Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase

Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase This action packed ePulp Anthology unleashes four new noir tales inspired by the pulp magazines of the s and s Blazing brawls and gritty adventure awaits dieselpunks nostalgians die hard or

  • Title: Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase
  • Author: Grant Gardiner John Picha Bard Constantine Jack Philpott
  • ISBN: 9780983477631
  • Page: 265
  • Format: ebook
  • This action packed ePulp Anthology unleashes four new noir tales inspired by the pulp magazines of the 1930s and 1940s Blazing brawls and gritty adventure awaits dieselpunks, nostalgians, die hard or pulp curious fans Hope you can take a punch, because these two fisted tales hit hard For young hoods, the Aether Age streets of mob plagued Chicago present a world of opportThis action packed ePulp Anthology unleashes four new noir tales inspired by the pulp magazines of the 1930s and 1940s Blazing brawls and gritty adventure awaits dieselpunks, nostalgians, die hard or pulp curious fans Hope you can take a punch, because these two fisted tales hit hard For young hoods, the Aether Age streets of mob plagued Chicago present a world of opportunity And Mack and Mickey are headed straight for the top in That Sort of World a Tale of the Aether Age It s class warfare in Citadel City as Pandora Driver and her Car of Tomorrow deliver rough justice to the elites and a douche named the Gooch in Who are the People in your Neighborhood The Wise Man Says introduces Mick Trubble a hard drinking, chain smoking charmer who bites off than he can chew then chews like hell The Troubleshooter takes the grit and slang of a hardboiled detective and drops it in a dystopian setting that mixes Fedoras, trench coats, flying cars and android policemen.The dirty streets of Roanoketown were his home and his only family Until he met HER Now he ll follow HER into hell, tamahaak held high, and fight as a proud Indian against the Anglo Oppressors He ll wager his life to be a true A Friend of Spirits Download if you dare

    • Unlimited [Science Fiction Book] ã Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase - by Grant Gardiner John Picha Bard Constantine Jack Philpott ✓
      265 Grant Gardiner John Picha Bard Constantine Jack Philpott
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    1. This compilation shows that Dieselpunk is not a flash in the pan and also that it's not a poor relation of Steampunk. Despite the current trend to create sub-genres by taking a key word and putting 'punk' on the end of it, what people want is good solid story-telling, which is what the Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase provides. Dieselpunk is for me defined by Lang's "Metropolis", Lovecraft's "Call of Cthulhu" and the "Phantom" comic strip, to name but a few. It is noir, extremely quotable, and has a pl [...]

    2. I stumbled onto this anthology by happy accident. The four adventures in this tome cover what is a Dantesque reading of the genre of Dieselpunk. Each story will get its own section here. I also know that The Divine Comedy only has three parts, but let me explain this as I go.1) That Sort of World -- A good solid introduction to the world of dieselpunk fiction. It all begins and ends with a hat or lack of one. A story builds up around this premise that embodies the essence of what the future hold [...]

    3. I think I enjoyed Dieselpunk before I was even aware of the genre tag or that of its more prevalent cousin Steampunk. I can remember playing the tabletop version of Crimson Skies (the original, with the cardboard press out game pieces). So coming into this collection I had an expectation of something similar. "That Sort of World: a Tale of the Aether Age" by Grant Gardiner certainly didn’t disappoint on that front- indeed it felt like a Crimson Skies story. I enjoyed the genre markers: gangste [...]

    4. This is the first dieselpunk short story collection that I have ever read. So it is a little difficult for me to compare it to others of the genre, but I do know this much, I enjoyed it a lot. It is a good pulp collection. What I like the least about it is the name, Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase. It doesn't really roll off the tongue, does it? On the other hand, the cover is very good, fits the stories perfectly.I think I enjoyed Grant Gardiner's story the best. It has something to do with what turn [...]

    5. The Diesel Punk e-Book showcase is a fantastical collection of four stories rooted in the gritty reality of the pulp tradition. Drawing inspiration from the hard-boiled suspense tales of that era, these sagas mix a retro flavor with depictions of dystopian societies mirroring our own turbulent present. As art imitates life, and as history repeats itself, so does pulp rise again to titillate our darker natures with graphic depictions of vice and graft, not from the dime novels of yesteryear, but [...]

    6. I admit, I waffled between three and four stars for this collection. Thing is, this is overall, a good collection of dieselpunk stories.This collection contains four stories, each taken from each individual author's own personal worlds, and provides a bite sized tale to give you a good introduction to their works. If you have ever been curious about each of these author's personal worlds or works, this is a good collection to pick up. It gives a good view of their worlds and their writing styles [...]

