Brilliant Devices

Brilliant Devices Book four in the Magnificent Devices steampunk series A lady of resources has the power to change the world if she can stay alive long enough to do it Lady Claire Trevelyan had been looking forward to

  • Title: Brilliant Devices
  • Author: Shelley Adina
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  • Page: 233
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book four in the Magnificent Devices steampunk series A lady of resources has the power to change the world if she can stay alive long enough to do it Lady Claire Trevelyan had been looking forward to glittering balls, congenial society, and relief from pursuit during her stay with Lord and Lady Dunsmuir in the Canadas Well, perhaps not entirely Being pursued by a handBook four in the Magnificent Devices steampunk series A lady of resources has the power to change the world if she can stay alive long enough to do it Lady Claire Trevelyan had been looking forward to glittering balls, congenial society, and relief from pursuit during her stay with Lord and Lady Dunsmuir in the Canadas Well, perhaps not entirely Being pursued by a handsome airship captain is rather diverting, especially when it appears her erstwhile employer, Andrew Malvern, is becoming much too distracted by a certain blond mechanic But a shot fired in the night puts an end to such diversions, and instead plunges her and her orphaned band of children into a fight for their very survival Between secret conversations at the highest levels of society and skullduggery in the diamond mines, Claire must discover who is behind a series of alarming attempts on her friends lives before her mother is compelled to make funeral arrangements yet again I have a big grin on my face which is my Magnificent Devices grin it s impossible not to smile your way through this book It s such swashbucklingly good fun The tone has that wonderful lightness of humour and joy that keeps up in even the direst of situations At the same time it wonderfully maintains the sense of time and place the Victorian feel, the language, the class, the clothing, the attitudes are all extremely vivid, carefully maintained and, at times, gloriously lampooned Fangs for the Fantasy, on Brilliant Devices

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    1. Well.You know how I keep saying that I really don’t know what to expect from this series? Because every time that I think “Oh, here’s what the predictable route is going to be for the next book,” there’s suddenly a massive plot shift with the next volume and I’m sitting there going “Oh my God, this is so much better than what I thought it would be.” This is kind of the opposite version of that—it’s not how I thought that the story was going to move along, but this didn’t re [...]

    2. This book is like a breath of clean air, refreshing, riveting and completely unsoiled and wholesome. Yes, wholesome. There is romantic tension, boy is there romantic tension but it’s purely swoon worthy romance. This is a story I would happily share with my 14 year old daughter, but it is sure to grip even the loyal steampunk fans. The story is filled with gadgetry but to my utter elation it is also packed with magnificent heroines that are quick thinking, witty, motivated, self sacrificing, m [...]

    3. Lady Claire returns for the fourth instalment in the Magnificent Devices series. In this episode she is joined by a brash American inventor, Alice Chalmers. As they journey to Canada to rejoin the Dunsmuirs they find themselves at the centre of a plot to assassinate none other than Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin. Thwarting the assassination attempt and preventing a war will just about fill up a book. I quite enjoy a bit of Steam Punk. That said, I find some of it harder to digest but this whole se [...]

    4. This book is definitely on the level with the first book in the series, Lady of Devices. SO much character development!! I especially enjoyed seeing the Mopsies growing into strong young ladies, wise beyond their years, and coming to true sense of family with Claire.We last left Lady Claire in quite a pickle at the end of Book 3. It was the cliff-hanger of all cliff-hangers for this series. This novel finds Lady Claire regrouping with her Flock, including it's true avian member, the adventurous [...]

    5. Just waiting for the moment this becomes available for order on ! After the ending of Magnificent Devices and the excerpt for Brilliant Devices- cannot wait! Very soon.

    6. Lady Claire is back and rumours of her demise are greatly exaggerated; though he reappearance causes quite a shock for Lord and Lady Dunsmuirs, especially since this is the second time Claire has been presumed dead. Reunited with her flock, Claire can return to her original plan, visiting Edmonton with the Dunsmuirs, seeing their holdings and making plans for the future – especially since she no longer has the threat of forced marriage being held over her.Of course, things can’t be that easy [...]

