Quite Contrary

Quite Contrary The secret of having an adventure is getting lost Who ever visited an enchanted kingdom or fell into a fairy tale without wandering into the woods first Well Mary is lost Mary is lost in the story of

  • Title: Quite Contrary
  • Author: RichardRoberts
  • ISBN: 9781620072103
  • Page: 476
  • Format: ebook
  • The secret of having an adventure is getting lost Who ever visited an enchanted kingdom or fell into a fairy tale without wandering into the woods first Well, Mary is lost Mary is lost in the story of Little Red Riding Hood, and that is a cruel and murderous story She s put on the red hood and met the Wolf When she gives in to her Wolf s temptations, she will die ThatThe secret of having an adventure is getting lost Who ever visited an enchanted kingdom or fell into a fairy tale without wandering into the woods first Well, Mary is lost Mary is lost in the story of Little Red Riding Hood, and that is a cruel and murderous story She s put on the red hood and met the Wolf When she gives in to her Wolf s temptations, she will die That s how the story goes, after all.Unfortunately for the story and unfortunately for the Wolf, this Little Red Riding Hood is Mary Stuart, and she is the most stubborn and contrary twelve year old the world has ever known.Forget the Wolf s temptations, forget the advice of the talking rat trying to save her she will kick her way through every myth and fairy tale ever told until she finds a way to get out of this alive Her own way, and no one else s.

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    1. *Warning the following review contains spoilers, proceed with caution*Mary, Mary, quite contrary,How does your garden grow?With silver bells, and cockle shells,And pretty maids all in a row.Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was not sweet.Mary Stuart, is twelve years old, she is quite contrary, she is not a very likable child, her attitude is horrid. Quite Contrary starts out with Mary going to a Halloween party in an old abandoned house. It is there that the hostess shows her party g [...]

    2. This book has left me with very different opinions on various parts and aspects. One thing I will say up front. THIS IS NOT A KIDS BOOK. Older teen-adult is appropriate. It focuses on a 12 year old girl named Mary. The combination of the name with the title brought an amused smirk to my lips. She goes off to a party and tries to spite the host by going into the tunneled crawl space of the spooky mansion it is hosted at. She finds herself locked in ans so she ventures around, making various turns [...]

    3. "Quite Contrary" was a very enjoyable read. It originally caught my eye because of the clever title and cover, so I started reading the preview chapters on , and then I ordered the paperback so I could finish it (sorry about that, ). The main character is Mary Stuart and she is, indeed, quite contrary. (It tickled me that she was named after the same queen that the nursery rhyme "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary" was written about.) She is twelve, and even from the start it's clear she doesn't come fr [...]

    4. I'm a fan of Richard Roberts's "Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm a Supervillain" series. So this ebook was available cheap, and I tried it out, but it took me a long time to get through it.That's not entirely the fault of the book - a lot of it is the fact that I was reading it on my phone, and whenever I am on my phone I am more likely to get distracted by Facebook or Reddit.Anyway. Quite Contrary starts with our protagonist, a misanthropic twelve-year-old with the mouth and attitude of a sailo [...]

    5. Read this partly bc of the interesting plot-girl with Red Riding Hood cloak weaving her way in and out of different legends and stories, anyone?-and also partly bc it was published by Curiosity Quills, a publisher with a lot of interesting books, none of which I'd ever read until now. Also bc it was briefly free. Anyways, the setup was interesting, wandering through various story worlds. Some belong to fairy tales (the land of the Fae, an underwater world, the saga tradition of the Vikings) but [...]

    6. This is an interesting, yet disturbing book. I really enjoyed the idea behind the book, but it did not totally work for me.Mary is twelve and finds herself lost and stuck in fairyland. She’s quite contrary and does not do what she is told to do. This is explained a little later on in the book, but I do not think the explanation was enough. It does explain some things but I still do not really understand her character.First, she does not really fit into any groups at home, but she does not real [...]

    7. Wow. Another good book! This one was a surprise more than others in that it's definitely out of my normal realm of interests. This was pure fantasy. It begins with a 12 year old non-conformist, cynical geek of a girl heading to a party. She somehow ends up wearing a Red Riding Hood adult costume, which neither fits her person or personality. Then, by taking a series of wrong turns and making some less that wise decisions, she ends up in a series of fantasy lands, being pursued by a (no. THE) big [...]

    8. When will I ever learn me lesson on free ebooks? I finished this, but found it tedious. The concept of wandering through tales (from fairy tales to modernize zombie horror) was kind of cool, but by the 30% mark I was ready for it to be done. The wolf is established as a sexual predator, and the protagonist is a child who knows too much (it's revealed that she has been abused by one of her alcoholic mother's boyfriends). Other reviewers have criticized the characterization of Mary (Red Riding Hoo [...]

    9. I try REALLY hard to finish books that I start. But after (painfully) reaching the 20% mark, I had to give up. I hate to say this, but the writing is atrocious. It’s disjointed and so many lines don’t even make sense! Additionally, the protagonist is supposed to be a 12-year old girl, but nothing about her matched that description. She makes comments about 21-year old whiskey – what 12-year old knows about 21-year old whiskey? And while I’m not a prude, there was far too much cursing. Th [...]

    10. 2.5 star rounded downIt's really hard for me to rate this book. On the one hand I really enjoyed the idea of travelling through the fairy tales/stories worlds as if through dreams. Each world starts suddenly and the more lost you are the further into story you get. However I had big issues with the heroine of the novel. Mary Sue Stuart is 12 years old, but apparently the author forgot that tiny little fact. She acts as a typical 16-17 years old, who is rebelious, stuck up, thinks that he/she kno [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this fresh, dark and slyly humorous take on Little Red Riding Hood, it reminded me a bit of Brom's The Child Thief (which you should definitely check out if you like Quite Contrary). My only complaint is that it seemed a tad too long, but I'm sure I'll be adding more books by the author to my TBR list.

