Spinward Fringe Broadcast 7: Framework

Spinward Fringe Broadcast Framework The crew of the Triton find themselves marooned in the Rega Gain solar system Refusing to abandon the refugees and liberated slaves who joined them along the way Ayan Rice and her friends negotiate a

  • Title: Spinward Fringe Broadcast 7: Framework
  • Author: Randolph Lalonde
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The crew of the Triton find themselves marooned in the Rega Gain solar system Refusing to abandon the refugees and liberated slaves who joined them along the way, Ayan Rice and her friends negotiate a deal with the Carthan Government to found a home on a terraformed moon.Meanwhile, the fugitive, Jacob Valance and the former Samson crew work to restore their ship and contiThe crew of the Triton find themselves marooned in the Rega Gain solar system Refusing to abandon the refugees and liberated slaves who joined them along the way, Ayan Rice and her friends negotiate a deal with the Carthan Government to found a home on a terraformed moon.Meanwhile, the fugitive, Jacob Valance and the former Samson crew work to restore their ship and continue their fight against the Order Of Eden in earnest Little do they know, the fight will resume well before they re ready, and the entire Triton crew will find themselves caught in a war that threatens to change the galaxy forever.Burning questions are answered in Spinward Fringe Broadcast 7 Framework, the cumulative book in the Spinward Fringe series Stories come to an end, characters face their destinies, and the series changes forever.

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    1 thought on “Spinward Fringe Broadcast 7: Framework”

    1. Okay, what did I think? I think this entire series ROCKS that's what I think! I'm sure it's not over, though Lalonde has written these in managable bites and sections. This is the concludsion to the second series (after Origins. It proves that Lalonde did have a "vision" for this story that was broader than just the simple, but very fun Action/Adventure in space. There's even some good old fashioned themes that we are used to seeing in "Hard Sci-fi" though those aren't the "strengths" of thsi bo [...]

    2. I'm about 70% done and this is the worst Spinward Fringe novel. In the movie "Wonderboys" Katie Holmes tells Michael Douglas that authors have to make choices when writing and his novel is huge because he won't make choices. Mr. Lalonde appears to be trying to undue choices he's made in past novels and trying to reboot the series down a different path. It's like he's dumping every potential plot idea into a single volume. This combined with the inability to keep characters ranks straight, and th [...]

    3. Spinward Fringe Broadcast 7: Framework by Randolph Lalonde is the type of book that inspires and entertains sci-fi fans, dreamers, and futurists alike. Yet the book and the entire series focuses on a core group of people with distinct, realistic personalities in complex relationships. As the galaxy devolves into chaos and war, our heroes are on a path of destiny, seeking to right what wrong they are able. As fate would have it, some of the stars of the story are major factors in the future of ma [...]

    4. Pretty much what I've come to expect from the Spinward Fringe series. The characters are good enough to get me passed the uninspired writing and the iffy editing. This volume is significantly longer the previous entries in the series and even so some things seemed rushed and anticlimactic while other drag on for too long. Framework is a much more uplifting (if that's a proper description for the story of galactic war) than the previous books. Fragments, for example, just seemed like one disaster [...]

    5. This is a very nice tie-up to the series so far. You get some good action, satisfactory arcs for the main characters, and hints of what is to come. I do think some sections were rushed and could have used more details. There were also a couple of "endings" for major characters that just seemed wrong. That said, the fact that you get a sense of what's right or wrong for a character shows you just how invested you become in these well-written characters. As a side note, even though reading "Expend [...]

    6. A decent conclusion to a good series read. I have very much enjoyed most of the Spinward Fring series, but I did feel that it started more enjoyable than it finished. The beginnings were VERY action packed, and much of the action is missing in the later installments. The stories seem to become more complex and political as different pieces of the puzzle are extrapolated. The story is interesting, the technology is VERY cool, however the action that was SO prevelant and entertaining is much subdu [...]

    7. Fully deserving of five stars as culmination to the series so far. This is one of those rare series which transcends the scifi arena into a character driven emotional roller coaster. In many ways this book left me outraged on behalf of the main protagonist, that shows how good and how drawn into the series I had become. The fact that the way the main character had been left by the author elicited these effect from me shows how good the writing was.Yes the series has been patchy, the editing some [...]

    8. Still love spaceI think that this series is one of the best that I have read. I have always lived a good series. mystery have always been my favorite.but I think this one is very well written and also easy to read. I like the characters and have had fun getting to know them. what's next.

    9. At 533 pages, it's 500 too long.The battle chapters towards the end of the book are well written, but there is nothing else of substance in this novel. This is a huge shame as i like the Spinward series and have read them all to this point.As others have mentioned, previous plots have been abandoned and new ones shoehorned in place.

    10. Wow. The author pulled everything together and made everything make sense. I'm impressed. There were so many loose ends that I never thought he'd make it work.

    11. As a whole, this is an excellent science fiction series. However, we've all read various series with other books where, after a time, the series just should have stopped and the last book should not have been written: you become attached to the characters and the storyline, and you want to remember the good parts and not have your lasting memory be something bad. As someone who has enjoyed the series, this book was very disappointing on many fronts.I think part of the problem is there has been s [...]

