Gluten Is My Bitch: Rants, Recipes, and Ridiculousness for the Gluten-Free

Gluten Is My Bitch Rants Recipes and Ridiculousness for the Gluten Free Gluten Is My Bitch offers a brutally honest and hilarious take on the realities of living a gluten free life As the million gluten intolerants and million celiac disease sufferers in the United S

  • Title: Gluten Is My Bitch: Rants, Recipes, and Ridiculousness for the Gluten-Free
  • Author: April Peveteaux
  • ISBN: 9781613124833
  • Page: 237
  • Format: ebook
  • Gluten Is My Bitch offers a brutally honest and hilarious take on the realities of living a gluten free life As the 18 million gluten intolerants and 3 million celiac disease sufferers in the United States can attest, living gluten free isn t a lot of fun, but author April Peveteaux has at least managed to make it funny Described as the Chelsea Handler of the gluten freGluten Is My Bitch offers a brutally honest and hilarious take on the realities of living a gluten free life As the 18 million gluten intolerants and 3 million celiac disease sufferers in the United States can attest, living gluten free isn t a lot of fun, but author April Peveteaux has at least managed to make it funny Described as the Chelsea Handler of the gluten free set, April employs her unique sense of humor to provide the perfect guide to navigating a gluten free life In addition to her hysterical wisdom, she offers 40 gluten free comfort food recipes that will make even the most frustrated gluten intolerant smile with relief.

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    1 thought on “Gluten Is My Bitch: Rants, Recipes, and Ridiculousness for the Gluten-Free”

    1. Allow me to wax poetic about this book for a few minutes. I’ve only recently been diagnosed with Celiac, although I’ve been dealing with the symptoms for close to a year now and this book is a godsend. Most of my research before now has come from forums on celiac, which number in the hundreds-of-thousands and aren’t comprehensive in any form of the word. I was able to glean the very basics of what it takes to be truly gluten-free, and I also got really specific information I’ll never hav [...]

    2. I've been in denial about my gluten sensitivity. Having been eating Paleo (no grains, dairy or legumes) for 2.5 years, I've experienced the best health of my life - but also the worst social experiences around food EVER. When trying to explain close relatives who don't understand why I can't eat the way they do without getting sick, I decided to look more into gluten sensitivity for an easier explanation, and BAM, there it was.If you have people in your life who eat differently than you, due to [...]

    3. This is really funny. A fellow glutie recommended it just as a fun read, not because I am recently changed/diagnosed. I did find a few recipes I want to try, and I just thought it was hilarious. I would totally give this book to someone over (well, in addition to - it's not so heavy on science) the For Dummies book I read when I first switched over. And it really did convince me that I have to be more careful with my cross contamination, since I still feel crappy a lot. Funny and useful for the [...]

    4. I would recommend this book for anyone who was told by a medical professional that they have to give up gluten for the rest of their lives. For those who do so voluntarily without a medical need, I must ask you why? Why give up all that delicious gluteny goodness when you don't have to? I would cut a bitch for a croissant. Seriously. This book would have been amazing to read back in 2012 when I stopped being stubborn and realized I had to give up the gluten. Any version of bread was my favorite [...]

    5. Funny stuff. I enjoyed the authors sense of humor and bevy of expletives. Celiac disease merits a good number of expletives. I was very happy to read someone else's account of Celiac that didn't end it roses and sunshine and living happily ever after. Plenty of lovely looking gluten free recipes, but I don't know if it's a positive that I now have a recipe for GF ding dongs.

    6. A nice, lightly funny take on dealing with Celiac disease that doesn't moralize food and eating. The book starts with a candid discussion of the process and importance of a Celiac diagnosis and ends with a discussion of potential treatments that are being researched. In between, Peveteaux covers everything from finding GF food abroad to which GF flours are worth the money. Some parts of the book were not particularly useful to me (I could have done without the paleo/veg chapter) but most of the [...]

    7. This book was soooo funny! I really needed this in my gluten free life. Some of the recipes look great and I will try them out but to be honest, this book alone without the recipes is amazing all on its own. If you have gluten issues or someone in your life is does please read this book! It really gives much comic relief to such a crappy situation to be going through.

    8. My relationship with food has always been difficult. I love to eat good food but I feel sick to my stomach after every meal. Luckily I was not alone in my suffering, my Dad and brother both have the same sensitive stomach as I. Dad’s got so bad that he went on an elimination diet to figure out the cause. Now, if you think that sounds bad you are absolutely right. It meant cutting out nearly every food and keeping a detailed record of the results. Eventually, he found that he felt better avoidi [...]

    9. 2.5 rounded downAfter 3 or 4 months of eating gluten again at the end of 2016 I've had to stop eating it again, and am always looking for fun recipes, so thought that this would make an interesting read. I really liked the recipes (obviously all GF recipes, with GF vegan and paleo ones included too), but the writing style is definitely not for me. This reads like a load of blog posts cobbled together, which I guess appeals to some people but wasn't what I expected. Also not too sure how reliable [...]

