A Flaw in the Blood

A Flaw in the Blood The acclaimed author of the bestselling Jane Austen mysteries brings rich historical immediacy to an enthralling new suspense novel centered around Queen Victoria s troubled court and a secret so dang

  • Title: A Flaw in the Blood
  • Author: Stephanie Barron
  • ISBN: 9780553805246
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The acclaimed author of the bestselling Jane Austen mysteries brings rich historical immediacy to an enthralling new suspense novel centered around Queen Victoria s troubled court and a secret so dangerous, it could topple thrones.Windsor Castle, 1861 For the second time in over twenty years, Irish barrister Patrick Fitzgerald has been summoned by the Queen The first timThe acclaimed author of the bestselling Jane Austen mysteries brings rich historical immediacy to an enthralling new suspense novel centered around Queen Victoria s troubled court and a secret so dangerous, it could topple thrones.Windsor Castle, 1861 For the second time in over twenty years, Irish barrister Patrick Fitzgerald has been summoned by the Queen The first time, he d been a zealous young legal clerk, investigating what appeared to be a murderous conspiracy against her Now he is a distinguished gentleman at the top of his profession And the Queen is a woman in the grip of fear For on this chilly night, her beloved husband, Prince Albert, lies dying With her future clouded by grief, Fitzgerald can t help but notice the Queen is curiously preoccupied with the past Yet why, and how he can help, is unclear His bewilderment deepens when the royal coach is violently overturned, nearly killing him and his brilliant young ward, Dr Georgiana Armistead, niece of the late Dr Snow, a famed physician who d attended none other than Her Majesty Fitzgerald is sure of one thing the Queen s carriage was not attacked at random it was a carefully chosen target But was it because he rode in it Fitzgerald won t risk dying in order to find out He ll leave London and take Georgiana with him if they can get out alive For soon the pair find themselves hunted Little do they know they each carry within their past hidden clues to a devastating royal secret one they must untangle if they are to survive From the streets of London to the lush hills of Cannes, from the slums of St Giles to the gilded halls of Windsor Castle, A Flaw in the Blood delivers a fascinating tale of pursuit, and the artful blend of period detail and electrifying intrigue that only the remarkable Stephanie Barron can devise.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. I haven't read much of Stephanie Barron's work, but can say that of the few Jane Austen mysteries I've read, I've enjoyed her mixture of mystery, suspense and historical detail. A Flaw In The Blood has all three of the above ingredients without Jane Austen being the sleuth.I always feel like such a snob when a book I enjoyed reading, and finished quickly, gets a poor review. It's as if I'm denying my own entertaining experience. While this was a definite page turner, mostly due to the romantic t [...]

    2. This novel was a bit of a surprise for me. I’ve read Stephanie Barron before and I always have the same experience: the novels start out a bit slow and I have a difficult time getting into them. This, I feel, is partly due to the style of the narrative, a little more “literary” than I usually read. But then, I keep at it and the plot starts to develop and the characters start to come to life and by the end, I sit back and feel the need to take some time to reflect on what I’ve just read. [...]

    3. I own all 13 of the "Jane &" novels published to date and have thoroughly enjoyed every one. This book, however, was a big disappointment. To take a trivial example, an Irish character keeps saying "look you". I know a lot of Irish people, but I've never heard that - it is more associated with the Welsh, although mainly music hall Welsh or perhaps Shakespeare - I've never heard it from a real Welshman either.As for the plot, unlike the Jane stories, this is totally unbelievable. True, Albert [...]

    4. First Line: When the agony of the state dinner was over and his wife was preoccupied with the other women, he ceased to talk quite so feverishly before the crowd of people who'd come to the Rosenau to see them.As Prince Albert lies dying in Windsor Castle, his wife, Queen Victoria, summons barrister Patrick Fitzgerald, who helped defend the Queen against an assassination attempt twenty years before. Victoria makes no effort to hide her contempt for the Irishman, especially when he refuses her de [...]

    5. **spoiler alert**Pretty well-written, and the characters are not flat. But the tone of the mystery feels too similar to The Da Vinci Code to thoroughly enjoy. I say this because, in both books, by the end solving the mystery just doesn't matter. After 150 years, it is is now immaterial whether or not Queen Victoria was perhaps illegitimate and thereby not the rightful heir to the throne of England.Which -- okay, this is just fiction; we're just having fun; and we're only reading a bunch of what- [...]

