The Gig

The Gig An accident in Drew Clifton s past left the former novelist with aphasia unable to communicate through either speech or writing Through sheer strength of will he built a quiet but lonely life for hi

  • Title: The Gig
  • Author: Kim Fielding
  • ISBN: 9781623807122
  • Page: 487
  • Format: ebook
  • An accident in Drew Clifton s past left the former novelist with aphasia, unable to communicate through either speech or writing Through sheer strength of will, he built a quiet but lonely life for himself But now he s fallen in love with Travis Miller Travis has his own issues a permanent eye injury and unemployment But he s determined to help Drew find ways to engageAn accident in Drew Clifton s past left the former novelist with aphasia, unable to communicate through either speech or writing Through sheer strength of will, he built a quiet but lonely life for himself But now he s fallen in love with Travis Miller Travis has his own issues a permanent eye injury and unemployment But he s determined to help Drew find ways to engage and succeed again in the wider world, and a guitar playing gig at a local coffeehouse seems like a good start Dylan Warner and Chris Nock happen to be in the audience that evening, and they have a few niggling problems of their own Perhaps a chance meeting will provide solutions that might benefit all of them.

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    1 thought on “The Gig”

    1. A wonderful little short in the world of Bones and Speechless. I like the couple from Speechless MUCH better than the couple from Bones and it warmed my little heart to see Drew and Travis in another little story. I hope we get a full length book in the Speechless world soon!

    2. 3.5 starsDrew and Travis are back, it's so good to catch up with them again. I loved how Drew was venturing out, taking small steps, playing music to an audience, nerves and all. Travis is by his side all the way, facing his own problems, the poor love, no job and unsure of the future. Dylan and Chris were enjoyable, I liked their appearance, a sweet and lovely offer to help out the boys. I had hoped for a longer story about Drew and Travis, this small teaser wasn't enough. I am with Ami about E [...]

    3. Music can say so much. Its beat, bops, chords, and riffs come together to help us remember, celebrate, and at times—speak for us.“The thing about Drew’s playing was that after a while you stopped noticing that he wasn’t singing because the notes he played became his words.”The Gig is a quick, warmhearted dose of Travis and Drew, the guys from Speechless. Two unforgettable characters that found a big, permanent spot in my heart. We drop in for one night--a big night though--filled with [...]

    4. While this didn't have the emotional impact that Speechless had for me this was a lovely call back to these characters. I loved seeing where Drew and Travis were after Travis decided to choose love over pride in the first book. There was a very realistic vibe to his feelings of insecurity as he remained unemployed and worried about his place in Drew's life. I also enjoyed seeing Drew branch out and take chances and how having Travis in his life made him feel safe enough to reach out for it. I lo [...]

    5. 3 stars!The Gig was a great opportunity to get another glimpse at the lovely relationship between Drew and Travis. It's heartwarming to see that fate seems to be meaning well with these two.

    6. 3.5 starsI am slightly on the fence with this one. On one hand, I thought this snippet about Travis and Drew was lovely. REALLY lovely. I loved the couple -- I loved how 'imperfect' they were. I loved how although Travis could still appreciate good looking guy (he was still a live breathing man!) but he acknowledged that he would always love Drew more. I loved how Drew was performing outside his house and even with being nervous he was taking that chance.On the other hand, I wasn't really sure a [...]

    7. Cute.But I didn't like two pairs appearing at once. It makes the one I like less special.And the ending is forced. (view spoiler)[So Travis is offered a job out of the blue and Drew now is a music genius everyone loves. (hide spoiler)] Rolling eyes.

    8. A very sweet short to catch up again with Travis and Drew. It was lovely to see things turning out well for these guys lol. I admit I wouldn't of recognised Chris and Dylan from Good Bones if it hadn't been pointed out in other reviews lol.

    9. Realmente muy cortita, una pequeña pincelada para saber qué ocurre con los protagonistas de Speechless, muy recomendable para los que les gustó su historia.

    10. I always love seeing guys I'm fond of, this time as well.Ms Fielding gives us a lot in this little short, not her usual style. A bit rushed maybe but I like the smile on my face just the same.

    11. It was great to catch up and get a peek at Drew and Travis from Speechless.Drew has his first performance and is nervous but he has Travis with him, again I love how they can communicate without words. The boost in confidence in Drew is great, losing what was his creative outlet due to his illness, he now has a chance to at least recapture it in a different way. Travis is understandably unhappy with his continued unemployment but it's obvious that choosing Drew was the right decision and the cam [...]

    12. This is a great follow up to Speechless. I love Drew and Travis. They each have their cross to bear yet they don't wallow in self pity. Short, sweet & recommended!

