The Good Inn: an Illustrated Screen Story of Historical Fiction

The Good Inn an Illustrated Screen Story of Historical Fiction From legendary Pixies front man Black Francis comes a bold and visually arresting illustrated novel about art conflict and the origins of a certain type of cinema In the French battleship I

  • Title: The Good Inn: an Illustrated Screen Story of Historical Fiction
  • Author: Black Francis Josh Frank Steven Appleby
  • ISBN: 9780062220790
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From legendary Pixies front man, Black Francis, comes a bold and visually arresting illustrated novel about art, conflict, and the origins of a certain type of cinema.In 1907, the French battleship I na was destroyed when munitions it was carrying exploded, killing 120 people A nitrocellulose based weapon propellant had become unstable with age and self ignited.In 1908, LFrom legendary Pixies front man, Black Francis, comes a bold and visually arresting illustrated novel about art, conflict, and the origins of a certain type of cinema.In 1907, the French battleship I na was destroyed when munitions it was carrying exploded, killing 120 people A nitrocellulose based weapon propellant had become unstable with age and self ignited.In 1908, La Bonne Auberge became the earliest known pornographic film It depicted a sexual encounter between a French soldier and an innkeeper s daughter Like all films at the time, and for decades afterward, it was made with a highly combustible nitrocellulose based film stock.Loosely based on these historical events, The Good Inn follows the lone survivor of the I na explosion as he makes his way through the French countryside, falls deeply in love with an innkeeper s daughter, and even deeply into a strange counter universe It is a volatile world where war and art exist side by side It is also the very real story of the people who made the first narrative pornographic film The novel weaves together real historical facts to recreate this lost piece of history, as seen through the eyes of a shell shocked soldier who finds himself the subject and star of the world s first stag film Through Soldier Boy s journey we explore the power of memory, the simultaneously destructive and healing power of light, and how the early pioneers of stag films helped shape the film industry for generations to come.

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    • [PDF] ✓ Free Read ó The Good Inn: an Illustrated Screen Story of Historical Fiction : by Black Francis Josh Frank Steven Appleby ↠
      133 Black Francis Josh Frank Steven Appleby
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      Posted by:Black Francis Josh Frank Steven Appleby
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    1 thought on “The Good Inn: an Illustrated Screen Story of Historical Fiction”

    1. so frank black wrote a bookt that one, you nerd!this onewho proved that once you go frank black, you do indeed go back. to black francis. okay, enough hilarity. this book is something else. this is an illustrated book - not a graphic novel - based on a proposed soundtrack score for an as-yet-unwritten feature film about the very first narrative porn film in history, the good inn, of which only a few film frames survive. why does the film no longer exist? read the introduction. or better yet, rea [...]

    2. Any book co-authored by a rock star immediately becomes suspect as the reader is inclined to believe their book got published over all others because they’re already famous with a built-in audience, and, after reading The Good Inn, I do wonder if it wasn’t co-written by Charles Thompson aka Black Francis, the frontman of The Pixies, whether this would’ve seen publication or not.The Good Inn is a mish-mash of things - from the blurb copy: "A book based on a soundtrack score that has not yet [...]

    3. So, Black Francis, the Pixies frontman, gets together with a guy who wrote an oral history of the Pixies, and invited artist Stephen Appleby in, to make a novel about the making of the first narrative pornographic film. Interested? If I told you the telling was almost a graphic novel, with many interesting illustrations, sometimes orating itself as a screenplay, and the story is in part based on historical facts about the making of such film, would that help get you interested? I have to say for [...]

    4. Throughout, I really enjoyed Appleby's illustrations (one of the main reasons for buying thus book). The prose/poems/lyrics a bit less so, particularly from about halfway through the book. The eclectic mix of lyrics, normal prose, screenplay-like directions and dialogues made the book pretty hard to follow at times, not least because you're trying to navigate reality/fiction/film/fantasy of the main character's experiences. So - a bit of a mixed bag. I really liked the setting and the idea of ha [...]

    5. Black Francis and Josh Frank (The Franks) have put together a pretty book. Much is owed to Steven Appleby’s surrealistic artwork, which is a wonderful, colorful mess (imagine those Maxine calendars infused with something like Ralph Steadman). The artwork does a lot of the heavy lifting. I haven’t counted the word-to-picture ratio, but, to me, it seemed as if the prose was seriously lacking, which is a shame. There was so much to this story, so many places it could have gone, that its executi [...]

