Frogs Aprende todo sobre las ranas en este emocionante libro para ni os en espa ol Est lleno de im genes bellas e interesantes que les ense an a los ni os todo sobre estos animales asombrosos Este libro de

  • Title: Frogs!
  • Author: Elizabeth Carney
  • ISBN: 9780545251792
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
  • Aprende todo sobre las ranas en este emocionante libro para ni os en espa ol.Est lleno de im genes bellas e interesantes que les ense an a los ni os todo sobre estos animales asombrosos Este libro de Nivel 1 es apropiado para los primeros pasos de lectura independiente o para una experiencia de lectura en voz alta, perfecto para motivar a futuros cient ficos y exploradoAprende todo sobre las ranas en este emocionante libro para ni os en espa ol.Est lleno de im genes bellas e interesantes que les ense an a los ni os todo sobre estos animales asombrosos Este libro de Nivel 1 es apropiado para los primeros pasos de lectura independiente o para una experiencia de lectura en voz alta, perfecto para motivar a futuros cient ficos y exploradores From the Trade Paperback edition.

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      282 Elizabeth Carney
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    1 thought on “Frogs!”

    1. Picture book, for Spanish practice. It had nice simple language and was clear and entertaining. No English translation.

    2. This children’s picture book discusses the life of a frog: their appetites, frog babies, and of course the different types of frogs located in their different habitats. There isn’t one specific character however here are a few types of frogs discussed throughout the book: Bullfrog, Dancing Frog, Green Tree Frog, and Blue Poison Dart Frog (be careful…these frogs are dangerous)!The author uses awesome pictures that create awesome visuals for us readers to see while reading about the many int [...]

    3. Summary This is a book that tells about frogs! Full of great and captivating photos and facts, this book is very fun to look at and read. The author gives great insight into the world of a frog.Evaluation In the book, there are facts about frogs from a big bullfrog to a little rainforest frog. There is so much information about these amphibians, kids would love to learn about frogs through this informative picture book. Teaching Idea I would use this book in a lesson in science, talking about am [...]

    4. I liked it because there are small and big frogs, and it said that the smallest frogs can be a big as a finger nail. (Nunu)I didn't like this book because it is disgusting (Ian)

    5. Frogs! is a book, of course, the different types of frogs and different fun facts about them. This book has a bunch of different facts that range from talking about frogs sizes to their physical features. I would have to say that the two coolest facts that stood out to me would have to be that the world's smallest frog is the size of a fingernail and that the world's largest frog is the size of a rabbit. I found myself wondering what I would ever do if I accidentally came across a frog that big! [...]

    6. This book was very interesting for an informational book. I liked it. It looked more casual, like a magazine than a book. It felt more inviting yet it still offered the information about frogs. I would have my students read this if they were doing a research project on frogs or if we decided to raise some tadpoles from my pond (in which I would release the frogs back into my pond). I liked the reading activity my classmates did with this book. We circled words we thought would be in the book and [...]

    7. Synopsis: "WHAT WAS THAT? That’s the roaring burp of a bullfrog! SEE THAT? That’s the slick, shiny skin of colorful little rainforest frogs! Alive with froggy facts, this book has the coolest photos to bring kids deep into the swampy world of our amphibian amigos."My Review: This is one of the first non-fiction books that I have read with Munchkin, and while it might be a little advanced for him, this book really captured his attention. It is a simple book for beginning readers or younger ch [...]

    8. I thought this was a really great informational book, and I must say I learned a lot about frogs by reading it. One thing that I thought was good was all the different photographs of all the different frogs around the world. I also felt like it was very age appropriate for younger audiences. While there were a lot of facts, I didn't feel so overwhelmed with information that I couldn't remember any of it when I was done reading it. I felt like it was just enough information to get younger readers [...]

    9. What a great twist on the life of a frog! This book gives kids such detailed descriptions and pictures of the many different types of frogs that live in different habitats around the world. the details in this story were incredible and just difficult enough to challenge the children as they read! I would use this book in teaching the children all about nature and the small animals that live there.