    13. A revisit with the guys from Speechless: Drew Clifton's, the former novelist with aphasia, and Travis, the one-eyed machinist. After his accident, Drew built a life for himself in Portland, and now shares it with his love, Travis Miller. Now that he’s back in Portland, Travis is unemployed and being cared for by his lover isn’t sitting well with him. He wants to stand on his own two feet. He’s determined to help Drew and one way he finds is to see his lover succeed again in the wider world [...]

    14. Yay!A short story a few months after Travis and Drew reunited from Speechless - beautiful, just beautiful really! And then we've got Dylan and the ever-so-adorable Chris from the Bones series. I missed the guys!!!!!So glad that they're very happy and things are starting to look up professionally for Travis ^^Oh, and this short story is free via Dreamspinner PressYou can check the link in the book details or HERE. Dunno if you have to register but here's the link anywaysThe Gig

    15. 3.5 stars rounded upLoved meeting up with Travis and Drew again. Seeing Drew get out and perform instead of locking himself in his housenwas great. Suffering from the inability to speak has really hurt his self confidence but Travis has helped him feel whole again.The other couple mentioned in this short are Chris and Dylan, the main characters from Good Bones.I wonder if Travis and Drew ever find out that Dylan is really a werewolf? Wish it was longer's super short. like a chapter then a story. [...]

    16. Lovely follow on to Speechless, but it's a tease. What about Chris and Dylan's deal? And Travis's potential new job?

    17. It was a joy to meet Travis and Drew again. I liked their interaction very much, especially with regard to Drew's inability to speak. After meeting Christ and Dylan now I have to read 'Good Bones'

    18. Read this without realising it's a part 2, ugh, bad me.Anyway, this was okay. The insight struck me as being too forthright/blatant/without subtlety and thus somewhat schmaltzy. Aside from that it was fine.

    19. Ahhhhhce to see that Travis and Drew are still going strong and getting a couple deserved opportunities. This is the epilogue I was missing in the last book.

    20. A sweet, and cute short story. I liked seeing the crossover between both her series, and I loved the comments about "that time of the month."

    21. ‘L’ingaggio’ è un racconto breve, che si legge in un’oretta, ed è un esempio lampante di come, quando un autore ha talento, bastano davvero poche parole ben spese per creare una buona storia.Per gustarvelo davvero, però, dovreste aver letto prima ‘Senza parole’ (perché questo è il suo seguito) ed è anche un crossover con un altro libro di quest’autrice, che si intitola ‘Un buono scheletro’, uscito da noi l’anno scorso.Ritroviamo quindi Dylan e Chris, qualche mese dopo a [...]

    22. A review by The Blogger Girls.This is a lovely little follow up glimpse into the lives of Drew and Travis whom we met in Speechless. It is so nice to see these guys again, even if only for a short time. Everything I loved about these guys from their main story is present here.Drew and Travis are living together, continuing their relationship. Travis is still unemployed, and while it is still a slight issue for Travis, it remains a non-issue for Drew. Here, we see Drew attempting to give his firs [...]

    23. 'The Gig' is a short story follow-up to Kim Fielding's 'Speechless', and it was fun to get this little glimpse into Drew and Travis's life several months after they reunited. Travis is still unemployed and not handling having Drew pay for everything very well. But they are madly in love with each other which is amazing to watch.Travis has helped Drew get a gig playing guitar at a local coffee shop, hoping to get Drew out a little more and interacting with the community. It was so cute to see how [...]

    24. Brilliant little add-on from the story Speechless (and free, too).As I check out the reviews from other readers, I realize that the two new characters I encountered in this story came from a story called Bones.Brilliant move, author. Yes, I'm a sucker for characters that waltz over Series-lines and into stories about other people, so I'll be looking into that one there.Great little story, made me feel all happy inside, especially for Travis finding a possible space of his own where he can develo [...]

    25. A lovely short story revisiting the characters of Speechless. I think you'd need to read them in order as in many ways this serves as an extended epilogue.This is pure sugar, I caught myself smiling wide while reading.It's a fairytale HEA with everything coming up roses, but hell sometimes that's what we need to read, for me I discovered this at the perfect time. I really like these characters who manage their difficulties (disabillities, lack of employment) with dignity and are shaping up to ma [...]

    26. Two of my favourite Kim Fielding couples, both isolated and lonely, meet and make friends. Very nice short freebie for fans of this author.

    27. Sweet coda to the Bones series, which is a favourite. I got this one free and it was short enough to read (I usually prefer audio). It's hard to rate as Speechless isn't out on audio but good enough that I'll buy it when it is.

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