بساط من الزهر الأحمر البحث عن أفغاني

  • Title: بساط من الزهر الأحمر البحث عن أفغاني
  • Author: Nelofer Pazira
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
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    • Best Download [Nelofer Pazira] ↠ بساط من الزهر الأحمر البحث عن أفغاني || [Poetry Book] PDF ☆
      212 Nelofer Pazira
    • thumbnail Title: Best Download [Nelofer Pazira] ↠ بساط من الزهر الأحمر البحث عن أفغاني || [Poetry Book] PDF ☆
      Posted by:Nelofer Pazira
      Published :2018-04-04T13:46:43+00:00

    1 thought on “بساط من الزهر الأحمر البحث عن أفغاني”

    1. للمرة الأولى في حياتي أضطر للتوقف عن القراءة لأرتاح قليلاً ثم أكمل وبالأحرى لا أستطيع إكمال القراءة لأنني وصلت إلى حالة انفعالية دفعتني إلى إغلاق الكتاب بغضب ورميه بعيداً وأنا على وشك الانفجار غضباً وبكاءً وحقداً على العالم القذرمن دمّر أفغانستان وقتل مليوني إنسان وشرّد [...]

    2. This book is one of my favorite books of all time. Before I read this book , I couldn't even relate to Afghan people. I thought they were backward and uneducated. This book is written by a young woman my age and her experiences with her native country before coming to Canada. This book mafde me realise that Afghan women are not unlike me and that Afghanistan is a modern country that was afflicted by extremisim and forever changed. Every Canadian should read this book.

    3. NO SPOILERS – but I do relate some historical events!Through page 70: I am reading another memoir; this time it is about the author and her Afghan family. Fascinating! It starts by describing her father's life. To understand why he simply cannot leave Afghanistan when all logical thinking says they must, it is necessary to understand his past. Most books start with the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in 1979. The reader is given a completely different perspective on Afghan life if you start y [...]

    4. Important story of revolution, refugees, and American forces in the Middle East. The writing was dry and dense, so it took me awhile to get through this.

    5. Having grown up in Pakistan surrounded by Afghan refugee camps and Afghan refugees both inside and outside the camps, I have been fascinated by the bloody history of the Afghan war both pre-mujahideen and during the soviet era. The book does a great job of giving a glimpse of what Afghanistan, or well Kabul, of 1980s was like.It is ironic that the author states 'Iran has done what Pakistan has done with regard to Afghanistan for decades - look after its own interests'. Since the 1970s Pakistan h [...]

    6. A beautifully poetic memoir and definitely one of the best memoirs about Afghanistan. There are countless memoirs about Afghanistan, written by both Afghans and non-Afghans, all of which proclaim to tell profound and insightful stories about this complex and conflict-ridden country. In my opinion, few of them actually do. Nelofer Pazira's memoir tells an ordinary Afghan story - her experiences are nothing special in a country where everyone has a story to tell. What marks her apart is the way sh [...]

    7. I have just finished reading "A Bed of Red Flowers." The book moved me and gave me a lot to think about. I think of the utter mess the history of Afganistan is and has been for some time, of the dangerous relationship between tradition/religion and modernity. I think of the women of Afganistan who are so vulnerable, especially if they are refusing to obey traditional values.Nelofer Pazira gave me a wonderful overview of her country, made me see the people there in their complexity. A touching me [...]

    8. Holy crap, this book was amazing. Heart wrenching and sad, but beautifully written and compelling. I suspect that I'm going to assign this book in a lot of future classes.

    9. يكفي كتبا عن افغانستان :) كم تشبه الحروب بعضها حروب الآخرين على أراضينا المسكينة الممزقة الملعونة بالجغرافية والتاريخ، سيرة حياة ورحلة مذهلة فقط الجزء الأخير الذي تحدث بالتفصيل عن زيارتها لأفغانستان أثناء تصوير الفيلم ومن ثمن بحثها عن جواب في روسيا أشعرني بالملل.

