Hearts of Ishira

Hearts of Ishira When Arianna wakes on a strange planet she is the only human able to communicate psychically with the big sexy Thorsani warrior who rides in with his men to rescue the Earth women from their crashed

  • Title: Hearts of Ishira
  • Author: Bethany Aan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Arianna wakes on a strange planet, she is the only human able to communicate psychically with the big, sexy Thorsani warrior who rides in with his men to rescue the Earth women from their crashed space transport The Thorsani, humanoid but descended from sentient cats eons ago, are also marooned on this planet they have named Ishira.Hunter and his brother Jace are CWhen Arianna wakes on a strange planet, she is the only human able to communicate psychically with the big, sexy Thorsani warrior who rides in with his men to rescue the Earth women from their crashed space transport The Thorsani, humanoid but descended from sentient cats eons ago, are also marooned on this planet they have named Ishira.Hunter and his brother Jace are Commander and lead physician of Ishira colony When the captured women tumble into their lives, the small Earthlings turn the men s world upside down The girls bring drama and heartache, laughter and lightt to mention the first opportunity for sex in than ten years And though she s the oldest of her group, Hunter and Jace find themselves drawn to the lovely, curvy Arianna.For Ri and her ladies, their tumultuous new life takes a very interesting turn when they discover that the Thorsani way is to marry in teams of men

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      171 Bethany Aan
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    1. I wanted to love this since Sci-Fi is my thing but ultimately couldn't finish it. I'm not a fast reader so I have to decide what's worth the time and what isn't. Here's why I bailed somewhere between a third and half way through:It's a fun premis. Bunch of girls trapped on a planet with sexy alien men. Bethany killed me with passive voice but the story was good enough to soldier on (for awhile). She's loose with POV at times, and like passive voice, it's a pet peeve. You, potential reader, may n [...]

    2. MOTHER-EFFING CLIFFHANGER!!!Sooooooo many unanswered questions!!!This author is a PLOT TEASE!(Tantrum)So wrong.I'll get the irritation under control and try to deliver a succinct review later.For now, I need to list all the interesting plot points within this book that just got left hanging out there with no love:#1 - The human women were kidnapped and kept in stasis gel for (spoiler) a LONG timer a purpose??? You never find out!#2 - Is Ri the light in the prophecy? #3 - Sean??#4 - Babies?#5 - B [...]

    3. I was provided a copy of this from Lovers of Paranormal Group for an exchange of honest review.Let's be honest, this book has a good rating but I don't enjoy most part of the book, I think the the chapters that entertained me much were the last three ones. I couldn't quiet decipher the thought that a 600+ page book and the story seems to be consumed by saving Ariana.From the first page to the last, all I could remember is Hunter and Jace always getting anxious and looking for Ariana, because Ash [...]

    4. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.I freaking loved this book! As a fan of Evangeline Anderson's Brides of the Kindred series and Tracy St. John's Clans of Kalquor series, I have found another sci-fi erotica author to love. Hearts of Ishira starts with a bang and just keeps on getting better. Initially I was concerned that the 600+ page book would be unable to maintain my interest as I have found few authors who can successfully write an epic novel. However, [...]

    5. I received a free copy from the author for my honest review, so here it is. Where to start: first I loved this book and am so ready for more. I love space travel in books or shows. If you would like to take a ride to another galaxy, then this book is for you. You will find yourself pulled into the story from the beginning when Arianna wakes with her body in so much pain and she can't remember why. When she opens her mind to try and touch someone to help them, she does not know who answers her bu [...]

    6. "Two other medics were following behind Hunter, making sure her scratches and wounds were clean before slathering them with salves and bandaging them. Four incredibly handsome, well-built men around her naked body. If she hadn't been so weak, she might have indulged in a bit of naughty fantasy."Okay, I'm already fanning my face with the physical imagery, but let's take it one step further: Imagine you can call to another being within the boundaries of your mind, but instead of the human beings y [...]

    7. 2.5 starsDNF at 50% and I love long books if I'm enjoying them I think yay more to enjoy but this book dragged and annoyed me immensely. Ok I need to get the negatives out first because certain things about this book annoyed me almost to the point of being infuriated.My first big problem was reading through pages and pages of how the heroine was treated like crap in society on earth but is nothing short of wonderful and perfect on her new planet. I am all for heroines having big personalities an [...]