    7. Wowwhat a great fantastical adventure! Claire was rescued from the train wreck. Lord James is definitely out of the picture (kind of sad the way he's out of the equation but he is quite a sneaky villain) Will Andrew finally confess his feelings? Seems like there's never a good moment and when there is, he's just not quick enough. Sheeeesh!We've got a new guy who's also vying for Claire, if only she shows more interestd Andrew is distracted with Alice when looks all pretty for the party. Competit [...]

    8. I will address the four books as a whole.Before I even discuss anything else, I would first like to state my appreciation for the sheer amount of research that must have gone into these books. The prose is so fitting for the time period, even down to the spelling of certain words and the terminology used. I really gravitate toward attention to detail like that, so kudos to the author.Continuing in the vein of the prose, I really liked how it switched between the perspectives of several character [...]

    9. Alternative history? CheckSteam driven machines? CheckClockwork devices? CheckUse of human level engineering? CheckTrevelyanYoung characters having to get old characters out of trouble? CheckA tale of high adventure, dark conspiracies, and hairbreath escapes? Check"Brilliant Devices", the 4th episode in Shelley Adina's "Magnificent Devices" stories about the adventures of Lady Claire Trevelyan has all of the elements of a great steampunk tale, and more.This time Claire travels from the American [...]

    10. I was hooked on this series a few years back, but hadn't gotten around to reading this one until just now. I really loved this series, but, alas, I think it will be my last foray into this world.I was fully engrossed in the story, but two things completely ruined it for me.1) the sudden OMG I LOVE YOU from Captain Hollys (whom I barely remembered from the other books) to Claire.2) the ridiculous non-resolution to the romance at the end. A letter? Really? That's it, huh? Okay. We're done here.And [...]

    11. Probably the best of the series!There are four books in Adina's Magnificent Devices Series, all set with Claire as the main character in a steampunk world. I really didn't know I'd like steampunk this much! The four books are: Lady of Devices, Her Own Devices, Magnificent Devices, and Brilliant Devices.In Brilliant Devices all the threads come together at the end (somewhat abruptly) and everything reaches a satisfying conclusion. Which made me sad, because I wanted more.Here's the funny thing. I [...]

    12. I am one of those unfortunate souls who has a hard time abandoning a book or series. Even if I'm not loving it, I don't like leaving it all hanging.So uhg, I was ready for this series to end one book ago. All have abrupt "to be continued" style endings which feel cheap to me. This book had some interesting new plots, but the story just got cumbersome to me. Each book is longer than the last, partly because there are so many characters now involved, more added in each book with very few laid to r [...]

    13. Just a quick note that the four stars only applies if you read all four (so far) books in the series. These four books form the story of Claire Trevelyan, the unexpected Lady of Devices, who transforms from schoolroom young lady to dashing steampunk heroine over the course of these books. Much in the style of Gail Carriger, this is an alternative Victorian world, filled with steam-powered gadgets, overly polite society figures, and a young woman determined to do much more than her mother's expec [...]

    14. After how Book 3 ended, you would think Claire and company would get a small reprieve or much-needed rest, but there doesn’t appear to be much down time for the traveling entourage in book 4. Once again, they are being shot at and embroiled in yet more mysteries, treachery and deceit! As always, the Mopsie twins and Rosie, the ever-present chicken, provide much comic relief. Another winner!

    15. This was really quite good. It ended the original arc, I think, and the books going forward take up with the younger girls all grown up.I'd like to finish the series, I think.

    16. Magnificent Devices 4-book Bundle by Shelley AdinaI initially obtained the first book Lady of Devices free and thoroughly enjoyed the story and the characters to the point of not being able to pass up the great bargain of the 4 book bundle. I thought if they were even only half as well done as the first I couldn't go wrong. I set them aside for a bit before getting to them, but when I started I couldn't put the whole group down until I finished.Lady Claire or Claire Trevelyan daughter of Viscoun [...]

    17. I am a big fan of Steampunk novels.I suppose there are some deep-rooted psychological reasons for that but beyond them, I like Steampunk novels because they give me an alternative view of history. One member of an online Steampunk community I belong to perhaps put it best when he wrote that this genre provides us with "the history we should have had." I like that description of Steampunk's appeal to readers worldwide because it captures the essence of a particular time when people were not afrai [...]

