Love, Lies and Lizzie

Love Lies and Lizzie What would happen if the traumas of teenage life and love from Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice were transferred to the twenty first century When Mrs Bennet inherits enough money to move into the kin

  • Title: Love, Lies and Lizzie
  • Author: Rosie Rushton
  • ISBN: 9781848121034
  • Page: 139
  • Format: ebook
  • What would happen if the traumas of teenage life and love from Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice were transferred to the twenty first century When Mrs Bennet inherits enough money to move into the kind of village she has always dreamed of, her daughters find themselves swept up in a glamorous life of partying and country pursuits But Lizzie and her sisters soon discoverWhat would happen if the traumas of teenage life and love from Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice were transferred to the twenty first century When Mrs Bennet inherits enough money to move into the kind of village she has always dreamed of, her daughters find themselves swept up in a glamorous life of partying and country pursuits But Lizzie and her sisters soon discover that, beneath the very smart surface, lurks a web of intrigue and rivalries

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    1. Lizzie and Darcy with cell phonesIn her fourth book in the Jane Austen in the 21st-century series for young adult readers, (and some older adults who are forever young at heart), author Rosie Rushton tackles Jane Austen’s most famous novel, Pride and Prejudice, retelling the story with a contemporary twist. Her teenage Lizzie Bennet and sisters are still hunting for beaus, but with all of the advantages of modern technology: mobile phones, laptop computers and blackberries. The Bennet family a [...]

    2. I haven't read anything by Rosie Rushton before but I picked this one up in the library because a) the cover is really pretty and b) it's described as a moder-spin on 'Pride and Prejudice' and as my other passion besides YA is 19th century literature, that definitely sounded like the sort of book I'd enjoy. I'm pleased to say that I absolutely loved it and I'm going to make a point now of searching out some of Rosie Rushton's other books. She's apparantly written several novels in the 'Jane Aust [...]

    3. An Upbeat and Updated Version of “Pride and Prejudice” for YA ReadersIf you have not yet come across this series “Jane Austen in the 21st Century,” by Rosie Rushton, it is a collection of updated versions of Jane Austen's novels geared towards the young adult audience. This is the fourth book in the series, yet it is the first one I read. Rosie Rushton started this series in 2005 with “The Dashwood Sisters' Secret of Love” (Sense and Sensibility), in 2007 “Summer of Secrets” (Nor [...]

    4. This is a modern version of Pride and Prejudice for young adult readers. Lizzy's family has some into some money and moved to a posh estate where they meet the Bingley family, which includes Bingley parents in this version. Unlike many modern versions this one is not just inspired by P&P but quite closely follows the story. There are some differences of course, for example the Mr Collins character is Mr Bennet's godson rather than the heir to his estate but in essentials it's not far off. Th [...]

    5. Wellrmal story. I was in the library, saw this and was like 'Ooooo Pride and Prejudice re-make!', whipped out my library card and rushed towards to the desk in a hurry, getting it and rushing into the sunset, happy. Well, yes, not quite but you get the pictureif anyone is reading this apart from myself.Well, when I first started reading it, I was thinking 'God, Jane Austen would be turning in her grave' and at the beginning, the word 'muttered' is repeated a number of times on the same page. Not [...]

    6. I purchased this book, thinking it might be a cute re-telling of Jane Austen's P&P. While the character names were similar, personalities were exaggerated and over the top. Even though the story (what there is of it) is cute, it is incredibly poorly written. The dialogue is very sophmoric, as though the writer is trying to use every entry in her tag phrase list ("he said.k. she saidk. she grimacedk. he grinned k etc). Much of the writing sounds as though the writer was trying to write phrase [...]

    7. At first I was not sure. I feel it has not given any justice to the original and seemed to find myself constantly trying to compare the scenes in this novel to the original. I have also read Pride and Prejudice Vs Zombies which I found does not butcher the story as much as this novel does.Though I must admit when I cast aside it is meant to be a 21st Century remake of Pride and Prejudice, I did enjoy the story. It was an easy read and I rather enjoyed the events that occurred. I did find Emily L [...]

    8. The was pure slaughter of the premise that it was based on pride and prejudice. It's like take a perfectly good book and murder it, execution style. The writing was pile of vomit. It's like take the original story and adding words like Myspace, and cell phone. If this book was suppose to be a twenty-first century book, then why the hell are all of them talking like they're in the 1800. In addition to lack of creativity it seemed like the author walked around with a thesaurus and searched up ever [...]

    9. This is the fourth Jane Austen in 21st Century YA novel written by Rosie Rushton. Rushton's teenage version of Elizabeth Bennet and her sister are looking for guys, just like the Bennet sisters in the original Jane Austen novel. In Love, lies and Lizzie they don't write letters to their loved ones; they have cellphones, Internet and all the other devices of modern technology to help them out. Rushton is faithful to the original storyline. Of course there are some changes, since the story takes p [...]

    10. This was simply another version of Pride & Prejudice. The original was perfect so why try change something that is already good? The author tried very hard to bring the story into the 21st century by using "cool" language, that she thought was used by the youth of today. She failed miserably. What she has accomplished was to make each character look unintelligent and down right stupid. She even managed that with Elizabeth B. and Mr Darcy. The dialogue/language used by the Bingleys and Darcys [...]

