Hannah Goslar Remembers: A Childhood Friend Of Anne Frank

Hannah Goslar Remembers A Childhood Friend Of Anne Frank Hannah Goslar Remembers is a truly remarkable and moving story that brings a human context to a recent period of modern history Hannah Goslar s family escaped Nazi Germany to live in Amsterdam Hannah

  • Title: Hannah Goslar Remembers: A Childhood Friend Of Anne Frank
  • Author: Alison Leslie Gold
  • ISBN: 9780747540274
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Hannah Goslar Remembers is a truly remarkable and moving story that brings a human context to a recent period of modern history Hannah Goslar s family escaped Nazi Germany to live in Amsterdam Hannah and her best friend Anne Frank lived a relatively normal girlhood going to school, playing in the park and growing up Until one day Anne disappeared and Hannah and her faHannah Goslar Remembers is a truly remarkable and moving story that brings a human context to a recent period of modern history Hannah Goslar s family escaped Nazi Germany to live in Amsterdam Hannah and her best friend Anne Frank lived a relatively normal girlhood going to school, playing in the park and growing up Until one day Anne disappeared and Hannah and her family began to realize that everything was changing around them In this profoundly moving book we are told about the hardships of living through the second world war, of the struggle for daily survival and finally of the nightmare of deportation to a concentration camp where Hannah was once to meet up with Anne.

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    1. We all know the heartbreaking tale of Anne Frank. This book gives us insights into Anne's life before and after her famous diary. Despite the title, this is more a story of Anne's closest friend, Hannah. In many ways it is a more difficult story to hear. Anne, of course, ultimately died at the hands of the Nazis, but for two years, she led a quiet life in hiding. Hannah, on the other hand, was out in the world experiencing and witnessing unGodly acts every day.The book is written in a simple, st [...]

    2. pretty interesting read. I bought this because I am read the diary of Anne Frank and the person who is talking about the memories is named Hannah. she was a childhood friend of Anne Franks. they grew up together from age four to thirteen when their worlds were turned upside down because of the Holocaust. Hannah Goslar was taken to a work camp and Anne went into hiding above her father's work place. they met toward the end at Bergen-Belsen briefly where Hannah ended up and found out that Anne was [...]

    3. I loved to read from Hannah's interesting point of view, but I rather read other books about just Anne Frank.

    4. Es un libro cortito, fácil de leer en unas horas, las memorias de Hanna Goslar, quien fue amiga de la infancia de Anne Frank. Hemos leido el Diario de Anne, sobre su vida hasta el arresto, sobre sus sueños, pero qué sucedió con lso amigos? ¿Qué sucedió tras su arresto? Poco se sabe desde que se separara de su padre en Westerbork. Hannah tuvo ocasión de hablar con ella en la oscuridad de la noche, en Bergen Belsen, al otro lado de las alambradas. Y por supuesto, sabemos qué fue de Hannel [...]

    5. This book is an easy read. I sat down and read it in an evening. I enjoyed the story of Anne's childhood friend, Hannah. I was surprised at how the political status of Hannah's family helped keep them alive in such a horrible situation. I also think Hannah's responsibility toward her little sister helped her to stay alive - she had to be there for her sister. This book is sad - very sad, as are all Holocaust stories, but I'm glad I read it, and I think my students will be interested in reading i [...]

    6. This book is about the friendship between Anne Frank and Hannah.Hannah wrote a diary about the memories she have with Anne.She's upset how Anne died, she was too young to die, if it wasn't the holocausts nothing would happen.Hannah would never forget how Anne was such a great friend and how she taught her many things.That's why she decided to write a diary full of the memories between Anne and her that will cherish with her forever.I can connect to a text to world connection because many people [...]

    7. This book is a very moving insight into the life of one of Anne Franks closest friends. I became moved with emotion on most pages with the descriptions of camp-life, deportation and the will to live. It is a book I will cherish forever, and one that I will share with future generations so that the Holocaust will never happen again.