    18. These books aren't just "steampunk", they are mystery, suspense, murder, espionage & spy novels all wrapped up together with a core group of people that will do anything to save the people they love and right the wrongs they see (even if that means they have to steal things in the process). New characters are met in this book and old characters begin to find their way and to "leave the nest", but I suspect they will all come back together at some point later on. The end of this one leaves Cl [...]

    19. I can't help loving this romance-y steampunk series. A variety of characters and great mechanics. Brilliant devices was better than #3 with more plot and twists. A little disappointed with the shifting POV, slightly muddled characterizations, and the wishy-washy treatment of Mr. Malvern, but interesting world-building (as always) and a charming setting make these a quick and satisfying read. This book comes to more of a conclusion than 2 and 3, making it a good stopping place. Can't wait to read [...]

    20. A mad dash adventure through steampunk society with great characters, fabulous storylines and some very lovely chickens! A great read, bringing the adventures in Canada's wild and chilly country to life, full of romance, action, adventure, diamond mines, steampunk elements, Victorian society, airships, munitions and, of course, devices!I also loved listening to the audiobook of the story, and with Fiona Hardingham narrating again it was, of course, full of character and really brought the story [...]

    21. This is a good book that continues the series. Each member of the group is given a good send off, following their own ambitions and Claire gets a good sendoff as well.The book refreshingly avoids some of the worse romantic tropes and doesn't dive straight into romance.I liked this book and would recommend it, it ends the series well but leaves enough open for exploration or continuation.

    22. I feel like Adina tries to pack too many different threads into her page count here, with the result that many of them don't really tie up well. The "romance rectangle" just kind of gets resolved somewhere "off screen", while other things get brought up as if they're going to be significant plot elements, and then aren't. It feels like it could have done with some aggressive editing.All that said, it's certainly readable enough steampunk fun, so if that's your jam you can dive on in.

    23. Lady Claire finally makes it to the Canadas (though not without further mishap en route). The reunification of the flock is brief, however - dastardly plots are afoot: von Zeppelin is targetted, as are the Dunsmuir's holdings. The epsiode end with a dash cross-country by air to Charlottestown - and two of the flock take wing and literally fly independently.More of this fun, please. (Actually - that plea is redundant as I have another four to go in this omnibus volume.)

    24. Jag har varit med om något helt fantastiskt. I över en vecka har jag läst och levt mig in i Shelley Adinas steampunkkvartett Magnificent Devices . Tack vare starka kvinnliga karaktärer och en lekfull tolkning av det viktorianska England har jag inte alls haft svårt att dagdrömma om vetenskapsgenier, ångmaskiner, luftskeppsturer över Atlanten, kvicka samtal över en kopp te, vackra klänningar med meterlånga släp och hisnande äventyr värdiga en fantasyserie. sandrajonsson/boktips-alla [...]

    25. Absorbing I very much enjoyed this book. The characters are clever and entertaining. The plot is clever and well thought out.

    26. I am reading this series as fast as possible. The author has created a wonderful world with people you can't help but care about.

    27. A great lot of fun and excitement. Ever changing landscapes and locations with wonderful descriptions and character development!

    28. When the series began, Lady Claire was a naive girl just leaving finishing school. Her biggest concerns were getting her sole real friend invited to her graduation party and convincing her parents to let her go to university. But then her father was ruined. Claire was left with just her stubborn will, her wits, and the rudiments of chemistry and engineering she managed to pick up from home economics class and her father's mechanic, respectively. From these she created the beginnings of a crimina [...]

    29. I admit it. The whole "Magnificent Devices" serial sent me off on tangents of exploration causing me to spend about as much time exploring as I did reading the novels. I become overwhelmed by curiosity when I sit down to write some reviews and find that I "just have to" see what I can dig up about whatever it is that sets me off. Below are some more links.Did you know that there was actually a Dunsmuir that was the richest man in Canada at the time Adina Shelley placed the Earl of Dunsmuir there [...]

    30. I have enjoyed this series and this fantasy world. i have something of a soft spot for Lady Claire and her charges.

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