Captivated by You

Captivated by You Mark Delaney is a high profile movie star who wants nothing than to visit his sister for the Christmas holiday before his big movie premiere When he goes back to Colorado against his agent s wishes o

  • Title: Captivated by You
  • Author: Diane Alberts
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mark Delaney is a high profile movie star who wants nothing than to visit his sister for the Christmas holiday before his big movie premiere When he goes back to Colorado against his agent s wishes, of course a snowstorm comes that lands his Maserati in a ditch Stranded on a quiet road, he knocks on the door of the first house he sees the same house that his formerMark Delaney is a high profile movie star who wants nothing than to visit his sister for the Christmas holiday before his big movie premiere When he goes back to Colorado against his agent s wishes, of course a snowstorm comes that lands his Maserati in a ditch Stranded on a quiet road, he knocks on the door of the first house he sees the same house that his former math tutor grew up in Expecting to find an elderly couple donned in robes and hair curlers, he s knocked off his feet when Lacey Robertson herself opens the door She s all grown up now and Mark can t help but notice.When Lacey opens the door to find a tuxedo clad man staring back at her, she can t believe that the very same boy she pined after throughout childhood is on her porch Having the famous star all to herself is intoxicating to say the least, but she resolves to resist the temptation of a blissful night in his arms After all, he s probably used to women throwing themselves at him on a nightly basis and she won t be one of the faceless crowd begging for his attention.But when she finds out that he hasn t stopped thinking about her, despite his A list life, will she fall into his arms for a single night of pleasure Or will she dare to hope for Captivated by You is Book 1 in the Superstars in Love Series.

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    1 thought on “Captivated by You”

    1. 2 1/2 to 3 starsCaptivated by You started strong and had great potential but ultimately fell short. This novella needed to be longer to effectively handle the amount of drama included in the short plot. Because of that, the drama and resolution felt rushed and unrealistic. Still, it's a sweet, sexy–if not slightly melodramatic–holiday read. If you don't mind a rushed plot, you'll enjoy this one.

    2. ”Tonight, we just enjoy each other. No questions. No expectations of a future together. Just be mine for one night. My own personal Christmas present, delivered to my door. Mine.”Mark Delaney left for Hollywood to become a star leaving his small Colorado town and Lacey Robertson, his friend and crush behind. Home for a visit, the now famous movie star and heartthrob finds himself stranded on Lacey’s door step for the night. One night packed with all sorts of fun, sexy chemistry to unwrap a [...]

    3. Short sweet sexy romance.Mark Delaney is a big-time Hollywood movie star back home in Colorado to visit his little sister for Christmas when he gets his Maserati stuck in ditch in a blizzard and has to knock on the door of the nearest house for shelter. This house belongs to Lacey – Lacey is the girl who’s always had a claim on Mark’s heart but he left her behind years ago when he went to Hollywood to pursue his acting dream.It’s just a short novella as they share one hot steamy night of [...]

    4. “See this? That day I was sick. Felt like shit and dragged my feverish ass out of bed to get my prescription filled.”She leaned closer and looked at the picture. “You look happy to me. Of course, you’re wearing sunglasses so I can’t see your eyes, but you look content enough.”“Yeah, because I have to look that way. If the paparazzi take a picture of me with a red nose and puffy eyes—next day they’ll be calling me a drug addict. Saying I was out all night partying and snorting l [...]

    5. This is a very quick little read about mega movie star, Mark, who is visiting family in his home town at Christmas, gets his car stuck in a ditch in the middle of a snowstorm, and ends up on the doorstep of an old high school friend. When Lacey opens the door one snowy Christmas night and finds her high school crush and first love on her doorstep, she gets the shock of her life. Inviting him in, they easily fall back into their comfortable old rapport, plus a whole heap of sexual tension. And wh [...]

    6. This story was about getting a second chance at your first love on Christmas and it sure was a short, sweet and sexy novella. Mark is a huge Hollywood Actor who has returned home to visit his little sister for Christmas. He gets stuck in a blizzard and has to go seek shelter from the storm at the nearest house. This house belongs to Lacey, the girl from his past whose heart left with him when he left town and who unbeknownst to her has a piece of his. (This will be a series.).”Tonight, we just [...]

    7. 4.5 StarsMark and Lacey have been friends since they were little kids. After graduation Mark leaves to follow his dream to become a movie star and leaves his friendship with Lacey behind too. They both haven’t seen each until a Christmas snow storm strands Mark in his home town years later, with nowhere to go but to his old friend's house. Things get pretty interesting after that.That was such a cute, fast read. I loved it. Diane Alberts is now officially one of my favorites. She knows what th [...]

    8. Review originally posted on Talk SupeWho wouldn't want a second chance with their first love? For Lacey Robertson, that's exactly what she gets for Christmas."He was rich and famous - and she was still a small town girl who used to tutor him in math."During a winter storm, Hollywood heartthrob, Mark Delaney, ends up getting stranded on a Colorado road after his Maserati ends up on a ditch. Miles away from his sister's house, Mark ends up walking to an old childhood friends house. This isn't just [...]

    9. Man I was set for this high profile romance where all these wannabe girlfriends come flying out of the closet to upset Lacey. I hunkered down for an all-nighter, determined to read this in one sitting. And then it ended! Before I was ready for it too. I immediately asked Diane what was up, how could you tease me like this? You know what she did, she ran into the field laughing and pointing her knitting needles at me!Mark and Lacey sizzle as the couple that never where even though both wanted it. [...]

