Tooth for a Tooth

Tooth for a Tooth When a woman s skeleton is discovered in a shallow grave DCI Andy Gilchrist is tasked with finding her murderer But a psychic s warnings and markings on a rusted cigarette lighter found among the rott

  • Title: Tooth for a Tooth
  • Author: Frank Muir T. Frank Muir
  • ISBN: 9781616953188
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When a woman s skeleton is discovered in a shallow grave DCI Andy Gilchrist is tasked with finding her murderer But a psychic s warnings and markings on a rusted cigarette lighter found among the rotted remains take Gilchrist on a journey into his own past that brings him closer to discovering the identity of his brother s killer from a hit and run case some thirty fiveWhen a woman s skeleton is discovered in a shallow grave DCI Andy Gilchrist is tasked with finding her murderer But a psychic s warnings and markings on a rusted cigarette lighter found among the rotted remains take Gilchrist on a journey into his own past that brings him closer to discovering the identity of his brother s killer from a hit and run case some thirty five years before When dental records from an extracted tooth force Gilchrist to confront the unthinkable that his brother was her killer he keeps his fears to himself, only to be suspended on suspicion of destroying evidence.

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    1 thought on “Tooth for a Tooth”

    1. I received this as a first reads giveaway in exchange for an honest review. For some, this crime novel will hit all the marks. It full of twists and turns, it has hints of both romance and intriguing relationships, the main investigator runs the bloody edge between good cop and bad cop. Personally, while there was entertainment value throughout the book, it missed the mark a little and in the end I was less shocked by the "reveal" than just happy to be at the end.For me, I think the main distra [...]

    2. Three-quarters way through I gave up and flicked to the last chapter, so technically have I read it or not? I enjoyed the first book in the DI Gilchrist series. Good plot, unexpected twists and turns that kept the pages turning. The second one got irritating with the increased references to swigging beer, then the DI jumping into his Merc, putting his foot down and listening to the purr of the engine (there're obviously no drink & drive laws in his part of the world!). This third booke plot [...]

    3. I am so glad this was a First Reads giveaway because I probably never would have discovered this author on my own. I started reading this book yesterday. T. Frank Muir keeps you guessing. I usually figure out who did it way before the main character does. He draws you into the characters and the plot. It was hard to put the book down until the last page was read. I actually looked the author up on the internet because I knew he had to have introduced Gilchrist prior. I will be reading more from [...]

    4. A woman’s body is found buried in someone else’s grave, and it soon becomes clear that she was DCI Andy Gilchrist’s older brother’s girlfriend just before the brother, Jack, was killed in a hit and run accident 20 some years prior to the discovery of her body. The young woman, Kelly, had been thought to have moved to Mexico from St. Andrews leaving Jack in the lurch. Andy spends most of the book tracking down Jack’s killer and attempting to keep Jack from being posthumously framed for [...]

    5. I had never read author T. Frank Muir's work before winning a non-copyrighted early version (i.e. an ARC, basically) of Tooth for a Tooth in a giveaway. Winning the prize was especially serendipitous because I ended up enjoying the novel tremendously, and I'm not sure if/when/how I would have learned about it if I hadn't seen it here first.I've had the opportunity to read and review a lot of really enjoyable novels in the last year, but even among this group, Tooth for a Tooth stands out in my [...]

    6. The university town of St. Andrews, Scotland, has more interesting things going on than just the golf balls flying on the famous golf course and the tourists viewing the university where Kate and William attended college, in the DCI Andy Gilchrist series written by Frank Muir. Muir, a civil engineer who turned to writing, develops a flawed detective, divorced and distant from his two children, that may remind fans of Scottish crime of the great Ian Rankin's Rebus. At the beginning of Tooth for a [...]

    7. ‘Tooth for a Tooth’ by T F MuirPublished by Robinson, 6 September, 2012. ISBN: 978-1-78033-777-7With the discovery of a woman’s skeleton in a shallow grave, the case is assigned to Detective Chief Inspector Andy Gilchrist. When visiting the grave, although all forms of identity have been removed from the body, Andy does find a piece of evidence that he assumes must have been overlooked.The Post Mortem dates the skeleton as thirty plus years, invoking memories for Andy of the death of his b [...]

    8. A fairly straightforward mystery novel that provided a nice mental break. Not too suspenseful, but not predictable either; this book had a cast of characters that kept growing and doubling back on itself until I gave up trying to keep track of everyone. I also hadn't realized this was part of a series until I started it, so it may have helped to have read the first two books before this one, though the central mystery in each book stands alone. This book had two central mysteries that intertwine [...]

    9. Thanks to I have discovered another great author to follow."Tooth for a Tooth" by T. Frank Muir was a great read. In St. Andrews, Scotland, DCI Andy Gilchrist is a detective you are instantly drawn to and this book keeps you involved from the very first page. Middle aged, divorced with two grown children that he loves dearly, and a recently deceased wife that he never got over loving. At her funeral he is called to a crime site, a body found in a grave that was not its own. It brings back the u [...]

    10. The skeleton of a young woman is found, she appears to have been buried over 30 years ago. DI Andy Gilchrist is assigned the case. As he investigates the case it leads him into the past, his brother was a hit and run victim around the same time of the young woman's death and it appears as if he was involved in her murder. Gilchrist holds onto the evidence and is soon suspended for his actions. He continues the investigation on his own as he tries to find the murderer of the young woman, clear hi [...]

