Tobie Lolness - Ein Leben in der Schwebe

Tobie Lolness Ein Leben in der Schwebe Seit Anbeginn der Zeit lebt Tobies Volk auf der uralten m chtigen Eiche Doch Tobie Jahre alt und eineinhalb Millimeter gro ist auf der Flucht Denn sein Vater ein begnadeter Wissenschaftler ha

  • Title: Tobie Lolness - Ein Leben in der Schwebe
  • Author: Timothée de Fombelle
  • ISBN: 9783423714129
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • Seit Anbeginn der Zeit lebt Tobies Volk auf der uralten, m chtigen Eiche Doch Tobie, 13 Jahre alt und eineinhalb Millimeter gro , ist auf der Flucht Denn sein Vater, ein begnadeter Wissenschaftler, hat den Zorn des gesamten Volkes auf sich gezogen, weil er das Geheimnis seiner revolution ren Entdeckung nicht preisgeben will zum Schutz des Baums Familie Lolness wird geSeit Anbeginn der Zeit lebt Tobies Volk auf der uralten, m chtigen Eiche Doch Tobie, 13 Jahre alt und eineinhalb Millimeter gro , ist auf der Flucht Denn sein Vater, ein begnadeter Wissenschaftler, hat den Zorn des gesamten Volkes auf sich gezogen, weil er das Geheimnis seiner revolution ren Entdeckung nicht preisgeben will zum Schutz des Baums Familie Lolness wird ge chtet, unterdr ckt, eingesperrt und schlie lich zum Tode verurteilt Allein Tobie kann entkommen, verfolgt von dem brutalen Jo Mitch und seinen Kumpanen

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    1 thought on “Tobie Lolness - Ein Leben in der Schwebe”

    1. I consider this a literary masterpiece.De Fombelle not only creates a new world,he creates a while we category.Imagine the world as the 'Tree' and the 'Grass'.The possibilities are endless;lichen forests,tamed insects,bark caves e.t.c.This is the dystopian story of Toby Lolness,where his life is turned upside down,with the whole tree against him and his family for crimes they did not commit and a secret that could change the very tree forever.One by one his links to life snap,Leo blue his best f [...]

    2. Ik vakaru pa nodaļai meitai priekšā lasīšanas projektts noslēdzies. Teikšu, ka grāmata domāta gan bērniem, gan pieaugušajiem. Grāmatā interesantas un aizraujošas lietas atradīs dažādu paaudžu lasītājs. Bērnus aizraus stāsts par mazajiem cilvēciņiem, kuri dzīvo kokā , un pilnīgi loģisks jautājums no meitas puses bija: Tēti, vai tādi cilvēciņi patiešām ir. Autoram izdevies radīt pietiekoši lielu ticamības momentu. Arī pieaugušajam cilvēkam būs atrodami da [...]

    3. A fascinating fantasy world about tree people with nice allegories to earth. When you first meet Toby, he is on the run--from his former friends, life, everything. He doesn't even know where his parents are. As the story unravels, you learn that Toby lives in the Tree but his family was forced out of the Upper Branches to the bleak Lower Branches because his dad was a scientist who refused to reveal a secret that could destroy the lives of them all. An evil and greedy man has become dictator and [...]

    4. This is one of my favourite reads so far this year. I must have borrowed this book about 4 times before I actually read it. When I finally did open it, I could hardly put it down. I am planning on making my kids read it, through gentle suggestion and subliminal messages, of course :) Toby Alone also fits beautifully into my environmental awareness program - the one I now plan to start!Essentially the story of a boy abandonded by his people, Toby Alone touches on several universal themes includin [...]

    5. I read this at the recommendation of a, then fellow trainee now qualified, teacher and could not get enough. It's a beautiful story which really touched me, more so than I expected. It was a delight to be exposed to a story I may not have been drawn to otherwise. The dystopian tree society is a lovely backdrop to an enticing story of friendship and heroism. Thank you Lucy.

