Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?: The Carter Family and Their Legacy in American Music

Will You Miss Me When I m Gone The Carter Family and Their Legacy in American Music The first major biography of the Carter Family the musical pioneers who almost single handedly created the sounds and traditions that grew into modern folk country and bluegrass music Meticulously

  • Title: Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?: The Carter Family and Their Legacy in American Music
  • Author: Mark Zwonitzer Charles Hirshberg
  • ISBN: 9780743243827
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Paperback
  • The first major biography of the Carter Family, the musical pioneers who almost single handedly created the sounds and traditions that grew into modern folk, country, and bluegrass music.Meticulously researched and lovingly written, it is a look at a world and a culture that, rather than passing, has continued to exist in the music that is the legacy of the Carters songs tThe first major biography of the Carter Family, the musical pioneers who almost single handedly created the sounds and traditions that grew into modern folk, country, and bluegrass music.Meticulously researched and lovingly written, it is a look at a world and a culture that, rather than passing, has continued to exist in the music that is the legacy of the Carters songs that have shaped and influenced generations of artists who have followed them.Brilliant in insight and execution, Will You Miss Me When I m Gone is also an in depth study of A.P Sara, and Maybelle Carter, and their bittersweet story of love and fulfillment, sadness and loss The result is than just a biography of a family it is also a journey into another time, almost another world, and theirs is a story that resonates today and lives on in the timeless music they created.

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    1. There’s too much to say about the Carter Family. I could start with their oddball personalities : the chirpy, pocketsized indomitable Maybelle, the spaced-out Alvin Pleasant (note great middle name - how nice to have been called Paul Pleasant Bryant or Paul Niceenoughwhenyougettoknowhim Bryant), and the dour, flinty Sara. Of all the photographs of the Carter Family, there’s only one where Sara is smiling and even on that one, it’s not a grin, just a mild softening of the features, a fleeti [...]

    2. This is one of my very favorite books. You know that book that each of us has in our collection that we want everyone to read? That book that we loan to friends, family, colleagues, and (I suppose in some cases) strangers, just wanting them to read it because we KNOW they'll love it? This is that book. I'm sort of OCD about my music; I tend to overanalyze and obsess about who (stylistically) begat whom. That being said, The Carters are near the top of the family tree of much of what has become t [...]

    3. Any country fan who hasn't read it should put it on their Christmas present list. It would fill any empty hours between turkey and the chimes at midnight perfectly. I enjoyed the writing. the relaxed style reflects the way that country has influenced the syntax of American English. I enjoyed adding to my knowledge of the history of what we Brits call Americana. And I added to the pleasure by using the internet to prepare me a party tape of all the songs mentioned in the section that I'd just rea [...]

    4. Moved to tears reading this, I think the Carter Family is America’s first family. Divorce, distance, and myriad flat tires could not put an end to them. This book will take you on an adventure and introduce you to so many colorful and innovative musicianers, as A.P. called them, but always come back to the original thread of the unstoppable trio, A.P Sara, and Maybelle. We are so lucky to have the Carters in our canon of music.

    5. One of the best books about the music that became bluegrass I've ever read. It illustrates the weird amalgamations, "hawaian style" really did come from Hawaii over the radio, the influence of itenerant black musicians, the exposure to cowboy music, and the good scots irish folk tunes that are the bones of bluegrass. Most of all the human drama and failings in AP and Sara's failed marriage and what it meant for everyone. A beautifully researched and written book.

    6. An absolute must-read for anyone interested in the Carter Family and the history of American music. This book was both historically informative and incredibly interesting to read. This book made my husband cry.

    7. Washington City PaperArts & Entertainment : Book ReviewClinch Mountain BreakdownBy Glenn Dixon • November 1, 2002Alvin Pleasant Carter fell for the voice before he even knew which girl it belonged to. Trudging over Clinch Mountain toward his cousin's house to try to sell fruit trees out of a catalog to his relatives, A.P. was struck by an alto singing the train-wreck ballad "Engine 143." It took some time for his affection to be returned, but he eventually won Sara Dougherty over. When ask [...]

    8. A well researched, and well written, history of a pioneer family in american Roots music. Being from the neighboring county, I know this music, play it myself and grew up with it. The Carters are an American treasure who gave us timeless standards such as "You Are My Sunshine" and "Wildwood Flower" and "Will the Circle Be Unbroken", which I learned before I even knew they were Carter Family standards.

