Holey, Wholly, Holy: A Lenten Journey of Refinement

Holey Wholly Holy A Lenten Journey of Refinement Though the season of Lent occurs once a calendar year the reality is as Christians we live the Lenten experience again and again Daily we undergo the grief that often comes with self reflection an

  • Title: Holey, Wholly, Holy: A Lenten Journey of Refinement
  • Author: Kris Camealy
  • ISBN: 9781481909686
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback
  • Though the season of Lent occurs once a calendar year, the reality is, as Christians, we live the Lenten experience again and again Daily, we undergo the grief that often comes with self reflection and the recognition of our imperfections, the sorrow of confession, the joy of atonement and the blessings of grace through the resurrection God s call on the life of the ChriThough the season of Lent occurs once a calendar year, the reality is, as Christians, we live the Lenten experience again and again Daily, we undergo the grief that often comes with self reflection and the recognition of our imperfections, the sorrow of confession, the joy of atonement and the blessings of grace through the resurrection God s call on the life of the Christian is clear Be Holy, as I am Holy 1 Peter 1 16 In Holey, Wholly, Holy A Lenten Journey of Refinement, Kris walks along side the believer and offers encouragement and hope for the journey from holey broken in sin to wholly surrendered unto God to holy, claiming the gift of grace through Christ The road to redemption comes at a cost Only when we have given up our own ambitions and desires, from that death to self, can we be used to produce much for His kingdom Holey, Wholly, Holy is for anyone who longs to grow closer to Christ, and hungers to accept that grace that His resurrection offers We need not fear the refiners fire, glory awaits Endorsements The Church Father Irenaeus said that the glory of God is a human being fully alive That s Kris Camealy s goal in Holey, Wholly, Holy She wants to help me and you come fully alive to the risen Christ who is fully alive in us Kimberly Conway Ireton, Author, Circle Of Seasons Meeting God in the Church Year Whether you observe lent regularly, or are completely unfamiliar with it as I was , Kris book is for every believer She addresses the issues of suffering and sanctification with grace and elegance, painting vivid word pictures for her readers Rachel O Neil, writer at The Purposeful Wife

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      221 Kris Camealy
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    1 thought on “Holey, Wholly, Holy: A Lenten Journey of Refinement”

    1. *Second review for the second time I have read this book*Last day of Lent 2015Re-read this book again for Lent.It is an interesting experience, and a good one, to go back and re-read a spiritual book; especially a book you underlined quite a bit. Kris Camealy's little book, relating her own spiritual journey was just as good the second time. What grabbed me the most this second time: The revelation that our continuous refinement as we live out the Christian faith is for the SOLE PURPOSE for th [...]

    2. Lent is my favorite time of the Liturgical Calendar. I have always taken it seriously, and I often find myself growing so much during these weeks. When I saw Kris had written a book on Lent I was excited. My excitement was deserved. This is a great book explaining how Lent will change you. I enjoyed following the path in writing. I think Kris wrote what many of us feel, but we can't put into words. She beautifully talks about the importance of fasting during the season and the refinement that ta [...]

    3. I grew up knowing about the liturgical season of Lent. I started noticing God's pursuit of me when I sat in a pew toward the back of a Catholic church. But it hasn’t been until recent years that I've begun to really understand what a Lenten season is really even about. Reading “Holey, Wholly, Holy” helped me mesh my past with my current faith. It encouraged me, inspired me, challenged me and kept me thinking. I wished it was longer and included more personal stories, but the words in there [...]

    4. Kris's book is an honest, authentic, heart-felt journey through the Refiner's fire. She invites readers to walk beside her as she reflects on Scripture, Lent, and the true sacrifice we are called to make to become less of ourselves. While the challenges of such a season are shared, Kris also shares hope and encouragement with the reminder that, though the path may be dangerous, we never walk it alone.

    5. Kris came with a heart open wide, obedient to share the teeming truth surging in her soul about what Lent should mean - what it can mean - and what it was never meant to mean.I had a hard time not lapping up this book in entirety as a pup attacks fresh water after a day under hot sun's scald. I wanted to be patient. Turning sections in steadiness rather than eager quickness. Trust me, the pages may be few, but the content is filling. I took my time. I sipped and paused and prayed.Within the page [...]

    6. My friend Kris has written a beautiful book. Holey, Wholly, Holy: A Lenten Journey of Refinement is an invitation to travel the uncomfortable terrain of Lent. Kris shares her own awkward and stumbling journey. As you read this book, slowly and carefully, the journey becomes your own.I love this book. Whether you have "done Lent" your whole lives or you really know nothing about it, Holey, Wholly, Holy is for you.

    7. I have been traveling with a kindred spirit over this Lent season. Kris has been like a good friend who feels the things I feel, who groans the way I groan, and who searches the way I search. Her words and guidance to Scripture have been such a gift and I am sad to be coming to the end of this little journey "with" her. This book is a treasure that has helped me through some very difficult moments the last few weeks and to her I am so thankful. I can not wait to read more from her!!

    8. This only exists as an eBook and I bought it (on sale!) to read at the recommendation of Shannan Martin, one of my favorite online writers. The book is definitely amateurish in formatting, references, and layout. It's short- 60 pages- but I really enjoyed the loosely strung together reflections for Lent.

    9. Kris Camealy has written a book about the refinement of the Lenten season, how we give up and what God gives us. Kris is an exceptionally insightful writer with an engaging depth of spirit; drawing you in with her vulnerability and honesty, while challenging the reader to encounter Jesus in a new way. Read the rest of my review on : amazon/review/R2ORWIEY

    10. Kris has a heart that pours forth abundance, authenticity, and encouragement. I read it start to finish in one morning, but I intend to re-read it during Lent. I need to process it more slowly next time, but I really liked her words, insights, and her praise.

    11. I agree with much of the content of the book. As Christians, we are called to die to self. However, I kept waiting for the book to start. I felt like these musings read like a prologue.

    12. Very disappointing. I read this with a group of women and they built the book up to be really something, but I didn't feel there was anything new in here; I didn't get anything lasting out of it.

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