Pleasure's Edge

Pleasure s Edge Sparks fly as Dylan a beautiful erotica author interviews Alec a man who pens thrillers and the dominant Alec must decide whether or not to surrender his heart to the one woman he has ever truly d

  • Title: Pleasure's Edge
  • Author: Eden Bradley
  • ISBN: 9780425267585
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sparks fly as Dylan, a beautiful erotica author, interviews Alec, a man who pens thrillers, and the dominant Alec must decide whether or not to surrender his heart to the one woman he has ever truly desired.

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    1 thought on “Pleasure's Edge”

    1. Read this review and more @ thebookwranglers4.5 Stars!Someone please pour water over meis book was so hot the entire way through I felt like I was always on the ‘edge’ of orgasm. Forget , forget sleep, forget trying to watch my T.V. shows, this book was a fast read that had me sizzling all the way down to my bones. If you like to read BDSM but don’t want to sit through all the pain or excessively strong sexual language, extreme bondage, power play, etc. then this is the book for you. It al [...]

    2. Two control freaks, both writers; their paths cross and entangle as they explore the implications of letting go and trusting. Quite good - and I enjoyed this even more than others I've read by this author. Some of the writing was repetitive (how many times do we need to be told that Alec swam with sharks??), and the back story for Dylan's need to control everything in her life was also cloyingly insisted on without providing any real depth. She blames herself for her brother's death, but we real [...]

    3. "How do you know…For beautiful novelist Dylan Ivory, being in control is everything. Then she meets the man who is everything she is not…and everything she wants.How far you can go…Alec Walker is a writer of dark psychological thrillers—and a man who lives for thrills. From motorcycles to snowboards to swimming with sharks, there's no end to his lust for excitement. His tastes extend into the bedroom as well, where he lets no rules bind his desires. The only thing he truly fears is love, [...]

    4. There is a reason that I love Cherise Sinclair and her books. She does BDSM right. She does a BDSM book beautifully! Unfortunately, Eden Bradley hasn't figured that out. I don't know if it's something you can be taught or if you just have "it". Writing a book about Erotica does NOT mean your H/h have to have sex every other page. Writing a BDSM book is not just about spanking with a little bit of bondage (St. Andrew's Cross) thrown inwith MORE spanking (or flogging). It helps to have SOME charac [...]

    5. Honestly, I was bored out of my mind reading this book. It's just one big porno scene but not even engaging enough to make them memorable. They were actually boring compared to the many books I have read in this genre. I felt absolutely no connection to either H/h. It was just way to blah for me. But I kept reading (skimming actually) because I never not finish a book. AND I will read the other 3 in the series because again, I never give up on something till the very end. I gave it a moderate ra [...]

    6. The story was enthralling for almost the entire book. It had depth, investigating the psychology of dominance and submission. It had the to and fro of most romances in both partners being unsure of the other and even about their own feelings. It had hot sex. I enjoyed the entire book until the last chapter, the last twelve pages, because the ending was a big let down. Not that the couple got together, but in how the author brought about that conclusion. That the Dom Alec and the sub Dylan both c [...]

    7. I paid double what I usually pay for a book and I don't feel I got my money's worth. This started off good, but by the middle I was ready for some meaty conflict. The groundwork work was there. Plenty of hints that could mushroom into angst. But nothing much developed. The sex scenes were good, but not very kinky, considering that the heroine writes erotica and the hero is a thrill-seeking, thriller writer BDSM Dom. Could have been a lot more erotic and titillating. The writing is good and I rea [...]

    8. Wonderful book about writer , Dylan Ivory, who needs to be in total control of her life She is writing about the BDSM lifestyle and has arranged to meet Alec Walker, well known Dom at a local club. He is tall, dark and HOT. Writes thrillers, rides hogs and world traveler.The attraction to each other is immediate and he challenges her to be his sub for a week. Great exciting sexual scenes AND deep searching discussions of needs and fears.This lady can make this relationship scorching hot and so t [...]

    9. This book is a WOW! I love, love, love, that the author truly did her research and understands the BDSM community and the rules of the lifestyle. Alec Walker is hot stuff and Dylan Ivory is one lucky woman. I could not put this book down once I started it. I am definitely adding this book to my personal library and I hope this author writes more books of this genre. It was great! If you are a fan of BDSM erotica, don't miss this book. It's a WOW!

    10. Dylan is a writer exploring more about the truth behind BDSM, her friend gets her in contact with the hot Dom Alec who gives her more than she bargained for. Girl meets hot Dom, falls in love with him, realizes she's broken so she runs away only to find herself miserable and heartbroken. Dom falls for feisty girl for the first time, he tries to hide his feelings but he cannot function without her in his life. Some scenes were hot, story line interesting and characters like able

    11. It was ok. More of a porno book than anything. Lost of masterbating and of course they fall in love. Hopefully her other two books, "Desire's Edge" and "Temptation's Edge" are better,Just had to read again. Going through my TBR list and trying to get through it all

    12. This book was not what I was expecting I was really disappointed , and I almost regret buying the other 2 books, hopefully they are better then this book

    13. Great story!! Sex was really good n explicit in it. Lived how she explained alot about bdsm felt like this author knew wat she was talking about when it came to that. I would def recommend it

    14. I was so surprised -- it turned out to be such a complete love story! It was very slow reading to begin with so it took longer to read the book!

    15. It was a good read, easy to get through and went at a good pace. I wasn't that fond of the author's description of the sex scenes, I've read better, but overall it was a good book.

    16. Insta-lust that begets a no strings attached relationship between an author and her research subject. That lust becomes love in a reasonably believable way and bam, HEA. I liked it.

    17. Wow talk about another hot read. Need to have your partner home when you read this book! Not much of a story line but didnt really matter.

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