Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison

Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison The graduation ceremonies for the largest class of Imperial cadets since the forming of the Empire suddenly become host to a lightning fast terrorist strike against the Emperor and Darth Vader As stor

  • Title: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison
  • Author: W. Haden Blackman Agustín Alessio
  • ISBN: 9781616550592
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The graduation ceremonies for the largest class of Imperial cadets since the forming of the Empire suddenly become host to a lightning fast terrorist strike against the Emperor and Darth Vader As stormtroopers are nearly wiped out by the unexpected onslaught, and Vader rises to fight through the chaos, one cadet, the wounded Laurita Tohm, joins the battle at Vader s side.The graduation ceremonies for the largest class of Imperial cadets since the forming of the Empire suddenly become host to a lightning fast terrorist strike against the Emperor and Darth Vader As stormtroopers are nearly wiped out by the unexpected onslaught, and Vader rises to fight through the chaos, one cadet, the wounded Laurita Tohm, joins the battle at Vader s side.nning a journey that will show him how to succeed in the Empire, and how to fail.Through Tohm s incident report, the facts behind the insurrection are revealed, as he, Darth Vader, and Moff Trachta race to preserve their Empire and the life of their Emperor, traveling to the fallen Jedi Temple, into the past of Anakin Skywalker, and across the galaxy to the secret, hidden Ghost Prism

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      152 W. Haden Blackman Agustín Alessio
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    1. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths ReviewsA long time ago in a galaxy far, far away . . . . EPISODE III . . . and a little bit moreTHE SITH DEPOSED The Galactic Republic has been erased from the pages of history by the Sith. Palpatine and his apprentice Darth Vader having destroyed the Jedi Order and founded the Galactic Empire!But loyal supporters of Chancellor Palpatine have become disgusted by his imperial hubris. These member of his inner circle have conceived A daring plan to overthrowing t [...]

    2. The Ghost Prison, aka The Prism, was an old Jedi secret prison where they kept force sensitive prisoners who couldn't be held by the Republic's prisons. Ultra-secret and considered a myth. It becomes even more important in the Incident known as the Ghost Prison incident.Headmaster Gentis of the Imperial Academy decides to overthrow Palpatine and become the new Emperor. In the attack the Emperor is injured and needs to be taken somewhere safe to recuperate. Vader accompanied by Lt. Thom, a recent [...]

    3. This graphic novel was totally top notch both the story and the art. I wasn't even supposed to read it (I have a lot of other books to read that needs to be finished soon) but I was sucked into the story and could just not quit reading it. The art was really good, the kind that I like, crisp and clean, with easy to read font. Every page was a work of art.Growing up my favorite character in Star Wars was Darth Vader, and he still is my favorite character. So that is one of the reasons I really li [...]

    4. Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison is a fine Star Wars story with an original idea and many well-written characters (especially Moff Trachta who is like Darth Vader but with guns instead of lightsaber). Also this is finally a story that Darth Vader acts as the evil ruthless bastard he really is. It reminds us why the fearsome Dark Lord of the Sith is considered one of the greatest fictional villains in history.

    5. WOW! Darth Vader and the Lost Command didn't really impress me - it's basically the same story as Dark Lord: Star Wars: The Rise of Darth Vader), but this comic series blew me out of the water!Lieutenant Laurita Tohm is a very relatable, likeable, smart character. Darth Vader is marvelously portrayed. And while the Empire does appear ruthless, I also felt it wasn't so overdone and blatant as is typically shown.And the ending! TOTALLY didn't see that coming!One of the best recent Star Wars comic [...]

    6. This was so awesome. Very strong read and probably one of my favourite Star Wars graphic novels. Not one to be missed, even if it's no longer canon.

    7. This was a surprisingly good story. Told entirely from an imperial's point of view, a few months after the events of Episode 3, and detailing a coup attempt on the Emperor. That everyone in it is on the 'evil' side of the spectrum, it's amazing how deeply the characters are drawn. Vader is prominent, but other characters like Moff Trachta and Grand Moff Tarkin also play out well. And the central character, Laurita Tohm, is a fascinatingly loyal man to whom the question 'what are you loyal to' be [...]

    8. Darth Vader's characterization in these Darkhorse Darth Vader books are much more interesting than how he's depicted in the movie. Darth Vader here is exactly how we all want him to be: ruthless, self-centered, and badass. The story concerns a captain in the emperors army who hated the republic (the good guys) and is completely faithful to the empire. He ends up being getting involved in a conflict and has the opportunity to fight with Darth Vader. The story is all told from the captains point-o [...]

    9. I have a love/hate relationship with the Star Wars Expanded Universe. A lot of it reads like it was written by disillusioned middle-aged fans trying to make something "edgy" out of the thing they loved as a kid. That, or it's generic sci-fi, too far removed from the saga's iconic mythology to be recognizable as Star Wars. But! For every handful of stories that fail to grasp the essentials, there are worthy tales like Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison. Thank the Maker. Haden Blackman gets it. He u [...]

    10. Ghost Prison takes place 19 years before A New Hope and gives us a nice little view into the world that Palpatine is working with before the original trilogy starts.Some of the past graphic novels I’ve read have had Vader standing around and generally not doing much other than a few force chokes or light saber duals. I’m very pleased to say that Vader is a force to be reckoned with in this one, no pun intended. He shows off his power and just how ruthless he can be when it comes to other peo [...]

