The Love Hexagon

The Love Hexagon Meet Lisa Guy Keri Graham Helen and Josh With a tangle of secret lusts hovering amongst them it only takes one betrayal to trigger a sudden collapse of social and sexual decorum As these young L

  • Title: The Love Hexagon
  • Author: William Sutcliffe
  • ISBN: 9780140296099
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meet Lisa, Guy, Keri, Graham, Helen, and Josh With a tangle of secret lusts hovering amongst them, it only takes one betrayal to trigger a sudden collapse of social and sexual decorum As these young Londoners fall in and out of bed with one another in a series of sexual adventures, misadventures, accidents, triumphs, and failures, casual indiscretions begin to have irrevMeet Lisa, Guy, Keri, Graham, Helen, and Josh With a tangle of secret lusts hovering amongst them, it only takes one betrayal to trigger a sudden collapse of social and sexual decorum As these young Londoners fall in and out of bed with one another in a series of sexual adventures, misadventures, accidents, triumphs, and failures, casual indiscretions begin to have irreversible consequences By turns funny and sad, embarrassing and moving, The Love Hexagon asks how deep loyalties within a group of friends run when eyes and hearts begin to stray.

    The Love Hexagon by William Sutcliffe The Love Hexagon follows six twenty somethings living in London whose clear cut relationships soon tumble into a chaotic melting pot of lust, love, hatred and desire It made me laugh out loud in parts, particularly the dynamic between Graham and Guy, and feel wistful in others. The Love Hexagon William Sutcliffe Complete Review The Love Hexagon is a quick, fun read William Leith, Daily Telegraph Sutcliffe has made a curious choice having created his hexagon, he looks down on it from a great height, seeing it with razor sharp clarity but never descending to its level. Customer reviews The Love Hexagon Love Hexagon is not heavy reading, but a complex journey any Gen Xer will appreciate, infused with brilliant dialogue and Sutcliffe s wry humor Recommended for a relaxing weekend read, or THE LOVE HEXAGON by William Sutcliffe Kirkus Reviews Within the airless social biosphere his six subjects and evidently precious few others call home, Sutcliffe is so skillful at dissecting the deliciously brutal misunderstandings and cross purposes of the resulting couples that it s something of a miracle to watch this comedy of exhaustion only one possible heterosexual pairing is left unexplored devolve from licentious snogging and shagging into a The Love Hexagon ebookscom Read or download The Love Hexagon Read Download Free eBooks Online The Love Hexagon William Sutcliffe the love hexagon User Review Kirkus Sutcliffe Are You Experienced , follows a clutch of six Londoners through a hilariously geometric proliferation of sexual couplings. The love hexagon Book, WorldCat Note Citations are based on reference standards However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study The specific requirements or preferences of your reviewing publisher, classroom teacher, institution or organization should be applied.

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    1 thought on “The Love Hexagon”

    1. There is a scene in this book where two of the characters try discussing a movie they have just seen but find themselves unable to do so because they have forgotten the movie already. It wasn't a bad movie - just a bit "nothing". Oddly enough, that's pretty much how I'd describe this book. I read the book quite happily, but as soon as I had turned the last page the whole reading experience seemed a bit of a blur. I think the real problem is that the characters just coast along without being part [...]

    2. I loved Whatever Makes You Happy, so I swooped on this when I found it in a charity shop and read it in a day. It's short, yes, but also compelling. As the title suggests, The Love Hexagon is about six people (young, living in London, finding their way) and their interlocking relationships. It's less assured than Sutcliffe's later books and I found the jumps between present and past tense, often within a paragraph, jarring. But I can't get enough of this sort of intellectual chick lit.

    3. I am like one of the only people (besides my sister) who really like this book a little indulgent, a great love triangle kept me interested!

    4. This book is all over the place.I liked how it started out- because I love books that start out with dialogues, they often introduce the characters fast and you get a sense of what the story might be like.But, after reading it- I realized it is more muddled and you read trying to figure out what love and life is just like the characters are. So, I'd grant it the two stars because the plot is good, the flow of the story is also good, but other than that the characters do not leave a lasting impre [...]

    5. I read 'are you experienced' by this author ages agoa copy which had previously been given away with a magazine I changed upon in a charity shopoddly enough this book had the same history.That said I didn't enjoy this quite as much as his previous book despite the fact it covers some similar ground inasmuch as the book is a wry look at the complexity of human relationships and the games played therein.That said despite this being a light and in many ways fun read it didn't really grab me.The six [...]

    6. Sometimes I wonder if the people who write the review comments on the back of a book, read the same book I did. On the cover of this one, it was described as 'Incredibly funny' and 'an excruciating comic masterpiece.' It was certainly excruciating, but mostly in the cringe-worthy way and not remotely funny. Don't get me wrong, the writing was decent, but it felt like a day-time soap opera with all the drama and none of the entertainment. I suppose the title should have been more than enough to w [...]

    7. This proved to be a very entertaining and funny novel, if admittedly lightweight. Perhaps illustrative of this is that I borrowed and read it in 2004, and then in 2007 saw a copy in a shop and thought 'I have a vague recollection of reading and enjoying something by this author in the past, I'll buy that and read it'. So yes, one could easily mistake it for middle-of-the-road 'chick lit', but written by a bloke, but it was enjoyable and funny.

    8. Humans will never be satisfied whith what they have.The grass will always seem greener on the other side.And sometimes,we are blind to the great things infront of us which are hidden within.Overall,an honest book about the human heart and mind.

    9. Despite reading many bad reviews, I decided to give this a try anyway. It turns out that most of the criticism was on target. There just are not any likable characters in the book which makes it hard to enjoy. I quit about half way through.

    10. Story of changing partners and at the end of the book almost every of the six had 'a thing' with everyone of the opposite sex. Until at last the 'right couples' come together. It is a nice idea, but somehow I didn't like the style of the author.

    11. Like watching a British soap opera if everyone had detailed thought bubbles over their heads at all times. This is, predictably, quite entertaining, but also leaves you, when you manage to put it down, with the ill little low that sometimes comes after you watch too much TV without meaning to.

    12. I closed this book almost after each chapter and it wasn't because it was mind-blowingly amazing and I had to think about it. It was because the book was really boring. But I suppose it's good for people who have time to kill. I thought it was average.

    13. A pleasant read but not much more. It reads a bit like a soap series. Getting the right relationship seems to be the only thing that matters to the people in this book and it's also a bit predictable. But the style is amusing enough.

    14. 2.5 starsA staggeringly self-absorbed individual and her clueless boyfriend self-destruct their relationship, dragging all their friends in just for the hell of it. Not great, but at least it doesn't take itself too seriously. I've read worse.

    15. The characters blended together, but the basic idea of showing viewpoints of six people in various relationships with (and not with) each other allowed this reader to identify at times with each. Showed people making stupid decisions and assumptions in ways that were completely human.

    16. This was alright. I preferred "Are You Experienced" because at least I got to read about traveling through India. This was a little smutty.

    17. Very cute, If you want to get away and read a nice story. Simple and short. I have not a bad thing to say.

    18. Sutcliffe isn't a "great" writer but I really enjoy him. The books are consistently engaging and enjoyable to read.Think "Coupling" but less cheesy.

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