Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything

Science and the Akashic Field An Integral Theory of Everything Introduces the embracing world concept long sought by scientists mystics and sages an Integral Theory of Everything Explains how modern science has rediscovered the Akashic Field of perennial philos

  • Title: Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything
  • Author: Ervin Laszlo
  • ISBN: 9781594770425
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback
  • Introduces the embracing world concept long sought by scientists, mystics, and sages an Integral Theory of Everything Explains how modern science has rediscovered the Akashic Field of perennial philosophy Reveals how the universe stores a record of all that is happening and has ever happened on Earth and throughout the cosmos Explores the origins, role, and future of lIntroduces the embracing world concept long sought by scientists, mystics, and sages an Integral Theory of Everything Explains how modern science has rediscovered the Akashic Field of perennial philosophy Reveals how the universe stores a record of all that is happening and has ever happened on Earth and throughout the cosmos Explores the origins, role, and future of life and consciousness in the universeMystics and sages have long maintained that there exists an interconnecting cosmic field at the roots of reality that conserves and conveys information, a field known as the Akashic record Recent discoveries in the new field of vacuum physics now show that this Akashic field is real and has its equivalent in the zero point field that underlies space itself This field consists of a subtle sea of fluctuating energies from which all things arise atoms and galaxies, stars and planets, living beings, and even consciousness This zero point Akashic field or A field is not only the original source of all things that arise in time and space it is also the constant and enduring memory of the universe It holds the record of all that ever happened in life, on Earth, and in the cosmos and relates it to all that is yet to happen.Scientist and philosopher Ervin Laszlo conveys the essential element of this vision of the informed universe in language that is accessible and clear The informed universe lends credence to our deepest intuitions of the oneness of life and the whole of creation We discover that, as philosopher William James stated, we are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.

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    1 thought on “Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything”

    1. In his groundbreaking book in the philosophy of science, Thomas Kuhn argued that true paradigm change in science usually comes from someone who is either very new to a field or from entirely outside of it. As stated in his autobiographical statement at the end of this book we learn that Laszlo was a concert pianist before he became interested in searching for meaning through science. This occurred after the birth of his first son and gradually, this quest took over his life. He seems to be large [...]

    2. This is terrible. It's a conflation of science, pseudo-science, and nonsense. There are a few stretches where his efforts to popularize 20th century physics are pretty good, but I doubt that any reader who would benefit from them would be able to tell when he goes off the deep end. He moves seamlessly between what is known, what might be known, and what he hopes might one day be known as though they all share the same status.

    3. God, TOE, GUT, science, the quantum world, the exquisite interconnectedness of everything. My kind of book.

    4. Loved it. Might not be for everyone but these kinds of books that push use contemporary scientific research to push the limits of science are my cup o' tea. I spend a lot of time just sitting and contemplating the universe. Evolving my own ideas about science, philosophy and spirituality and interestingly enough had come to pretty much the same conclusions arrived at in this book just before I happened to discover it by very random circumstances, which of course enhanced the over all experience. [...]

    5. Thousands of cases document the phenomenon of reincarnation through people, usually children, remembering vividly their past lives. Other experiences (past life regression, NDE) testify to this eternal phenomenon.The interesting thing about this book, besides the fact that it explains the Akashic field (everything that ever happened is recorded somewhere and some people have the ability to access this field where the information is stored) is that it explains how people think they remember their [...]

    6. I've been reading books on the search for a Theory of Everything. They can be lumped into the following categories: 1) TOE's that seek to unify the 4 physical forces but don't want to venture into philosophy.2) TOE's that try to unify physics with other theories such as information theory, evolution, etc. but still stay within the realm of scientific speculation.3) TOE's that go beyond that into the New-Agey.This tends much more toward #3. I loved his first book on Systems Theory and also like h [...]

    7. Scientists have long been searching for a Theory of Everything, an equation that combines all forces in Nature. What quantum physicists have now discovered is that there is a field that underlies all of existence, everything comes from it and returns to it. It is a field of information. In the book Science and the Akashic Field, Author Ervin Laszlo has put into words a magnificent description of this field in a language that nearly anyone interested can understand. One of my favorite books along [...]

    8. This book is an illustrative example of how complex, philosophic and unachievable to experience a theory-of-everything (TOE) can become once you wander too far down the wrong rabbit hole. A real theory-of-everything should be so simple and run so close to your being and everyday experience that a three year child could easily understand and relate to it, it should not be something requiring multiple Phds’ to decode and still find yourself having many difficulties trying to visualize and connec [...]

    9. I see little value in this book.Ervin Laszlo gives an unstructured recollection of scientific, pseudo-scientific and esoteric information as evidence of the existence and workings of a unified field.

    10. Lazlo is simply brilliant. That said, this is a brave book for an established systems theory genious to write. It takes empirical research to an uncomfortable place for most A-B "rational" Descartian thinkers. Gasp--it even verges on reaching for answers to those terrible questions that tippy-toe about the sublime. "Who are we? Where did we come from? Is there something after this pale existence?" The author (whose writing could have been more effective in the latter chapters with a little less [...]

    11. The title more or less tells what this book is about: an attempt at arriving at a scientific theory of Everything by positing that the differing understandings of modern science about the world we live in can find a place in the Akashic Field. This A-field (looks more scientific that way) somehow 'contains' and 'explains' the apparently differing physical worlds described in the field of Quantum Mechanics, the electromagnetic field, Newton's mechanistic view, Einstein's Relativistic world (to na [...]