    10. I had mixed feelings about this book. On one hand, it was humorous and had some great stories and information. On the other hand, I think some of the advice she gave was bad. I have Celiac Disease and have to be much more careful about the gluten-free diet than she is. She mentions that she takes risks when eating out. That's fine, but not good advice for many with Celiac Disease and severe gluten intolerance. I also think that some of her claims are questionable, such as drugs to help remove gl [...]

    11. Finally an author who speaks the truth about having celiac. She is honest about feelings such as gluten envy and just plain being ticked off at this forced lifetime sentence. Yes, I am grateful I don't have a worse disease, but I also have feelings of bitterness and anger. April is the first author I have come across who doesn't don a cheerleading outfit, cheering the praises of the gluten free diet. Frankly, being gf sucks. She agrees with me so therefore I like her book.

    12. Loved how she was brutally honest about beingGF. Being GF sucks and I really don't like reading blogs that say going GF is the best decision I'll ever make bc frankly, there are times I just want to live off of pizza. The author was very relatable and pretty funny. Really glad I got my hands on this book.

    13. Skimpy on the recipes, but heavy on the empathy and humour, which is frankly what you need more of when you find out you have Coeliac disease enjoyed it.

    14. Very funny, but one star off because I wholeheartedly disagreed with some of her recommendations, especially regarding diagnosis.

    15. A Funny Take on the Gluten Free Life fangswandsandfairydust/201I’ll have a ham on rye, hold the rye! (also the wheat, oat, barley, spelt, kamut, faro or triticale), or how to be gluten free.I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted. Having one’s cake [bread, donuts, muffins, bagels, etc.] isn’t the easiest thing when you have to go gluten free. The author explores life without that [...]

    16. This book was based on a blog, and it reads like it.In a blog, you can safely assume that your readers won't see every single post you make. You can repeat the same concepts and joke structures over and over, and every time new people will discover and enjoy it.In a book you read cover-to-cover, the same writing style quickly becomes repetitive and circular. There were chapters where the prose would fall into a rut where several neighboring paragraphs would read like the same idea slightly rephr [...]

    17. Overall, this books was a great introduction to being gluten free or suddenly finding yourself cooking for the newly gluten free (my SO has celiac, so that's where I'm coming from in reading this). The authors exasperation with being forced to be GF combined with her hilarious humor make this book very accessible. It very much feels like the author gets what you're going through and you general sadness that pizza and doughnuts will never be the same. That being said, a lot of her prose seems rem [...]

    18. Although there was plenty of useful information for the completely gluten-ignorant celiac novice, the book was very redundant and painfully obnoxious the author could hardly write a single statement without trying to make it funny or "clever", to the point of being off-putting and tedious. Every time I thought she couldn't express her lust for donuts yet again, I was wrong. Having been diagnosed some considerable time before writing this book, she was doing her readers - particularly those with [...]

    19. A quirky and funny book about how to deal with being celiac. If you have the disease you do have to laugh at the situation or you will get too stressed. I was diagnosed gluten intolerant over 40 years ago, but did not go on a strict diet until about 25 years ago. I do not have the desire for gluten as 25 years ago the gluten free carb food was SO bad as it got better over time this food was GREAT to me! I was going through trying to figure out gluten free before the Internet and the great labeli [...]

    20. Since I was just recently diagnosed with a wheat allergy, my friend who is a celiac recommended this book to me so I could see other people feel the same pain I do. It's a funny read that certainly puts the irritation, anger and depression at suddenly having to eliminate gluten from your diet into words. It gave me a lot of laughs. However I haven't tried any of the recipes and probably won't because I don't like real food either. I'm still waiting for the gluten free book for picky eaters.

    21. This is good info for those who are newly diagnosed with any form of gluten related issues. However, even though I have been gluten-free for about 20 years, I found value in learning about the new treatments that are being developed. Reading the book did help motivate me to pursue further testing because I have begun to realize that a lack of outward symptoms does not mean that I am fully compliant and suffering damage.

    22. This was a fun read. The author writes in a biting hilarious manner that made me laugh out loud about my own situation. The recipes look good too! Most surprising fact for me was that many alcohols are incorrectly listed online as containing gluten, but they are actually safe to drink! I'll be using this book as a reference for new GF brand names too!

    23. This is the first book I wish I would have read after being diagnosed with Celiac. It is now the first book I will recommend to fellow Celiacs. It's hilarious and helpful and full of delicious sounding recipes that I am going to try immediately.

    24. Entertaining and honest account of what it’s like to be coeliac. Looking forward to trying out some of the recipes.

    25. Very funny. Glad my family isn't this sensitive to gluten. Probably won't use the recipes but a nice addition.

    26. I have been dealing with a gluten free diet for many years and this is the funniest book about a subject that is not funny. I would recommend this book to anyone who is dealing with any gluten problems and to those who are around us who must deal with trying to find foods that we all can enjoy. A fun read for all.

    27. As someone who was recently diagnosed with celiac disease (and, thankfully, my doctors had been keeping an eye out due to other related health issues, so I did NOT wait the average 10 years ), this was exactly what I needed. I enjoyed the anecdotes, but, more importantly, the on-point resources and recipes—helpful for someone navigating the gluten-free waters (whether for yourself or a loved one).

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