Inspiration A story from the Dreamspinner Press Advent Calendar collection Evergreen When Nolan s mother needs major surgery he returns to America to spend a few months caring for her Unfortunately that me

  • Title: Inspiration
  • Author: Henrietta Clarke
  • ISBN: 9781623801977
  • Page: 112
  • Format: ebook
  • A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2012 Advent Calendar collection Evergreen.When Nolan s mother needs major surgery, he returns to America to spend a few months caring for her Unfortunately, that means spending Christmas without his temperamental partner, Benji, an author who prefers to stay home in Scotland, where his muse never lets him down But before leaving, NolanA story from the Dreamspinner Press 2012 Advent Calendar collection Evergreen.When Nolan s mother needs major surgery, he returns to America to spend a few months caring for her Unfortunately, that means spending Christmas without his temperamental partner, Benji, an author who prefers to stay home in Scotland, where his muse never lets him down But before leaving, Nolan prepares a rather unusual Advent calendar for Benji As Benji unlocks each little gift, he realizes that it s hard to be creative, even in Scotland, when his heart has jumped the pond and taken his inspiration with it.

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    1 thought on “Inspiration”

    1. 4.40 starsInspiration is a gem and Benji is a wonderful cranky bastard. He is about to get a huge wake up call when his lover Nolan leaves before Christmas to go home to take care of his sick mother. Benji won't go as he hates the States, it interferes with his writing for some reason. Its a frustrating, sad and lonely time for Benji, who now suffers from writers block, he still doesn't get it, its all because he is missing Nolan so desperately. The Advent Calendar, notes of inspiration that Nol [...]

    2. I have to thank Vio for this one. Since this is a new author for me, I prefer to wait for other people's opinion before I jump in. Then other good reviews poured in and I decided to join the wave. and AWWWW, what a sweet story. Other people have done better reviews for this, so I'm just going to say that the notes that Nolan left Benji made me smile. The reunion made me all teary eyed. I COULD do with less "honeypie", "dollface" or changing the names of the characters to "The American", "The Sco [...]

    3. Such an adorable and delightful read. The daily notes/advent calendar was just priceless, such a great way to show someone what they mean to you. I really wish we could have been treated to all of them. I would love a prequel and a sequel with these two.

    4. 4.25*This is such a romantic and poignant, but funny and silly story.Nolan is an American who has been living with his Scottish lover for the last year and a half.But his mother is ill and he needs to return to the USA for two months, leaving the grumpy Benji behind, since the writer can't find inspiration in Chicago.Benji then starts finding little notes from Nolan, one for each day from Dec first through the 25th, with a message or an errand or a project for Benji.Even though it's all from Ben [...]

    5. I`m joining the chorus, the story was a delight.Original, romantic and full of tenderness - what`s more to ask of a Christmas-short

    6. This could easily become a yearly read.A beautiful romantic Christmas tale. I rarely give shorts a 5 star but this was such a wonderfully heart warming story that I have to give it the full rating.Benji is at first a selfless ass. I wanted to shake him. I never thought I could actually like him.Nolan on the other hand is such a lovely sweet guy you fall for him straight away. Although we never get the full back ground as per shorts, we do get the wonderful climax of their story. A perfect Christ [...]

    7. Lovely romantic tale about a grumpy Scottish writer, Benji and his live-in American lover, Nolan. Nolan has to spend the holiday season in the States leaving Benji to fend for himself. This is a sweet story with a nice emotional punch to it as Benji discovers what's important to him.

    8. This was a sweet little bit of inspiration'Inspiration' is a lovely story from the author of 'The Truth About Riley' a book that I really adore. While I might not put this in the same like category as 'The Truth About Riley' I definitely enjoyed it and found it to be a heartwarming holiday story.Nolan moved half way across the world to be with Benji and now has to return to the states to care for his mom following her surgery and Benji refuses to go with him, since he hates it there and needs to [...]

    9. Oh what a wonderful story! I could have done without some of the American and Scot mentioned instead of the names but that's probably just me.

    10. Really enjoying my Xmas reads. This one was a sweet, heartwarming comfort read and I really, really liked it. Loved the cute love advent notes and the message that home is always where the heart is. * sigh* Definitely the warm fuzzies with this one.

