Bitter Blood

Bitter Blood The brand new Morganville Vampires novel from bestselling author Rachel Caine Thanks to the eradication of the parasitic creatures known as the draug the vampires of Morganville have been freed of t

  • Title: Bitter Blood
  • Author: Rachel Caine
  • ISBN: 9781742536675
  • Page: 434
  • Format: ebook
  • The brand new Morganville Vampires novel from bestselling author Rachel Caine .Thanks to the eradication of the parasitic creatures known as the draug, the vampires of Morganville have been freed of their usual constraints With the vampires indulging their every whim, the town s human population is determined to hold on to their lives by taking up arms But college stThe brand new Morganville Vampires novel from bestselling author Rachel Caine .Thanks to the eradication of the parasitic creatures known as the draug, the vampires of Morganville have been freed of their usual constraints With the vampires indulging their every whim, the town s human population is determined to hold on to their lives by taking up arms But college student Claire Danvers isn t about to take sides, considering she has ties to both the humans and the vampires.To make matters worse, a television show comes to Morganville looking for ghosts, just as vampire and human politics collide Now, Claire and her friends have to figure out how to keep the peace without ending up on the nightly news or worse.

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    1 thought on “Bitter Blood”

    1. Can't wait for this book. I seriously hope that in some way Rachel can bring in a love triangle with Clair, Shane, and Myrnin! Myrnin is my most favorite character please Rachel bring the drama!!!A lot of people hate how this series isn't ending but I LOVE it. I never want it to endI love the anticipation and waiting for the next one. Also so people know that's Claire on the cover. it seems to always change to Claire to eve then maybe Claire and Shane or Michael

    2. Let me start by stating clearly;I AM OBSESSED WITH THE MORGANVILLE VAMPIRES!After months and months of waiting for this book, I finally got it and well, i found it really hard to get into. And that not normal for me with T.M think its because of all the new POV's I dont like change.Anyhow,It starts off with Olivers POV, he hands over to Amelie a scroll, written in it is the new decree/law? for Morganville, stating that vampires basically have a free pass to 'hunt'.Ofcourse our four little heroes [...]

    3. NNNOOOOOO!!!! Do you know how FREAKIN' long I've been waiting to finish reading these BLASTED AMAZING books!!! Then I learn I have to waitSEVENmore FREAKIN'MONTHSto read them all!!! WWHHHYY!!! Why do this to me!!! Why don't I learn my lesson and simply refuse to start a series that isn't complete!?! This is driving me batshit Fucking INSANE!!!!

    4. SpoilersLike the last few books in the series, the plot was dull and uninspired. It was the same old rubbish: Claire moaned about something or other.There was a new threat of some sort.Vampires = Bad times.Eve and Claire fangirled over Michael's fit body and beautiful face.Michael brooded about being a vampire.Amelie acted like a bitch.Oliver acted like a bitch.Shane bitched about the vampires and his twagic life.Myrnin acted crazy and wore silly clothes.There was a misunderstanding or two.Micha [...]

    5. How can I possibly explain how utterly awesome this book was? I devoured it. It had everything I was hoping for, which means it had Myrnin, Claire/Myrnin, Claire, Amelie, Amelie/Oliver, Eve, Eve/Michael, adventure, shocking events, constant danger It was so nice getting to once again re visit these great characters with the exception of Shane of course (I am an avid supporter of the "let's kill Shane" fan club; there's more of us than you think). Bitter Blood was pretty much Morganville on a who [...]

    6. I like it, I love it, i want some more of it!!!! and I want this book to be out now!! Please! and Thank you.I think how Rachel Caine plots this series could go on forever, it's just fantastic. Even though the plots may be repetitive but to me the character growth is just wonderful and how most of us seem sort of connected to the characters in some way (view spoiler)[ like when Sam died, when I read the next book I actually missed him and hoping there would be some miracle of him some how him com [...]

    7. This is one of those books that I had started reading, then just started losing interest. So I take a little break from it. Okay a long break from it. Finally, finally I get around to getting back to book series I really should catch up or finish. Morganville Vampires series is one of those.So I read where I left off. Apparently I was halfway into the book when I last read it. This was one of my favorite vampire series. But it happens with long book series, that you start to not love it as much. [...]

    8. Oh Morganville, how I have missed you. This series is addictive and never fails at nonstop action and adventure. Please forgive me for being so vague in this review, but if I were to say to much it would give away so much of the story. We can't have all the secrets spilled like blood in one review!Bitter Blood is again told from multiple POV's from all our favorite characters. The one that excited me the most was Myrnin though! We get to glimpse into his crazy mind and the author did a wonderful [...]

    9. Oh this was kind of weird but good! :DMorganville is finally moving towards some place and I like it. The characters are growing up and the grown ups are defined more clearly. You can't read a Rachel Caine book and expect anything else than an action packed, intense and cleverly written plot. Bitter Blood delivered all those things and left me waiting for the next book one more time! There aren't many series that can keep readers hooked after that many sequels So what's more to say?I love the ch [...]