    6. Cuốn sách khá dày, nhưng mình đã đọc hết trong vòng 10 tiếng :)) Ban đầu, câu chuyện mang hơi hướng của Đồi thỏ, với cuộc phiêu lưu của những nhân vật trốn chạy khỏi chính đồng bào của mình. Nhưng câu chuyện của Tobie gay cấn hơn câu chuyện của "bè lũ Cây Phỉ" trong Đồi thỏ, vì trong phần lớn thời gian chạy trốn, Tobie chỉ có một mình Mình thích cách xây dựng nhân vật và bối cảnh c [...]

    7. This one was recommended to me by one of my best friends, and I really enjoyed it a lot!At first I was a little disturbed by the fact that we start the story in a tragic violent moment, but just one chapter further I became completely hooked by the adventures of Tobie. The ideals and reflexions behind the story suit me perfectly and I found a lot of poetic and quite smart quotes in this book. I even shared some tears, it was beautifully written.I'm impatient to read the second book!

    8. Toby is just 1 and 1/2 millimetres tall - the world in which he lives is simply a tree, brought to life in intricate detail by de Fombelle - every detail of the Tree has a part to play as Toby journeys through, trying to find himself while escaping the clutches of Joe Mitch. Mitch, for me, is a Donald Trump kind of character, obsessed as he is with power and also turning a blind eye to to the ecological impact of his actions. I have to admit I’ve struggled through this a bit. Toby’s journey [...]

    9. oh what a world!!a person very dear to me gave me this book and even though i didnt know what to expect and at the beginning didnt know what was going on, I really like this fantasy world full of adventures I admire such imagination and who knows, maybe there are many many worlds we havent discovered yet the world of Tree might be such a world, I am going to have a proper look later :-)plus I really like the ecological aspect of the story - how we should behave well to our world and care for it, [...]

    10. I was told of this book by a friend maybe five years ago. I read the book then, and I remember enjoying it. Recently, I found the book around my house and decided to reread the book because it's just such a cool concept. As you might know by now, I really exclusively read fantasy. This book's "net" to catch you in is that one meter in our world is about one millimeter in their world, and they live on a tree. This concept is just very original and is so intriguing. And boy, I'm glad that I read i [...]

    11. I throughly enjoyed reading Toby Alone. I found the concept of the story and the fact that they were all little people living in trees a bit silly at first and I did have to keep telling myself that it was a children’s book! However, once I had got into it and the story started to get a little more serious I really enjoyed it. I think for a children’s book it has so many life lessons in, from friendship to love to survival and trust. I thought the way Toby was able to run and fight back afte [...]

    12. Tiny characters have a rich history in children’s lit. Stuart Little, The Borrowers, Despereaux, and The Littles have all been keeping it real for the diminutive for quite some time. Hey, even Alice got shrunk down for a bit. It makes sense that kids are drawn to tiny - it brings the world down to a size they can manage. The entire universe? Hard to grasp. A single oak tree? Now you're talkin'. Toby Alone, originally published in France and translated into 22 languages, is a great example of t [...]

    13. J’ai découvert la très belle écriture de Timothée de Fombelle, l’automne dernier avec Le livre de Perle. En me rendant à la médiathèque le mois dernier, je suis tombée par hasard sur un autre de ces grands succès, Tobie Lolness, j’ai donc saisi l’occasion, et je l’ai emprunté.Tobie Lolness est un roman d’aventures jeunesses qui met en scène de petits individus qui ont tout à fait l’apparence d’êtres humains, mis à part la taille. Ils sont vraiment riquiqui et vivent [...]

    14. French YA fantasy about a community of microscopic people who live in an oak. The titular character's father the brilliant scientist makes a discovery that could give the oak people free energy, but also destroy their ecosystem. That throws the family into exile and danger.It's not a bad book. In some ways it's even a pretty good one. De Fombelle can move the plot forward in brisk, riveting manner. He has a knack for withholding information and then revealing it at just the right moment. His cha [...]

