The Spirit Clearing

The Spirit Clearing Can love transcend even death

  • Title: The Spirit Clearing
  • Author: Mark Tufo
  • ISBN: 9781479256440
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback
  • Can love transcend even death

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      338 Mark Tufo
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    1 thought on “The Spirit Clearing”

    1. I love Tufo's writing style in the Zombie Fallout series but when The Spirit Clearing was released I have to admit that I was just the tiniest bit hesitant to grab a copy. And it was because of the love story/romance theme. But my curiosity got the better of me. I fell into this story almost immediately. I’m really not the mushy type but I found myself at times with big tears flowing freely as I read The Spirit Clearing and at several times laughing out loud. All of what I loved about the Zomb [...]

    2. When i started to read this one I've got to admit i was a little put out. Ive only recently started his Indian Hill series, and there was a scene from the first IH and The spirit clearing which coincided with each other. Its basically the same scene but it takes a different road in each book. I was not convinced at all BUT OMG how wrong i was! Genius is all i can say!I too don't want to give anything away with my review so all i will say is prepare to go on an emotional somersault- yeah not roll [...]

    3. I never write reviews, but had to on this one. If only so I could save one other person from this books misery. This could be one of the worst books ever. The writing is juvenile, the character development pathetic and the ending just plain dumb (it is not deep what-so-ever). I suspect it has been rating so highly b/c the kindle version of the book is available for $1.99. I can't believe I wasted an Audible credit on it--thank goodness they let me return it and credited my account. Stay away fro [...]

    4. I just can't go on. The author's writing style is so distracting that I can't get into the story or connect with the characters. MANY sentences are strung together with commas instead of a period and transition words - or just a conjunction. For example: "He slowly pushed his eyelid up, he could see a large window that faced the nurse's station a few feet past." It's just completely distracting to me after the hundredth time.Also, the dialogue continues to be questionable. Mike is just opening h [...]

    5. This book was just strange. There seems to be about three books here which are only related by the fact that our main character is the same. The "second" book, which takes up most of the novel, is more a romance -- though not of the bodice ripping sort -- than horror and doesn't gel with the overall story line. However, I suppose it makes more sense than book "three" which gets back to the main point, but doesn't solve the central mystery -- the what the hell is going on here? -- in a fulfilling [...]

    6. Sep 9 at 12:34 PM This is my first Mark Tufo book and I was not disappointed. I avoided his other books due to the zombie theme but the supernatural twist to this novel intrigued me enough to risk putting up with the occasional zombie, which turned out to be unnecessary.The book is not free of the living dead of course and Mark Tufo's easy and entertaining narrative style is definitely an encouragement towards trying his other books.Marks characters are all very well developed, the emotional rol [...]

    7. Mike, Paul and Dennis were in a car accident. Mike was the only one to survive but woke up with freaky left eye. With this eye, Mike can see or feel bad auras and shadows. With the lost of his friends and seeing dark shadows, Mike struggled to move on until he meets Jandilyn, who he reluctantly tell about his left eye "ability". They move to CA where she goes to school and Mike takes a security guard in a cemetery. This whole time the shadows and voices follow them. Something happened and Mike i [...]

    8. The character in this story is not the same Michael Talbot that you may know from Zombie Fallout and Indian Hill. Being a fan of both the previously mentioned series, I had a great deal of trouble relating the Michael character in The Spirit Clearing to the same character in ZF and IH. After listening to the prologue I had an idea of how this story would end. That being said, Tufo still managed to suck me into the story, which I found very intriguing. This was a different side of Tufo than I am [...]

    9. This was a different type of book than I am used to from Mark, so it was an interesting read. I was very drawn into the story, but I think I had some idea in my mind of what the story was going to be and it was NOTHING like that. SO I was expecting something to happen that never did. At times I was taken back on how the story was moving, it was so different from the Zombie Fallout series. By the end of the book though, I understood why things happened as they did. This was a different Michael Ta [...]

    10. I may be stoned by the masses for this, but I enjoyed The Spirit Clearing even more than the Zombie Fallout series. Don't get me wrong, I totally dig the ZF world (and now the Lycan Fallout!), but this story was something different. This is best described as an alternate-reality-to-an-alternate-reality story.There are some familiar characters and the story is actually one that readers of ZF have been given a taste of in the past. It involves the infamous car crash with a young Michael Talbot and [...]

    11. I stayed away from reading this for ages. as I am so in love with MT in the Zombie Fallout series I did not want to sully my mind (or get confused!)However, this was just amazing!Mark Tufo has a true talent; he is able to weave a complex story bringing in all sorts of emotional,physical, reality and spooky elements.You feel yourself sweating away with the characters in their struggles and dont get me started on the tears. thankfully no cats were killed in this one!!All ends are neatly tied up in [...]

    12. My least favorite of Mark Tufo's works. While the characters have that familiarity that makes us feel at home and we've come to enjoy, I always felt like I was waiting for something to happen that never did. Action / Story - wise, it felt like a let down, but character development was the best he's ever done. Seems like he specifically wrote this story so he could flex his development muscles and be in depth in ways he couldn't in other story lines.

