Falling For Your Madness

Falling For Your Madness Eccentric literature professor David approaches Laura for a counter cultural rule filled relationship filled with poetry flowers and bottom less cups of tea He makes it very clear to her that they a

  • Title: Falling For Your Madness
  • Author: Katharine Grubb
  • ISBN: 9781481105071
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eccentric literature professor David approaches Laura for a counter cultural, rule filled relationship filled with poetry, flowers and bottom less cups of tea He makes it very clear to her that they are just friends If she wants to be if she wants to be sweethearts then she is the only one that can move them forward Laura is smitten by his humor, his charm, aEccentric literature professor David approaches Laura for a counter cultural, rule filled relationship filled with poetry, flowers and bottom less cups of tea He makes it very clear to her that they are just friends If she wants to be if she wants to be sweethearts then she is the only one that can move them forward Laura is smitten by his humor, his charm, and his English accent which turns out to be fake In his company, she has never felt beautiful or ladylike David tells Laura that the reason he has these rules is because he is bound by the laws of chivalry, both body and soul Then Laura finds out the real reason, one that s ancient, filled with legend and magic Yet Laura has complete control of this madman Should she release him or tell him she wants Is he eccentric or just mad Falling For Your Madness is not just a romantic comedy, but it also asks the question, who has the most power in a relationship The lady Or the gentleman

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    1 thought on “Falling For Your Madness”

    1. Holy crap, this was a bizarre Kindle freebie romance. This book--in particular, the guy who's the love interest in it--is weird. Just so so so weird. Disturbingly weird at times, in a trying-to-be-sweet-and-quirky-but-actually-creepy sort of way. Commonplace weird in other places. I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around all the weirdness.This guy seems like a wonderful, intelligent, handsome, polite British professor of literature at first. BUT:- he can't be alone with a girl he's seeing or [...]

    2. Where I got the book: purchased on my Kindle.WARNING. I am Katharine Grubb's critique partner. You are therefore free to disregard the oncoming gush of superlatives, or on the other hand if you know me well enough, you'll realize I'm quite happy to sacrifice a friend on the altar of good writing and that the five stars were EARNED. I've been dying to tell you guys about this one.Plot: Laura meets David at a party and realizes there is something very different about him. Could be the British acce [...]

    3. Holy cow this is a super bizarro book. I had a hard time putting it down, just because I wanted to see what would happen. The hero David, was an odd bird, eccentric, very proper and just a tad bit crazy.I almost felt a bit mad reading it, as in crazy. Enjoyable & intriguing if you can get past all the quirkiness to it. Moral Note: a make-out scene almost turns wrong when she has a hard time stopping him from keeping going. Very mild language (heck or dang once or twice). Mention of drinking. [...]

    4. Entertaining and made the time fly. Hard to put down. I normally read 50-75 novels a year and most of them I read and forget. This one has stayed with me. Quirky romantic hero, well-defined characters and a great story. There were some typos and other grammatical issues, but easy to overlook when the story is so good. Highly recommend!

    5. As a Brit, I honestly wish I could have beta-read this before it was published. This could have been a lovely romantic story with more than a hint of magic, but David came across as a real creep instead of being 'stiff-upper-lipped' and utterly reserved Brit. In fact I saw him as autistic, with more than a touch of psychopath lurking there in his background. He could have been absolutely delightful: shy, scared of doing or saying the wrong thing, diffident and reserved and absolutely correct and [...]

    6. Laura Adamsky is introduced to Professor David Julius Arthur Bowles, a lecturer in English at Boston College with and attractive British accent, an unusual set of dating rules and a very dictatorial chauffeur. David proposes that he and Laura become friends, which will entail meeting at specific times each week. The relationship may then progress to courting, if Laura chooses, which will allow weekend dates as well.As the relationship progresses, we realise there is more to David than his strang [...]

    7. The best part about this novel was its completely charming characters. This was an enjoyable read with wonderful touches of Arthurian legend blended into an entirely contemporary story.