    8. Hannah Goslar and Anne Frank were best friends from the time they were four years old. Hannah attended school with Anne, their families celebrated holidays and birthdays together, and even lived next door to each other. Hannah and another close friend of Anne's went to pick her up the day that the Franks went into hiding, and both were dismayed to find the entire Frank family gone. Just as Anne often wondered how Hannah was fairing amidst all the chaos of World War 2, Hannah wondered about Anne, [...]

    9. I thought I'd already added Anne Frank, mijn beste vriendin to my profile, but suddenly noticed it was missing from my "favourites" page. Favourite seems like a wrong word to describe this book, given the events it details, but I don't think any book moved or influenced me the way this book did (not even HP). It was one of the classroom books in the "bovenbouw", and I think I read it at least 8 times in those 3 years. Perhaps I was too young to fully comprehend it the first time I picked it up, [...]

    10. After finishing the Nonfiction book Memories of Anne Frank by Alison Leslie Gold I can personally say it’s one of my favorite books. Memories of Anne Frank is set in Amsterdam, Netherlands during World War 2. We experience the book through Hannah Goslar’s perspective. Throughout the book we are taken along Hannah’s and Anne’s Journey of hiding, running, and what life was like in a concentration camp. As all hope seems lost the allies are managing to push back the Germans, but it may be t [...]

    11. Although rather short, this book provides a first-hand account of life as Jewish child in occupied Europe, with all the horror and loss that goes with it. The writing-style reflects the fact that this book derives from interviews with Hanneli, and somehow this allows the events she discusses to seem much more bluntly realistic. Rating four stars instead of five because I would have appreciated a tad more detail at times; it would have been interesting to hear some more detail of Hannah's life in [...]

    12. Waargebeurde verhalen vind ik vaak erg indrukwekkend en vooral als ze over de tweede wereldoorlog gaan. dit is het verhaal van Hannah die een hele goede vriendin was van Anna Frank. ze vertelt over hun vriendschap maar ook over haar leven in de tweede wereldoorlog. erg indrukwekkend om te lezen. heb het boek ook in een keer uitgelezen kon hem niet weg leggen.

    13. Wonderful book, but sad. Tells the story of Anne Frank's friend and what happened to their little group of friends during the war.

    14. This book is about a family that is living in WWII. Anne Frank vanished in thin air, nobody knows where she went. Mrs. Goslar, Hannah Goslar’s mom dies during pregnancy and it’s up to her to raise her baby sister Gabi. They are sent off to a camp to work and the list that Hannah, her dad, and her sister luckily weren’t on. Hannah and her family got sent off to an exchange camp instead of being killed because is they were on the first list they would’ve been killed. This book would be goo [...]

    15. "If I had known that Anne would be so famous, I'd have tried to remember better." - Hannah Pick-GoslarMemory can be such a fickle thing. As the film character Leonard Shelby once said, "Memory can change the shape of a room; it can change the color of a car. And memories can be distorted. They're just an interpretation, they're not record, and they're irrelevant if you have the facts." Always being interested in the story and life of Anne Frank, I was keen in reading a children's novel that woul [...]

    16. The book is very short ( about 150 pages and it includes some photos of Hannah, her family and Anne Frank) . I decided to read it afer I read the Diary of Anne Frank. I enjoyed the book but I think it could have been written in a better way. The story mostly tells about the life of Hannah and the horrible time she lived in. The people that thanks to Hannah's book want to know more about Anne Frank will not get much new info about her, but there are some pages when at Bergen Belsen Hannah met Ann [...]

    17. I am doing my reviw about Memories Of Anne Frank its about this guy named David and David made this girl named Hannah fill proud to be jewish beacuse jews were not arrested and persecuted by the germans Hannah was fun-loving but alsoquite religious she went to Hebrew school. Hannahs father had Hazel eyes and brown hair Hannah kisses her dad before she left the house.Anne Frank was a very nice person she always wrote in her diary she hid with Hannah so they would not be killed but yearspast and s [...]