    7. The Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase is a great taste of Dieselpunk stories sure to slake the thirsts of fans of the genre and tempt the appetite of those who wonder ‘what is dieselpunk?’.If you’re a member of the latter group, and unsure what to expect, think Bond-like action, femme fatales of the finest caliber all set in a by-gone era of manners and fashion – but with small twists on our own world’s history.Each of the four stories occurs in a broader world of the writer’s, but the stori [...]

    8. A grand collection of dieselpunk inspired stories that really encapsulate the era and ideals of dieslpunk. If you like early to mid 20th century history but spun off in a slightly differnt direction, then this is for you. Neatly and compellingly written, the tales are well researched, cleverly put together and intriguingly different.Each of the authors who has added a story to the collection brings a different style, all of them wonderful. A grand melange of history, pulp, alt. history, thriller [...]

    9. If you like your stories in handy bite sizes, then this is the book for you. There are four different ones to digest: Tales of the Aether Age, Pandora Driver, Trouble Shooter and World of Manana. I’m not entirely familiar with Dieselpunk but I guess I would describe it as futuristic simplicity. At first glance, it seems as though you’re stepping into an ordinary world but not everything is from that era. Think of Boardwalk Empire, only more technologically advanced.I particularly liked Troub [...]

    10. From the first trench coat pocket packed with dynamite, to the last draw off a spent gasper, this ePulp collection cuts a wide, interesting swath across the Dieselpunk genre:'That Sort of World' wanders the dirty back alleys of prohibition Chicago like a Tarantino nod to the Mobster genre, while 'Pandora Driver' cracks heads as a gas-powered, Frank Miller-penned, New Deal avenging angel. 'The Wise Man Says' channels Raymond Chandler through a high-tech, heist filter, as 'A Friend of Spirits' fal [...]

    11. I downloaded this book because I was already familiar with the mind-blowing works of one Mr Grant Gardiner. Quite frankly, not being familiar with Grant’s special brand of diesel punk crazy should be a crime--at least, if it wasn’t so darn difficult to get a hold of.Predictably, Grant’s story did not disappoint. However I was pleased to discover the other three authors were equally entertaining. What a bonus!Why are you still reading this? Download Dieselpunk: ePulp Showcase instead!

    12. As is common with anthologies this was a mixed bag.[u]That Sort of World: A Tale of the Aether Age[/u]This was a decent enough way to start off, good but not great. I did really like the alternate history of the US however.[u]Pandora Driver: Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood[/u]This one was merely meh for me, it didn't really evoke a punk feeling.[u]The Troubleshooter: What the Wise Man Says[/u]This was the weakest story for a couple of reasons. The main character's last name being Trubble [...]

    13. Four Stories by Four Authors: John Picha, Grant Gardiner, Bard Constantine and Jack PhilpottI enjoyed each of four quick and easy reads which have enough heft to keep it interesting.

    14. I love dieselpunk and wanted some inspiration, but these stories, or at least the first three, didn't sit well with me. The fourth I adored though felt it lacked the most elements of dieselpunk. At the very least the author best told the narrative.The first and third stories were good but I felt like the authors' had page limits and at the end ran out of space, so went with a quick and cliché ending, which ruined the magic they set out. The second I gave up on due to the execution of story whic [...]

    15. Príjemná malá zbierka so štyrmi dieselpunkovými poviedkami. Čo je to dieselpunk? Bežte si detailne naštudovať, ale dostanete sa zhruba do 20-tych a 30-tych rokov minulého storočia. Dlhé kabáty, klobúky, kučeravé bloncky, americké limuzíny, Frank Sinatra a k tomu nejaké tie vzducholode, ale aj roboty, ploštice a podobné vecičky.Poviedky sú celkom dobre napísané a neurazia, ale snáď každá je súčasťou nejakého väčšieho a prepracovaného sveta (prípadne úvodom d [...]

    16. Some good. Others not so goodJohn Picha creates an interesting world but the story isn't very entertaining. Grant Gardiner's Dieselpunk superhero harkens back to the Golden Age of comics. Without the visuals, it was just cheesy. Brad Constantine has the best story in the book. He explains the world in which the story takes place and then spins a solid hardboiled detective yarn. Jack Philpot's story was excellent. However, the story didn't seem to take place in the setting described in the introd [...]

    17. When I started this book I knew that the writing wasn't going to be great - it was emulating the style of the pulp novels of the 30's. I was expecting good stories; but these were not that good. The concepts were average, but the telling of the story was flat.It seemed as if the writers were trying to avoid pulp magazine cliches, but if they were included it might have spiced up the writing a bit.Overall, I will probably avoid further reading if Dieselpunk and read Steampunk.

    18. Great introduction to Dieselpunk.Thank you John Picha for a great introduction to Dieselpunk. I'm glad to read it as now I'm a new fan.

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