    8. Falling for Your Madness was one of the strangest books I have read. I still don't know what to think of it. I didn't get David or why anyone would love him. I am justhe was so strange and odd and crazy and not in a good way. He has strict guidelines for what can happen in each stage of their relationship. He also cannot make any of the decision as to where the relationship is going. Laura must make all the decisions. She has all the power. Sounds horrible to me. It just he would have married an [...]

    9. Go ahead, try to pick up this novel and read it slowly. I dare you.Your priorities are way different than mine if you're able to accomplish that.From the beginning, I was curious about just what in the WORLD she was thinking. "Is this for REAL?" I wondered, and I kept reading.Thenwell, YES, it WAS for real (I'm trying not to give you any spoilers and, ahem, it's a bit hard). Or was it?As I've thought about what I would write for this review, I came back to three major things I loved about this b [...]

    10. I loved this book! So different from the normal modern day romances.David is a quirky English Literature professor. He practices his own unique spin on chivalry. The ladies he chooses to court are given flowers each time they meet. He also is a complete gentleman who opens doors for them, and pulls out chairs for them to sit down. He tells them up front that he would like the relationship to progress to the point where they end up getting married. He gives the women the power to say when the rel [...]

    11. Delightful. I laughed. I sighed. It moved me (Bob). The characters are lovable and quirky. The story is irresistible. I read this in one sitting because I couldn't put it down. I also appreciate how counter-cultural this book is. It isn't filled with steamy sex scenes, which feel like a dime a dozen in most books these days, romance or not. Instead, you find hono(u)rable romance. Respect. Love. A way to pursue a relationship that is both vulnerable and respectful. To be valued for who you are, n [...]

    12. It's rare that a modern romance will captivate me. I didn't expect to enjoy this book, to be honest, but it came strongly recommended by a friend so I decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did! As someone with a more old-fashioned way of viewing the world, I thoroughly enjoyed both the story and the message lying beneath. I read most of it in one sitting, and it has been nearly a year since that has happened to me. I laughed, I cried, I immediately wanted to read it again. Give this book a whi [...]

    13. Fun, quirky tale that will leave you thinking about the true nature of romance, courting, and chivalry. David is unlike any romance hero you've encountered.The author is a fellow member of 10 Minute Novelists.

    14. A quirky and charming romance. I fell in love with the characters right away. I also loved all the literature references throughout the book. A treat!

    15. It is so nice to read a modern romance that is chaste and pure, but not hokey or religious. It is a quick, compelling read, with just enough mystery to keep you hooked.

    16. I'm in love with David!Want to know who he is and why? Read Katherine's book and be prepared for a lecture of the most gentlemanly kind

    17. I just finished re-reading a book I thoroughly enjoyed the first time around. It's a debut novel by Katherine Grubb (who blogs at 10 Minute Writer) titled Falling for Your Madness. Ten pages into it, I looked at my husband and said, "This book should be made into a movie. I can absolutely see these scenes playing out on the big screen." Since many people would rather see the film than read the book, I hope it is made into a movie, because the story of artist Laura Adamsky's courtship with an ecc [...]

    18. I thought this story was delightful.Laura is disenchanted with her current relationship--or lack thereof--when David arrives on the scene. He's interested in her, handsome, and along with his driver, quite a quirky man. He makes a proposal: They should start as friends, and if she so chooses, they can progress along the romantic chain from sweethearts to fiances to husband and wife. There's plenty of rules, which can be both exciting and frustrating. Laura comes to several crossroads along the w [...]

    19. One word to describe this storyunique. Whimsical. Almost to the edge of disbelief, but hey, we bought 50 Shades, and this hero is a lot more endearing and intriguing. Eccentric is being kind.I hate to compare this to Fifty Shades of Grey because, well, of all the crap associated with that particular trilogy. Bad writing, flat characters, etc, but the concept is kind of similar. Really, really different guy who needs a woman to meet his "rules" that help him function in society. Part of me wants [...]