    9. This is where it begins!This is a great biography of a the 1st family of country music.I would highly recommend. Fascinating lives in music.

    10. After reading CASH, The Autobiography(See December 2003 Journal Entry)and learning about the Carters through him, I had to have more. Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone is the first major biography of the Carter Family and their legacy as musical pioneers. Their musical style became the basis for what is country, folk, and bluegrass music today. A.P. Carter was a poor, eccentric mountain farmer from Poor Valley, Maces Springs, Virginia in the foothills of Clinch Mountain. He married Sara Dougherty, [...]

    11. I bought this book right after I saw Walk the Line (which is an awesome, awesome movie – go see it). I was in Barnes & Noble, and this caught my eye – a New York Times Notable Book and a National Book Critics Circle Finalist that just happened to be about the Carter family at the exact moment when I had the songs of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash running through my head. Serendipity, no?I am glad for it, because this was a great book. I have been drifting along, reading four or five bo [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this biography of the Carter family. I expected to enjoy it, as I've heard good things about it, and I love the music of the Carters. But I really zipped through the book because it was very easy to read, and well-written.The story of the Carter family is really the story of the recording industry and the story of country music in the US, all rolled up into one biography. This book focused mostly on the inner family story of the three Carters and their relations, rather than int [...]

    13. A. P. Carter left no journals, no papers, no correspondence behind upon his death. Nor did his ex-wife Sara. Maybelle gave us Helen, Anita, and June but she didn't leave behind many documents either. But what these three people did leave behind is a stunning body of music that became the taproot for much of what we know today as bluegrass, country and western, and folk music. They influenced people like Woody Guthrie, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, members of The Band. Their voices traveled out over the [...]

    14. I did enjoy this book quite a bit, even though I had some problems with the way it was written. The author throws in colloquialisms and writes in a self-consciously informal way that I found distracting. As though he is trying to write "country". I know a few times I had to pause in my reading to roll my eyes and if had just been written in a more straight forward way, I wouldn't have noticed it, nor would have detracted from the story in the least.Also, many times things are written where I wou [...]

    15. I'm a bit biased because I've had the privilege to work for the author, Mark Zwonitzer (who also writes, directs, and produces for PBS's American Experience); all the same, this is a wonderfully rich take on the Carter Family legacy. The writing is lovely and lovingly executed, but it's no mere exercise in hero-worship. We really get to know Sara, Maybelle and A.P. (and their children) for all their talents and failings, and in Will You Miss Me we get to ride with them out of the mountains, on s [...]

    16. I was supposed to read this book in college for a History of Pop Music course. The course favored heavily on popular music no one really cared about like folk and country from the Depression through the 1950's and not music I actually consider to be popular which was a disappointment. I think we covered the 1970's-2000's in the last two weeks because the prof would not shut up about Hank Williams and the Carters. Needless to say this collected dust until about a week ago. Now the fact that they [...]

    17. This book about the Carter family gives great insight into one of First Families of American music. A.P. figured out how to make this recording business into a vehicle to feed his family, seeing as farming, mining and most other ways of making living in Appalachia did not. But of course, it is not a simple tale. A.P. is a wanderer and finds many a tune as he visits different rural communities, but he loves the wandering more than the home life he had with Sara. Sara wants more than anything to s [...]

    18. Wow, the Carter Family deserves the best treatment, and this is it. This book has something for everyone. It's as authoritative and as relaxed as a country yarn, full of larger than life characters from the kin in Maces Springs to Nashville's country stars. On top of which the musical analysis enriches the story, rather than boring the casual reader. (How A.P. collected and copyrighted traditional songs, the way Maybelle developed her influential guitar playing.) I was fascinated by the chapters [...]

    19. The Carter Family are one of those groups I have much respect for but hardly listen to. I love many of the songs they brought to our attention but must admit that the warbly recordings and dented voices in those recordings never did it for me.Nonetheless there innovation, craft, and blood permiates much of the music I enjoy listening to so me pulling Will You Miss Me off the shelf and reading it right away was never in doubt. While the book is not at the top of literary biographies it gets the j [...]