    10. In the beginning of the book, we see 1950's Kabul through the lens of the Shitte minority group, who practices secretly under a ban imposed by the Sunni majority ruler. As the story progresses, we learn more about the student rights groups on the college campus fighting for democracy under a state-owned political system that often does not represent the ideals it purports it does, either under the crown or the newly established system. We also see Kabul through the Communist dictatorship, and th [...]

    11. The first three quarters of this book are absolutely fantastic. Well-written, insightful, terrifying, and sad, the story grabs you by the heart and won't let go.Then she starts to moralize. [All following quotes are paraphrased.]"The West views Afghans as either evil or victimized." That's a fair enough criticism. Or it would be if she didn't describe the oppression of women and minority's religious groups. I mean, if you're a victim of human rights violations, you're a victim, right? And if you [...]

    12. A Bed of Red Flowers is the true experience of a young woman who grew up in Afghanistan and her experiences during the Russian invasion and subsequent fleeing the Taliban fighting that occurred after. Ms. Pazira writes in an engaging and easy to follow manner. The telling of the escape kept me at the edge of my seat and I couldn't stop reading until that part was over.Her experience turns full circle when she visits Russia in her adult years to discuss with leaders and the families of soldiers t [...]

    13. Some of the narrative is choppy as description of a political or local incident is seperately experienced by family, neighbors and acquaintances. Hard-hitting but concisely-written details about the personalites making up a war-torn country that wants to be hospitiable through cultural tradition and soon is hostile to foreign [Soviet] incursions. Reference to ethnic maintenance through Russian occuipation is appreciated as if in review but probably more discussion on historical developments woul [...]

    14. A Bed of Red Flowers is a book about growing up in a Westernized, progressive household in Afghanistan and slowing becoming an alien in one's own country. The author's family were Dari speaking and had communist leanings. The author's father was a Doctor who recognized that brining modern civilization to the Pachtouns in the country side would be a tremendous challenge requiring several generations of work. The book deals with many of the same themes that are presented in the brilliant Persepoli [...]

    15. A Bed of Red Flowers provides a good account of Afghanistan's history in the late 20th century to early 2000s, mainly following the first-person account of Nelofer's life during those times. The beginning of the book gives a good break down of the different tribal/ cultural groups that existed in the rural/ urban areas of Afghanistan, allowing the reader to better understand all the actors involved within the country's history, and the story's plot. As I was looking for a book that would help me [...]

    16. This book really gave me a good understandng of what the innocent citizens of Afghanistan had to suffer through and are still suffering through. I was torn at what to rate this book. If the rating system on here allowed half star I would have given this book 3.5 stars. At times I felt the writing was disconnected and jumped so rapidly from one event to another. I also felt at times that the author was rambling. Other times I felt like I was reading a historical text book. Despite these things th [...]

    17. I won't lie: I don't like the tendency to write about Afghanistan as if it was once a liberal or modern society. Some elite 2% of the population lived something similar to a Western lifestyle in Kabul, but I suspect this book to be a deeply biased and unrepresentative emigré account of Afghanistan's modern history. My only other complaint is that the journalistic quality of the writing breaks down toward the end of the book, especially in the Russian chapter, where it turns into a more subjecti [...]

    18. This is a very troubling book to read as Nelofer grows up in a country which becomes a focus for men seeking power. From the time Russia decided to invade Afghanistan to today, this country went from a developing country into a downward spiral which left her devastated, broken with little hope of recovery. First Korea, then Vietnam and while we were thinking there would finally be peace, the communists in power in the USSR picked Afghanistan to pick on next. The author has little hope that her c [...]

    19. This book would have been more depressing if the narrator wasn't such a strong, lucky, Afghan female. From the beginning (the cover explains she is now a journalist in Canada), we know that whatever brutal ordeal she describes, she survives. Her survival is a needed consolation. The book brims with descriptions of the kind of human behavior that draws to question the goodness of humanity. The absolute destruction of Afghanistan that is the context for her story makes the safe passage of her and [...]