    11. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, maybe more than I even expected. The writing was excellent and the main character, though very flawed, was interesting and relatable. Andy Gilchrist is a detective in St. Andrews, Scotland who on the day his ex-wife is buried, is asked to solve an almost 40 year old murder. Without giving too much awaye case becomes extremely personal and it is interesting to see how he reevaluates what he imagines in the past as more evidence is gathered. At times the story is co [...]

    12. I received this book in a First Reads giveaway.This was a good detective novel that takes place in St Andrews, Scotland. Detective Chief Inspector Andy Gilchrist is investigating the death of a young woman who was murdered 35 years ago but whose body has just been discovered. Surprisingly, this case leads back to Andy's brother Jack, who was killed by a hit and run driver 35 years ago. It suddenly becomes very personal to Andy, and he finds himself trying to solve both cases at once. There are [...]

    13. This is a good book. I will say that right off the bat. Scottish detective Andy Gilchrist is nearing retirement himself when he is assigned a case of an unidentified skeleton found in another grave. The fun is finding out the identity of the skeleton and then of course, finding out how she died and who killed her. The trail takes us back 35 years to find the identity of the skeleton and then Detective Gilchrist may have to come to the realization that his brother may have been the killer but, of [...]

    14. First off I won this in a giveaway. The first part of the book started out like any good detective book would. Giving background on Gilchrist and his situation. But as the story goes on it starts to reveal more and how each part is more connected. The latter part of the book had me hooked. It had more of a noir type feel for how the action and story was headed without going into details to spoil the story. It's a good story and makes me want to know more about the character and any other cases [...]

    15. The Lone Ranger does it again in book three. Do coppers really go to interview a person, help them break up concrete slab, have a shower and then have lunch with the person? I don't think so! Andy also seems to work alone, apart from vague meetings with members of his 'team' , which are usually in a pub he really is a Lone Ranger. This is my third Andy Gilchrist book and while I like him I think he'll stay on the shelf from now on. Way too fantastical.

    16. Third one I have read. They all have the same plot and the same incidentals. Gilchrist investigates a crime always concerning his own friends and family. Aren't there some normal victims round there? There is always some malevolent police rival, for no good reason I can spot. He comes into connection with some disgusting riffraff. He meets women who always show their nipples. He seems to get broken up a fair amount. Well, trash.

    17. I like DCI Andy Gilchrist and I might have enjoyed this more if I had read the previous two books in the series. That said, there were a few too many red herrings that didn't make sense, except to say I'm another red herring. Focusing more on the key players may have made the plot seem a little less scattered, but still pretty good.Provided by

    18. "In 'Tooth for a Tooth,' he takes on two cold cases from 35 years ago, the murder of a young woman whose skeleton is found by cemetery workers preparing a grave site and the unsolved hit-and-run death of his own older brother."Read more here.

    19. This was a great book to have won. The characters were flawed and interesting and the story kept you on the edge of your seat. I can guess "whodunit" early on in a lot of mysteries but this one kept me guessing till the end. The action was good & surprising and I loved the setting of Scotland though I did have trouble with a few of the colloquialisms, this however did not detract from the story.

    20. I received this book through a First-Reads Giveaway and it was really good. This book covered everything from action to romance and was high with tension and not to mention the compelling characters, that you felt like you really knew. It was well written and threw out plot twists that left your mind spinning. This is definitely a top shelf kind of read.

    21. I began with the 3rd book in the DCI Andy Gilchrist Scottish series, but it didn't matter. I thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns in this police procedural. I can't find the two previous books in our local libraries, so I've ordered them. If you enjoy police procedural mysteries, this series is interesting and quickly paced.

    22. A bit of a slow start - and a major hiccup when I came across a "heron gull"!! - but then things improved quite a bit and the plot got thicker. But ultimately there was just a bit too much quick recovery from well-described physical awfulness, too many ever-narrowing squeaks; the baddies were less than plausible and the naked man impossible to believe!

    23. The third instalment in the ongoing story of DCI Andy Gilchrist. I listened to the audio version of this book. Credulity is pushed to the limits in the storyline with the phrase 'maverick cop' not even coming close to the events taking place. I am still considering whether I enjoyed the book or persisted with it.

    24. This is a cold-case mystery of bones found in a cemetary. The main character drinks too much, has a strained relationship with his family, and he has issues with his coworkers, too. This is a great novel for people tired of goody-goody characters.

    25. Solidaracters with at least some nuance (although the American psychic/writer who disappears midway was straight from central casting). Worth trying a second from this author to see if he has some range.

    26. the 3rd in a series about detective Andy Gilchrist who is based in St Andrews, Scotland. I seem to remember reading one before. An enjoyable read if a little unbelievable at times.Great for a bedtime book or reading on the train.

    27. *I received this from a giveaway.*I enjoyed reading this. I haven't read anything from this author before, but I definitely will in the future. I thought the twists in the plot were good, and I didn't predict the ending.

    28. After a skeleton is uncovered, Andy Gilchrist, in seeking the truth about the victim, finds himself asking questions about his family's past as well as dealing with unpleasant rivalry at work. Plently happens in this novel to keep one engrossed in the story.

    29. Third of a crime series set in St. Andrews. DI. Gilchrist tracing a cold case which just happens to include the murder of his brother. Some good moments, enjoyable, but not quite Tartan Noir.

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