Transformation Space

Transformation Space Marianne de Pierres epic series THE SENTIENTS OF ORION has been called a grand space opera Times Literary Supplement and brilliant in all senses of the word Sean Williams All four books were shortli

  • Title: Transformation Space
  • Author: Marianne de Pierres
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 443
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  • Marianne de Pierres epic series, THE SENTIENTS OF ORION, has been called a grand space opera Times Literary Supplement and brilliant in all senses of the word Sean Williams All four books were shortlisted for the prestigious Aurealis Award, with the final book winning for Best Novel TRANSFORMATION SPACEBook Four of The Sentients of OrionMira Fedor and her friendsMarianne de Pierres epic series, THE SENTIENTS OF ORION, has been called a grand space opera Times Literary Supplement and brilliant in all senses of the word Sean Williams All four books were shortlisted for the prestigious Aurealis Award, with the final book winning for Best Novel TRANSFORMATION SPACEBook Four of The Sentients of OrionMira Fedor and her friends stand in the eye of the hurricane, and everything in the Orion League remains in flux She is pregnant, and its gestation is proceeding at an inhuman pace As she hides out on her bioship, Insignia, it seems clear that the extropist s procedures have had an unforeseen effects but will her child be than human As secrets are revealed and conspiracies exposed about the attack on Araldis, Mira wonders if there is still time to thwart one last master plan The pieces are all in plan, all that remains is for each side to commit to its endgame But there s one question nobody has thought to ask will the Sole EntityGoday by the rules It s the epic conclusion to what the Sydney Morning Herald called Space opera supreme Don t miss the entire Sentients of Orion series DARK SPACE, CHAOS SPACE, MIRROR SPACE, TRANSFORMATION SPACE.

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    1 thought on “Transformation Space”

    1. *some spoilers for the preceding books*I have been waiting for this book for a long time, not least because I had thought it was a trilogy, rather than a quadrilogy. Here, we finally get a conclusion to the intricate plots that de Pierres has been developing and tangling over the series: Mira Fedor and her pregnancy, Trin and his semi-willing followers on Araldis, Tekton and his bizarre free-mind/logic-mind… and my favourite, Jo-Jo Rasterovich, the deep-space miner irrevocably changed by his e [...]

    2. I finally managed to find time in between the books I keep ordering from the library to sit down and read a book I actually own!! Transformation Space is the 4th (and final) in a series based around a planet that gets invaded by a species that is extermination proof, and first contact with Sole - a god. Over the course of the 4 books we have watched the story point from several people who are all key to the events that are happening, and have a place to play in the final outcome of the universe [...]

    3. Finally finished the series with a complete reread of volumes 2-3 and a full reread of volume 4 while I looked through volume 1 for reference(see review of Chaos Space for more detail /review/show/)For now just a few points with a full review in a few weeks:- fast and furious solving most of the thread lines though the ending is pretty abrupt in a way; this said, the series has a great ending in the main Sole thread though I wish a little more detail about what happens next would have been provi [...]

    4. Reached the end of the four book saga and was not disappointed. Marianne manages to tie up all the loose ends of the story from previous volumes in a masterful way. No spoilers here, but definitely worth reading if you are a fan of Space Opera.

    5. This story over four novels is wonderful. I couldn't put any of them down, and kept reading until the end of the series. Left me hungry for more from this world and these strong characters.

    6. Dum, da, rah, dum! The end is here. Like this Nova projected a grave melancholia, a vast emptiness without end that made Mira want to weep. We all know. Do you feel it too?According to answers the definition of melancholia is: Melancholia brings about a form of pessimism that sees the future as blocked and unchangeable. Such pessimism is accompanied by ideas of guilt and unworthiness, which find expression through self-accusation and can even give rise to delusion. . Mental suffering engenders [...]

    7. The Sentients of Orion is a series involving a found god-like entity, a planet, an explorer, the first woman in history to have the gene that allows her to pilot and speak with biozoons, biozoons (a race of space-faring beings who can alter themselves to become starships with amazing abilities), extros (they inhabit or possess people, animals, objects, etc) and Saaqr (a huge buglike thing that kills indescriminately in search for fluids) and a conspiracy. There's morech more.Transformation Space [...]

    8. A great space science fiction book that's easy going on the technology. The way it is written, splitting progress of the various characters / parties into sections, so you get an update of what they're up to in parallel to the other characters, works well. I read this before the other 3 books! As part of a cheap bundle purchase in 'the works'. But would be happen to go back and see how pieces of the puzzle got there.

    9. An excellent conclusion to the Sentients of Orion tale.Everything falls into place although maybe not as you would have guessed. The enigma of the Sole entity is solved at last and Mira Fedor, Tekton, Jo Jo Rasterovich, friends and enemies all complete their journey through this complex space opera.

    10. It's so frustrating that the best books never end the way you'd want them to. I guess that's what makes them good.

    11. Transformation Space moved at a good clip and my answers were questioned. I admit I was annoyed at the ending, but it was a satisfying conclusion.

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