    8. I loved this book. I didn't know if I would be able to get through it when I saw how many pages it was. The author done an amazing job writing this book and doing such a tremendous with all the characters and the high tech stuff that was in this book. I know that there are still some things that didn't get answered but man it was great.It took me thirteen hours to get this book read and I didn't want to put it down not even for a second. Arianna was such a strong woman even at times that she tho [...]

    9. This is one of my favorite books. Be aware that this is the first book in a series that has not been added to in 5 years. According to the author, she has health issues that have made it so she is unable to write. You can read this as a standalone, but there are a lot of questions that are unanswered, and relationships left unexplored.There is a crash and a bunch of injured women are thrust onto a new planet with a bunch of men who have been stranded there for 10 years. The question is, was the [...]

    10. I enjoyed this one. The author really came up with some new and unique ways to create familiar things (clothing, sugar, etc) from alien flora and fauna. I had fun exploring and creating these things with the characters. I feel like a lot of scifi authors pass up the chance to have a lot of fun and be truly creative when writing about an entirely new planet with new lifeforms and plantlife. I also like exploring the endless possibilities when it comes to alien cultures and their ideas about moral [...]

    11. I loved this book, it's rare to find a book that's so well written that whilst you're reading it you are transported to the world and are living the story along with the characters but Ms Aan has managed that here. It's a sweeping tale with lots of characters to enjoy and get to know, and a brand new world to discover. Unlike some books in this genre this book didn't feel rushed or all about the sex, although it was steamy enough in places, but felt more well rounded as a story and as much about [...]

    12. ****2015 (July) Re-readThere doesn't seem to be a second book, so this one leaves you hanging. It's a good book, but unless book 2 is ever written, I wouldn't recommend buying a cliffhanger.2013: I didn't like the abrupt ending, but still loved the book. I hope there is a follow-up.

    13. FIRST READ BY AUTHOR. First in seriesAn absolutely fantastic book. Quite epic in length. Telling the story of a group of women who wake up on a strange planet fighting off alien wolf like animals. The focus is on arianna ( ri ) she is a psychic or ‘reader’ and with a broken leg and her group of 30 odd sorority girls it’s obvious the odds are not in their favour. Ri calls out mentally for help and hunter answers.Having crash landed some ten years earlier whilst fleeing a brutal race command [...]

    14. I'll be honest. I'm really kind of pissed off I was not able to find this book and ended up wasting 3+ dollars on it. Not worth it!The trouble with this book is that the premise is just waaaaay too interesting!!! It could have been soooooo good!! And the first few chapters that I was able to read as a preview were decent and had plenty of foreplay, so I really couldn't resist buying it.My main problems are: It's too damn repetitive. Issues that appear to be resolved in one chapter pop up over an [...]

    15. I just finished reading Hearts of Ishira, a sci-fi romance of epic proportions. First of all, I have to give kudos to Bethany Aan for the sweetest dedication EVER to her husband. Made me wish she was my wife.I'll admit, science fiction's not really my thing. I prefer the classics, Arthur C. Clarke, 2001 Space Odyssey type stuff. But there were enough other elements in Hearts of Ishira to make it a compelling read for me.1. Sexy cat-men. Once I got used to the furry aspect of the men on this plan [...]

    16. Hearts of Ishira by Bethany AanArianna awoke to excruciating pain and screams somewhere nearby. When she opened her eyes, she saw a forest unlike any she’d ever seen. Strange insects and flying creatures roamed the land. Then, from the shadows, other living things emerged – animals unlike anything Ri could have dreamed in her wildest fantasy. She had no idea where she was.She looked around and saw a corpse with a broken neck nearby. The creatures were almost in feeding frenzy over the woman [...]

    17. I was given a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.The first scene is definitely not for the squeamish – might be better to read during the day so you don’t get nightmares. It’s where we first meet Arianna Hunter and she seems to be in pain. There are also other women there with her. Don’t let this first scene turn you off because you’ll miss a great book if you do. This book shows how resilient people can be in situations that they have no control over.My [...]

    18. 3.75This book is a straightforward uncomplicated erotic romance that pulls the reader into to the lives of the character and their struggle to survive, make connections and create meaningful loving relationships and strong emotional bonds. This story started with a bang from page one and I was quickly immersed in the relationship drama of the couples. The plot is centred mainly around relationship dramas but it is offset by family tragedy, humorous moments and well timed cute domestic moments an [...]

