The End of Bliss

The End of Bliss It s and Edith and Reuben Merkal a couple from Long Island are living the charmed life Then the stock market crashes ushering in the Great Depression Reuben loses his construction business as

  • Title: The End of Bliss
  • Author: Rhonda Ringler Cutler
  • ISBN: 9780615697642
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s 1929, and Edith and Reuben Merkal, a couple from Long Island, are living the charmed life Then the stock market crashes, ushering in the Great Depression Reuben loses his construction business as well as the house he built for Edith and named Bliss The Merkals are victims of the times Even so, they blame themselves and each other for their misfortunes At first,It s 1929, and Edith and Reuben Merkal, a couple from Long Island, are living the charmed life Then the stock market crashes, ushering in the Great Depression Reuben loses his construction business as well as the house he built for Edith and named Bliss The Merkals are victims of the times Even so, they blame themselves and each other for their misfortunes At first, Edith watches helplessly as a devastated Reuben does nothing about finding work Eventually, she takes a job as a salesgirl, and comes to relish her growing independence After Reuben reluctantly becomes involved with Sea Forth s small Jewish community as it fashions a response to an anti Semitic incident, he begins to understand the reasons behind his life long ambivalence toward his religion His awakened sense of responsibility towards Europe s beleaguered Jewish population helps him put his own problems in perspective.

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      397 Rhonda Ringler Cutler
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    1. Original review found at kristineandterri/24.5 stars* I won a copy of this book in a giveaway in exchange for an honest review.* I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this book. I love historical fiction that takes me to a place that I don't know a lot about. This book takes you through the Great Depression, a era I have not read much about and tells the story of how one couple survives it.The End of Bliss follows Edith and Reuben Merkal from 1929 to the summer of 1942 and details all of their f [...]

    2. I was delighted to have the opportunity to read this engaging and satisfying novel that was passed on to me by a friend who received it through a giveaway.To start off with, let's just say that for me a successful author not only grabs my attention and draws me in, they persuade and influence. Rhonda Ringler Cutler accomplished both.From the beginning she successfully transported me to the era of the Great Depression and the beginning of World War II where she unveiled the hardships, struggles [...]

    3. From its very first page, the End of Bliss paints such a vivid picture, you can't help but be pulled in, and the compelling plot makes this novel hard to put down.I was surprised by the amount of emotional ground that is covered between the beginning and the end; yet at no point does the narrative feel slack or forced. The many layers of the story seem to unfurl naturally, and the subtle, sensitive details woven into the writing make it rich and textured.The End of Bliss was an absolute pleasure [...]

    4. A wonderful story of a family's struggles to overcome the financial and personal hardships of the depression. It would make for an interesting book group discussion. The decisions people make in context of timeswhat would you do? read and find out!

    5. This book pulled me in right away. It took me on a journey to another place and time and I was completely absorbed. The writing was superb. I can't say enough good things about this book. Read it !!! You will not be disappointed.

    6. I loved this book. Each character was interesting and I found I really loved reading about the Depression Era. I would recommend this book to all 4.5 stars

    7. After winning this book in a giveaway I was very excited to read it! Though not a huge fan of historical fiction I found this book to be delightful. While it does capture much of the essence of the Great Depression it does so with an ease that neither bores the reader, nor leaves them feeling cheated. Ms. Cutler is impressive in her ability to weave the economic crisis of the time into a story so emotional that you forget that the depression is at times at the forefront of the novel. The charac [...]

    8. The End of Bliss is the absorbing tale of one couple’s experience of the Great Depression. From the very first page I knew that late nights were in store, as I became more and more invested in finding out what choices would be made and what the consequences would be. I did, however, have to take a break after the first chapter to analyze why I was having emotional difficulties with the reading. This is not usual so early on in a book, but I realized that the story line was just hitting a bit t [...]

    9. I met the author, Rhonda Cutler, in a workshop and was excited to read her novel. The End of Bliss centers on Edith and Reuben Merkal, a well-off-couple on Long Island, as the Great Depression sweeps away their wealth and the life that they had known. The novel is chock-full of wonderful period details, yet at times the action almost seems to be taking place today as the characters wrestle with issues such as gender roles and expectations, financial speculation, and sexuality. Throughout, Cutler [...]

    10. A beautifully written book raising so many issues of that time period. Each of those issues was woven into the central storyline delicately, resulting in a moving snapshot of life during the depression.

    11. I absolutely loved this book. The characters were multi-dimensional which made them come to life. The story of a Jewish family living through the Depression era was difficult to put down. Great novel. Thanks .

    12. Bravo Rhonda Ringler Cutler for such a great book. Even though I am not old enough for the depression you brought it to life. You described the things people went through during that horrible time. With what our country has gone through in the last couple of years I think that we can all relate to this book. Everything that we plan during our life might not happen but we should never give up our dreams. Thanks for the great book and will look forward to the next.

    13. Great, easy read. Ms. Cutler has done extensive research on the time frame in which her book takes place, the stock market crash, the hurricane and how it all affects Ruben and his family. Interesting characters, especially Edith. You love or hate her! Either way, her tenacious spirit was aptly developed.

    14. There were a few parts of this book that was slow reading for me, but for the most part it was a great book. Very interesting to see the choices people make during rough times. I received this book through the giveaway.

    15. I won The End of Bliss by Rhonda Ringler Cutler from Firstreads. As an added bonus the author signed my book. The story is about the Merkel family. It begins at the end of the 1920's with Edith and Reuben Merkel riding high emotionally and financially. Reuben's construction business that he built from nothing is doing well. Both Edith and Reuben come from nothing. Edith married Reuben not necessarily for love but his earning potential, not wanting to be poor ever again. Reuben showers Edith with [...]

    16. I received this book as a GoodReads First Reads giveaway.A very interesting look at the impacts of the depression on regular US suburban life. Also looks at the issues of racism, particularly against Jews, in the US, in lead up to the second world war.A story about a jewish couple who had built their lives above their beginnings & had everything going for them until the depression took away their livelihood. Particularly interesting was the impact the forced lifestyle changes had on their re [...]

    17. I enjoyed this book immensely. It is the story, set in the late 20's and 30's, of a conventional Long Island family, Edith and Reuben and their two children. Like so many people then, the Depression disrupted them very suddenly out of their expectations of a calm orderly life. Edith and Reuben reacted to this economic tsunami as individuals rather than as a cohesive married couple. They work first, with varying success, to address their financial situation. This eventually gives them the realiza [...]

    18. I wanted to love this book, but in the end, found myself just liking it. I felt apathetic toward the characters, not really caring for their failures or successes, nor cheering them toward any mark. I didn't want it to end because I truly wanted to grow closer to them, identifying in some way; but when it did, I just closed it, with no real personal connection having been made.It was very well written, never choppy or confusing. The story flowed; I never felt like the author lingered too long on [...]

    19. This review is long overdue. I read this book about a year ago, and the characters are still vivid. Edith is written with such depth and insight, I felt as if I knew her well. Initially, she wasn’t someone I necessarily liked, but I did understand her. What I thoroughly enjoyed was her growth throughout the book. In fact, it was the emotional journey of both main characters that made this such an intriguing read. I also loved the setting and time-period. I have read a lot of historical fiction [...]

    20. This book was just okay to me It was interesting at times but at other times it seemed to kind of drag** I received this book for free through a first reads promotion.

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