The Beauty Within

The Beauty Within Beauty is in the eye of the beholderConsidered the plain clever one in her family Lady Cressida Armstrong knows her father has given up on her ever marrying But who needs a husband when science is t

  • Title: The Beauty Within
  • Author: Marguerite Kaye
  • ISBN: 9780373297382
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholderConsidered the plain, clever one in her family, Lady Cressida Armstrong knows her father has given up on her ever marrying But who needs a husband when science is the only thing to set Cressie s pulse racing Disillusioned artist Giovanni di Matteo is setting the ton abuzz with his expertly executed portraits Once his art was inspired Beauty is in the eye of the beholderConsidered the plain, clever one in her family, Lady Cressida Armstrong knows her father has given up on her ever marrying But who needs a husband when science is the only thing to set Cressie s pulse racing Disillusioned artist Giovanni di Matteo is setting the ton abuzz with his expertly executed portraits Once his art was inspired now it s only technique Until he meets Cressie.Challenging, intelligent and yet insecure, Cressie is the one whose face and body he dreams of capturing on canvas In the enclosed, intimate world of his studio, Giovanni rediscovers his passion as he awakens hers.

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    1. The third in the Armstrong sisters series.There's something so appealing (well to me) about the supposed plain jane blossoming and helping her hero loosening his own chains that bind him and set him free.Lady Cressida Armstrong and Giovanni di Matteo were both such intriguing characters both on the same coin and how they deal with the emotional scars their fathers have inflected on them through their lives. Making them who they are when we first meet them.Giovanni is a well know portrayal artist [...]

    2. The set up is simple:Cressie - nerdy, spinsterish, not classically pretty.Giovanni – an Italian painter and everything Italian painters are plus great muscles (from carrying all those easels, I suppose).Why would these two be attracted to each other, you ask? Here is why – Cressie is a mathematician and believes beauty can be described by a formula. She believes beauty is perfection, symmetry, i.e. everything that Giovanni is.Giovanni, on the other hand, is a bit tired of being so beautiful. [...]

    3. "You are so much more, so very much more than you think you are, Cressie."I was blown away first by the cover of this book, and then the actual story. It has depth, passion, and intrigue. I couldn't give it a five, because towards the end, it dragged a bit. But what a sweet, and unique story! Apparently it's also part of series, which I had no idea about. But that didn't hinder my enjoyment. The story takes place in England, 1828. Of course, during this time, women are expected to run a househol [...]

    4. 'You think that no one sees you, and yet you want to be seen. You want people to know that there is more to you than mere bloodstock.I can help you,I can show that person,but only if you will let me see her.'(view spoiler)[PLOT Lady Cressida Armstrong is the plain one of her Sisters. She's more interested in Science, than marrying a rich man and pleasing her Father. He's desperate to see her married, but he thinks it unlikely that a respectable man will take a liking to her, especially since the [...]

    5. I loved the heroine Cressie, she seems so out of her time zone studious and a mathematics nut, she should be in the 21st century not the 19th. She is the quietest one out of the Armstrong Sisters. I really loved the fact that Cressie is a plain heroine and not your typiccal gorgeous heroine you so often find in books. At twenty six she would have been seen as an old maid and on the shelf. too old to be married for love more a marriage of connivence to secure her own comfort and not become a burd [...]

    6. The Beauty Within is a great historical romance. I really like how the author shows two people with a lot of insecurities, yet their desire for one another is so strong that they are not sure how to handle it or where it will lead them next. Lady Cressida knows she’s not beautiful, but she is extremely smart and loves science, especially anything that deals with mathematical equations. Knowing that everything has a reason, she uses her love of math in everyday life. She knows her father has gi [...]

