Duck, Duck, Moose!

Duck Duck Moose Duck and Duck are preparing for a party and each step of the way Moose inadvertently messes things up When he disappears in shame Duck and Duck must go find him so he can join in the party which wa

  • Title: Duck, Duck, Moose!
  • Author: Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen Noah Z. Jones
  • ISBN: 9781423171102
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Duck and Duck are preparing for a party, and each step of the way, Moose inadvertently messes things up When he disappears in shame, Duck and Duck must go find him so he can join in the party which was for him The slapstick physical humor of Duck, Duck, Moose will have kids overcome with the giggles.

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      316 Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen Noah Z. Jones
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    1 thought on “Duck, Duck, Moose!”

    1. This book is either going to be storytime gold or a somewhat lackluster flop, depending on the crowd and how animated you are when reading it. It contains only two words throughout the entire book, "Duck" and "Moose". The ducks in the story are very prim and proper, whereas the moose is entirely too clumsy for his own good. In order for this book to work in storytime, children will need to analyze the illustrations. What are the ducks doing in each spread? This is an excellent practice for child [...]

    2. A very clever play on the words from the popular children's game to make this cute book. Poor Moose can't seem to do much right, but good thing he has his duck friends. I love the chosen font for the book and the pictures are simple, clean and colorful.

    3. My son loves being able to read this book by himself. He giggles about the clumsy moose and the organized ducks.

    4. This super-silly book is great for new readers working on fluency. The only words to decode are "duck" and "moose". The story is told almost completely through the pictures, but the punctuation and the font size also give clues as to how to read the words.Two tidy ducks live with an oddball moose (shown on the title page with underpants on his head.) Moose causes chaos for the ducks as they try to prepare for a party, but obviously the ducks love him anyway because the party is a surprise for Mo [...]

    5. Age: Preschool-1st gradeHumor: SlapstickThe ducks are always organized, preparing meals, cleaning the house, and baking, while moose tends to accidentally ruin it all. But he is loved and the ducks prepare him a surprise party--but where is moose? Very cute, the illustrator does an excellent job with building suspense as we see clumsy moose approaching the carefully arranged projects of the ducks.

    6. Much like Yo! Yes?, this book uses only 2 words to convey this story. And it's success is through the illustrations. This book is fun, silly and heart-warming and would make a fantastic read aloud.While the illustrations are not Caldecott-winning, they are still dynamic and playful.

    7. This story has a playful feel because of its connection to the game "duck, duck, goose." It is also a story about friendship and acceptance, no matter who you are or what you're like. Even though Moose tends to be in the wrong places at the wrong times, his friends still love him and his neuroses. Great for ECE audiences and for read aloud.

    8. This fun picture book tells a story using only 2 words: Duck and Moose. A moose always seems to make a mess when he's with his two duck friends. When the ducks make him leave after he ruins a cake, they are surprised when he doesn't return for his surprise party. All ends well though. Well, sort of

    9. I'd categorize this with my one word stories section, which I use to show my students how a story can be told with limited words. The illustrations do the work in this story and are very cute. I would pair this humorous friendship story with Z is for Moose.

    10. I like the concept and the execution, but most of all I like the drawing of moose being comforted and hugged by his two duck friends. It's so sweet!

    11. A fun spin to the classic game we played as kids. A story about friendship and having patience. Just two words make up this text.

    12. Super cute tale of a blundering moose and his ducky friends. Love the art, the misadventures, and the friendship theme.

    13. Oh silly Moose, always causing problems. Moose have been popular characters these past 2 years! I really enjoy the illustrations in this book, and the ending!

    14. The kids laughed a lot with this one. It only has a few words, so it’s a very quick read, though you’ll want to spend some time on the pictures, which is where most of the story takes place.Kids voted to give it 5 Stars.

    15. Quallen, S. (2014). Duck, Duck, Moose! New York, New York: Disney * Hyperion Books.Summary: Duck and Duck like to live their lives with order, peace, and quiet. There is a right way to do everything – but Moose always finds the wrong way! Duck and Duck decide to throw Moose a party, but after causing one too many catastrophes, Moose has run away in shame – how will Duck and Duck show Moose that they love him despite his complete lack of spatial awareness?Activity: Duck and Duck threw a surpr [...]

