The Brotherhood: America's Next Great Enemy

The Brotherhood America s Next Great Enemy The Muslim Brotherhood or Ikhwan has engaged in terrorism assassinations and anti Western anti Semitic rhetoric and violence for almost a century yet few Americans realize how powerful they reall

  • Title: The Brotherhood: America's Next Great Enemy
  • Author: Erick Stakelbeck
  • ISBN: 9781621570332
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Muslim Brotherhood, or Ikhwan, has engaged in terrorism, assassinations, and anti Western, anti Semitic rhetoric and violence for almost a century yet few Americans realize how powerful they really are While we focus on al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah, it s actually the Muslim Brotherhood, the world s oldest, most influential, and most anti American Islamist group, thaThe Muslim Brotherhood, or Ikhwan, has engaged in terrorism, assassinations, and anti Western, anti Semitic rhetoric and violence for almost a century yet few Americans realize how powerful they really are While we focus on al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah, it s actually the Muslim Brotherhood, the world s oldest, most influential, and most anti American Islamist group, that has become the preeminent voice and power in the Muslim world.Hiding behind a cloak of respectability and expensive Western suits, the Muslim Brotherhood is installing vehemently anti American governments and power structures throughout the Middle East and the world, as we sit back and cheer for the democracy of the Arab Spring.In his new book, The Brotherhood America s Next Great Enemy, Erick Stakelbeck teaches us the frightening truth about this dangerous group, from his first hand experiences investigating the Brotherhood for eleven years, interviewing its members and visiting its mosques and enclaves.In The Brotherhood, Stakelbeck Reveals how the Obama administration has put the Brotherhood on the threshold of power at every turnExamines the alarming ramifications for America, Europe and Israel of the Brotherhood s rapid riseWarns against the West s particularly the Left s shortsighted, na ve and deadly embrace of the Ikhwan andTraces the group from its violent roots to its current strategy of stealth jihad With Middle Eastern unrest only growing hotter, and saber rattling at the West only growing louder, the Muslim Brotherhood s growing global clout will remain on the front burner of American national security challenges Revealing and disconcerting, The Brotherhood is a must read for every American hoping to remain in a free America.

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    • Best Read [Erick Stakelbeck] µ The Brotherhood: America's Next Great Enemy || [Cookbooks Book] PDF ☆
      235 Erick Stakelbeck
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    1 thought on “The Brotherhood: America's Next Great Enemy”

    1. Un libro imprescindible para cualquiera que no se quiera dejar llevar por los medios políticamente correctos, apaciguadores y completamente equivocados que describen a los Hermanos Musulmanes como una organización pacífica, prooccidental y modernizadora.Los Hermanos Musulmanes, la principal organización islamista, ha alumbrado e inspirado, en sus casi cien años de vida, a más fanáticos y terroristas que ningún otro grupo en el mundo musulmán. Osama ben Laden y Aymán al Zawahiri, por ej [...]

    2. The most islamophobic book I've ever read. At the end the book even suggests we should ban parts of Islamic religion. This would go against freedom of religion and only fuel the fire of radicalism. This book is not written well with chapters basically describing how Islam plans to advance in converts and financial aid. The problem with this argument is that all churches do this. All churches advocate community activism and volunteer work. It's hypocritical and anti ethical to American values to [...]

    3. For someone who hates the Brotherhood as much as i do, i expected to read a book full of facts abt the techniques they use and their operations instead i was shocked to find that the writer is making the Brotherhood=Islam and that a Muslim by default is evil person you should fear, Sharia is evil and mosques are places to be feared and basically that's a bullshit. Here in Egypt we've overthrown the brotherhood regime because they wanted us to follow their own perception of Islam, because they ma [...]

    4. This is thoroughly researched and documented but easy to read. It explains the history, culture, and tactics of the Muslim Brotherhood, a very old Islamic terror organization that spawned Al-Qaeda and Hamas and others. In our time of extreme political correctness, the MB has been welcomed by American and European governments, which are anxious to ignore any Islam-inspired terrorism. "Islamic" here means the ideology that all the world must submit to sharia law or be destroyed. It is a culture of [...]

    5. This is my second book of Stackelbeck's. I love his writing style. He makes me smile with his sarcasm. Although it's not an easy subject to read, and not pleasant to hear the truth, he makes me laugh! I just love his personality as an author. I can't help it. I'm a fan, I guess. Back to the booke research in this book is astounding. The ability to compile all the knowledge into a readable flow has got to be daunting work. He has done a great job. I recommend this book to anyone seeking answers a [...]

    6. This book has some good information in it, some of which people, including experts in the field, would rather not discuss because it doesn't fit easily into their preconceived notion of what they would prefer to be. In terms of giving you a few issues to look into more and think about, and in terms of challenging some existing notions, it's worthwhile.That said, the book is so over-the-top, refusing to use a knife when a cannon would do, and overstates its case so often, that it discredits many [...]

    7. Okay, I get it. Muslim Brotherhood bad. And the White House is systematically cozying up to Brothers who would like nothing better than to destroy it.The book is meticulously researched and Stakelbeck connects all the dots . . . repeatedly. His arguments circle themselves like buzzards over roadkill.I'm not saying it wasn't interesting, it was simply overkill. Too much backtracking over the same information chapter after chapter. It had me putting the book down for days at a time.In the end, I'm [...]

    8. Stakelbeck knows his stuff. I've seen him on Glenn Beck's program a number of times and he's brilliant. This book is a rather concise description of who and what the Muslim Brotherhood is and how they're infiltrating the Western way of life. It's mind-numbing knowing that the powers that be completely ignore, down-play, or flat-out don't know the mentality and belief system of the Brotherhood. These are bad dudes and they need to be called on the carpet for the terrorists they are.

    9. Scary stuff!I feel this is a great book to help understand some of the history that lead to the problems going on over in Egypt and other countries. Would love to talk to some Islamic folks to find out what they believe about this book and their opinions of sharia law and other topics discussed by stakelbeck.

    10. Best book on understanding Islamic groups out there. Put in perspective news stories, some political (president, Senate, congress) leaders paradigms, and Muslim leaders' end goal. It's a book every American should at least read a couple chapters for insights of a threat to our way of life.

    11. Deserves a 5 simply because no one else is writing about, or even paying attention to, the MB and its impact on America's future. Americans, and the politicians we elect, are clueless

    12. A workmanlike expose of the Muslim Brothood in the context of history and today. The Muslim Brotherhood is committed to a world dominating Muslim Caliphate to the exclusion of other world views.

    13. This book has a wealth of information that the average person would never read nor know. Eye opening, read.

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