    19. Brief Summary: Hearts of Ishira starts off just the way I think a novel should begin. It begins with a mystery. Arianna awakens in a strange forest with no memory of how she arrived. She soon sees other women who are similarly injured and with no memory. Through a special power that Ri possesses she is able to feel the other inhabitants of the plant and knows that they only wish to help the women. Through advanced technology and the charming [ ;) ] nature of the Thorsani men the women must adjus [...]

    20. **I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.**Wow. That was amazing.This book felt so long, but Bethany Aan made EVERY moment worth the wait.My first love for this book came from the message about body image if felt the author was trying to portray, having the men LOVE bigger girls and think they were beautiful and how they helped Ri and Bev get over their self-doubt was refreshing. I also just loved how honest the men were, it was a picturesque world in terms of the men.I was a lit [...]

    21. the-book-diaries@gmail I have found a new reading enjoyment recently from Fantasy/Sci-Fi Romance. With Hearts Of Ishira, I found myself enjoying the world and experience Bethany has created. It was a very intriguing concept and entertaining to follow. I liked the characters, and the entire basis of the story. It was creative and easy to believe. Each character had background which made them interesting and they were normal everyday people. Bethany did well bringing in young, old, pretty and aver [...]

    22. So I finished this book and it was awersome has so much good things in it:Hansome aliensBeautiful planetBeautiful curvy womenSpecial abilitesJokesAwersome writingThere was only thing I was little uncomfortable with (view spoiler)[ and that was so many men for one woman, but with story proceeding I found it realy good and then there were another women mixed in. My heart broken for Bev. Would it be me i would be angry because the men knew from the beginning that they would share, but poor women ha [...]

    23. *I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads*I really wanted to like this book, and I did like the first half.unfortunately, for me, the second half wasn't as exciting.The premise was great: a spaceship (carrying only females) crashes onto a planet of ONLY male warrior-cats. Thus the two species learn to cohabitate and start working on colonization.I truly felt like this story was to long and to "wordy". I became frustrated with the dialog, sometimes feeling like the [...]

    24. Miss Aan gives you the opportunity to leave this planet we call Earth behind, to find our selves on a world called Ishira. As humans we have our culture, certain behaviors are hammered into our beings and what we call moral here could cause problems on Ishira. Men, refugees of a war,which robbed them of their home planet and females of our world try to find a way to live happily with each other, unknown if their DNA is compatible or not, they still have to enter the journey to making this world [...]

    25. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP)EEEEP! I had NO idea what I was getting into when I read this book. I don't even think I read the synopsis. But I have zero regrets!! Definitely Sci-fi & romance. A group of women find themselves on an alien planet with super hot warrior cat-men, and some of them have psychic powers. Can they survive the dangers and unknown? There was definitely more romantical stuff, and some of it even erotica, but it didn't detract from the story [...]

    26. Received this book to review from LoP book group. This book was about 200 pages too long. I liked the concept and the way they had to reinvent everything but it took too long to get to heart of the book and I got sick of them weaving things and fibers and spinning yarn. It was not bad but some things were repetitious and a little to unbelievable, even from a sci-fi point of view. Not bad but I won't be picking up the next in this series.

    27. I enjoyed this tale from beginning to end but it does need some major continuity editing. Even with that I liked the story line and characters. This book would have easily gotten 4 stars from me if the editing had been better. Because of the editing problems, I just could not give it more than 3 stars.

    28. Hearts of Ishira has all I look for in a good read, and then some. A great plot, griping characters, and a good dose of naughtiness to round it out! I love the imagery of the other-worldly planet, how she makes you feel like you are there. And the imagery of the hunkalicious men on this world, that make a woman feel not just wanted, but needed and loved. Can't wait for the rest of the series!

    29. Best. Book ever!!!! This. Jumped into my lap and proceeded to win me over from page one. The chacters rock the story rolls and theres something in there for everyone . It will take you to the most beautiful places in space and beyond. So what are you waitinv for grab the next big thing today!!!!

    30. Very much enjoyed this novel up until the heroine gets injured for the third time. As a plot device, it gets a wee bit tedious. But I like the strong, imperfect heroine and the men-cats that find her beautiful. All-in-all, a good read.

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