    12. Two things about me you should know: I collect free and cheap books like birds pecking for worms the morning after it rains. (Quite Contrary was free for a few days. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can borrow it for free!) And I (shamefully) judge books by their covers. (At least initially.) Covers can tell you many things. Almost nude bodies embracing tell you it’s a romance. Spaceships and planets tell you it’s scifi. Quite Contrary lends itself to a younger crowd. The font, the spotligh [...]

    13. I liked this story and think it is probably more like 3.5 stars. It was entertaining and towards the end it got suspenseful, as well. I do think some aspects could have felt more appropriate or even genuine had the MC been at least a couple years older. Also, there were some spots in the book that didn't make sense and some that seemed unnecessary to the story. For me, it was one of those books that had 5 star potential but just didn't quite hit the mark in everything. Still a fun, interesting r [...]

    14. One glance at the cover of Quite Contrary is enough to give you a hint that it's somehow related to a fairy tale of Red Riding Hood. I expected a darker retelling and hoped for some unusual twist. Maybe for the Wolf to be a good guy for a change?But if you start reading Quite Contrary expecting a simply fairy tale retelling you will be very surprised (just like I was), because Richard Roberts did something much better. Richard Roberts merged a lot of known and unknown tales, myths and urban lege [...]

    15. It takes a special kind of mind - and an enormous amount of chutzpah - to seize a familiar fairy tale by the throat and shake it vigorously so that it turns into a cross between a penny dreadful and something Dean Koontz might have written a few years ago.Richard Roberts apparently has both that special kind of mind and more than enough chutzpah to do just that: In my opinion he has done so brilliantly.Mary Stuart, the protagonist of "Quite Contrary," is a snarky, sarcastic, occasionally violent [...]

    16. I read "Don't Tell my Parents I'm a Supervillain" liked it so much I went and checked out Richard Roberts' other books that are on Kindle Unlimited. That landed me at this book. Woah Nelly.Though the heroine is (theoretically) a 12-year-old girl, she never acts 12. And that bothered me and frequently pulled me out of the story.I loved, loved, loved the setup and the world and the plot and the changing scenery, I just think it should have been done with an older girl - like 16 or so and made it f [...]

    17. To see my full review:wp/p1jhaj-3JWI’m sorry to say that this novel just isn't for me. I originally wanted to read it because I usually enjoy revamped fairy tales, but Mary completely turned me off from this story. I was expecting a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood with a contrary heroine, which in my mind meant more assertive a deviating from the meek path of Red in the traditional stories. But in this story, contrary actually stands for vile, obnoxious, cussing, kicking, punching, and vul [...]

    18. Better than most fairy tale remakes. If a 12 year old girl was going to survive being hunted by a giant, sentient wolf, she would need to be feisty, fearless and recalcitrant. This Mary has all that and more to fend off all the wolf's creative attacks. Much of the book is good for middle grade girls as a role model for independence and kindness, but the wolf comes across as a sexual sadist serial killer / eater of prey. That fact alone raises the age to 18+. The scene in the desert was straight [...]

    19. Mary is more crass than contrary. The author should look up the difference in the dictionary, just because they both start with the letter "c" doesn't mean they are interchangeable. What's more disturbing is that Mary is supposed to be a child! Not a book I'll be finishing or recommending.

    20. When I started reading the first page of this story, I can’t help but get excited because I think I am loving the sound of it. And when I found out that it’s going to be a fantasy story, I can’t stop my grin.The idea of this stubborn, strong-willed, badass, yet unassuming kind hearted little girl who got lost to fairy tale sounds intriguing. And you bet I’m right!Well, it’s really true that all good things comes to an end because as soon as I reached the middle part of the story, my en [...]

    21. This is a well (mostly) written book with a difficult to like main character. Mary is contrary works out well in some cases as a natural way to move the story forward. After all, thanks to her contrariness Mary crawls down a mysterious tunnel when told not to and that takes her into the land of stories where she stupidly steps into the story of Red Riding Hood and then is chased from story to story by the big bad wolf.There are several good things about this book and, to be fair, I didn't start [...]

    22. I really like the premise of this book. Young girl gets lost in a fairy tale universe where all the stories you read as a child are real. But, for me, it was kind of all over the place. There were no rules to this book and any tales, myths, or even creepy stories your parents told you, to frighten you into behaving, were worked in. I'm still not 100% sure to make of the dark "boat" section with all the lost children It's true, Mary was chased by the wolf the entire story, but honestly I felt lik [...]

    23. Two stars is actually too low for this book - I'd really go 2.5.This was a Watch The Skies pick. The person that put it in the hat asked the question, "who was this written for?"That question stuck with me through the whole book simply because the person this book was written for wasn't me. I have come to realize that I have a preference for heroic characters and the main character in this story is NOT heroic. She's a dislikable, foul mouthed brat. She's flat out mean to all the people that try [...]

    24. Bizarre, dark, and unsettlingly inappropriateI thought I was getting a twist on a fairy tale. I did but this was not what I was expecting. Putting aside the very strange “twists” that went on a bit too long, one thing I really found inappropriate was how much the author continuously sexualized the 12 year old protagonist. It was really creepy. This is not a kids book, but this is also not an enjoyable read as an adult.

    25. This is a young adult book, I think - it had some pretty strong language in it. But this is about a little girl, Mary who gets stuck in Fairytale land. Since she is very independent and quite sassy, she writes the endings HER way. This is a humorous and unique look just beyond the imagination - very good!

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