Todesnacht Zu Beginn hatte er ihr noch Essen und Wasser gebracht Doch dann tauchte er nicht mehr auf Sie hatte schreckliche Angst im Dunkeln und war sich sicher dass sie bald sterben m sste Noch ein Anderer im

  • Title: Todesnacht
  • Author: Ragnar Jónasson Tina Flecken
  • ISBN: 9783651000537
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Zu Beginn hatte er ihr noch Essen und Wasser gebracht Doch dann tauchte er nicht mehr auf Sie hatte schreckliche Angst im Dunkeln und war sich sicher, dass sie bald sterben m sste Noch ein Anderer im Dorf wusste von ihrer Existenz, aber er wollte nichts mit der Sache zu tun haben Als in einem abgelegenen Tal im Skagafj r ur eine bel zugerichtete Leiche gefunden wird,Zu Beginn hatte er ihr noch Essen und Wasser gebracht Doch dann tauchte er nicht mehr auf Sie hatte schreckliche Angst im Dunkeln und war sich sicher, dass sie bald sterben m sste Noch ein Anderer im Dorf wusste von ihrer Existenz, aber er wollte nichts mit der Sache zu tun haben Als in einem abgelegenen Tal im Skagafj r ur eine bel zugerichtete Leiche gefunden wird, sieht sich der junge Polizist Ari r Arason vor eine gro e Aufgabe gestellt.

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      297 Ragnar Jónasson Tina Flecken
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    1. While I have yet to read Rupture, Blackout is by far my favorite in the series that I have read to date. Yes, each installment in the series features that dark, oppressing nature, but this one had something even more sinister lying between it’s pages. Even though these books are deeply atmospheric and slow burning in pace, I found I couldn’t absorb the information fast enough as I was dying to get to the big reveal in the end. Ragnar has a way with taking a seemingly normal story and twistin [...]

    2. It’s the summer of 2010 & Iceland is just getting back to normal after the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull that spring. In Siglufjödur, Ari Thór Arason is settling into life as a small town cop. Two years ago, he was living in Reyljavík with girlfriend Kristín when he qualified as a police officer. But jobs were scarce so when an offer came from up north, he jumped. Crime in the area is usually of the petty variety so Ari is more than a little surprised when he’s told a tourist has [...]

    3. Oh yes Ari Thor is back in Nightblind. I could not be more thrilled!This is the third in the Dark Iceland series published by Orenda Books. Chronologically, it takes place after Snowblind and before Nightblind. Blackout takes us back to small town Iceland, where murder shocks the claustrophobic small community and Ari Thor is on hand to investigate. The time frame is 2010, when the ash clouds were looming over Europe. I remember that well.This is a tale of a police investigation into a violent m [...]

    4. I'm confused as to the reading order of this series bc this book continues right after Snowblind but you're supposed to read it after Nightblind. But Nightblind recaps what happened in Blackout. So I'm a little let down bc one huge aspect of this story was known to me from the beginning. Other than that I enjoy these books.

    5. Black Out – A Bright Light in the DarkRagnar Jónasson is back with the third in his Black Iceland series with Black Out, which is truly a masterpiece of Icelandic Noir, which is distinctive from its Nordic cousin. Once again with a nod to the golden age of the detective fiction, Jónasson has written a really distinctive and evocative and thoroughly modern crime novel. Even if it seems like it is an old fashioned whodunit there are more twists and turns to keep you guessing.Black Out is set d [...]

    6. June 2010. Reykjavik is still recovering from the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull the previous month, the atmosphere somewhat tainted. Reporter Ísrún fears that this will be just another routine day for her, knowing that her boss, Ívar, will assign her yet another mundane report, anything to prevent her from challenging him for promotion. And yet when she hears of a dead body found in the north of the island, in the town of Skagafjörður, Ísrún is determined to be the one to look into it. Lea [...]

    7. This might be Ragnar's best book yet. BLACKOUT has all the atmosphere and tension of his previous Dark Iceland books, but this story's central crime was the most compelling to me!! This story follows not only Ari Thor, but also a young female journalist who's investigating the same crime as Ari Thor. The two characters approach the same story from very different angles, giving the reader a circumspect view of a crime that's so much larger than either individual could imagine. This book is just f [...]