    6. I had very high hopes for this one. A historical mystery about hemophaelia (I probabaly spelt that wrong) and how it came to be evident in Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's children sounded intriguing, but Stephanie Barron made the subject fall flat. I usually take two or three days to read a novel, this one took me close to a week and a half. Too, I really wasn't motivated to overly care about any of the characters. Victoria makes you want to slap her, Fitzgerald you want to throw a bucket of [...]

    7. This is by the author of the Jane Austen mysteries, although entirely different. Not at all the light romp through London society that we get in Pink or Tasha Alexander. (Monica I don't think you would like it!) It is very DARK and deals with a much less pleasant side of the Victorian age. It is interesting, dealing with the hemophilia that Queen Victoria passed to three of her children, with the Queen as narrator at places. The writing and structure are masterful, however. It is a great example [...]

    8. Because I have loved all of Stephanie Barron's Jane Austen mysteries, I was eager to pick up this novel set in the Victorian era. The story was good, as was the mystery, but the characters were not nearly as engaging as Jane, the Austen family, and the usual cast of assorted characters. (Patrick Fitzgerald is no Harold Trowbridge.) I was disappointed in comparison to her other books, but as a stand alone novel, I enjoyed it.

    9. The implications in this work of fiction angered and disgusted me. I'm so disappointed in this author whom I've previously enjoyed reading and whom I assumed had a love and respect for British history. It seems her purpose here was to defame the memory of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and she did so ruthlessly.Don't get me wrong, everything I've ever heard or read about Queen Victoria does not cast her in a good light. She seemed to be a self-centered, controlling woman and didn't appear to b [...]

    10. I am a huge fan of Barron's JANE AUSTEN mystery series, and, consequently, I was very excited to see her first foray into non-JA historical thriller fiction had come out. Sadly, though, I found this novel to be lacking in a number of ways. It took longer than usual for me to get into the story. When I did, I found bits of it far-fetched and wandering. Ultimately, though I appreciate the effort, I feel like Barron went for a huge story with a grand feel and scope, which falls flat for lack of pla [...]

    11. Though I own and have read all the Jane Austen series by Stephanie Barron, as well as her spy stories written as Francine Matthews, this little book I consider her finest. With the same attention she brings to each of her works, Matthews creates the familiar yet secret world of England’s most famous and long-lived Empress. Victoria becomes, through Matthews’ skill as a story teller, a completely believable and passionate woman, as do the events which follow the secrets Victoria is determined [...]

    12. Another reasonably good mystery by Stephanie Barron. This time, not a Jane Austin mystery, but set in the Victorian era about Q Victoria and a question (perhaps based on a real genealogical question) of the blood line of her legitimacy on the throne, I believe it was Interesting and curious as I know nothing about that piece of history and I'm always intrigued.

    13. Interesting theory. So I researched it online and what these "blue bloods" did to themselves is astonishing. Mormons are also finding that interbreeding is becoming a serious problem.

    14. Queen Victoria's beloved Albert is dying and on his deathbed he mumbles a cryptic warning to his daughter, the princess Alice, to break her engagement to the German price because of a "flaw in her blood." Confused, Alice tries to determine the meaning behind the warning by trying to quietly investigate the circumstances surrounding her father's death. Was his death in fact suicide, inspired by the embarassing behavior of his eldest son Bertie, as Victoria believes - or is there another explanati [...]

    15. Wow! What an interesting book. This was so suspenseful, so intriguing; I had to keep reading as long as I could to find out what happens. This story involves real, historical characters. Obviously, this is a work of fiction, so you cannot take the story as fact. However, it does have elements of truth. What is truth and what is fiction? That is what is intriguing. The author does give plenty of reference works at the end, if the reader may be interested in pursuing this further. I really had not [...]

    16. A Victorian mystery. And not really one I enjoyed. It grated on me right away with an anachronism to do with postage stamps (Prince Albert was supposed to licking them before they existed). Then conspiracy theories are not my cup of tea – I had thought I was getting a classic murder mystery. The story has been based on a couple of legitimate historical conundrums – one, that Prince Albert is said to have died from typhoid, but probably did not, and two, that Queen Victoria passed hemophilia [...]

    17. I really am in two minds about this book. Although it is unnervingly addictive and I keep going back to it to read snippets, I really did get a little cross about the author's portrayal of Queen Victoria. I know that she did have her bad points (and quite a long list at that) but the idea that she would even THINK of killing her beloved Albert made me so angry that I threw the book at the sofa (and why does she spell it "sopha"? That's just a general question, not a criticism) shouting: "No, no, [...]