    16. A play on the words of popular children's game duck, duck, goose!, this new addition to the genre will result in many laughs. Two ducks and a moose are roommates. As the day progresses the ducks are obviously getting ready for some sort of event. Moose, however, keeps getting in the way. He does things like runs towards the house and through the wall, missing the door completely; walking while reading a book and knocking over a giant cake. After that and other catastrophes, the ducks order Moose [...]

    17. "duck" and "moose" and "we love you" "hooray for" are the only words in this book but it sure is fun!It has a tiny bit of a Mo Willems feel (compliment)It is a spin on the old "Duck, Duck Goose " GameI am a little moose obsessed so this is fun for me on a moose level, but it is also a fun simple sweet book. So, as long as you know the above mentioned wordsyou are set!Illustrations are simple but details (my favorite is when the duck is laying on the floor after moose comes charging through) and [...]

    18. This hilarious twist on the childhood game is brought to you by three roommates – two tidy and precise ducks and one enthusiastically klutzy moose! Using just two words, “duck” and “moose”, the text lays the foundation for the repeated visual punch line of a moose who seems to bring chaos wherever he goes. Play duck, duck, goose and follow up with this book. It’s especially fun for independent readers who can read along during a dramatic group sharing. Read More at Picture-Book-a-Day [...]

    19. Do kids even play Duck, Duck, Goose anymore? I've been in a middle school for a while and my kids are grown, so I don't know. If they don't, they might try a game of Duck, Duck, Moose after reading/ listening to this rollicking tale of a klutzy moose and his two ducky bffs, who are trying to plan a party for him. It's a read aloud, but there are only two words on the page. The story is told visually with energetic colors and cartoon characters. Get your ham out for Duck, Duck, Moose!

    20. Two ducks are cleaning, creating, baking and decorating. Moose is constantly causing chaos by crashing through walls and knocking things over. Finally, they have to kick Moose out only so they can finish the preparations for his surprise party.Students will enjoy the comical illustrations. This would be a good book to have students use the clues in the illustrations to make predictions about: what the ducks are getting ready for, what the moose might do next, etc.

    21. It has very little text and will hardly build your child's vocabulary. The story is consequently a little hard to follow, especially if you want to read too much into everything like I do. But the drawings are cute, of two ducks and a MOOSE. I love moose; I read this book because it had a moose in it. If I had to read this aloud, I might get a little annoyed with the repetition and lack of explication. But I love the moose, it's a very cute moose, makes all the boy mooses go "waaaa."

    22. "Duck, Duck, Moose" significantly outdoes the 50 word limit of "Green Eggs and Ham", with the entire story told in two repeated words. It is similar in structure to SBQ's "Tyrannosaurus Wrecks", though the staccato prose gives greater emphasis to the visual slapstick. The way the text mirrors the popular game "Duck, Duck, Goose" will give kids the satisfaction of familiarity and enjoyment as they work out the parallel to predict what will happen next. Overall, a well played book.

    23. Two words repeated at just the right time to tell the story. Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen and Noah Z. Jones collaborate using their creative skills to show what unconditional love is. Ducks work hard and Moose is clumsy. but together they make a great family of friends. Sheer genius with such a simple concept. Thumbs up for this quaint and fun-loving picture book.Published by Disney Hyperion Books

    24. This book has a great concept but I found it was poorly executed by the illustrations. There was the chance for a lot of humor but I found the pictures to be a little crude. Moose was only shown in one light over and over again. I did enjoy the end where the ducks find out that their actions were not the best. But even then, the moral of the story is lost in the one page that relied too much on the illustration to capture the meaning.

    25. Two ducks go about planning a party for their friend, the moose, but the moose keeps lousing things up by being clumsy. The ducks sigh and persevere. When it finally comes time to celebrate the birthday moose, he's nowhere to be found. They locate him, make him feel loved and appreciated, and thenMOOSE! Told entirely through the illustrations, which are labeled "duck, duck, duckose," etc. Fun!

    26. Duck and Duck are responsible and like to take good care of things. Moose is just a mess. But you can still be good friends with someone who is different from you.Why I started this book: New picture books at the library!Why I finished it: With just two words in the entire book, the pictures are what will make this the perfect story time book.

    27. This is more of a picture book than a storybook. Only words in it is Duck, and Moose so if a young child can make out those two words they will be thrilled to be able to read this book by themselves! Making them proud of themselves :) However to read outloud this isn't such a good book. But the pictures in it did bring smile and giggles to my 2 year old granddaughter.

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