    11. This is definitely not the kind of book I would ever pick up. The only reason I read it was because it was a modernised version of Pride and Prejudice. I like retellings. I did not like this book.In this story, Lizzie is 18. (*coughcough* Elizabeth was 20 in P&P *coughcough*) She has formerly had a boyfriend. (seriously?) Jane has also had a boyfriend before she meets Bingley (in this version, called Charlie). There was unnecessary changes in this story. The ending was nothing like the endin [...]

    12. Ok so I gave it 2 stars because the plot (being written by the great Austen) is not as crap as most YA romance books. I was inclined to give it one star for originality but I figured, as pointless as it was it was a better read than tens of thousands of the genre.My main difficulty with the book was "why would you bother?". I mean Jane Austen has already written the exact same plot and done it a whole lot better with a better command of language, characters that work better in their original set [...]

    13. This book mainly follows the book outline of Pride and Prejudice and who will end up with who is also the same. Also many of the character where the same, but sme had more modernised names, like Kitty or Catherine her names had been changed to Katie.I read this book after reading 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austin and I really liked both books. I felt this book had few fults, my problems were that although Lydia and Mr Wickham get togther in the book but they don't this is book. Maybe it is fo [...]

    14. "You really are crazy about this guy, aren't you?"LIZZIE: "Crazy? No, not really. I think I'm more sane than I've ever been."That sensible,totally "sorted" statement by Lizzie (yet another delightful take on our beloved Elizabeth Bennet) spells out the simple fact that this is a good book and a quick, breezy, readable adaptation of the much revered 'Pride and Prejudice'.I can't write a review on this book because it would be just another gush-fest on the perfect ensemble cast, spitfire dialogue [...]

    15. It was quite good. It wasn't exactly the same retelling of the original book In mordern English but still the story was somewhat different as it had a modern storyline but it still resembled features to the original novel so In the end it kind of gave the same moral or the result. I actially enjoyed reading the book because Lizzie had to overcome the same kind of issues but obviously in a different time/generation and she handled it quite well. Rushton retold the story in a way that appeals more [...]

    16. I feel like Pride and Prejudice has been done so many times that it can be difficult for any to stand out from the crowd. Rushton certainly did well here and I actually found myself being entertained, eventhough I am bored of the original story by now.My one gripe with this story is, and it is pretty small, is the email. I get that we are supposed to be reading from Darcy's perspective, but no one would ever write "Oh god, should I write this? ok, here we go" in an email. Like I said, a small gr [...]

    17. I love when Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is transplanted to modern times. I just love getting other takes on how the story would have progressed if it had happened in a later century. I liked that they made Kitty and Lydia twins in this one though I normally don't normally like too much of the family dynamics changed but I can see how her cousin had to become her father's godson if that element of the pride and prejudice plot was going to work in modern times as it would be unacceptable to [...]

    18. Well obviously you can't even begin to compare it to the fantastic Jane Austen, who's dialogue was just out of this world! But as a book in its own right it's very good. Very telling I thought about modern society, and how uncivilised really we are compared to back in Georgian times. Lack of integrity or decorum is the phrase maybe. And the slight twists in storyline to keep it up to date were very clever. Would have given it 5 stars if it hadn't been for the fact that Pride and Prejudice is one [...]

    19. Pride and Prejudice works so very well when updated. Not the best adaptation I have read. But certainly the best of Rosie Rushton's Jane Austen series. James and Lizzie were great characters and it was (as always) interesting to see how Lydia's story would play out.I did find that in some places it was more a rewrite (as in the same sentences rephrased) but overall this was not a bad read.

    20. So, I really liked this book, it was a really well-done remake of Pride and Prejudice. Just last night, I went to see a movie version of Pride and Prejudice, called Pride and Prejudice and Zombies It was really funny, I recommend it to all. Anyways, really good book, great characters and overall a great read.

    21. Read it in a few hoursSince the original story was written by Jane Austen it can't get a five, but it is a great interpretation suitable for girls in the modern age (I actually bought it for my daughter for Xmas - knowing I could read it! Ha)Really enjoyed it & would recommend this is bought in a set via The Book Club - where I got it for a great price!

    22. I have never read a Jane Austen book as I have found the texts, as a young person, hard to read as they are old fashioned. I picked up this book by chance from my local library, and I really enjoyed it. The author has incorporated so many modern elements into the books, and wrote the book really well. Well done!

    23. I really enjoyed this book. I haven't read Pride and prejudice yet, but I've been told that the book follows a similar premise as the original story.I really enjoyed reading this book, I enjoyed reading this book. It was easy to read, quick and fun.I definitely would recommend this book to people who would like to read Pride and Prejudice in a modern setting with teenagers.

    24. This wasn't great literature, but then I never expected it to be. It is a nice, easy read though and I thought it worked well as a modern version of P&P, although the second half of the book could have been drawn out a little more I thought - it's not clear exactly what happens to Wickham for example, and I do like my poetic justice to be well served!

    25. I have been lying about reading Pride and Prejudice for years. I probably never will, but at least now I've read some version of it?!(One gripe is the way Rushton writes teenage slang, she just really doesn't have a great grip on it. LOL as lots of love in an email just really isn't accurate.)

    26. Definitely easier to process than the original story, but it isn't just a story inspired by Jane Austen. Rushton, in my opinion, managed to capture Austen's Spirit. The book is sweet, humorous and a bit dramaticaly written but it's really good and cheerful.

    27. The characters are presented in greater extremes but the modern take on the situations of the plot make it more relevant to present-day readers.

    28. i really liked it, it was a predictable because i already read pride and prejudice but it had new twists to it. I really would like to read more books like this!

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