Turning Up the Heat

Turning Up the Heat After eleven years of marriage L a Laurier knew her husband Knew how he could take on responsibility for a world famous restaurant a wife and her two teenage siblings at nineteen years old and neve

  • Title: Turning Up the Heat
  • Author: Laura Florand
  • ISBN: 9780988506503
  • Page: 431
  • Format: ebook
  • After eleven years of marriage, L a Laurier knew her husband Knew how he could take on responsibility for a world famous restaurant, a wife, and her two teenage siblings at nineteen years old and never falter, never tire Knew his drive and his ambition, that took him to the stars Knew how briliant his gray eyes looked when they met hers for just one moment across a hostAfter eleven years of marriage, L a Laurier knew her husband Knew how he could take on responsibility for a world famous restaurant, a wife, and her two teenage siblings at nineteen years old and never falter, never tire Knew his drive and his ambition, that took him to the stars Knew how briliant his gray eyes looked when they met hers for just one moment across a host of cameras She didn t know why she was so tired She didn t know why she needed to just get away For a while Maybe a week or two A month She d be back.After eleven years of marriage, international superstar chef Daniel Laurier knew his wife Knew how she could lavish caring on everyone, her siblings, his staff, and most especially him Knew the way her face lit up when he won yet another television contest, and the way she hugged him for it Knew how her hair smelled when he sank into bed exhausted at one in the morning He didn t know what to do when he came home from a consulting trip to find she d disappeared to remote South Pacific island I just needed to get away for a little while A week or two I ll call you.As the whole solid world under his feet turned into a sandcastle in the tide, Daniel knew only one thing whatever was wrong with his marriage or his wife, he wasn t losing her So as a top chef, he did the one thing he always knew how to do turn up the heat.

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    1. “You’ve got to admit, it’s a beautiful irony, chérie. I gave myself up for you. You gave yourself up for me. And we’re here scrabbling to find enough of each other we can hold onto.” I ADORE this author’s writing! I swear she could write a recipe and make it romantic. After eleven years of marriage, Léa Laurier feels like she has lost herself. She loves her husband and knows everything about him, but she’s just so tired. She just needs a little time on her own. Daniel Laurier is [...]

    2. He gave a rough, despairing laugh. “You’ve got to admit, it’s a beautiful irony, chérie. I gave myself up for you. You gave yourself up for me. And we’re here scrabbling to find enough of each other we can hold onto.This is basically the story of a couple who after eight years of marriage, still don't grasp the basics of you know dialogue. -_- They love each other, but apparently they still don't know one another all that well. The hell, people?So one assumes that the other one likes th [...]

    3. Cute little story about a marriage risking to disintegrate due to too much love and sacrifice of both wife and husband.Lea is overcome by her husband's fame and his constant work around the world. She's madly in love with him, but is not able anymore to come second.Daniel, a world renowned chef, is madly in love with his wife and will do anything, work as hard as it takes to make her proud of himself and to give her the best life.The misunderstanding many marriages have: she feels neglected by h [...]

    4. Settling back to read a Laura Florand novel always releases the tension in my shoulders, turns up the corners of my unyielding mouth, and releases a sigh of pure bliss from my lips. From the first word itself, Florand has me wrapped around her finger, mesmerized by her prose and instantly drawn into the complex characters she has created. Everything, from the dialogue to the delectable cuisine, is absolutely stunning in her novels and this novella did not disappoint in the least. Turning Up the [...]

    5. Somewhere between 2 and 3? I think? I loved the premise of the story, very much. Married couple that seems to have forgotten how to communicate, tries to fix what is possibly wrong with their relationship by learning how to talk to each other again. It's realistic, which I generally appreciate a lot (I mean, I like the fairytale romances just as much but sometimes it's nice to just read something life-like)The love scenes were extremely well done. I wasn't too fond of the writing style (also cou [...]

    6. 5 stars, A++ readLaura Florand's writing can melt me and put me in the mood for love like no other. Exquisite, love-filled, sensual. Detailed review posted on Mina's Bookshelf minadecaro/2012/1How often in our married life we loose the ability to hear the words that are not spoken? How easily married couples grow apart and drift away from each other under the crushing pressure of hard work, business responsibilities and pursuit of success? How many times bonds and emotional connection between tw [...]

    7. Originaly posted here.After reading The Chocolate Thief, the first book in the Amour et Chocolat series, Laura Florand earned a place in my auto-buy author list. She was generous enough to send me the ebook for the novella Turning Up the Heat. This installment is different from the rest of her books because it's part of another series set in Provence called La Vie en Roses. The Chocolate Rose ties both the Amour et Chocolat and La Vie en Roses series together. Having said that, Turning Up the He [...]

    8. Daniella's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Review3 StarsReading Turning Up The Heat by Laura Florand was almost voyeuristic. This very young couple who fell in love and drove themselves to the pursuit of higher goals, with Daniel being the youngest chef/owner of a restaurant in France and being always in the spotlight in Europe on television and his wife Lea, being his “manager” always pushing him and helping his cause for perfection. These are two people with a classic case of lack o [...]