    6. Part graphic novel, part film script The Good Inn is about as bizarre an historical narrative as one could find. The plot is spatially discontinuous, vertiginous and kinda fun. It is ostensibly the story of the first pornographic film. The plot follows the simple plot in a very surreal manner and the factual back ground setting and goings-on in parallel. One effect I derived that maybe the innovations of the period setting are not as relegated to obsolescence as they might seem. The very early f [...]

    7. I'll admit that my familiarity with the Pixies and Black Francis' music is shallow at best, so I can't speak to this as a work reflective of any lyrical tendencies. In fact, my attempts to put the words of the occasional songs the characters break into with any sort of tune usually resulted in them being awkwardly coerced to fit nursery rhymes. Nonetheless, this is an interesting work, taking on shades of Stoppard and Gilliam in following Solider Boy as he traverses newly-minted fiction, lost fi [...]

    8. Reading this book was like reading someone's dream. And like hearing someone recount their dream, it felt at times like it could only make sense to the dreamer. But some of its dreamlike qualities, namely its surreality and disjointedness, contributed to its meager charm. Overall, the plot failed to hook me, but the unique mix of screenplay, song, and beautifully strange illustrations kept me tethered just enough to read the whole thing. I picked this up solely because it was co-written by Black [...]

    9. Great cover, good illustrations, plot with loads of potential, but just plain bad writing! The characters were wooden and the dialogue was stilted. For a book/screenplay/album about the beginning of the porn industry it lacked the passion of a glory hole, as I imagine did the film that inspired the story. Its saving grace was that the awkward rhythm was consistent with the unsteady dreamscape structure of the plot. I think I understand the choices made to keep it uneasy, but it was ultimately un [...]

    10. The premise of constructing a history of the first "blue movie" and its relation to a maritime disaster involving the same unstable chemicals used in early film is interesting, but the execution is a meager attempt at experimental film-making, with no film to show for it. I get the feeling if it were to be translated to film, it might contain some arresting imagery (ala the Bros. Quay), but little else in way of characters or story.

    11. I received this book free through Giveaways (The ARC)This book was very interesting and quirky. I liked the writing style and the drawings, I'm not sure if the official copy will be in color, but it doesn't matter anyway, the book was still good overall. I really enjoyed the read, it didn't blow my mind completely but I did have a fun time reading it. It was very interesting and I suggest that you read it too :)

    12. The book is hard to follow at points, but I believe that is the point. I am a bit biased towards this, as a fan of the Pixies, but regardless I appreciate Black Francis's first attempt at a full-length novel. The concept itself is fascinating: a blend of the real, the imaginative, boat explosions, pornography, a reconstructed multi-verse theory, and Paris in the early 20th century. Would recommend to anyone looking for a surreal read, but WARNING: THIS BOOK IS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC.

    13. If you are a fan of the Pixies and Black Francis, then this part-screenplay, part graphic novel, part history book, and part fiction may be up your alley. Although, I was intrigued by the concept, I found that it was a jumble of each and yet, not complete. It is a fast read, and I really wanted to enjoy it. Many other gave it rave reviews, but it was just okay in my eyes.

    14. I was excited to recieve this book as a first reads. This book was an incredible look at the history of cinema. The book was sometimes hard to follow and this book requires your full attention in order to grasp what is going on. Overall this book was really interesting and unlike anything that I have ever read before.

    15. This could have been wonderful, but I was disappointed. It's the story, sort of, of the making of the first porno movies, which were made in Paris in the first decade of the 20th century. The telling is unfortunately overly stylized, surrealistic, when the story itself (of cultural mores, film history, burgeoning technology) is easily fascinating enough to have been told straight.

    16. Better than I could have expected, a very fun and surreal adventure through the looking glass with Michel Gondry providing the visuals. whimsical and only slightly bawdy illustrations carry it along and keep it brisk

    17. I loved the illustrations but I don't see how this would translate into a viable movie. I'm disappointed.

    18. Not quite a screenplay, not quite a graphic novel, not quite historical fiction, this weird little mashup tries to be all things to all people and falls short.

    19. If this were a movie, I'd totally watch it. Evidently reading screenplays (or pseudo-screenplays?) is not for me. Quit on page 59.

    20. Shares some ideas with Gilliam's The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. I think the whole thing would work better on film than in book form.

    21. Experimental fiction is often tedious and annoying, The Good Inn isn't. I found the unusual approach to story very effective and a lot if fun.

    22. The concept is really fascinating, the execution doesn't quite reach its potential though. I love the illustrations.

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