    12. Not really an integral theory of everything, more like a refurbished theory of almost everything, where cold hard science is mixed with freakish events. Acceptable but nothing more than that.

    13. Science and the Akashic Field, a relatively small book, is definitely not a light read. Written by philosopher of science Ervin László PhD, this is a thorough tour of virtually every contemporary science on the way to an understanding of László’s Integral Theory of Everything. Where the likes of Einstein, Newton and many others have created various theoretical works, none have been able to encompass every aspect of the reality we all experience. It appears that László has succeeded in re [...]

    14. This book is undoubtedly helpful, and presents a very cogent argument for connecting the modern day holographic view of our experiential reality, deriving from quantum physics and cosmology with the ancient hindu notion of Akasha. Surprisingly, one connection which is not made here is that with Plato's theory of the ideas, which it seems to me is yet another case of expressing the same intuitive notions, namely that number mind makes reality and that it proceeds from the abstract to the concrete [...]

    15. Marring mythological elements, jedi philosophy, and incomplete scientific theory out comes this work of utter nonsense. "Everything is connected" - thats approachable - the rest of the book is not. I have a decent grasp of quantum dynamics (a as of yet not totally explained set of principles and processes), and this book tries to explain a simple metaphysical idea and equate it with 21st century physics discoveries. I think Feynman could have condensed this book into a single chapter. The approa [...]

    16. About thirty years ago I took a course on evolutionary mechanisms which shook my faith in the theory of evolution, because it just didn't make sense statistically. In fact, through that course I changed from being an agnostic believing in natural selection to a theist believing in intelligent design. This book deals with those issues, explaining the problems with evolutionary theory better than any creationist ever has, then ties in current hard science research and modern evolutionary theory, w [...]

    17. What a wonderful gem of a book. Cutting edge quantum science is beginning to open up a sphere of reality more coherent and astounding than ever before. Laszlo fluidly creates an integral theory of everything, pulling reference from modern quantum physics and studies of consciousness; he effectively blasts us into the myriad of possibilities and likely realities that his theory creates. Although, by the second half of the book, he does end up making some hefty intellectual leaps, I can't help but [...]

    18. I did not read this book but browsed it instead. The most interesting part was in the introduction with its theory of field of zero-point energies. I liked the thought that the information is everywhere, present through the space and time. I want to read more on Nicola Tesla and his idea of "original medium". Otherwise, all the histories and lessons from the different psychic experiences with healing effects were repetitive. I was very interested in the concept of Universal Mind but not in this [...]

    19. Excellent book that goes some way to finding a theory of everything. Lazlo includes an underlying universal consciousness in the mix that itself evolves through iterations of the universe as it continually explodes and implodes. After each "Big Bang" the universe emerges more organized than before, as it seeks to evolve its own consciousness.Lazlo is a prolific writer on this and many related subjects.Well worth a read if you wonder where our universe comes from, and its purpose.

    20. An excellent tour de force summarizing a lifetime of thinking about the big questions (origin, meaning & destiny of life) from a scientific perspective (melding physical materiality, energy & spiritual realities). Laszlo's theoretical foundation and empirical support for the Akashic field is compelling and convincing. However, the reality of a personal God revealed through Jesus Christ, in my view, provides a necessary supplement to these insights.

    21. While this book has some very interesting concepts, it is really too technical for me. I really enjoy reading books on quantum physics and scientific theories but I just found Laszlo's writing style difficult to get through. I read about 80% of this book before deciding that I just wasn't enjoying it and it wasn't giving me any real special insight. Though a good friend of mine had the opposite experience, so it is of course subjective.

    22. Still final chapter to read! Mainly a discussion of the 'in-formation' field as it supports a unified theory.Discussion of the concept of multi-universes. No great revelations yet, seems to repeat its message. Need to finish taking notes and get an overall perspectiveand return to write this review properly.

    23. An interesting read, I always dig reading about people's "theories of everything". This usually involves physics, which can be tough to follow for us non-scientists. This book does an OK job with the physics part, but I think if you had never read anything physics related before, it might be a good idea to brush up on it before you tackle this one.

    24. This takes a bit of science background to understand well, but it is an excellent introduction to the science behind the metaphysical concept that "we are all one." And for the first time I understood the akashic field as something other than a wayout occult theory Well worth the effort to get through and meditate. Highly recommended.

    25. I like the theroy, parts of it I really agree with. Parts of it I think are pure hooey. Overall I enjoyed it, I think that he is right in the supposition that in 100 years or 1ooo years people are going to look back at this time as the birth of conciousnous. 500 years ago we thought the earth was flat (some of us) and who knows what will happen in another 500?

    26. Ervin Laszlo is a forward thinker. His contributions to Philosophy and Science is both provocative, and brilliant. The Akashic Record, as it is also known, has been recorded and pondered throughout history despite some critics who say this book is new age rhetoric. Science and the Akashic Field is an excellent read. If you are seeking meaning and coherence in our universe, I recommend it.

    27. This is an interesting book. Exploring the bizarre connections between the cold and sterile world of science and the mystic traditions of old. If you have an open mind and a discerning eye this book is worth the read.

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