    10. A short and sweet book.Actually just to the point romance.Nice and fun.Diane Alberts has always been a great writer.This short one bring no exception to her writing skills.Loved the main characters and the story line.Would've loved an epilogueBut nonetheless, as I saida fun read. :)

    11. Very short romance. It was a nice read, but could have been a lot better had it been fleshed out more.

    12. Review posted at Hesperia Loves BooksCaptivated By You was a short & sweet Christmas novella that I thought was perfect for the Christmas season. The story started off very strong and I loved the premise, I’m always a sucker for second chance romance. However, somewhere in the middle, it took a turn that, for me, made it fall a little flat. I loved the back story and potential that Mark & Lacey’s story had. Friends, who definitely wanted more, in high school but never quite getting t [...]

    13. Great premise, I thought. Hot actor returns to home town and comes across old friend, one he could have had something with once upon a time. However, the story felt rushed - this might be my error in not realizing this was a novella (I read it in a couple of hours, it was 100 pages on my Kindle). Even as a novella it disappointed, though.SPOILER ALERTI thought the plot was full of holes - Hero (Mark) needs to get out of town and back to Hollywood for a movie premiere. It's Christmas eve and snow [...]

    14. Everyone wants a second chance at the one that got away. In Captivated By You Mark and Lacey get just that thanks to a snow storm that keeps Mark from getting back to his Hollywood actor life and his fake Hollywood girlfriend. The chemistry between Mark and Lacey is evident from the start. They've known each other for years and secretly loved each other, but for various reason, never got together. Now, snowed in and thrown together by a twist of fate, neither can deny the feelings they've had fo [...]

    15. Cute holiday tale of two people reunited after years of separationLacey Robertson a school teacher and Mark Delany a movie stargrew up together and Lacey tutored Mark in high school.He left Colorado to follow his dream of becoming a star, she stayed and went to college to become a teacher. They cared about one another but they were young and had a life ahead of them and they weren't ready to be together.When the two meet again sparks fly and the control they had when they were younger disappears [...]

    16. I was Captivated but the story line.It was kind of heart breaking that they spent so much time apart not realizing they were meant to be together. Well it's not that easy as Lacey is a small town school teacher and Mark is all Hollywood so Mark will need to do a lot of convincing to make Lacey see that what they have is something worth fighting for. Just a little sex nothing raunchy or over the top.Ending is good and there is more that could be toldor not either way I was happy with it.Read the [...]

    17. This is a short novella. It started off well, Mark getting stuck in snow and being near high school friend Lacey and finding her in when seeking shelterold emotions well up and the potential was there, but it then felt rushed and everything seemed to be fixed in a few short hoursnsidering they hadn't been in touch for 8 yearsI felt it was too much too fast! It was a shame it was not longer and there was no epilogueI would've liked to have known how Lacey coped with her debut on the red carpet wi [...]

    18. The reason this story gets three stars rather than four is that though the premise is great, the author doesn't deliver. I think that too much is packed into what is a short story, meaning that much of the issues aren't actually dealt with.Personally, I think it needed to be longer and properly address both characters' backgrounds and issues. As it stands, it's merely a convenient plot for some rather hot sex scenes. And having read other books by this author I found that disappointing.It's not [...]

    19. quick cute story about mark delaney and lacey denying their true feelings until one snowy night causes his maserati to get stuck in a ditch and leads him right to her door. lacey thought this was her one chance to have one special night with him and then he would be gone forever but she could never have guessed that he wanted more and is willing to make changes in his life to make their relationship work.

    20. I wanted something short, funny and hot so I got it. I read it and I love it. It was very Christmas mood, which was totally perfect for me, and the love was there all the times. I like the two pov's, but I like Mark's more. I want a another short story about them, how sad that my wish cannot become true. BUT I really love it and I recommend it. :)

    21. Check out my review, a teaser, and a character interview during and after my blog tour stop on December 10, 2012 -- frommetoyouvideophoto/2012/12/blog-tour-made-grade-captivated-by-youml

    22. I would have to agree with the other reviews. I really enjoyed the story truly did but it was just too short. there could have been so much more added. like what happens after???how does life continue. just to short and to abrupt.

    23. I liked this book but it's not really my favorite. Mostly because it's too short and the story's just way too predictable. Definitely not going to be my last Diane Alberts because I read some of her books, and I enjoyed them better than this one.

    24. Mark is now a celebrity with a small town past. Lacey is still in the small town an is hurt that Mak her crush an once someone she tutored left her out to dry when he moved away to chase fame. Reason for my two stars is solely on the length of the book.Super short read

    25. I really enjoyed this. I kinda wish it was a full Novel but I'm ok with it. In the course of one night both Mark and Lacey's lives change. It was sweet and heart felt. I will be looking forward for the Superstars in love Series.

    26. I give this 3.5 starsI didn't realize it was as short as it was, but I still enjoyed it and felt connected with the characters just wasn't long enough to really develop the character and their relationship.

    27. For as short as the book was, it was good. Nice and tidy. If you're going to do a short story, pull the ending together, leave the reader knowing (even though it's not really in black or white) what's going to happen to the hero/heroine. That's what this book did.Very sweet, romantic read.

    28. Had I known this was one of those short stories, I probably would have skipped it. I thought this was a full length novel. But the feelings that came pouring out of these two after not seeing each other for 8 years seemed ridiculous to me.

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