    10. I used this book to prompt discussions on life cycles. This is one of many National Geographic Kids books that we have read, since the children love the real pictures. The genuine quality of the pictures help children concretely understand the difference between fiction and non-fiction; and based upon how often they return to these books on the shelf, it seems like they can not get enough of the real world! Thank you National Geographic!

    11. National Geographic's book on frogs contains science concepts as well as geographic concepts. The photographs are of real frogs, they're colorful and will maintain a child's interest. The children would also enjoy the "comic book" looking illustrations that are in there with the facts. The book is very informative.In the classroom: This books contains facts and photographs of the frogs and their habitats, this book can be used in a lesson on life cycles as well as geography.

    12. I chose this book to pair with another fictional story about frogs. This book really does a great job of identifying different types of frogs for children and also using bright colors and bright text to keep the children engaged. It paired really well with the fictional story I chose and allowed the children to become more aware about different types of frogs before reading a story about a frog family.

    13. I just love frogs, and this book is packed with information that I didn't even know. This book could be used in a classroom for Science while incorporating predicting, and the ideas found in informational text. I LOVED this book, and would love to have the National Geographic books in my own classroom.

    14. This is a National Geographic Kids book rated level 1. This is a non-fiction book with great real like pictures. The main text of this book is a level 1. But most pages have a little box of supporting information that definately would be too hard for a young reader to read. Would be a great book for the reader to read the main text and then the adult read the bonus information to them.

    15. This book is very informational for students. It goes through different types of frogs as well as toads. It is informational about the frog cycle. There is a few vocab words in the back that students may not know before reading this book. It also mentions a few other books on frogs that they might like to read if they enjoyed this book.

    16. All about frogs! An easy reader book that gives you information about frogs. It also includes riddles and definitions for certain words. All the images are real pictures. Informs on all different kinds of frogs, their size, color and life cycle. It concludes with the instructions for the happy frog dance. Nice easy book for children to read.

    17. This informational book about frogs was very easy to read and had a lot of information. I loved the colored photographs and fun facts. It would make a nice addition to a science lesson. I would want to keep a set in my classroom for future reference and to teach a lesson.

    18. This was a great informational book for students to dive into to learn about frogs. The book is a simple read, and could be used as a resource for a paper based off of the National Geographic Readers. Also, this could be used as a word prediction text for students.

    19. National Geographic Kids Frogs! Is a wonderful children's life science book. This book would be appropriate for 2nd graders. I would use this book in the classroom to discuss life cycles. Frogs! Is about different types of frogs and the life cycle of frogs.

    20. I read this book twice, once to my son and once to myself. I never knew there was so many different frogs. I only knew about the tadpoles, big and baby frogs and toads. I touched a toad before but I never knew they are poisonous. This book taught me alot.

    21. This book was an interesting read even though I am not exactly interested in frogs. The facts were presented in a way in which I was able to understand and even laugh at some of the text. This would be a great book when discussing wild life, animals or life cycles.

    22. I really enjoy informational text, such as this one. It does not look like your reading a book, yet you learn so much. This is filled with information about frogs. Great mentor text to have during a science lesson!

    23. Filled with facts and photos, this text aims to grab the reader’s attention. The larger type size and colorful text bubbles usher the reader from page to page of fascinating information on frogs. Includes table of contents, brief visual glossary.

    24. Lots of easy to understand information. Interesting facts. Colorful pictures. Entertaining with additional jokes every few pages. Easy reader.

    25. These National Geographic reads are hot item in my house. I love how my kids are fascinated with animals and learning about them. Great reads and I highly recommend them.

    26. This book is all about frogs! How big can they get? Are they poisonous? What colors can they be? All of these will be answered in the book!

    27. I thought this book was very informational! I loved the exercise we did with this in class! I will definitely use the same concept in my future classroom! The pictures were amazing!

    28. GoodI really like this book about frogs. I used it for my kindergarten book report. It had good pictures Gianna, age 5

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