    20. Recommended by Mrs. Capone!As a young girl growing up in 1970s Afghanistan, Nelofer Pazira seems destined for a bright future. The daughter of liberal-minded professionals, she enjoys a safe, loving and privileged life. Some of her early memories include convivial family picnics and New Years’ celebrations overlooking the thousands of red flowers that carpet the hills of Mazar. But Nelofer’s world is shattered when she is just five and her father is imprisoned for refusing to support the com [...]

    21. This book was really captivating, I also enjoyed learning about pre-Taliban Afghanistan as most of the books or memoirs I have read are from Taliban to the present with very little focus on prior to that period. It covered such a long time period and there is so much history that I imagine she could have written about three books and not covered everything. There were periods in her life and the memoir I definitely would have liked to have read more about including her arrival in Pakistan and Ca [...]

    22. Canadian author - lives in Toronto.A memoir - story of family living in Afghanistan during Russian rule, their escape to Pakistan and eventual relocation to Canada.Us, at least me, am busy in my life, running to classes, meeting someone for lunch, running to an evening engagement, etc. . Make me stop to think and apprecite my situation in life, when persons in the this story are running to air raid shelters, a safe home/hiding place, from border guards, etc. We don't know how lucky we are.

    23. Nelofer Pazira is a writer, teacher, and actress who is Afghan. This is an autobiography of her life and an history of her country. Pazira's family were middle class and led an easy life. Her father was a respected doctor. Previous to the Soviet invasion, Afghanistan had been a quite Westernized country. The Cold War's final big hiccup was the war. As time went on the situation in the country spins more out of control. Pazira and her family witness the painful changes and must decide whether to [...]

    24. Did the world really need another Afghan memoir/history/tract extolling some nebulous but deeply-felt emotional virtue? Not if the writer is Nelofer Pazira. This is the sort of book that will drive NPR wild with what they will call its "lyricism", "evocativeness" and "undeniable human spirit". Really, those are bywords for "vagueness", "tired observations" and "cliched platitudes". Books like these, to copy its use of cliches, are a dime a dozen.

    25. This book was due back to the library before I could finishrmally I would be upset, but I was bogged down in reading it anyways, and was not too regretful in returning it. I am interested in learning more about Afghanistan, but this was not the way to do ite author was too detail orientated in way that lost me as a reader.

    26. This book was amazing. It was a great compliment to the Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns which I have read. I think I liked it more than either of those books because it provided a lot more historical information. I recommend it to anybody who is interested in learning about that part of the world.

    27. anyone who questions that us foreign policy set the stage for terrorism in/from afghanistan, read this book. i never doubted this, but this book breaks it down. this is a story of a person, a woman, an afghan, who grew up in the middle of her country being torn apart by politicse enemy of your enemy is not your friend.

    28. The first half of this book is a memoir and the second half is more journalistic. The memoir part is much better. English is not her first language, so the prose is somewhat stilted, but it's interesting as a view into the life of an educated Afghani family before and during the Soviet occupation. It really gives you a sense of what Afghanistan has lost.

    29. Good history of Afghanistan told by a woman who escaped with her family to Pakistan and then Canada. Interesting to compare with other books I've read about Afghanistan from other points of view; Kite Runner, The Forever War and The Places In Between. The author really tries to see the whole story while telling her own. Sad when things seem so much worse there now.

    30. ماكنت أعرف عن أفغانستان الا طالبان ( الجهاد) ، رجال العمائم أصحاب اللحا الطويله و الخبز الأفغاني الذي يعتبر فطور شهي مع العدس أو الفول.بعد ماأتمتت قراءه كتاب # بساط من الزهر الأحمر وهو سيره ذاتيه من خلالها عرفت تاريخ الأفغان كانت بلد تطور ونمو وعلم وثقافه ولكن تبدل مجرى التاري [...]

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