankly I loved the first one more because it was filled with sexual tension rather then sex. Whereas this one there was very little tension and more then en [...]

    29. Sequel to Strength of the Pack. It started out fetching, but turned somewhat repetitive from about the middle onward. Still, the new relationship formed satisfyingly, and I was happy to meet Noah and Lucas again. Also, I liked the military and fighting scenes a lot, not that I'm any kind of expert, but they felt authentic. Toward the end,quite a lot of loose threads showed up, pointing toward the sequel.

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