    11. After reading a couple disappointing graphic novels, Dark Horse delivers a jewel in the Star Wars crown. Fantastic art mixed with a tense story line makes this a buy for anyone interested even remotely in Star Wars or science fiction. Blackman keeps his plot simply and easy to follow and while there are a few holes in the story they are so small it doesn't take away from the story at all. The art is very clean and straight forward which helps to carry the story along without making the art the f [...]

    12. Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison by Haden Blackman. 2013. Dark Horse Books, 128 p. $24.99. ISBN: 9781616550592Set several months after the events chronicled in Star Wars: Episode III, The Revenge of the Sith, Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison gives us a glimpse into the early formation of the Galactic Empire. The newly enthroned Emperor Palpatine falls victim to a coup attempt and it falls to his apprentice Darth Vader, a cyborg Grand Moff, and a young disfigured Lieutenant recently gr [...]

    13. Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ghost PrisonAuthor: Haden Blackman, Agustin AlessioPublisher: Dark Horse publishingPublished In: Date: April 23, 2013Pgs: 128REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSSummary:A rebellion on the heels of the Emperor’s victory. Terror attacks across Coruscant. Emperor Palpatine close to death. An entire crop of cadets from the finest military academies across the empire turned to the ambition of their headmaster. A man who wants to crown himself the next Emperor. Vader must find [...]

    14. Being a longtime Star Wars fan, this title was one of particular interest for me. I am pleased to report that my interest was indeed justified. If you’re a fan of Star Wars, this is a must read as Dark Horse Comics yet again delivers the goods for fan boys and girls everywhere!The story takes place during the transition period between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope and offers a refreshingly different perspective than typically shown in the Star Wars universe . The novel is pr [...]

    15. It's been a while since I read Lost Command and Ninth Assassin, but I only read this one yesterday, thus I felt a review seemed a good idea to do since it's fresh on my mind.I've grown up with Star Wars, Darth Vader having been one of my favourite characters since I was very young so naturally I have a tendency to really enjoy any works that are Vader-central. That being said, this comic doesn't actually start off with Vader (it didn't either in the Ninth Assassin. I can't remember about Lost Co [...]

    16. Star Wars: Darth Vader & the Ghost PrisonWritten By: Haden BlackmanArt By: Agustin AlessioCover Art By: Dave WilkinsPublished By: Dark Horse Books, a Division of Dark Horse Comics, Inc.There’s not much about a Star Wars book or comic that readers young and old can’t appreciate. This, again, holds true for Star Wars: Darth Vader & the Ghost Prison.After a hazing incident finds Laurita Tohm, an imperial cadet and Raithal Valedictorian, locked in the cockpit of a prototype fighter, he [...]

    17. Find this review and more at The AP Book ClubThis is a very well written story. The focus is on Darth Vader and inside the Empire. New characters are introduced and other characters from the expanded universe and the films make appearances. I really liked the protagonist. All the characters in this graphic novel have depth. The artwork is also very nice. My only complaint is that some of the newly introduced aliens don't look very Star Wars-y. The aliens are rougher and gorier that the usual ali [...]

    18. Painéis magníficos, arte e coloração verdadeiramente ao serviço de um soberbo argumento.Insidiosidade (e vulnerabilidade) sith, contrabalançadas e igualmente suportadas pela cegueira dos fanatismos imperiais (nos vários tipos detectados entre os alucinados imperalistas).Uma maravilha do princípio ao fim.

    19. Working for Darth Vader can earn you fear and respect, but don't double cross the dark lord. This is what happens when you think you know it all and try to take over. Sneakiness gets you nowhere except death!

    20. "Never suffer rivals." Ha. Awesome. Excellent story. Excellent ending. Excellent bad-@$$ depiction of Vader.

    21. My very first Star Wars comic book. I thought it was seriously awesome. I loved the prequel movie references. The ending completely surprised me!

    22. I’ve been a Star Wars fan since the original movie in 1977. That flick introduced an entire generation to such things as X-wing Fighters, Jedi Knights, Sith Lords, and the Death Star. It presented a classically simply good-versus-evil story peppered with blasters, droids, and Stormtroopers. Thankfully, Dark Horse Comics keeps the Force alive by finding even more clever ways to revisit them without making it all feel so intrusive or commercial. Sure, some of the tales may not be to everyone’s [...]

    23. El Señor Oscuro en su mejor expresión. El relato, los dibujos y las viñetas resultan absolutamente fieles a la estética y ambiente de los primeros años del imperio. Presenta una trama muy interesante, dando cuenta del momento a partir del cual la personalidad y fama de Vader a lo largo de la galaxia comienzan a tomar forma. Entretenida, y cruel, de principio a fin. Todos sus personajes calzan perfectamente en la historia, siendo el protagonista quien lidera los acontecimientos. Y pese a ser [...]

    24. So, Vader is a total badass in this, particularly at the end. Whatever you do, if you're reading this review before reading the book, don't flip to the back before reading.This is a very worthy addition to the EU - the story is very Star Wars. Even the stakes are high, which can sometimes be a rare thing in an EU story because they have to fit in with all the other canon.

    25. A nice perspective on the meantime of Episodes III-IV, with an original point of view and a good set of characters. The art was good enough, there were cool ties with both the first and the second trilogy, and cameos of classic characters make for a nice middle section. Plus, the ending was as amazing as it was original.

    26. Great Art, Vader At His BestA great quick read that has an awesome twist ending and enjoyable story. Well done art and interesting characters, including Moff Trachta's origin story.

    27. Vader is always cool but that's about it.Not sure if this is canon or not anymore. Decent artwork with some interesting characters. Not much of a story arc so if you aren't a fan starving for more light sabers and spaceships there isn't much here for you.

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