    7. My Rating: 4.5/5A lovely romance! The Beauty Within was such a sweet romance-I absolutely adored it!I love how Ms. Kaye isn't afraid to explore different cultures and add different ethnicities in her books. In this one, we have an Italian artist. Now, I don't know about you, but I think Italian guys are hot, so this book already had a point in its favor. Everything else made it even better. The best part had to be the emotions and the character development. The emotions in this book were well po [...]

    8. The Beauty Within by Marguerite KayePrinces of the Desert (Armstrong Sisters) Book 4Lady Cressida Armstrong is considered the plain sister, and a bit of a bluestocking as well. At six and twenty she has refused to marry, preferring her independence. To keep her from interfering in her younger sister’s season, she is sent to the country home to play governess for her four half-brothers. Giovanni de Matteo has made a name for himself in England as an artist. His latest commission is to paint the [...]

    9. THE BEAUTY WITHIN by Marguerite Kaye is an exciting Regency Historical Romance. An artist and a mathematician makes quiet the pair. Both rebellious toward their fathers,both lonely,low self esteem,but will they be able to find love and happiness. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,and the eye can see beauty when others see a plain Jane. Giovanni di Matteo an artist who paints beautiful portraits,but has lost his inspiration,he's lonely, until suddenly and unexpectedly he meets Cressie Lady Cre [...]

    10. BLOG: adictaxictoxico Lo confieso, no tenia muchas expectativas de este libro, sin embargo logro sorprenderme :P Lady cressida me acordó de otra protagonista que me gusta mucho, es fuerte, decidida, inteligente sin embargo le falta ese algo para ser libre Al igual que nuestro protagonistas Giovanni :) con un pasado que lo atormenta y lo ha echo construir un muro impenetrable en su corazón pero que sin embargo Cressie y su teoría matemática sobre las normas/pinceladas que rigen a un artista [...]

    11. In an age - which quite frankly lacks many of the simple niceties of previous centuries - it is nearly impossible for women to truly understand how different our lives would have been had we been born in a different time. The 1800's for example.A historian can inform us, educate us as to what the period had to offer. A writer can make the period seem magical and enticing. A truly remarkable author has the ability to not only make you forget the plumbing and hygiene issues of the day, but can in [...]

    12. Dear Mrs Kaye,What am I to do, now that I’ve finished you’re the Beauty Within? It was a story that gripped me, and when the bar in my kindle reached 100%, I was so sad that it had finished already. I could have read a hundred pages more about this story.An artist myself, I was fascinated by a novel that discussed art in an honest fashion. I was relieved to find no major mistake in the description of Giovanni di Matteo’s craft, although I certainly can’t figure his looser style as “imp [...]

    13. I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.I must say first of all when reading this book - it takes Marguerite Kaye's work to a whole new level, and woe betide the last two daughters and their stories! (Can't wait.) As you may guess, this story is part of series of books, but all can be read stand alone.This story, which features the 'clever' and 'plain' sister Lady Cressida, who believes that as she is unlikely to be married she should use her intellect and skill as a mathem [...]

    14. A much longer version of this post - and an interview with the author, Marguerite Kaye - appears at Reading with Analysis.I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to read this book for review. The Beauty Within is a blending of two ways of looking at the world – through the lens of art and the lens of mathematics – and it knocked my socks off.When I read The Beauty Within, I was struck by how subversive it is to traditional gender roles and societal norms. Cressie is a brilliant mathematic [...]

    15. "Men do not value intelligence in their wives"If you are looking for a historical romance that goes a little deeper, then I suggest you give this title a try. Marguerite Kaye can write wonderful, rich stories and this one delivers.I'd like to thank the author for a complimentary review copy which I received in exchange for an honest review."The Beauty Within" is a part of a series, but reading the other titles before this one is not required. Kaye sufficiently covers the previous storylines. The [...]

    16. This is Cressida's story - she's the blue-stocking and the plain one. She's spent years "on the shelf" and it's time for her sister, Cordelia's come out, so her father assigns her to look after her brothers and keep out of Cordelia's way. At the same time, her father has commissioned an artist, Giovanni di Mateo to paint her brothers' portrait. This brings them in close proximity and they find that they are kindred spirits - both unhappy with where they are and desperately seeking their fathers' [...]

