How to Pursue a Princess

How to Pursue a Princess The second novel in New York Times bestselling author Karen Hawkins s sparkling Duchess Diaries series features a young woman desperate for a wealthy marriage a prince who pretends to be poor and a

  • Title: How to Pursue a Princess
  • Author: Karen Hawkins
  • ISBN: 9781451685206
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The second novel in New York Times bestselling author Karen Hawkins s sparkling Duchess Diaries series features a young woman desperate for a wealthy marriage, a prince who pretends to be poor, and a meddling godmother.Lily Balfour has spent her entire life under the shadow of financial ruin, and she s determined to save her family in the only way available to women by marThe second novel in New York Times bestselling author Karen Hawkins s sparkling Duchess Diaries series features a young woman desperate for a wealthy marriage, a prince who pretends to be poor, and a meddling godmother.Lily Balfour has spent her entire life under the shadow of financial ruin, and she s determined to save her family in the only way available to women by marrying well When the Duchess of Roxburghe, Lily s godmother, announces she s found the perfect match for Lily, the handsome, dashing, and extremely wealthy Earl of Huntley, Lily hopes they ll fall wildly in love, marry, and that his wealth will save her family But when Prince Pietr Wulfinski, the poorest of the Russian princes, walks into the Duchess s ballroom and sweeps a hot, possessive glance over her, Lily knows she s in big trouble Marry the safe, handsome, and wealthy Earl, or the dangerous, rakish, but poor Prince To make the right choice, Lily must decide if she ll listen to her heart or her head

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    1 thought on “How to Pursue a Princess”

    1. Well this was the first Karen Hawkins book that disappointed me. I thought I would like it much more than I actually did. It looked like a promising story.I didn't buy the "I loved you since the moment I first saw you" thing (please, you don't even know her, how can you love her?). I don't much care for "love at first sight" stories. And Lily was very annoying at times with her "I love him but I mustn't love him" martyred talk. To be honest Huntley and Emma were much more interesting characters [...]

    2. Wonderful book. I enjoyed every second of it. I love Karen Hawkins books, they are never predictable, I always wonder what is coming next. I love her characters and her humor. Wulf! I love Wulf. How could any woman not love him.

    3. Lily Blair never wanted to marry, that was until her farther put them indebt to their neighbor and loan was coming due to their neighbor Lord Kirk. To prevent her sister Dahlia from sacrificing her self to a crusty older, stuffy Lord Kirk who provided the loan Lily decides to finally a attend one of her Godmothers functions with the express purpose of making a well placed financial match .Lily did not count on the very handsome endearing Prince Wulfinski( Wulf) being such a huge distraction.The [...]

    4. That was the complete opposite of book one. The whole set up did not make sense. I couldn't enjoy the banter or anything else because I was so mad about the introduction/plot. It just didn't make sense. Maybe if this story would have been book one, I could see it, but her sister just married an Earl and these are supposed to be intelligent self-serving women. They didn't even try to reason with Kirk - just jumped straight on to this farcical path. And the dad. Don't even get me started. *throws [...]

    5. Poets always compare love to roses. They both grow, both have thorns, both are beautiful . . . and they both require a good, thorough mulching at least twice a year, preferably by a master gardener. Even nature needs help now and then.

    6. Neat take on Little Red Riding Hood. Lily's father has put them in debt and she feels the only way out is for her to marry a rich man. Her godmother finds the perfect candidate and sets up a house party for them to get to know each other. This gets interfered with when Prince Wulfinski sets his sights on Lily. He portrays himself as poor because he's tired of being pursued for his money not himself. She is drawn to him but determined to save her family. The fun comes as he tries to persuade her [...]

    7. Posted on What I'm ReadingEarly this morning I finished reading Karen Hawkins' How to Pursue a Princess. I must say that I enjoyed the story. However, it was a little different from How to Capture a Countess. Actually, How to Pursue a Princess reminded me a Candice Hern's book A Garden Folly. Yes, there are similarities and difference, but today's focus on How to Pursue a Princess.In How to Capture a Countess, it was filled with light-heartedness with the hero and heroine trying to one-up-each-o [...]

    8. Karen Hawkins paints a majestic portrait of love and loyalty in HOW TO PURSUE A PRINCESS. The second installment in the DUCHESS DIARIES series will sweep you off of your feet with it’s deeply romantic sensuality. Lily Balfour has just found out that her father has taken out a loan against their family estate and he has no way of paying it back. Not knowing what to do, Lily has decided that the only way to save her family from financial ruin is to find a wealthy man to marry.When Lily’s match [...]

    9. I was disappointed by this book. After the last one I thought it would be funnier, and certainly less annoying (and involving many rolled eyes). Maybe it was just the couple I didn't like. Lily was a little dull, and Wulf was well, I read historical romance set in the ton almost exclusively, and it's for a reason. Wulf just walked all over the rules of propriety and didn't bother trying to learn them. If I wanted to read that I'd read a contemporary novel. Maybe the next one will be better. I'm [...]

    10. There were several good components to this story. I don't usually like prince/princess stories but I was quite comfortable with Wulf. For him, Lily was love at first sight. He was a comfortable hero. Lily was a disappointment to me. I really liked her in the previous book about her sister but she never stood out as I expected. She was too much of a martyr. I never believed her love for Wulf. Her attraction, yes, but love, no. I got bored and toward the end just wanted to finish.I am looking forw [...]

    11. Oh, what a lovely romantic story. If only real life was like it. I enjoyed the ups and downs of Wulf and Lily's lovelife, and a wonderful HEA ending.This is one of the best stories from one of my top 5 author's, and I so enjoyed it - loved it!

