Blood Red Butterfly

Blood Red Butterfly Despite falling in love with aloof manga artist Kai Tashiro Homicide Detective Ryo Miller is determined to break the alibi Kai is supplying his murderous boyfriend even if it means breaking Kai with

  • Title: Blood Red Butterfly
  • Author: Josh Lanyon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Despite falling in love with aloof manga artist Kai Tashiro, Homicide Detective Ryo Miller is determined to break the alibi Kai is supplying his murderous boyfriend even if it means breaking Kai with it.Words 28,834 approximate

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    1 thought on “Blood Red Butterfly”

    1. Beautiful Cover, but I just wasn’t feeling the characters…I was first attracted to this book a few weeks back when the cover was revealed on Facebook, and reading the blub my interest was piqued. I am not a Josh Lanyon aficionado like some other readers, but I do like a good crime thriller and romance combined with plenty of action in and out of the bedroom. Blood Red Butterfly starts out really well and I was engrossed in the investigation the suspect Micky Torres, his Alibi Kai Tashiro and [...]

    2. Nuh uh.Noooooooooooo!Insta-love, stalkerish MC, strange relationship, and a mystery/crime with no resolution? This bellyflopped for me. I didn't actively dislike it but I didn't like it either. It was a swing and a miss.

    3. I have had the honour of reading this novella by Josh prior to its release and with the full disclaimer of professing my deep, abiding affection and worship for Josh's writing, I wanted to jot down a few praises for this book.Regardless of said affection, Blood Red Butterfly is a fantastic jump back into the world of Josh's writing. Having been gone on a self-imposed semi-hiatus, Lanyon returns to us with an exciting, complicated tale of gay men struggling through cultural differences and with l [...]

    4. No one does LA like Lanyon.So, this was a bit more hyperbolic than I'm use to from Lanyon, but the details and history of LA are great, and the tie in between Kai and his art gives it a interesting mirrored quality. Also, Lanyon writes police officers well, which I really appreciate.

    5. *2.75 Stars*I have been anxiously waiting for some delicious Josh Lanyon fare for the past year. His sabbatical was a looooooong wait for us the hard core fans. This Yaoi inspired novella is the first story from him this year, and despite the fact that I love the premise and that a lot of the lovely elements of Josh's writing were there, this story did not work for me. It felt disjointed, and almost like I never broke the surface of it. I never really got to know the main characters, the mystery [...]

    6. 3.10 starsA huge disappointment, it gets 3 stars because it was a great idea which fell short. Kai and Ryo, I guess I missed the attraction, the burn or sizzle between them, my heart wasn't racing or feeling any heartbreak. The Yaoi/Manga references went over my head, I didn't get most of them, a bit of a mishmash unfortunately. I want and miss Adrien, that best describes my feelings.

    7. I'll probably be in the minority here, but I thought this was disappointing. I wanted to like it. I consider Josh Lanyon an oasis of mature, thoughtful m/m writing. This was just not my book. The characters seemed cold and inaccessible, and I didn't see why they loved each other. (Ryo's feelings in particular seemed more like an obsession.) The writing wasn't as polished as usual, with several commas where there shouldn't have been any and some odd word choices (for example, masseuse instead of [...]

    8. Hear me silently, happily squeeing. :DMe - I'm in love with this book.More after I read it again.-----------------------------------------Second try (after having settled down a bit^^)I'm hugely impressed by how this worked out. I had been a bit afraid in the beginning because, you know, how do you transfer a visual art like manga into written word? It worked really, really well and the result is a wonderful story filled with action and emotion to the brim.I wonder how it might look and feel for [...]

    9. * 3.85 * rounded up. I read this late last night in bed ( insomnia girl! ). I was really excited to see that Josh had brought out another novella and the concept was intriguing. It has all the right things going for it and you can't deny that Mr lanyon is the dogs doodahs at writing short stories that never make you feel short changed. He's way high in my favourite authors list and I so wanted to be giving it 5 stars but I couldn't do it this time. I think it boils down to the fact that at times [...]

    10. BRB started out a 4. The MCs were different and interesting. I couldn't wait to get to know them better. But I didn't get to know them any better at all. There was a lot of potential here;an ex-wife, controlling patriarch, murderous possible boyfriend. But it was all surface, nothing was delved into. Cut to the chase. Literally. The mcs find themselves running across roof tops with gun fire all around. Then nothing. No followup at all. In fact, without warning the book jumped an entire year. The [...]

    11. I'm still not quite sure how I feel about this book.Kai and Ryo were just a bit too aloof and distant for me to grow attached to or care about.I, in theory liked them and felt for them, but in reality I didn't really like them or feel for them. The whole crazy Torres thing added in on top complete with the showdownk, at the end I still felt sort of sad.

    12. Adored Kai, such a prickly dude. :-D The look-see into manga/yaoi was interesting, too, provided an intriguing textural layering to the story without dominating it or drawing the focus away from Ryo and Kai (and Mickey).I don't want to spoiler the thing to death, but suffice it to say that staying up til 3am to read this was soooooooo worth it. Sabbatical year or no, Josh Lanyon consistently delivers the rich stories we can rely on for entertaining & satisfying repeat reads. Sorry, but it mu [...]

    13. hmm, I really enjoyed this book but, IMO, it had some issues. I didn't really feel the connection between the MC was pretty much all lust. Then, WHAM, rushed ending with insta-love! WTF!? And the mystery was all over the place and was missing a lot of detail. I started out this review planning to give the book 4 stars, but I just can't and still retain my dignity. 3 stars :(

    14. 3.4According to my own personal experience of noir through books and films, its tropes are:Cynical hero with a hidden soft heart and a tough veneer.Femme fatale heroine, beautiful, mysterious, troubled, needs saving.Story development is somewhat disjointed, does not always end well, thus the cynical hero. The heroine is usually saved at a price.Character development The hero is shown with his sardonic wit and jaded view, his soft heart is also shown but a distance is kept from the reader/viewer [...]