    11. Joining the choir here, and many thanks to Sims for the rec. Stress relief indeed. Short and sweet, this was a proper holiday story.

    12. Hoots Mon, what a cute heartwarming little story this was!! Benji, a real grumpy git of a Scottish author, nothing wasever good enough for him and his American lover Nolan who was the polar opposite of Benji absolute sweetie who had to leave his lover in the run up to Xmas (how dare he!!) in order to go back to Chicago to look after his mum who was recovering from heart surgery. I loved Nolan's take on an Advent Calendar, and had a huge grin on my face at the end. 4 stars and 4 ♥♥♥♥ Wond [...]

    13. Very cute and lovely, I would love to read a pre-quel of how this couple met, and a sequel. Wonderful characters.This is the 3er book from this Christmas collection and so far, not sex scenes in none of them. Although this story was so lovely it didn't need them.

    14. This was a very enjoyable read. Centered around the journey Benji takes in realizing how much he relies on his partner and how he figures out just how much he's come to miss and love Nolan. It's a sweet story and I really liked how the whole 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' angle. Benji was very stubborn, though, and wouldn't accept that he's come to depend in Nolan so much.One thing I really liked was the advent calendar letters Nolan wrote for Benji. I thought they were very cute and clev [...]

    15. Reviewed on Hearts On Fire heartsonfirereviews/Nolan and Benji are going to have to spend Christmas apart because Nolan has to take care of his ailing mother. Benji has opted to stay at home in Scotland to get some work done on his novel. Nolan left behind little daily advent notes to keep his moody partner occupied. With each note though, Benji realizes just how important Nolan is in his life. I loved that Nolan who was the stereotypical gay man ruled the roost. It's rare to find that in a stor [...]

    16. So much more satisfying than most short stories that just frustrate me and leave me needing more. This sweet story is a keeper and if the author writes more about Nolan and Benji, it will be an auto buy for me.

    17. I really enjoyed this story. Nolan and Benji have a real relationship. They've been together 17 months and they're sarcastic to each other and they gripe at each other and sometimes real life gets in the way! I loved the notes that Nolan left for Benji to read while he was away and they really showed the depth of their relationship. It was also nice to read a story about a Scottish person that wasn't filled with stereotypes.

    18. Grumpy scottish writer and flamboyant nurse (?) make a good and interesting pair.This is a sweet story, I would love a prequel (and a sequel!) about this couple.I also want to read more from this author.

    19. Now, this shorty is truly meaningful and sweetly romantic. Really a great, even if to short, emotionally deep story about a real meaning of A Christmas. I highly recommend it on!!

    20. Sweet little christmas story about a couple for whom a temporary geographical separation proves to be a catalyst.Grumpy scottish writer has to let his boyfriend go home to Chicago to take care of his sick mother for the winter. The advent calender he finds in their house with little love letters leads him to re-think some decisions. So in time for christmas they are re-united.It is a short christmas story, not too sappy, but very romantic.

    21. Totally adorable and one of the most romantic things I've ever read. I had a bit of a problem with POV shifts happening randomly at 50%, but otherwise a smaller, sweet, lovable guy paired with a grumpy, bigger, Scottish man (I'm totally imagining Gerald Butler), and their perfect Christmas.

    22. It would normally be a 3.5 stars for me, but I added 1/2 star because of the quality of the relationship, the complexity of the love between the two heroes. Well done.

    23. There's just something so romantic about leaving little notes around the house for your loved one. :-)

    24. A perfect feel-good story, sweet, romantic, with well-drawn characters. The cover has nothing to do with the story.

    25. A short, funny, and very sweet little Christmas story about remembering not to take your loved ones for granted during the holidays. There were two things I didn't like:1) The OVERABUNDANCE of Nolan's pet names for Benji. It would have been even funnier and sweeter if they had been used more sparingly, instead of all over the place. 2) Random POV shifts. If this is established BEFORE we hit the 50% point, I am fine with it. But when you start doing it sporadically almost 2/3 the way in? It's jus [...]

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