    13. Occasionally I like to punish myself by choosing a book semi-randomly from the Kindle Owner's Lending Library. This was my May selection, and I chose well. It was atrocious, really horrible. The storyline reminded me of something I wrote back in 4th grade, but not quite as good. Take my word for it, you do not need to read this book.

    14. This book is beyond the 5 star rating. Honestly it is an emotional rollarcoaster and so worth it. Of course the twist at the end left me speechless for at least 5 minutes trying to wrap my thoughts around the whole thing. A must read for anyone who enjoys a paranormal story.

    15. It was a interesting read, I like the twist at the end of the book. Out of all the books I've read of Mark Tufo's this is the most serious of them all. I'm not saying that's a good or a bad thing, it just is how it is.

    16. This was a very good story. I would have given it a 4, but I kept trying to figure out how it was a Michael Talbott story. It has nothing to do with any of the Zombie Fallout books. I didn't see any reason why the characters needed the same names.

    17. I really did like this book! the wreck scene was intense. then sad, then the ending was a wtf moment but I got it.

    18. The Spirit Clearing by Mark Tufo is definitely one of my favorite all time novels. I've read this on multiple occassions and given it out as a gift more than once. The premise is very interesting and I did not see the twists coming. The writing style is nuanced but easy to read and follow for even the casual reader. I found myself cursing at the characters and hating them more and more before the entire thing finally made sense. If you like twists and unexpected turns in a novel that's sure to p [...]

    19. WowI could not put it down. I lost my 23 year old daughter in a accident. This book took me back to places That we're horrifically painful. Talbots is hilarious as usual. I love your writing so now I think I have read pretty much all of your books! What's next?

    20. WowThis book is really freaky! Three young men party too hard and crash on their way home. They all die, or do they? Excellent, terrifying adventure. Great characters.

    21. Easy readSlows about 2 thirds through then picks up. Again. Love talbots adventures, more please. Lycan fallout ans zombie fallout! Cheers

    22. Very interesting ending. I didn't see it coming, but when it did, it gave me a "huh?!" moment, in a good way!

    23. It’s kind of depressing yet I’m finding that I couldn’t put the book down for long before I wanted to pick it up again. Well played Mark Tufo, well played. Or written, I should say. It gave me nightmares. Love Zombie Fallout by the way.

    24. My reviewI do believe everything mark tufo writes will grab your attention and keep you wanting more. He puts his heart into his books

    25. It's amazing how such a promising idea manifested as a great beginning, can be botched so badly by a dreadful mid-section and an underwhelming ending that does a half-assed job of tying lose ends and leaves the reader wondering if that's what intelectual rape feels like.Credit where credit is due, the author has been blessed with the amazing skill of portraying a world where logic doesn't exist, and everyone is autistic. Hello, Mr. Drew, made up your mind yet? And seriously, who remembers what [...]

    26. About 5 months ago, I picked up my first Mark Tufo book Zombie Fallout 1. I was hooked and downloaded the rest of them and completed the entire series including ZF 3.5. I've read his other books connecting the ZF series but wanted more. Since Mr. Tufo is such a great writer, I decided to read this installment of Michael Talbot set in another time/space/dimensionn't know, care less because the book is so well written, the story line just carries you with him through out his ordeal. You feel for h [...]

    27. I am and will always will be a Team Talbot Girl. I have read and loved all four of the book series (Indian Hill, Zombie Fallout, Lycan Fallout, and A Shrouded World) from Mark Tufo about Mike Talbot's escapades. 'The Spirit Clearing' is no exception but those expecting the kind of Talbot book we are all used too will be surprised. First of all the Mike in this story should never even have been alive to live his life. Second, The Spirit Clearing is scary, not zombie or werewolf scary but really s [...]

    28. This is the first book I read of Mark Tufo's. While the overall story wasn't bad (great start, boring middle, great end)there were a few things that I didn't like, which pushed a possible 4 or 5 star rating down to 3.Editing. Not sure if Mark edited the book himself or someone else did it but there were several spots, especially in the middle of the book, that made you stop because of errors and interrupted your reading flow. Writing is good but editing is essential.Another thing that kind of ir [...]

    29. What an interesting concept, can death "lose" you for a while? I picked up this book on recommendation from a friend, and at first I thought I may be reading a series out of order by a couple of things I had picked up on in previews. Not the case really, just that this author really likes to mess with you. I am pretty sure just about anyone can pick up this book and enjoy it, there is nothing too graphic in here, the scary scenes are just on the side of peeking under your bed before turning out [...]

    30. The spirit clearingIf you read Mark Tufo you will know who Mick Talbot is, if not it doesn't really matter.Anyone for those in the know this is the another dimension of what happened in the car accident that pops up in the cross overs (I love those interconnecting all the books together like the mention of a cat called Winter (Winter raising) or the other cat patches that I love that's pack mates with riley. Plus Durgan, man I hate that character he is such a douche bag but a credit to Tufo an h [...]

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