Drawn: His Secret Toy

Drawn His Secret Toy Senior student Katerina KC Chariot is a good girl with a secret She s so nice she has an impossible time swearing unless she s using pretty British cuss words She also likes to fantasize about hot guy

  • Title: Drawn: His Secret Toy
  • Author: Marian Tee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Senior student Katerina KC Chariot is a good girl with a secret She s so nice she has an impossible time swearing unless she s using pretty British cuss words She also likes to fantasize about hot guys in her school But it s for work Really Katerina is an aspiring mangaka, and she needs inspiration for drawing smutty scenes.Unfortunately, one particular fantasy abSenior student Katerina KC Chariot is a good girl with a secret She s so nice she has an impossible time swearing unless she s using pretty British cuss words She also likes to fantasize about hot guys in her school But it s for work Really Katerina is an aspiring mangaka, and she needs inspiration for drawing smutty scenes.Unfortunately, one particular fantasy about the Japanese Russian transfer student Yuki Himura gets the better of her She ends up unconsciously moaning his name in Yuki s presence, too In a twist of fate, Katerina finds herself agreeing to become Yuki s secret toy, which sounds a lot worse than it actually is especially in the eyes of her Theology professor dad.The whole school thinks of Yuki as the ideal guy gorgeous, smart, and sweet But with Katerina, he s the Devil sent to torment her, seduce her, and worst of all he s making her fall in love with him even though he s said it s the one thing she should never ever do.

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    1. SPOILER FREE REVIEW -mature content reader discretion is advised.3.5 STARS out of 5Genre: YA RomanceThere are simply no words enough to describe how sexy he is, especially when he throws his head back as he comes, his hand moving fast---“Senpai?”I look at him guiltily.Exasperation lines his voice as he asks, “You were fantasizing again?”“Sorry,” I answer shamefacedly. “Force of habit.”~KC and YukiShe's a good girl with a secretKaterina Chariot is the good girl, so good in fact sh [...]

    2. As I start this review, I am still not quite sure what to say. I cant help but wonder if I went to high school in another dimension was ten years ago a different dimension?I think I wanted to be put off by this book, but wasnt. Lol. Staying up until 4 a.m. to finish reading is just not something I do for bad books. The plot was not entirely original; rich, sexually astute male seduces the beautiful yet awkward virgin. We have seen itEVER the setting is new, and a bit more than unsettling at firs [...]

    3. Words are not enough to describe my love for this book I venture into this book with the hopes that i would like it even though it's not about vampires,weres,angels,sirens and the likes. And i was not dissapointed cause i didnt just like it. I loved it! What really drew me in this book aside from the intriguing plot was the fact that there's some Japanese element in here and how unique KC's character is. A heroine who's supposed to be a goody two shoes but often ends up fantasizing about every m [...]

    4. I just finished reading this story last night!! And it is a great story.Yuki Himura is our beloved hero. Japanese, sexy, gorgeous, dark haired and baby blue eyed god. Delicious. Yummy He is a little bit different than our normal high school boy as he is an Asian, looks like an angel but yet inside is a demon. Tsk tsk tsk. But I love him as he is so sweeeeeettttt.KC is a great girl. A little bit dirty minded but funny and interesting. I keep laughing when she fantasizes something stupid about Yuk [...]

    5. If I read about one more person saying this is just like Fifty Shades of Gray, I will go crazy!Can't people ever stop comparing books / movies / songs / artists? It's getting old and annoying.I need book two now! This book was, hot, hot, hot & naughty!I liked it very much. Course, it's a bit strange to think of that kind of affection & action when it comes to teenagers, but it was exciting.

    6. Loved it! very sexy,finally a story with hot asian hero. If you are looking for hot "new adult" story, this is the right book!

