Pine Tar & Sweet Tea

Pine Tar Sweet Tea After playing eleven years in the Minor Leagues Coach Matt Hawley has returned to his tiny Alabama hometown to lead his old high school baseball team to their first state championship At the other en

  • Title: Pine Tar & Sweet Tea
  • Author: Kerry Freeman
  • ISBN: 9781623000158
  • Page: 374
  • Format: ebook
  • After playing eleven years in the Minor Leagues, Coach Matt Hawley has returned to his tiny Alabama hometown to lead his old high school baseball team to their first state championship At the other end of the state, Ren D as, who left the Major League after one season, is getting his team ready to defend their state title for the second straight year One is in the closeAfter playing eleven years in the Minor Leagues, Coach Matt Hawley has returned to his tiny Alabama hometown to lead his old high school baseball team to their first state championship At the other end of the state, Ren D as, who left the Major League after one season, is getting his team ready to defend their state title for the second straight year One is in the closet The other is between relationships Neither has any intention of hooking up at the state tournament.Then they see each other.Pre game lust turns into an intense one night stand neither man can forget, and when their best friends embark on a romance, Matt and Ren are thrown together again This time they decide it won t be for just a single night But the fear of disappointing his minister father and shaming his family forces Matt to keep one foot in the closet, even as he and Ren find their lust is maybe something He s going to have to make a choice between between his family and his freedom.

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      374 Kerry Freeman
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    1 thought on “Pine Tar & Sweet Tea”

    1. Grade: BInteresting. Intriguing, even. I think I need to read more from Ms. Freeman.It was hard to tell who started the kiss, but Matt was the one who deepened it. He thrust his tongue inside René’s mouth and tasted the last bit of sweetness from the tea. René grabbed Matt’s ass and began encouraging a slow, steady grind. Soon, René shoved his hand down the back of Matt’s jeans, his calloused fingers digging into Matt’s flesh.René pulled Matt back by his hair. “And here I thought y [...]

    2. I love sports stories, this is a good one even though the sports aspect is more peripheral to the main storyline which is one of coming out. I really enjoyed these characters. Matt and René are both high school baseball coaches and their teams meet for the state championship. Matt is recently home from years as a minor ball player. He came back to support his family after the death of his mother and while he was never out playing ball he was more free to be himself on the road. All this ends be [...]

    3. After playing in the Minor Leagues for eleven years, Matt Hawley returns to his small Alabama hometown to coach the local high school baseball team. Rene Dias left the Major Leagues after one season and moved back to his hometown of Mobile, Alabama to coach high school baseball at one of the local high schools. Matt is deeply in the closet. Rene is very open about his sexuality. Each team makes it to the state championship series and they meet as opposing coaches. There is instant and intense at [...]

    4. Another one for that shelf- what a pity. It started out pretty well, but around 35% I guess, when the MCs met for the second time, for me it got rather harebrained. On the one hand Matt was absolutely determined to hide everything gay from his father, on the other hand he followed René into the bathroom and then the whole scene suddenly ended? Without Minister father even appear? Or did I miss that? I read on til 40%, the next scene after the bathroom is at Matt's home - no father in sight. Wel [...]

    5. Three quarters into this story I was ready to give it 4 STARS but the last quarter seemed like somebody else took over the writing.Yes for those of us who read a MM romance at least once a day this is not a new story. One guy out and proud and one very deep in the closet with a preacher for a father. But the writing was great, the characters were interesting and entertaining. Then just when things go to hell in a hand basket, and the closet case shouts out he's 'GAY', after the breakup everythin [...]

    6. This was a sweet read, liked the characters but the angst level and some of the events in the end of the story made it a little over the top for me. But, liked it. Definitely an author I'd pick up again. 3.5 stars.

    7. Coach Eyefuck!! Another terrific read from Ms. Freeman. The title refers to the MCs, Matt and Rene, who meet as coaches of rival school baseball teams in Alabama. Matt,still closeted, is from a very small town, considered "dry" meaning you can't buy alcohol there. The residents are small minded, bigoted and homophobic. The biggest offender, sadly, is Matt's dad, Rev Hawley. Rene and Matt meet just as their respective teams are about to play a crucial game and their connection sparks and crackles [...]

    8. I was one lucky beta for Pine Tar & Sweet Tea. Such a beautiful, poignant story wrapped in southern charm, sports and laughter. I was raised in a baseball loving family by a dad who was super religious so I felt very connected with Matt right away. His emotional turmoil and personal plight spoke to me and even though there were a few moments where I wanted to kick him in his tushie, I also really wanted to hug him. Rene, as well as his family were perfection. I could hear the din and crazy w [...]

    9. I was lucky enough to read this story when it was in its infancy. Matt and René's story intrigued me from the beginning, and I sometimes forgot I was supposed to be reading for specifics. (view spoiler)[My heart broke for Matt; his struggles, his fear of being outed to his father, and the terror at how his town would react. René had his own unique struggles, though he was much more comfortable in his skin than Matt.(hide spoiler)]The supporting characters were some of my favorites. I loved Mat [...]

    10. I think it would have been helpful if there was some kind of transition in this story like separating by chapters for instance. One moment we're following a conversation where Matt is at his sister's house waiting for his dad to show up and in the next paragraph we're at Matt's house and it's switched to Rene's viewpoint. These abrupt shifts happen throughout the story and it was enough to really grate.The story was fine but not terribly original and the main characters & their relationship [...]

    11. A quick, easy read that made me feel for the characters and had a nice balance of sweetnes and angst. Matt's father, who's a preacher that doesn't accept homosexuality was a great character. He wasn't a black and white villain, but a man with prejudice, while still loving his family. I would love to read about Robby some more. He had a very small part but as a character he was an intriguing mix of bravery and fear. It'd be interesting to know where life will lead him.

    12. Matt and René meet at a sports event (they are both coaches) and are very attracted to each other. René is out and proud but Matt isn't. After a one night stands turns in to more Matt has to figure out what's more important the love and approval of his father and the people in his hometown or the love thats starting to build between him and René. Nice short story. I enjoyed reading this coming out story of Matt. There is a little angst but not much.

    13. An enjoyable read for me, well written generally and fast flowing - I devoured in pretty much one sitting.The baseball element is not front centre, serving as a vehicle to get Matt and Rene together. Its actually Matts coming out story and mostly I really enjoyed it - the ending was a bit funny but not too much to spoil the story. A good solid 3.5 for me and a reread.

    14. Pretty hot, a wonderful read, lots of love and understanding. Men written like men, I think, which is always a good sign. Recommended.

    15. A sweet story with a lot of angst about coming out to a devout christian family. Not the best one I've read, but not bad.

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