Cat in the Dark: A Joe Grey Mystery

Cat in the Dark A Joe Grey Mystery Of course I worry What if the cops witness a cat opening a skylight and masterminding a robbery The tabloids will love it There s a new pair of thieves in Molena Point California a renegade yellow e

  • Title: Cat in the Dark: A Joe Grey Mystery
  • Author: Shirley Rousseau Murphy Susan Boyce
  • ISBN: 9781482101423
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Of course I worry What if the cops witness a cat opening a skylight and masterminding a robbery The tabloids will love it There s a new pair of thieves in Molena Point, California, a renegade yellow eyed tomcat with a cold disdain for the law, and a scruffy human partner who is no better The two, clever and silent at their work, are bad news indeed to crime solving ca Of course I worry What if the cops witness a cat opening a skylight and masterminding a robbery The tabloids will love it There s a new pair of thieves in Molena Point, California, a renegade yellow eyed tomcat with a cold disdain for the law, and a scruffy human partner who is no better The two, clever and silent at their work, are bad news indeed to crime solving cats Joe Grey and Dulcie But when Joe learns the pair s connection to a good friend, and then an innocent couple turns up dead in the library garden, Joe and Dulcie must engage in some fancy paw work to unmask the deceptions and route the real killer before his brazen criminal crime spree careens madly toward them.

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      345 Shirley Rousseau Murphy Susan Boyce
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    1 thought on “Cat in the Dark: A Joe Grey Mystery”

    1. Once again, I spend a delightful few hours traipsing through the impossibly quaint Molena Point with talking cat detectives, and then I give the book away because it's not worth owning for another read.In this (the fourth Joe Grey mystery, I believe), a new cat is introduced, and it is kind of nice to have the change of pace of whole scenes without humans in them that aren't just the flirtations of Joe and Dulcie. The introduction of jealousy was fun, too, in terms of not only underscoring how h [...]

    2. This fourth entry in the Joe Grey series is a mystery featuring amateur sleuths Joe Grey and Dulcie, two sentient cats who are more than best friends. I think this entry has a line going through it about love, or lack of love, and the various kinds of love. Joe Grey and Dulcie are very much in love and spend as much of their time together as possible. They love to investigate crimes. They must do so carefully since they don’t want to reveal their special abilities of speech and reading. Sound [...]

    3. I am addicted to Joe Grey and Dulcie and now the Kite books get better and better and I intend to read each and every one. Joe and his relationship with his human room mate Clyde can be rocky at times,but there is (dare I say it?)love between the two which creeps in amidst the fussing and feuding over Joe's propensity for getting involved on police matters. Yes. I admit it. I love Joe Grey.

    4. I am slowly working my way through the series and love each one. Sometimes they can be a worry or a challenge - why? Because I worry about the cats, the danger, and sometimes the really sinister characters they encounter. The world that Shirley Rousseau Murphy has created slowly develops book by book, and the magic of Molena Point weaves its spell as you curl up and enter the world of Joe Grey and his feline friends.

    5. You just can't beat talking kitties! The murder mystery part of the story was alright, not stellar but good enoughbut I just love Dulcie and Joe. Definitely going to be looking up some more in this series.

    6. So many plot twists A story with a long series of plot twists.A mystery book with enough plot twists to keep even the most avid reader ready to turn the next page.

    7. I've become a real fan of these crazy cat books. The author does an excellent job on every level, really. The cats are portrayed so clearly, I can sometimes see them; it's obvious Murphy knows cats! The other characters are also very well portrayed- interactions are smooth, natural and believable. Conversations are nicely done. My only gripe with this particular book is (view spoiler)[ the character of Pearl Ann/Hoke who seems to be capable of near super human feats- (s)he is always there, in th [...]

    8. Author: Shirley Rousseau MurphyTitle: Cat in the Dark – A Joe Grey Mystery Narrator: Susan BoyceUnabridgedLength of Production : 9hrs 15minPublished by AudioGO, Genres: Mysteries & ThrillersI received this title in audio book format to review for AudioGo through AudioBook Jukebox so I didn’t really know what the story was about apart from the fact that it was a story about cats. Then I got the following part which I had to listen to two or three times, not only because it shows the kind [...]

    9. Joe Gray and Dulcie are in it deep now. There is a new bad cat in town and they witnessed it masterminding a robbery. Azrael is a giant black tom cat that's new in town. The evil radiates from his cat body. These cats aren't regular, they are from an ancient tribe and they can talk. They're not old but, yup, they are talking cats. Only Joe and Dulcie's owners know of their special abilities. They solve crimes too. Molena Point is in danger. Their sleepy little town is being turned upside down wi [...]

    10. I wonder if the author hates fat people, as a couple of semi-important characters from Georgia or 'bouts are introduced to us as being rather portly and then, in practically every single other scene from there on, we are reminded that they are fat, gluttonous people, the author making sure to frame each description as negatively as possible. We're given little else to feel about them, even though they do have actual agendas besides being fat, but we take away, at the end of the book, that they w [...]