    20. What a touching, beautifully written tribute to the legacy of the Carter family, and to a bygone era. I had the privilege to meet June Carter Cash, in the few years before her death, at the church pastored by Johnny's brother-in-law and sister. She seemed to be such a sweet, down to earth lady, made you feel as though she could be your neighbor. From what I heard from others in the music business there, all the Carters were the same way.All that aside, this was a touching book which seemed to be [...]

    21. There is not a single dull page in "Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?", its story is incredible and must be heard by anyone that is interested in music. I was happy to find that this book goes so in depth during the years where Mother Maybelle toured with the Carter Sisters, an era in which I knew nothing about. The authors capture the rural mountain living life vividly, a lifestyle and time that seems like a different world. No good story is left untold, from Hank Williams attempting to murder Ju [...]

    22. More like 3.5, but edging toward 4. This book had some boring moments, especially at the beginning, when discussion of Carter relatives that had nothing to do with recording music seemed to dominate. But, then, I read this book primarily to get the dirt on A.P. and Sarah's divorce, Hank Williams, Elvis, and, of course, Johnny Cash, all of who showed up in the second half of the book, and provided lots of gossipy fun. On a less salacious note, my admiration for Maybelle Carter is now officially b [...]

    23. This is a good in-depth look at the Carter Family, who were the first family of country music and with Jimmie Rodgers essentially created the foundation for some of the great acts that would come after them (the obvious one being Johnny Cash.) As a biography, the book is really great, but I found it lacking when it came to the "legacy in American music" part. A lot is made of Maybelle Carter's way of playing guitar, but the book doesn't link to more contemporary adoptions of this style (Lindsey [...]

    24. Last year my daughter pointed me to John Green's 18 Great books that you probably haven't read. It is a quite eclectic list, some classics and then some odd recent things. I was intrigued by this title as the Carter family is near royalty, where I live. I'm only about an hour from the Carter Family Fold and Museum. This book was FANTASTIC! Well researched and well written. I knew very little about the rise and popularity of the Carters and what they did musically which set them apart. In many wa [...]

    25. This book is highly recommended if you are interested in the history of American music. The Carter Family touched many kinds of music, particularly country and folk, and this book tells the story of their career in music and how their influence spread. I found it particularly interesting to read about their work with other giants of the music scene, such as Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Chet Atkins. The final days of each member of the original Carter Family are detailed with disarming tenderne [...]

    26. I read this several years ago and just loved it. My parents grew up in the 1940s listening to the Grand Ole Opry, and it was fun to read about the business and personalities behind the music -- although I think the height of the Carter Family trio's popularity predated this time.I also like stories about rural families -- not least because I grew up in and remain part of one -- and most writers don't know how to take us seriously and do us justice. I give it 4 stars because I reserve 5 for books [...]

    27. As a fan of the Carter Family, I found an in-depth story of their early life, the music that A.P. discovered throughout Appalachia and brought to the rest of the world, the music the Carters created and the path their careers took over the years. It enhanced my appreciation of Americana, folk, country and bluegrass music because the roots of those genres can be traced back to the Carter Family's early forays into recording and radio performances. This is a must read for fans! I think even those [...]

    28. My daughter passed this on to me when I told her I needed to "read a book about the arts, music or dance" for a Book Bingo: Fall Into Books game we have going for staff at Addison PL. If you're a fan of traditional music or the roots of country music, this might be for you. Otherwise, it might just be 400 pages of boredom. I liked it. A.P his wife Sara, and his sister-in-law Maybelle were the original Carter Family. This is their story as well as the story of Maybelle and her daughters, and Chet [...]

    29. Not only is this a first-rate biography of the family who essentially invented country music, but it's also an entertaining look at Depression-era Appalachian living, and a heart-breaking love story. Author Mark Zwonitzer's writing style uses colloquialisms and phraseology common to the area, but is so skilled at it that it never condescends to the reader or the people about whom he is writing, but rather gives a real sense of place to the story. So many people in this book come across as ones y [...]

    30. This book is incredibly well written and researched. Not only does it portray the lives of the original Carter family (A.P Sara, and Maybelle), but it also delves into the lives of all of their extended family as well as prominent stars such as Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and more. Coming from someone who isn't usually interested in historical nonfiction, this book is riddled with interesting information that will keep you reading, and provide ample context for the rise of America [...]

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