    20. Because I have met this author in real life and have even hosted her and her husband overnight on their trip to San Diego, I had expected that Katharine's book would be marvelous, especially when she touted it as "the Anti-[i]Fifty-Shades-of-Grey[/i]." But I had not expected *anything* like this!Simply put, I was completely and pleasantly astonished by this wonderful and original tale. I am extremely stingy with giving a rating of five stars; in fact, that perfect rating is usually reserved for [...]

    21. After seeing so many positive reviews, I decided to give this one a try, even though it's billed as a "quirky romance" and I'm not a romance reader. But "romance" is a misnomer, in my opinion -- or maybe I have the wrong definiton of romance in my mind, something that you would be embarrassed to admit you're reading and would feel the need to conceal the cover. FALLING FOR YOUR MADNESS is not that at all -- I would put it in the same category as romantic comedy films. It is indeed quirky, has cl [...]

    22. If you fall in love with someone who is just a little on the crazy side of eccentric, does that make them less crazy? That's what Laura has to decide when she enters a relationship with the strange and enigmatic David, a professor of literature with a sexy English accent. David plays by a list of courtship rules, rigid rules filled with tea time, flowers and Tennyson. The unique courtship makes Laura both simultaneously wary and yet smitten. David also has a driver/servant named Merle, who seems [...]

    23. The first time I read a story, if it captures my imagination I don't stop to analyze it, I just enjoy the ride. If I had rated this after just the one read, I might've given it more stars. There were definitely a few butterfly moments (= romance). Those seldom happen for me when I read a book, and the feelings were a pleasant surprise. But then I thought about it. And I read it again. And while I still had a few of those butterfly moments, even when I knew what was coming, parts of the story sta [...]

    24. This book was a delight to read in one day. When I first loaded it on my kindle I saw that it was only one chapter and would take about 4.5 hrs to read. Sadly I started it in the evening so I knew I couldn't finish the entire thing that night. I was immediately hooked by the premise of "the project" that the main character proposes and I couldn't put it down (until I really had to go to bed). I loved following the relationship of the characters and the gentlemanly way that the man acts. I wish m [...]

    25. I have no idea what to make of this book. I set an intention not to purchase any books this month, in order to at least make a dent in the pile I already have to read. After reading the sample on my Kindle, I simply had to know what happens next. Not only did I break my intention, but I ended up reading the book in 24 hours. I could not put it down.And yetThe writing is good, the plot interesting, but when I left the story, it all felt very unresolved. And there were so much I wanted to know abo [...]

    26. I want to say once I read in a review that this book was an antidote to FSOG the entire story fell into place for me. David was a bit eccentric like CG and wealthy but he treated a lady like a lady. He had rules like CG but his rules were very respectable. He seems to have had issues with controlling himself in the past and created these rules to keep himself inline and to show his sweetheart (swoon!) how much control she had over him. This book is very different than anything else I have read b [...]

    27. I'm sorry - how could anyone give this story less than five stars? I was MESMERIZED from about page 5. Dr. David Julius Arthur Bowles will steal your heart and remind you that precious innocence, long-forgotten chivalry and delayed gratification are more enticing and much more fulfilling that the greedy, sex/lust filled relationships that torment and terrorize modern day women. Call me, "old-fashioned," but a bit of charm, intellect and decent respect for a lady can still induce swooning. This b [...]

    28. i stayed up till 3am finishing this novel. i enjoyed it and liked the historical references. I only had one issue with it and that was in one scene David appeared to act very badly but when that situation was resolved at the end of the book he was a perfect gentleman. Peesonally i would have likes to see a little into how he behaved for the first time once it was an acceptable situation. Katherine did an amazing job of portraying a romance based on chivalry and innocence that i havent seen in a [...]

    29. This is actually 3.5 Stars.Thought this was a good cozy up book. Enjoyed laughing at the eccentricities of David and the antics and situations that he and Laura would find themselves in. Enjoyed the romance. Wanted to feel more from Laura. Liked her and enjoyed her character, so much so that it would've been nice to know her better. Wanted to read about more of her reactions and feelings in her internal monologue. All in all a great cozy little romance that was enjoyed.See full review at daniell [...]

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