    17. My facebook review:The Beauty Within is everything I didn't know I wanted from a romance novel! The heroine dresses up in men's clothing and sneaks out of her father's house at night to attend astronomy lectures and talk about math. She's based on Ada Lovelace! The hero is a brooding Italian artist who wears a black frock coat even though it's not fashionable. He has a legitimately tragic backstory, but it didn't turn him into an asshole. The heroine is not even pretty, just "interesting," but s [...]

    18. I was completely frustrated and disappointed by this book. In this version of Cinderella, Cressie is ordered by her dictatorial but absent father to be the governess for her four younger ornery half-brothers. Her stepmother is supposedly pregnant and uses that as an excuse to keep from parenting her own sons. Giovanni, the painter, has been hired by Cressie's father to paint the four "charming" boys, but Cressie, who is one of four daughters, has never had her portrait painted other than with he [...]

    19. The hero & heroine felt fresh, with flaws and interesting, believable developments as they both went on their journey of falling in love & discovering themselves. The emotions were right there & easy to feel too, and none were clangers or cliche, even though the two play "conventional" trope roles -- kept from being cliche because there weren't the expected moments of how they should get free of their own psychological/life bonds as well as those of society.Heroine is "plain Jane" ty [...]

    20. When Italian painter Giovanni di Matteo agreed to paint the sons of Lord Armstrong, little did he know that it would be a life-changing experience for him and for Lady Cressida Armstrong, considered to be the plain but unfortunately clever daughter by Lord Armstrong's first wife. In order to put get Cressie out of the way, and save some money, she is sent to the country to act as governess to the four unruly boys while they are having their portrait painted. Giovanni, meanwhile, is acclaimed for [...]

    21. For me there were a lot of problems with this book. For the positives, I liked the main characters. Even most of the supporting characters. I found the developing love between Cressie and Giovanni to be sweet and endearing. However,I had a very hard time getting into and staying in the story. Then the ending. Well without giving too much away, it felt unfinished. I needed to know how they were to go on into the future. Just a small hint at what they planned would have been helpful beyond they pl [...]

    22. I seem to be doing rather well at picking up M&B books with cross-dressing heroines. This book, however, didn't quite succeed as well as some in terms of the heroine achieving her initial goals. I would have loved to see her pursue science further, rather than being side-tracked by art. The portrayal of the background characters in a same-sex relationship felt rather too negative (almost judgemental on the part of the author) as well.

    23. Es el primer libro que leo de esta autora y en general me ha gustado mucho por fin una heroina que es "normal" y que piensa por si misma me ha encantado como retrata la historia con sus matices ( tanto de ella como de el) auqneu tengo un pero a la historia y es que no he visto muy coherente que ella se ponga como se pone cuando el le explica su pasado ( no puedo contar mas que sino es un Spolier) en general recomendable el libro

    24. Plain middle sister routinely dismissed by her father falls in love with disillusioned Italian portrait painter. A quiet story filled with passion. Loved the way the author wove the themes of art and beauty throughout the story. Also loved that the "plain" heroine and impossibly beautiful hero had a lot in common underneath those surface appearances. A strong story that stands alone well (it's the third book to feature the Armstrong sisters) - it was a solid B for me.

    25. Cressie and Giovanni made a good pair. They were similar in many aspects from their relationship with their fathers to Cressie's mathematics and Giovanni's art. Together they realize they weren't happy with their life and in order to move forward they had to let go of the past and see that their past made them who they are today. >_<

    26. THE BEAUTY WITHIN is such a beautifully written story. I was drawn in right from the very first page. A must read for lovers of Historical Romance.

    27. this looks great. I love a heroine that is considered plain and I'm all about the romance. I can't wait to read

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