    8. A man is found beaten to death on the shore in Iceland. The plot has Ari Thor, a policeman, and a young reporter working on solving the murder. They are not aware of each other. The book was as much about the young reporter as Ari Thor who is the young policeman in the Iceland series.This is a very atmospheric series. It moves along like a peeling of an onion-layer by layer where the reader learns a little more about the characters as the book progresses. There are surprises along the way. I fel [...]

    9. Couldn't love Ragnar's books any more if I tried. Let's be honest, I'm an unapologetic fangirl for the Dark Iceland series and Blackout is no different.Set after Snowblind, but before Nightblind, the events of Blackout are different to anything so far.An old fashioned whodunnit, and a lot of whydunnit makes it a very interesting read. There is murder, intrigue, and more than a little suspense as the story unfolds piece by piece and page by page. There are many characters to follow throughout Bla [...]

    10. This was my first novel by Ragnar Jonasson and it certainly won't be my last. This was a brilliantly paced thriller set in Iceland and it deserves all the praise already heaped on it.All the elements for classic Nordic Noir are here. A harsh climate, this time driven by the volcanic eruption that effected the whole world's air traffic, stunning scenery and a murder. Police investigation, journalists and plenty of different agendas among the cast of characters. The only real villain was the dead [...]

    11. So this is the third book in this series to be published in English. But I read it second. Why? Because the first book to be published in English was the second in Icelandic. The second to be published in English was the SIXTH in Icelandic. And this one was the third in both series. So to me, it made perfect sense to read this one before reading Nightblind. But to each their own. I enjoyed this one far more than Snowblind. I'm not sure if it's because I knew what to expect from the writing style [...]

    12. June 2010: The last few years haven't been kind to the residents of Iceland and the economic malaise has been compounded by two sequential volcanic eruptions, the ash residue of which is spreading across the country. The poisonous atmosphere might not yet have reached the northernmost fishing village of Siglufjörður, but the atmosphere is no less ominous in the tiny police station that serves the area. As the arrival of summer dawns with the blinding sunshine that makes a mockery of the clock, [...]

    13. On the shores of a tranquil fjord in Northern Iceland, a man is brutally beaten to death on a bright summer's night. As the 24-hour light of the arctic summer is transformed into darkness by an ash cloud from a recent volcanic eruption, a young reporter leaves Reykjavik to investigate on her own, unaware that an innocent person's life hangs in the balance. Ari Thor Arason and his colleagues on the tiny police force in Siglufjordur struggle with an increasingly perplexing case, while their own se [...]

    14. Blackout is the third book in the Dark Iceland series written by Ragnar Jónasson and translated by fellow crime writer, Quentin Bates. I have to confess, despite reading rave reviews of the first two books, I haven’t had a chance to read them yet. So this stunning book was my first introduction to Ari Thór Arason and the writing of Ragnar Jónasson.A body is discovered by an American tourist, it’s badly beaten and barely recognisable. Ari Thór Arason and colleagues are drafted in as part [...]

    15. Ari Thor Arason is back!What I absolutely love about this authors books is the memorising setting, it is actually quite breath taking. This time it's the height of summer but it's not like any summer that most of us are used to. The small town is shrouded underneath an ash cloud. This seems to make the story that little bit more eerie and adds to the mystery of it all.The story itself jumps around quite a bit from past to present and to different characters. With quite short chapters, especially [...]

    16. It's summer this time in Iceland, but the atmosphere is still oppressive, as volcano ash has been covering the skies. Ari Thor is settling into his job in the north of Iceland, but still regrets breaking up with his girlfriend. He is not quite at the forefront in this investigation, which seems to be a collaborative effort between different police forces and a journalist determined to make her mark. We are introduce to a variety of people and voices, get to see a diversity of point of views. Per [...]

    17. The rich storytelling technique of the Dark Iceland Series has a pure brilliance that’s as fresh as a snow flurry. Once again, the ruthless beauty of the Icelandic environment is depicted in such humble, yet striking detail.The optimism that summer brings is a welcome relief for Ari Thór Arason. Previously weighed down by his label as the out-of-towner, with his theological studies earning him the irritating nickname of ‘The Reverend’, not to mention the never ending melancholy he experie [...]

    18. Visit the locations in the novel hereI love Ragar Jonasson can I just have this on record?This is the third in the Dark Iceland series but already I want more. I need more - in translation or otherwise otherwise I might just have to learn Icelandic. And I wouldn't hesitate. In fact I think it would be quite cool to 'meet' Ari Thor and co in their native tongue. I would also use my new ability to twist Ragnar's arm into writing more and more and more.Not wanting this short review to sound like a [...]