    18. After reading several rave reviews of this suspense novel I expected to be woweddly I wasn't. I thought the story line was a good mystery but the author just didn't develop the characters enough to make it moving. Irish barrister Patrick Fitzgerald and his young ward Dr. Georgiana Armistead were nearly killed while traveling in Queen Victoria's carriage. It is clear that the coach was not attacked at random. But why? and who was the intended victim Fitzgerald or Georgiana? Fitzgerald is certain [...]

    19. A Flaw in the Blood by Stephanie Barron Synopsis (from the back of the book): Windsor Castle, 1861. Prince Albert, the Queen's Consort, lies dying, and Victoria summons Patrick Fitzgerald, the clever, embittered Irish barrister who helped defend Her Majesty from a would-be assassin twenty years earlier. Within hours, Fitzgerald's beautiful ward is nearly murdered, his chambers lie ransacked, and another girl is dead. Could an unknown force at Windsor want Fitzgerald silenced? And why? The answer [...]

    20. A FLAW IN THE BLOOD (Hist. Mys-Patrick Fitzgerald-England-1861) - PoorBarron, Stephanie – 1st in seriesBantam, 2008, US Hardcover – ISBN: 9780553805246First Sentence: When the agony of the state dinner was over and his wife was preoccupied with the other women, he ceased to talk quite so feverishly before the crowd of people who’d come to the Rosenau to see them.Irish barrister, Patrick Fitzgerald, has been summoned to Windsor Castle where Prince Albert is dying. Although she stays in the [...]

    21. I seem to recall recent discussion of this among my mystery-reading friends, in which it was mentioned more than once that the multiple viewpoints were a bit much, especially at the beginning, but overall people seemed to like the tale. I feel much the same, with the same misgiving. Multiple voices is a legitimate choice, but the switches in this case were not, imo, sufficiently clearly done to avoid pulling the reader out of the tale in confusion.There were a few such structural aspects that I [...]

    22. Like all my reviews, I want a half star for this one. I tend to round down, so I can give an illusion of being a hardass.I really liked this book, it was a combination of mystery, history and a glimpse at modern medicine at its grassroots. That must have been a frustrating timeey know enough to know there's so much more to learn! And trained doctors are od'ing patients because they haven't figured out the proper dosing of chloroform.I enjoyed the writing, however the switch in narrators didn't w [...]

    23. I picked up this book because I've loved Stephanie Barron's Jane Austen mysteries series. I was willing to try out something else by Barron and although this is an entirely different sort of story it does not disappoint.We are given the information about the plot from two very different perspectives: the first from Queen Victoria of England, and the second from Patrick Fitzgerald, a barrister who is fleeing Victoria's wrath with villans a-plenty chasing him across several countries at Victoria's [...]

    24. Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's consort is dying and Patrick Fitzgerald, an Irish barrister, is summoned to Windsor for an audience with the Queen. Upon his departure, Fitzgerald's carriage has an accident -- which may or may not be an accident. The story follows Fitzpatrick and "his ward" Georgiana as they unravel who maybe trying to kill them and why. Interspersed are chapters of the Queen's thoughts as she looks back at her life with Alfred.This novel did not work for me on several levels. Fi [...]

    25. This is a strange book, a thriller set in Victoria's Britain of 1861, but one with very high class villains. The hero, one Patrick Fitzgerald, is part of a firm of barristers who defended the man who attempted to kill the Queen some twenty years earlier. As Prince Albert lies dying Fitzgerald is ordered to the Palace by the Queen. Accompanied by the romance interest, Georgianna Armistead, female doctor and niece to John Snow, he makes his way there and finds himself embroiled in a bitter struggl [...]

    26. An intriguing and well-plotted novel from the author of the Jane Austen mysteries series. This time Barron spins a tale of Prince Albert’s death and a mystery that Queen Victoria will do anything she can to have solved and yet remain hidden at the same time. The narrative follows lawyer, Patrick Fitzgerald, who once saved the Queen from a would-be assassin and his young ward, Georgiana Amistad, who is, unusual for the times, a doctor, as they strive to unravel a royal puzzle that seems to invo [...]

    27. I love Stephanie Barron's style. Her Jane Austen mystery novels are beautifully crafted novels with a real ring of Jane Austen in the prose--but the author is capable of more than just that one trick. This Victorian thriller-mystery showcases her outstanding knowledge of 19th Century England, with its detailed research and plausible history, but also demonstrates her ability to write in an entirely different voice.I'll admit that I didn't enjoy the Queen Victoria scenes as much as the those with [...]

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