    9. This was fine, though it wasn't what I was looking for when I picked up a Florand. (Mostly I like her when she's being rom-comy, but I should probably widen my horizons because her latest books have been way more depressing than not, it seems like.) It just felt incredible that these people who claimed to love each other so much didn't even try to talk to each other about what they wanted out of life? I guess it worked because at nineteen you're not necessarily equipped to go through the drama t [...]

    10. I liked the concept between Lea and Daniel's difficulties. A la Ravishing the Heiress, they married very young in the midst of crisis and developed a bond forged in their development of a family business. However, in their case there was also genuine love and commitment between them before marriage, so it makes less than no sense they spend 11 years making themselves and each other miserable because they apparently do not know how to use their words. Yawn, despite the potential for some bittersw [...]

    11. "What we have here is a failure to communicate.” Remember that famous phrase from the movie “Cool Hand Luke”? What we have in TURNING UP THE HEAT is a failure in the communication between a hard working husband in “Daniel” and his wife of eleven years, “Léa”. In this novella the author so skillfully puts the reader right in the middle of the heartache between this husband and wife. Where there is love, there is the potential for understanding. Be prepared for some very sensual lov [...]

    12. 3.75 stars, I'd say. There was SO MUCH of this that I adored!!! Putting a marriage that's stuck in a rut and thus starting to break back together!! So much emotion and feelings and two people being honest with each other, it was lovely. Daniel did, however, rub me the wrong way sometimes early on in the book, and it made me read the first half of this a lot more slowly because it made it harder for me to get into the story. Throughout the second half, I loved absolutely everything, though.

    13. I liked this, but maybe not as much as I thought I would. I'm kind of torn because I loooove stories about established relationships. And I like the idea that two people who've been married for so long still have things to learn about each other. I mean, that's what I'd want in a marriage, I think.BUT. I'd love to have read about their early marriage! The restaurant, taking care of her siblings, being SO YOUNg. I'm fascinated by the idea of that.

    14. A nice story, and I loved the internal dialogues. Ms. Florand writes so beautifully, and I'm always impressed with her style and the imagery. But I wish these characters hadn't spent 11 years having these thoughts and holding so much inside themselves and pushing themselves to the brink of collapse—both personally and as a couple. What is so hard about having a conversation with your spouse, after all?

    15. This is an emotionial and satisfying read that explores the need of each person to retain something of themselves in a marriage. It is a really loving and lovely look at how to stop and pay attention and how much of a marriage isn't you and your partner together but you.It is a very sexy romance as well.

    16. 3,5 starsI liked this story but don't know if I loved it. It was an enjoyable read, with well-drawn characters, a trope I love (marriage in jeopardy/second chances) and beatifully written sexy scenes but somehow I wasn't completely into it. And I can't pinpoint whether it was the writing style/author's voice I couldn't connect with or something else.

    17. First read: March 2015 (2.5 stars)Reread: April 2017Can you believe I rated this a 2.5 before, what kind of blasphemy-I definitely enjoyed this more than I did before. I just love reading about married couples working on their marriage and ughhh I wish this was longer

    18. Oh man, I liked this so, so much. Stories about people putting relationships back together are my FAVORITE and that this one was just about people who'd forgotten how to talk to each other was great. I wish it had been longer.Very much recommend. And there's an excerpt from her new book!

    19. Another I've been meaning to read and finally sat down and did it. And I love this one. I loved these two so much, and figuring things out after a decade and the miscommunication just really worked well here for this and them.

    20. This novella blew my socks off it was so good. Intense, emotional, hot. Just so so amazing. Anyone who loves romance should be reading Laura Florand!

    21. So warm and lovely. I really appreciated the alternating points of view in this one; it gave great insight to how much they cared for each other while highlighting the miscommunication, too.

    22. i think this book would of been amazing if i hadnt been so confused, and honestly i don't know why i was, the words flowed freely, the hero and the heroine seemed like really amazing characters but for some weird reason i was just so confused with this book straight from page 1 till the end. I felt like i didnt really understand or even know the characters at all or even what they were talking about, they could've been speaking in a different language for god sake. This is completely on me and n [...]

    23. i just love her characters, and reading about their internalized thoughts and emotions- and how her characters outwardly express those feelings in sometimes surprising ways

    24. "It sounds more fun. To be able to go where you want and not just be along for the ride."What do you do when you have two people who love each other so much, but think they need to be even better? In Daniel's case, he strove to be the best he could be from the tender age of 19 to build and maintain Lea's inheritance. Lea since the age of 18 has worked just as hard (in the background) of running a restaurant and taking care of her two younger siblings. And with 11 years of marriage, Lea doesn't r [...]

    25. A top French chef spends his life working in his restaurant, appearing on a TV show and travelling - and the girl who married him and supported him becomes more lonely and depressed until she runs off to Tahiti.TURNING UP THE HEAT takes the couple on a belated voyage of discovery. As teenagers life took an unexpected turn and Daniel married Lei to secure her late father's restaurant in Provence. She gave up her degree to run the business side while he slaved in the kitchens, always striving for [...]

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