    19. 3.5 stars. The Dark Iceland series has either been translated or published in English in incorrect order. The first in the series was the excellent Snowblind, followed by Nightblind in the English translation as the next book available. However, Black Out and Rupture are numbers 2 and 3, whereas Nightblind is number 4 time wise. I was confused while reading Nightblind which takes place 5 years after Snowblind and referred to some previous events I was missing. I wish I had read them in chronolog [...]

    20. Chronologically, this is the second book in the author's Dark Iceland series and is set two summers after Snowblind. The title derives from the fact that a volcano (with the wonderful name of Eyjafjallajökull) has erupted in the south of the island; the clouds engulfing the capital Reykjavik. However, in the north, those dramas are eclipsed by a brutal murder of a charity worker.While detectives Ari Thór Arason and his boss Tómas are pursuing this case, TV reporter Ísrún is doing her ow [...]

    21. The third book in the Dark Iceland series is superb.The setting of these books adds such an atmospheric element which at times feels like it's actually another character rather than the background to the story.The story in this book is great, it kept me hooked right from the outset and I especially enjoyed the fact that they can be read as standalones as I've read them out of sequence.I would recommend these books for fans of Jo Nesbo, Steig Larsson and Stuart MacBrideank you to netgalley for th [...]

    22. I’m a big fan of the Nordic Noir genre, so I was pleased to find a new author. My excitement was short-lived, however. The book was hard to get into—boring, in a word. A journalist and the police are both investigating the same murder. So many plot lines, involving murder, human trafficking, rape, lost loves, past abuse, medical malpractice—unfortunately, this book just didn’t work for me. I didn’t care about any of the characters at all.

    23. I really liked the first book, Snowblind and had high hope, but this book had too many side stories, only one relevant to the general plot.

    24. 4.5 *s. I read Blackout after Snowblind (Dark Iceland #1) as it comes chronologically next in order. I think this definitely enhanced my enjoyment of the novel, as nothing was spoiled for me. I absolutely love the dark Icelandic atmosphere and the many characters that come together in this novel. This is a very quick read, but packs a lot in a small space. All the threads come together to make a really great mystery. I liked this even better than the first novel in the series.

    25. I've decided all reviews for books in a series that are not the first installment would only get a quicky. Why? Because you can't really delve into anything without any spoiler, which reduces your talking points options! This is why Blackout won't get a full in depth analysis, the poor baby. But I still have things to mention that deserve some time and space!First of all, it felt incredibly good to be back in the north of Iceland. Don't ask me to type the town's name, please, I already have a ha [...]

    26. Blackout, by Ragnar Jónasson (translated by Quentin Bates), is the third book in the author’s Dark Iceland series. It is set in the time period between the previous two – Snowblind and Nightblind. In this installment it is summer in Iceland, although the south of the island is suffering the effects of a volcanic eruption which has blanketed the area in an ash cloud.The story opens with the discovery of a mutilated body outside a partially built house near the northern town of Skagafjörður [...]

    27. When secrets lead to destruction Blackout sees a brutal murder investigated by Ari Thor and his colleagues in a race against time. Once again, Ragnar Jonasson, has gifted his readers a deliberately, measured yet starkly chilling plot which leads us to an exhilarating climax. There is no fast paced, shoot-em up, action packed scenes here but the very deliberate pace makes for an even more intense and disquieting read.Ragnar is incredibly talented at painting a beautiful landscape with words and i [...]

    28. Noir thriller set in ICELANDThis review first appeared on our blog: tripfiction/noir-thrilBlackout is the third book (the second chronologically…) in the Dark Iceland series featuring detectives Ari Thór Arason and his boss, Tómas. It follows on from Snowblind and precedes Nightblind. As the other two, it is set largely in Siglufjörõur – a small community in the north of Iceland. I said in my review of Nightblind that it was rather more Agatha Christie than noir. Blackout doesn’t lose [...]

    29. I'm a huge fan of Ragnar Jónasson's Dark Iceland series. And there's no doubt that Blackout is his darkest book yet. This is actually set between the two previous books - Snowblind and Nightblind - and shows that the author is an incredibly versatile writer. All of the Dark Iceland novels read like old-fashioned whodunnits set in modern times. But they're certainly NOT formulaic, as each book has given me a completely different reading experience.While reading Blackout, I felt like I was among [...]

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