    7. high school students on steroids and that only think about sex + teenagers behave like adults in sex club + dramalhama + Cliffhanger

    8. Drawn: His Secret Toy was a lovely little hidden gem of a book. I enjoyed reading it immensely despite the fact that I can't relate with the heroine much at all. Unlike a lot of books these days, the ending was actually good, and the Vampire Knight references were <3333. It would've reached a 5 star rating, but well, there were a handful of personal pet peeves that I developed while reading Drawn, including (but not limited to) the Yeearghs, the continual outlook of Yuki being a god, and the [...]

    9. I don't know what possessed me. Curiosity? Wondering what Fifty Shades of Grey for the teenage set looks like? Between the vanilla dub con, being a "toy" with no actual sex (at least, up to where I got in the book before I stopped), the British swearing, and overuse of Yuki calling KC senpai, I couldn't keep going.I'm sure many younger readers will find this thrilling and titillating, but it was just not for me. That cover, though. Freaking gorgeous.

    10. The pretty cover hooked me then the title, but the story was improbable and ridiculous. This was young adult smut, whole story was about Yuki and KC attempting to have sex but they never do, just a lot of dry humping. KC is a senior in high school, likes to draw naughty manga and all around good, virgin girl. Yuki is a junior in high school, good looking and womanizing. Yuki catches KC moaning his name in class and becomes intrigued by her, then askes her to be his sex toy. KC, so overwhelmed by [...]

    11. When I started reading this one i was really.ally excited, I'm such an otaku I even tried to learn nihongo, yup tried and failed lols my memory is not so good O,O so I just managed to learn few basic japanese words despite all the dictionaries and japanese-learning-videos I manage to collect, what can I say watching an anime will definitely inspire you to try and do lots of crazy things :D so anyways ,what I'm trying to say is I'm extremely please upon learning that the main guy character in thi [...]

    12. I like that there is no full sex cheating but the H treats her like shit and is hot and cold all the time. Then he basically tells her she is nothing to him and he feels nothing. Then she catches him kissing a skank and calling her his pet name for the h. Asshole. It's a HEA but he's asshole a lot. He does have sweet moments too. I know, rollercoaster. He's sorry and cares about her but calls her his toy. And he means it how it sounds. She agrees because she is drawn to him and falls in love wit [...]

    13. At first I really didn't know how to rate this book but bottom line is I really liked it so there you go 4 stars! :)To be honest during the first few chapters I was iffy about continuing reading since I was getting the "fifty shades" vibe and I was disturbed since this was set in high school, I love fifty but in high school!? Anyways I'm so glad I continued, the book turned out way better than I expected! There were parts that made me laugh so hard my mom had to knock and ask what was up with me [...]

    14. I kind of accidentally fell into this novel and honestly didn't expect to like it and thought I would spend most of my time skimming it. I was so wrong! This was a really great story and I enjoyed it a lot. I did think that the author's need to point out how Japanese Yuki is was a little overdone though. We get it. He's half Japanese, no need to repeat it every couple of chapters, lol. Other than that and some occasional editing oversights, I really did like it and would definitely check out any [...]

    15. This is a great story since it feels so real. There are just a few scenes, probably 2 or 3 in the whole book that I couldnt imagine happening, but the rest are fine. I really like Yuki but at some point he's just too mean so there were really times I just wanted the tables turned on him. I would recommend this story just because of how exciting things get between Yuki and KC.

    16. I really love this book. I especially like the part with the manga reference. I like how their relationship turned out from beginning to end. I especially love the characters!UPDATED February 28, 2012I just noticed that this is book #1 in other words more books to come. OMG! I can't wait for the rest I wonder how many books will there be?

    17. Yeahhated it. Won't recommend it. Finding a 16 year old with deep, emotional issues is not my idea of sexy or swoon-worthy. Ms. Tee is in desperate need of a quality editor. The grammatical errors are a distraction of another level. Referring to Yuki as "Jap" is completely offensive and Katerina's self-esteem is an issue that goes ignored by both peers and adults.

    18. Drawn was a wonderful book and I loved all the manga references. There was never a dull moment and I loved Yuki Himura so much, he's awesome.

