Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye: Memories of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye Memories of John Fitzgerald Kennedy A memoir about JFK and the Irish Mafia

  • Title: Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye: Memories of John Fitzgerald Kennedy
  • Author: Kenneth P. O'Donnell David F. Powers Joe McCarthy
  • ISBN: 9780316716253
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A memoir about JFK and the Irish Mafia.

    • [PDF] Download æ Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye: Memories of John Fitzgerald Kennedy | by ✓ Kenneth P. O'Donnell David F. Powers Joe McCarthy
      417 Kenneth P. O'Donnell David F. Powers Joe McCarthy
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    1. I recently watched the documentary The Kennedys' Irish Mafia (2016) and it prompted me to finally get to this Kennedy memoir written by two of the insiders: O'Donnell, David Powers with journalist Joe McCarthy. I saw complaints about this being a whitewash and expected as much, but, honestly, I have had plenty of revelations and conspiracies. With a peek into Camelot, there is also some interesting history: Dave Powers "who was watching the president and Connally carefully during the shooting" t [...]

    2. My second book in the warm-up to the anniversary of the assassination of JFK is Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye. This book is a syrupy memoir, by Kennedy disciples Kenny O’Donnell and Dave Powers.O’Donnell and Powers were with JFK from the start of his political career. They claim that of all the White House staff, they were closest to JFK. Except for their genes, they were member of JFK’s family.I just finished the beginning chapter which describes the assassination. It is the best account I ev [...]

    3. I've read many JFK books and thought I would listen to the audible version of this book just to round out my collection. I found this book to be different. Since the author was right with JFK through his rise to power and during all of his time as President, he documented a more intimate and personal account than most more scholarly historical accounts. This made the book very engaging and interesting. It is, of course, a "friendly" account but it is also detailed and provides a unique perspecti [...]

    4. JFKI first read this book when I was in junior high. Lots of interesting anecdotes along with what could have been.

    5. Three authors are credited with contributing their memoirs in 'Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye', first published in 1970. Kenny O'Donnell, Dave Powers and Joe McCarthy, political aides to JFK through his campaigns and elections to Congress in 1946, to the Senate in 1952 and 1958, his Presidential campaign and election in 1960, and through his White House years to November '63.Although this is a fascinating and very poignant memoir, it is also somewhat inclined to sanctify.The narration comes from O'Don [...]

    6. This book originally came out in 1970 and is now available in Kindle edition. Kenny O'Donnell and Dave Powers were 2 of the Kennedy's' closest aides who worked with him from 1946 until his death, they were in the car right behind when Kennedy was shot, and after his death both of them worked with Jackie Kennedy and helped her establish the presidential library.This is an intimate and flattering portrait of Kennedy that reveals him in all the bright colors: how intelligent, witty, hard working, r [...]

    7. Authors Kenneth P. O'Donnell and David F. Powers were both recruited as aides to JFK early in his political career and remained in his service until that fatal day in November 1963. This book addresses the assassination right away, and the remainder of the book is a chronological collection of their memories of him. Their recollections are often humurous, though they also describe the emotionally salient stresses of the times, both national and geopolitical.Though we can assume the authors filte [...]

    8. This is essentilaly a love story from Kenny O'Donnell and Dave Powers. Kenny takes the narrative and gives us an insiders look into how the candidate made his mark and how the Preisdent ran his office. there are so many poignant kemories from these two men of the large and small incidents throughout Kennedy's all too short time as candidate and President. The memories of Kennedy's trip to Ireland and his visit, unannounced, to his sister Kick's grave on his way home thoroughly captivated me. The [...]

    9. I was already an admirer of John F. Kennedy before I read this book, but came away with an even more favorable opinion of him afterwards. "Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye" is a sometimes maudlin labor of love by two of his former aides. We see the human side of JFK, and also get a revealing glimpse into the obnoxious personality of Lyndon B. Johnson, who comes off looking pretty bad here. Especially revealing is the curious way LBJ acted in the immediate aftermath of the assassination. The bitterness O [...]

    10. This book was published in 1970 and I bought it on April 27th of 1974. It got set to the side and I never read it until now. Kenneth O'Donnell writes about John Kennedy's political years, from his first run for the House in 1946 until his death in 1963. What comes through is O'Donnell's admiration of John Kennedy (and Jackie). His analysis of what went on during the Cuban missile crisis and other major events of the time are worth reading. Unfortunately, it also brings back feelings of what migh [...]

    11. an insider's view, admittedly done by two guys close to the subject, but still lots of good stories. vivid and honest descriptions of what happened during the first campaign for congress up to the presidency.

    12. An insider's look at JFK's legacy, written by one of his closest friends. I read this in a single day and didn't put it down for a second!

    13. Makes you wonder what his presidency would have been like had he lived under the ever watchful eye of current media.

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