    18. This book is very sad and I have sympathy for Anne Frank and her dear friend Hannah Gosslar. Hannah keeps trying to sneak Anne food when Anne is at the concentration camp. Hannah's dad is on his death bed and hannah is struggling! Anne lives next door to her friend Hannah and they are best friends to the end. Anne's family was trying to make a move to Switzerland because they didn't like how thew nazi's were treating them. Before Anne and their family could make the move her whole family was cap [...]

    19. Anne, in una pagina di diario scritta nel novembre del 1943, scrisse di un sogno che l'aveva particolarmente scossa. Quella notte aveva sognato Hannah Goslar, la sua amica d'infanzia, e questo piccolo evento aveva alimentato in lei un profondo senso di colpa. Fatta eccezione della notizia della sua deportazione, Anne non era a conoscenza delle sorti dell'amica, ma purtroppo poteva ben immaginarle: nessuno aveva fatto ritorno dai campi di lavoro, erano i luoghi in cui gli ebrei erano destinati a [...]

    20. A friend of Anne's let Alison Leslie Gold write her story of her friendship with Anne. You may remember her as Hanneli from the diary of Anne Frank. Hannah Goslar and Anne Frank were best friends despite their vast differences. Anne was fun and outgoing while Hannah was more quiet and serious. Their world, however, starts to change when the Germans take over the Netherlands. Slowly but surely, their world is narrowed. One day, when Hannah and another friend went to Anne's to see her and found it [...]

    21. First to explain--the memories are from Hannah Goslar as told to Alison Leslie Gold. So I'll refer the Ms. Gold as the author and Ms. Goslar as Ms. Goslar,The only things to dislike about this book are the name and the editing. It's a memoir and you can't blast people's memories unless you were there with them and knew they'd made the stuff up. Not that I think she did make stuff up--I'm just explaining why "content" is not a criteria I can judge on. I wish there were a little more content, but [...]

    22. So what's the big deal with World War?We don't really and exactly understand and feel these survivors feelings. What they had gone through. Even through writing their experiences, we somehow cannot fathom why and how that could happen. Such cruelty. So gruesome. All humanity was stripped from the soldier whom abide by the leader's law.So many things that we are now could not discover the truth. A child and toddler to undergo such traumatic events, i wonder how they grow up to be? Would they able [...]

    23. I bought this little gem at a Goodwill store to save for my friend's daughter as it is written for middle school children and older; however, once I began to read it, I was captivated by its richly simple telling of the Holocaust. I have read many books regarding this era in modern history because I never want to forget the horrific and unjust sufferings that millions had to endure under the Nazi regime. We can never forget. What I loved about this book is that Alison Leslie Gold introduces us t [...]

    24. The reflections of a childhood friend is really good, But it doesn’t tell you about Ann Frank and her family. It is about one of Ann's good friend Hanna. Hanna and Ann went to the same school together ever since they were little kids. Hanna and Anne are both Jews and their families get together some times and eat dinner and pray together. You could almost say that they were best friends. In the beginning the story tells you about all this and how they did a lot together.It tells you about how [...]

    25. The book Memories of Anne Frank is biography about Hannah Goslar during and after the Holocaust. I think the author wrote this book to give a different perspective of Anne Frank and the Holocaust. This book is about Hannah Goslar, Anne’s best friend, and their memories, and then the author communicates what is happening after Anne disappears. The book does a great job of elaborating about the camps and the conditions. I believe the author provided many examples that the Holocaust was a horrid [...]

    26. this plot of this book is that nazis were a group of people who didn't like jewish people. so really this book is about how the nazis made the jewish people's life hell. they had to hide in the dark so they wouldn't be taken to death camps. anne frank is a jewish girl who hid from the nazis with her family. a connection that i have with this book is that if i was a jewish person back then i would hide too. and i would be so scared that i would get caught by the nazis and get taken to the death c [...]

    27. The book Memories of Anne Frank, was a very good book. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys learning about the Holocaust, and knows several thing about Anne Frank. Hannah is Anne's best friend who has gone to school whit Anne since she was in pre-school. When Anne's Parents realize that the SS is going to come to their neighborhood soon they flea town in hope's of surviving. Hannah's mom is pregnant but while going through child birth her and her baby die. The SS has reached her neig [...]

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