    12. The Aunt character adds something special to each story in the series (which includes one of my favorite books, How to Capture a Countess).

    13. Meh, 2.5 stars. This was a positively inane story for the first 4/5 until the potion bit, and that was both a poignant kind of irony I particularly enjoy and also entirely predictable. I never got to a point where Wulf felt believable, both in his sudden love and in his caricaturistic nature (perhaps not helped by his stentorian voice in the audiobook). And the whole dilemma about finding a wealthy man was kicked off by Lily being unconscionably rude and asking her rescuer about his wealth, whic [...]

    14. L’idea del principe russo che vuole sposarsi per ciò che è e non per il suo patrimonio non è nuova ed è l’unico aspetto stimolante del romanzo. Per il resto abbiamo un conte ricchissimo e noioso che dovrebbe essere il futuro sposo della protagonista, costretta a sposarsi per salvare il padre dai creditori. Ovvio che vincerà l’amore (e avrà anche il denaro, in realtà, perché il principe è comunque ricco), però dopo averne letto un terzo preferisco tenermi il dubbio. Poco trascinan [...]

    15. At the beginning of the book, I felt like I had read this before.But then well it still felt familar but I hadn't read this book before. The story was pretty good. Wulf is very forward and demanding. And Lily, well she knows what she has to do but her heart is wanting something else.Overall, not too bad. More like 3.5 stars

    16. This one just wasn't for me. I found Lily to be whiney, and Wulfinski was just ridiculous. The book was full of so much filler (I lost count of how many times pages and pages were filled with 'I have to do my duty') that there really wasn't much story line. The saving grace was that the dogs were cute.

    17. I wish there was no russian prince involvedy other but russiant because i dont like russian people but because author does not now enough to wtire bout itere is no such word in our language as tata or noone calling their loved once moya.i almost enjoyed the story but unfortunately i know that russian man are nothing like prince in this book.

    18. I didn't enjoy the book at all. Some honesty, less denial and more effort could have really helped. I would have rather read a whole book about Lily's dress shop rather than this tripe. Emma's love was the only pure thing in the whole book. And the revelation at the end wasn't clever; it was cruel.

    19. I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this book since I read an excerpt in the back of Princess in Disguise. The brief glimpse of Wulf was very intriguing, a Eastern European prince in Scotland who wants to find the woman of his dreams? Who wouldn’t find that interesting. And since Audible was doing a promotion, I thought why not try the audio version.I can say I was very satisfied with how the romance between Wulf and Lily played out. This story could have gone wrong because of the inst [...]

    20. AArrgh!Yes, I confess - I have always loved books by Karen Hawkins. She is one of the few authors who can write funny, and that's important in an angst-filled world. So, I was looking forward to How To Pursue a Princess. However, my joy soon changed to frustration. Let's take a little jaunt into the plot line to find out why.A matchmaking duchess is hatching a scheme to bring her god-daughter, Lily, and the lonely widower Huntley together. Lurking at the garden gate, much to her chagrin, is Prin [...]

    21. I was shocked when I saw a copy of the newest book of Karen Hawkins, available on the library shelf. Normally I would have to wait months sometimes a year, before it would become available. Let me tell you, I grabbed it faster than I could breath air. I have always had a deep appreciation for Karen Hawkins. She was the first author that I read that made me fall in love with romance. If any of you like a bit of witty YA romance, that is set in the historical time period--starts with Catherine and [...]

    22. OK, so one of the MC's is a prince of the made-up country of Oxenburg. This is one of my I like historicals that are actually historical. Even so, the story here is kind of fun. To save her father from debtor's prison and her sister from forced marriage, our heroine Lily Balfour is determined to find herself a wealthy husband. She petitions her Godmother, the Duchess of Roxburghe, for help in finding a suitable parti.The duchess hosts a house party and invites a number of bachelors, particularly [...]

    23. My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: joyfullyreviewed/new-rWith her newly married sister spending her honeymoon abroad, it lands on the middle Balfour sister, Lily, to save her family from losing everything. With the help of her godmother, the Duchess of Roxburghe, Lily sets out to capture the heart of — or rather a marriage proposal from — the handsome and wealthy Earl of Huntley. There’s just one problem: a prince without a penny to his name has captured her heart.Piotr Romanov [...]

    24. This started out well, but plummeted into boring and irritating territory.Lily's comparisons of Wulf and Huntley grew repetitive, as did her martyred talk of how she must marry Huntley despite how ~breathless~ Wulf made her. My biggest issue with her, though, was her jealousy of Emma and Wulf's relationship. I'm not opposed to jealous heroines, I actually quite like to see it play out as a fellow insane-jealous person, but Lily's jealousy turned her nasty and she was constantly thinking and some [...]

    25. When young innocent Lily Balfour’s papa borrowed money from a neighbor with all chances now of never paying it back, Lily was ready to agree to attend one of her matchmaking godmother’s, the Duchess of Roxburghe’s small house party. The Duchess had of course already plotted out just the man for her darling Lily to marry - a wealthy widower, the Earl of Huntley. While waiting for the party to begin Lily takes a ride through the woods resulting in being thrown by her horse. Lily is saved by [...]

    26. Author: Karen HawkinsFirst published: 2013Length: 383 pagesSetting: Scotland, 1813.Sex: Explicit. Only a couple of times.Hero: Prince.Heroine: Needs to marry money to save her home.Includes: excerpt from How to Entice an Enchantress.Frequent internal monologues mar a sweet romance but still a nice read.A solid HEA full of Love, Desire and Respect.The Duchess Diaries:How to Capture a Countess - Rose Balfour and Lord Alton SinclairPrincess in Disguise (novella) - Earl Kintore and Princess Menshiko [...]

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