    12. The Spinward Fringe Series keeps getting betterHaving followed the adventures of the characters of the Spindward Fringe saga, l look forward to the next chapter in the series.

    13. It's the most incredible book in the series so far, very big plot leaps, a lot of things behind the scenes getting revealed. I'm looking forward to what's coming next.

    14. This was the first time reading this book I reread the first 6 to get here and fell in love all over again. It was wonderful. Characters are cherished, abused, challenged, twisted, and then unexpected things happen that I cannot entirely come to terms with. I love this series even though there are errors in the wording, repeated words, and sentence structure is sometimes awkward I am not reading it for the mistakes or grammar and I do not care about them. I am in love with the characters and the [...]

    15. Fantastic book but no way this could be the end. If I find out this is the end then I'll have to lower my score by about a star. I know that this was a 1200+ page book on the Nook but there is no way that you could call this an ending for the series. It basically stopped in mid-conversation which is alright I suppose as long as there is a Broadcast 8. I've read this entire series now, everything that has been published to date with the exception of the The Expendable Few, and I'll be picking tha [...]

    16. Although the series hasn't ended at this point, no further book can be seen on the horizon. So those of us knee deep in the world of Spinward Fringe will need to rely on the smaller books Randolph has been working on based in the same series.For those that haven't read this, do so. Anybody who can enjoy an episode of Babylon 5 or Star Trek will love this series to bits. If I could give it a 10 out of 5 I would do, best series on the planet for everything. Though I hate it when the good gent does [...]

    17. Really enjoyed this culmination to this charter of the Spinward fringe universe.Not what I was expecting, I never saw several of the plot twists coming but I enjoyed almost all of them. Several long standing plot lines have been dealt with and several more have arose to replace them.The end of the book comes with its own uncertainty and intrigue which will keep the story in the mind of fans until Randy writes broadcast 8. So if you love the series don't expect to finish this book and feel your S [...]

    18. This was a pretty satisfying wrap-up to the Spinward Fringe series. There were some plot twists that seemed a bit out of keeping with the rest of series arc but overall things tied up nicely. The character's stories had resolution although there were a couple of deaths that seemed gratuitous.While this is supposed to be the end of the series, there is more to the story that could be told so I wouldn't be surprised to see additional books down the road. All in all, it's a been an enjoyable series [...]

    19. Tied up the stories of most of the main characters. Not as much combat (space) as in the previous books. I think this was just a book to close out the series so he could move on, but leave enough areas open and with the use of time prediction, give you hints of what he could possibly write about in the future, if his other adventures don't turn out as popular.Personally I would of loved to have had more space battles, Randolph does a great job of putting you there in the fight. But it had a most [...]

    20. When you read a scifi novel you invest in the idea of going out to space leaving earth behind you. With this one I was left with this desire to be a part of the sol system. This is one of many great things that you will find by reading this novel.if I say anything else it will be a spoiler and I won't ruin it for you, you have to read it.enjoy.

    21. Great series overall. The series definitely darkened the more it went on. I think it was great, I'm still unsure on how I feel about the ending. This book was an ending but it doesn't seem like it was "thee" ending. I feel like there was a lot left unfinished. I'm hoping this spins off into something else.

    22. Very strong storyThis book was part 3 of a trilogy within the larger Spinward Fringe Broadcast series. It has so much action your head will spin. Most of the he conflict is resolved with only a few bad guys surviving - who knows what sort of trouble they may cause in the future should they show up again.

    23. I'm sad the saga is over. The dynamics of the based people of this series is phenomenal. It was a total roller-coaster ride from chapter to chapter book to book. Amazing friendships (almost family) that ran throughout the series. Jacob/Jonas was a wonderful center piece for this fantastic ride

    24. I loved this book, as usual Lalonde does a great job of keeping the reader involved. I think this one felt a bit rushed, but that's just because there was so much stuff to get through. The ebb and flow of the book was the most important and I think that made me the most happy. Unfortunately, the book did cause me to want MORE - so Randolph give us the next book soon!

    25. A good continuation of the previous books, the focus was really good in this book and it war easy to read. Hard in the begging trying to remember all the characters. What I didn't like is that it starts to turn into a soap opera, but for now I'm content with it.

    26. Loved the future that was built and the science that evolved. The story was good but not great and I was left wanting to know more about the characters and this new threat to the universe. I hope Lalonde doesn't stop here.

    27. The series gets back on track with this book. Although I struggle with characters that are seemingly invincible it was a good story and had a clearly defined beginning and end. Excited for the next broadcast.

    28. The entire Spinward Fringe series is outstanding. I can't get enough of them.Fast-paced, action-packed stories that will keep your eyes glued to the pages (or screen).The edge of the seat style of these books is just fantastic. I really loved these and hope to read a lot more by this author.

    29. As I read more the more I wanted to read. great story with questions answered and more presented for the next installment. Can't wait!

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