    11. So in reference to my review of book 3 in this series, I had gone on a tear about the graphic hunting, blood and guts scenes in these books, and how it is unnecessary in a cozy talking cat murder mystery. In this book (4), the author actually uses Clyde, the owner of Joe Grey, to say to Joe, "what is with you and this brutal, bloody killing?? You talk like a human, you think like a human, and yet you eviscerate rabbits." Interesting -- clearly the author realizes that readers may be struggling w [...]

    12. This is an early Joe Grey mystery. Charlie still doesn't know Joe and Dulcie can speak. Cyde is still a bachelor. But the book is still a good read.Molina Point businesses are being robbed by a cat and man team. Who are they? Where did they come from?Then the dead bodies start showing up.Max Harper hears from his appreciated yet terrifying phone snitch. Joe and Dulcie are on the case.Murphy writes a good cozy mystery with a big dose of Celtic mythic legend tossed in. This one has several things [...]

    13. I really like these mystery books. Anything with cats in them. Funny how they can talk but no one knows except their owners. And the police are baffled when they get clues from Dulcie--they would fall over backward if they knew it was a cat talking to them.This story pertains to another male who invades Joe's territory and who can open doors and steal things. He so tries to get Dulcie but she's true to Joe. But there is a murder and who is behind it, but that strange cat and the person he's with [...]

    14. Not the best of the first four I've read in the series but nevertheless entertaining. These cat-talking fantasy mysteries might be an acquired taste for some - distinct as they are from the traditional cat cozy mystery - but I am grateful that I have at least 15 more ahead of me. Koko and Yum-Yum of Lilian Jackson Braun fame Dulcie and Joe Grey are not, but given that Murphy has endowed them with human voices, we get a much greater sense of their characters as well as their identities as cats. I [...]

    15. This is my first Murphy "cat" book. At first I just wasn't sure - cats talking to one another and to their humans?? I am not even sure why I was uncomfortable; I did grow up on cartoons and books with talking animal characters. I guess it just felt strange to be reading this type writing as an adult. Never the less, I fell in love with the cats and ms. Murphy's writing style. The characters are good, the mystery solid and the cats are fun!

    16. Dulcie & Mavity are featured in the 4th book of the Joe Grey tales. Dulcie's role as the library cat is challenged. Azreal, a black cat with evil tendencies enters the story. He tempts Dulcie with stories of voodoo and dark jungles. Joe & Dulcie watch Azreal & his human partner Greeley burglarized several stores. They recognized that Azreal is able to speak like them. Only to learned Greenly is Mavity's brother. Another super story.

    17. I suppose once you suspend disbelief enough to accept the existence of two talking cats who moonlight as private investigators, then it really shouldn't be too much of a leap to incorporate a third (an amoral tomcat dedicated to thievery). However, I found his characterization a bit weak, and it colored my appreciation of the book. Aside from the thieving cat, though, the characterization of the humans in this book is actually fairly captivating. Good read.

    18. When a new tomcat helps his human with several burglaries around Molena Point, CA, village cats Joe Grey and Dulcie wonder whether they should get involved. After all, how many times can Dulcie call the police and be the village's mystery informant? The Joe Grey cozy mystery series are delightful, especially if you like cats, and especially if they talk!

    19. the one with two cats that can talk to each other and to humans. They meet another cat like them except he is evil. They help solve the murder of a con man by listening in on conversations among the bad guys. Likable story except for gross, graphic hunting and killing scenes. I guess the author is trying to prove they are real cats with real cat urges but it's too graphic.

    20. This book was amazing because it starts out with 2 cats which you might think that are ordinary cats but turn out to be talking cats and that grabbed me by surprise. Also that there are robberies at the beginning but then it looks like any ordinary night in the middle but turns out that 2 people are killed. Also in the middle another person gets killed. Finally they catch the person.

    21. Enjoyed this author's writing, and her cat characters - although I struggled to suspend my disbelief. The "library cat" theme caught my interest, since I just read a non-fiction book about real-life library cats Baker and Taylor. If we could rate in decimals, I would probably give this a 3.5 or 3.75. Good audio-reader. Got it from MyMediaMall/Overdrive.

    22. Love the Joe Grey series! Only bummer is I bought this book off amazon and I got one with the cat art that is wrong again. Whomever published this addition clearly doesn't read the book due to the added tail on Joe!!

    23. The tiny town of Molena Point certainly brought together a horrifying cast of players in this story. Of course the locals were left to sort it out, with the help of Joe Grey and Dulcie. I particularly enjoyed the playfulness between the two cats this time.

    24. (Mystery -Cat 1999) Joe Grey Mystery There is a new cat in town, with all of Joe and Dulcie's abilities, and a few of his own. Robbery, murder, and mystery abound as they try to keep the cat from causing havoc and try to solve the murders. Enjoyable.

    25. Cat in the Dark is one of the early entries in the series and a great introduction to some of the main characters. I can't quite put my finger on what I enjoy about this series - but perhaps it's because I'm never disappointed.

    26. When I read the first book in this series I wondered why I was bothering. Then, about page 125 it caught my attention and I picked up book 2. Same thing happened in book 2. Now, here at book 4 I'm a total Joe and Dulcie fan -- mostly Dulcie. She's got total CATitude and I'm hooked on the series.

    27. Book four in the series about Joe Grey, a talking cat, this is a great series for those of us who enjoy urban fantasy and animals who talk. The author is still going strong.

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