    15. I read quite a few Yaoi anime in the 90s, while they were lovely stories and beautiful to look at, there were never enough meat in the plot development to hold my interest. Josh Lanyon's take on yaoi-hybrid filled this gap. Blood Red Butterfly is character-driven, the plot is straight forward but complex in details. Lanyon excels in characterisation, while in a story of this length, there isn't a great arc in character development, I enjoyed "misreading" the characters that Lanyon so cleverly em [...]

    16. I would say this is another Josh Lanyon classic style. A somewhat harden cop and his cynic sarcastic love interest.Mr. Lanyon had said that this is his attempt at writing "Yaoi-hybrid". I am not sure if I get it But I read that the story progress at more brisk pace. The emotions that were usually wrote at a more sedate tone became explosive and wild. Things got amplified more and happened more and quickly in shorter page count.The plot was not very complex but have some depth to it, as it should [...]

    17. My least favorite of Josh Lanyon's stories up to date. The yaoi cliches and unnecessary insertion of too many Japanese words made me feel like I was reading a poorly written fanfic. There are very enjoyable yaoi novels and there are excellent Japanese anime and/or manga based fanfics. I love reading them on occasion. This novella felt to me like an unsuccessful attempt at crossover. Now I need to reread the Adrien English series again to forget this experience. And I dearly hope that the next st [...]

    18. Not one of Lanyon's best. For most of the book I didn't like the characters or understood why they were attracted to each other which is rare for a book by this author. Usually his characters sizzle with underlying sexual tension but that was completely absent here. I was going to give it 2 stars but the last chapter pulled everything together and made me a little more optimistic about the romance.

    19. ***3.5***I think this is the first time that I rate anything from Josh Lanyon less than a 4 and I'm kind of bummed about it. This is part of a novella collection I got along with the corresponding audios. This one was done by Lance Greenfield. He's a 'new to me' narrator and I would definitely try something by him again. I very much enjoyed his voice and characterization, save one thing: (view spoiler)[Why does he at times give Kai a sort of Asian accent when Kai was born and raised in America? [...]

    20. I feel bad I can't draw manga. Blood Red Butterfly is such a visual story and the rhythm is so delicious that I would love to see the whole novella illustrated — or even better, animated. Josh Lanyon is giving the reader so many wonderful details about everything! I especially love the way Kai is described: his untroubled, slender figure and his bitten black fingernails. There is something utterly charming about that and very complex too!It's almost unbelievable how only in less than 90 pages [...]

    21. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4.0Ryo Miller is a LAPD Homicide Detective hot on the trail of gangbanger, Mickey Torres. Ryo is convinced that Torres murdered Esther Martinez, a seventy-year-old woman whose testimony put Torres behind bars. Enter manga artist, Kai Tashiro, who swears that on the night of the murder Torres was with him. The sparks fly between Ryo and Kai but Ryo remains determined to break Kai's alibi story and steadfast in bringing Torres down.I enjoyed this book. I liked both Ryo and [...]

    22. IMO, looks like a quickie from Mr. Josh Lanyon. I was happy to buy another of his books, but was left disappointed. It didn't feel like Josh Lanyon at all. The story was told from Detective Ryo Miller's POV and in a way it looked like a seminar in Police Academy. There was too many long unnecessary explanations on how a policeman should do his job. So being in the head of Ryo Miller was a sad and boring experience. There was no depth to the characters. And it is especially surprising because Mr. [...]

    23. Audible It was like reading manga comic. If it was the author's goal, then she succeeded in it. I doubt I could have enjoyed if I had read it and not listened to it. But Lance Greenfield has brought the best out of it.Read as a part of Male/Male Mystery and Suspense Box Set: 6 Novellas.

    24. In counterpoint to the saying, 'a picture is worth a thousand words,' each page of this little story leaves the reader with an immediate bold, vibrant, if sometimes harsh, image. And even though romance is expected, it’s not often easy and never taken for granted. As with any great love story, sacrifices must be made. Brilliant.(less)

    25. Wow. Okay, I think on enjoyment it rates a 4,only because I am a Manga/BL/Yaoi virgin and know I missed lots of references. I bumped the rating up for sheer bravery and uniqueness. Great job. I am so glad that there is so much variety in this genre!

    26. Meh. I really wanted to like this story of a cop and the heir to the Tashiro fortune who meet when cop Ryo tries to break Kai's abili for a killer but it just Did.Not.Work.For.Me. Too much moody posturing on Kai's part, too much hard-boiled cop stuff on Ryo's part and just a lot of fluff . in between impersonating deep meaningful stuff.

    27. I don't know why I hesitated so long to get this novella. It certainly is a departure to JL's usual, and I don't know how authentic his research is (though I know he does massive amounts of research and he sought clarification/correction from his Japanese readers before releasing) but I enjoyed all the detail in this book. Josh has a way of writing exposition so naturally, you don't realize you're learning things, lol. There were some questionable "police procedure" which usually makes me impati [...]

    28. Hmmm. There were parts I really liked, and there were other parts. I liked the characters Ryo and Kai quite a bit. I of course loved the beautiful cover. But I'm sad to say that the story itself was just a bit underwhelming, and some of the prose was just bizarre-"getting jiggy with it"-really? I had to stop and remind myself that this was a Josh Lanyon story or I may have put it down right then.I'm so happy that Josh stretched himself writing something so new and different from his usual style, [...]

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