    19. I totally loved this book It was cute, hot, sweet and funny Yuki was hot and well mischievous and Kat she was soo fun

    20. Review:This was a slightly unusual YA and I can’t even call it YA to some extent. Despite having highschoolers as main characters, this book was quite mature, nothing too explicit of course, but not very much on the edge. It felt like a more kiddy version of your usual post Fifty Shades of Grey boom book with a younger cast of characters. Nevertheless, I liked it – a lot. It had its issues and, honestly, wasn’t entirely too realistic, but I had a lot of fun with it, especially, due to not [...]

    21. I have to start off by saying that I'm having some trouble with how to categorise this book. It's classed as YA. The characters are in high school. But it's way hotter than anything that I've ever read that is YA before. But it's not as wordy or descriptive as New Adult, so I suppose if I had to slot it in somewhere I would put it in a class all of it's own in the middle of Young Adult and New Adult. But putting labels aside I like to Fantasize about hot guys. But sometimes the guilt gets to me [...]

    22. Gasping for airReview to follow. I need to gather my thoughts.SteamyFunnyNot for public readingMeet KC, a girl with a very active imagination when it comes to sex, a girl who turns British when she swears.She is actually a mangaka, a person drawing manga (Jap comics). She is fantasizing over a half Jap-half Russian Junior. Well, nothing is wrong with that right? But her problem err, pleasure started with that, when she accidentally moan in front of Yuki and their teacher.I love KC's character be [...]

    23. Oh. Em. Gee. I freaking loved this! I am so glad the author send me her book and that I accepted it for review. So a huuuuuuuuuge thanks to Marian Tee! :DBefore starting this book I thought what will I get myself into this time? My friend Jenn (from Simply Young Adult) had already read the book and loved it so I was pretty sure I was going to love it myself, but still there were some doubts as there always are (which are totally gone now, by the way).Right from the start I loved it. To me it had [...]

    24. Mi Dios! Oh my God!I was hesitant on reading the book at first, yet I followed my instinct and did so anyways. I must say, this a great book with refreshing characters. A book that has a different point of view of an adolescent with desires. She's cute, funny and so lovable. You can laugh your heart out with her thoughts. Which means the writer did a great job introducing us to her world of perviness and inoscence all mixed up in a great ball of confusion. Maybe the "God" term was a little abusi [...]

    25. Books with a premise just like this one usually have me rolling my eyes or shaking my head in disgust. The unecessary drama is sometimes too much for me to bear and I end up hating the book. Surprisingly, Drawn: His Secret Toy worked out for me. I loved the characters and their unlikely romance. I found their interactions hilarious and well thought-out. I even enjoyed the drama - something that rarely happens. The story was a rollercoaster ride of emotions and I loved every minute of it.Yuki and [...]

    26. I just could not let myself pass up the chance to write a book review for this book!I can't help myself!It's like , Yuki, trying to taunt me with his magnetic baby blues. Now I know how KC felt.I love this book to death! I love the humor and I especially love the banter between Yuki and KC. I often laugh out loud in my room.I guess it's a good thing that I did not read this book in public.The characters are easy to love and I highly enjoy their unique personalities.KC reminds me of myself, becau [...]

    27. I really loved this bookie!! Of course you need to be mature to read this book as well the subject is well sex, and Yuki oh lord have mercy on me, "you don't understand, senpai." He pinches my cheeks - hard enough to make me yelp. "I told you I don't want to share my toy. If people ever start seeing us together too often, they're going to look at you more and more. And if you keep on with your fantasies, then the may catch you looking like you're having an orgasm -" I like how Kat (KC) and Yuki [...]

    28. How embarrassed would you be if you unconsciously moaned the name of your crush? Katerina "KC" Chariot wants to be a shoujo mangaka. Her drawing inspiration mainly comes from fantasies and currently those fantasies are centered around Yuki Himura. He has literally become her drawing muse. Unfortunately one day in class, KC moans Yuki's name and he hears it! This sets Yuki off to make KC his toy and beak the promise she made to her dad. I absolutely loved this book. I loved how KC struggled with [...]

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