    15. Jos rakastaa kauheasti puita ja seikkailuja ja on taipuvainen romantillisuuteen niin tämä on the kirja. Tobi Lolness on kiistellyn tiedemiehen poika. Heidän maailmankaikkeutensa on puu: koska he ovat vain joidenkin millimetrien mittaisia, he eivät kaikki edes tiedä, että puun ulkopuolella olisi mitään. Puussa koittaa uudet ajat, kun puun maltoon vuokrakasarmeja järsiviä kärsäkkäitä kasvattava self-made-man, opportunisti ja julmuri Jo Mitch ottaa vallan. Puun yhteiskunta muuttuu tot [...]

    16. NO for our library.Let's be upfront. I read to page 77 of 384 of Toby Alone. And I only made it that far because I thought it best to give it the benefit of the doubt. I have a very hard time believing the kids will believe this story. Fantasy is a well-loved genre, but only when readers can believe in the world they're reading. Our story characters are only over a millimeter tall, living in the bark of a tree but blissfully unaware that they live on a living organism. They speak of rumored "Gra [...]

    17. This whole book is a metaphor of our world with Toby as the epitome of hope and goodness but even he cannot escaped the seed of doubt, which have been the cause of many downfalls of us human. It almost caused his downfall too but fortunately he snapped out of it.Toby is miniscule. Not even over 2 milliliters. He lives in a tree that is full of other miniscule beings such as he. His adventures started off the day his father created Ballina. Things went awfully downhill after that. I wish he has a [...]

    18. On page 112 and can't go any further, especially knowing there's a cliff hanger and two more books to go. Like others who commented, I can't get into a story that arbitrarily chooses what technology these tiny people have. How can they claim not to know about how the tree lives but know about neurons? And how can people 1.5 mm tall (2 mm max, this is highly emphasized) domesticate beetles that are at least an inch taller? Every time he mentions their height I get distracted. Reminds me of the vi [...]

    19. Lots of "messages" - about the environment, racism, pack mentalityIt's a little heavy at times, but I did like the idea of tiny people living on a tree but unaware their world is alive. Ends on a cliffhanger so there is definitely a sequel. I liked the character of Toby who is spunky and brave, his scientist father, and independent mother. The bad guys in the story seem to be unredeemably bad, however, and somewhat caricature-ish is that a word?

    20. This was a AMAZING book (except the ending was a little annoying)but anyways, verall:THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I HAVE READ!When most of us think of fantasy we think ofdragonswitchesweird creaturesharry pottervampires and other thingswe NEVER think of little people living in a tree. Like he did and that is why this is a 5/5 book! :)

    21. Really great adventure story with ecological message and lots of layers. Toby is part of a society of 2mm-tall people that live on a tree. He's on the run after trying to rescue his parents from execution (for 'crimes against the tree'). Narrative goes back and forth between present day and events leading up to it. Translated from the French. Awesome.

    22. When I read it, I found it amazing! Couldn't wait to read the second book! So if you're not older then twelve, I'd go for it :) Even if you're older then twelve and don't mind reading something 'under your level', you should read it, because it really is a great story.

    23. Ensin olin vähällä hermostua outoon poeettisuuteen ja jatkuviin tunteenpyskähtelyin (jotka tietenkin leimasin mielessäni heti epäilyttävän ranskalaisiksi). Sitten tuli seikkailu ja pyyhkäisi mukanaan.

    24. I think this book was very intense and had so much going on in it that, I think it would only be suitable for a mature year 5 pupil or for a year 6 pupil because there are many different puzzles through-out the book that the children will need to infer. The children who read this book may find it quite thrilling because there is a lot of action, however it may be found confusing because of the flashing forwards and backwards in time. On the other hand this book could be really good to demonstrat [...]

    25. An amazing world described in an adventure story that keeps you turning each page. Toby is a compelling, brave, clever character that children will love. I love the way the author has used this imaginary world to bring to life themes such as climate change, energy and resource issues, the universe and planets, evolution, divides between races.

    26. The book guides you in a mind-blowing journey into this unique and beautiful world of tree, and adventures that one couldn’t possibly think to happen in that small world of Toby. But there is no definite ending, which makes reading the sequel indispensable.

    27. this is a good story, extremely imaginative and with beautiful descriptions and writing. however, it's really not my thing and that's the only reason why i gave it a low rating, because for me, it took me a LONG time to finish because i was very disinterested in the story.

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