    10. Finally gave in and ordered this online I try to shop locally but the wait for them to get it in was KILLING me!Can't wait to finally get my hands on it :D <3

    11. Book thirteen in Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampire series didn’t disappoint, although it ended up being pretty dark. The evil Draug is gone, but of course there’s always something on tap in this vampire controlled town to keep us on the edge of our seats, and in turn, keep us enthralled. If you plan on reading this series, keep in mind there may be spoilers.Morganville has been beaten down by the evil Draug that ended up killing quite a few of it’s residents, both human and vampire. Now [...]

    12. Bitter Blood is the thirteenth installment to the Morganville Vampire series. I wish I could say that I adored this just as much as I did the others, but I just can't. I found myself rather disappointed with this one. You don't know how hard it is to give this book a 3 star and not a 5 like the rest of them. Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate it and I still had a good time being in this world again, but it felt very off compared to the rest.I can't quite place the why's but maybe it's cause it fe [...]

    13. I found this book very disappointing. Even more so than the last one, which I found VERY DISAPPOINTING. This series is probably (here read definitely) a little immature for me to still be reading now, but I'm a little in love with Myrnin, soI can't understand a lot of the rave reviews on here. To my mind, the series has been going steadily downhill for a few books, now. With this latest installment, not only are there dismal plotholes which I would have thought it impossible for any reader to mi [...]

    14. reto 47: con un personaje excentrico ;)La unica razon por la que sigo leyendo esta cosa, y saltandome en lo posible todos los pasajes con Shane -ug- es Myrnin.

    15. This book made me so angry, especially the last half of it ugh. I just wanted to scream at the characters so much. The ghost aspect was very interesting and I hope it is explored more in the last two books. And idk if (view spoiler)[ Claire will actually leave. (hide spoiler)]

    16. Find this review, plus more, on my blog: Booklikes OR Blogger Basic InfoFormat: Audio Pages/Length: Too long, too long. Genre: Young Adult; VampireReason For Reading: Continue series. At A GlanceLove Triangle/Insta Love/Obsession?: NoCliff Hanger: NoTriggers: n/aRating: 2.5 stars Score SheetAll out of tenCover:6Plot: 3Characters: 4World Building: 4Flow:5Series Congruity: 6Writing: 6Ending: 4Total: 4In DepthBest Part: Only a few books to go. Worst Part: Claire, Shane, Oliver, pick one. Thoughts H [...]

    17. It feels so good to be walking down the street of Morganville. The taste of the coffee, the blood mobiles driving by, it never ceases to amaze me of how quickly I fall into this series as if I never left. Meeting up with Claire and the glass gang once again, I adored every step in her shoes.As always with vampires it's always a power play. It's no surprise that once again Morganville is under attack and this time it's happening all under the nose of Amelie. I have to admit that the plot of the s [...]

    18. 3.5 starsMorganville appears to be back to normal but sadly this is not the case when Claire and the Glass House residents get a surprise in the mail: ID cards for the humans and gold cards for vampires giving them special privileges. Claire decides to take matters in her own hands and fight against the system but as always, the task is not easy. Bitter Blood had many storylines going at once. A camera crew has entered Morganville and seeks content on ghosts for their TV show. Naomi is working b [...]

    19. Clare, the girls who seems to be the only one who can solve anything is fixing the vamp town again ! After the last book you would think the vamps would be gracious towards the humans. They would be moving forward to continue the vision for the town ? Nope, silly you, now they want to hunt them, control them, go backwards about 20 steps. She this barely legal girl out matches even the oldest vampire, with her massive brain power. WEll, she is smart in many ways except in her choice of men. Shane [...]

    20. I have to say i quiet enjoy this book, its been one of the better ones out of the last few.Man the twist and turns in this book!!! i saw none of it coming!! with that Rachel has out done herself!! and thats one decent cliff hanger at the end. i wonder how she's going to do the next book???well lets start off with claire - she was even MORE badass in this book than in the past! i know hard to believe but she's my hero, gotta love a nerdy chick who kicks ass with the best of them. ;)Shane is not i [...]

    21. Is this the end? I kinda felt a little lost at the end of this book. Our delightful heroine Claire Danvers has always gone one step more than anyone to try to save the "victim" of either the vampire or human race. All she wants is peace. Not too much to ask of anyone but a Morganville townsperson. Now that other vampires/draug are defeated, it seems like a good time to rebuild the town and relationships between the humans and the vampires residing in Morganville. But when the Founder/Queen turns [...]

    22. As excited as I am for this book to be in my hands right now, I don't ever want this series to come to an end!It takes a certain kind of diligence to keep a fandom interested for thirteen books-especially with the unfathomable amount of series popping out every so often-but to be able to still surprise a fandom after thirteen books belongs only to Rachel Caine.Starting this book was like meeting some friends I hadn't seen in a while, and I savored every second of it, until we departed. Like meet [...]

    23. Why do I always read these so fast.So frekkn good dude!Myrnin is still as awesome,crazy,funny as ever.And what the heck was that all about Myrnin?(view spoiler)[you kissed Claire! (hide spoiler)]EEEEPPP!I about died!I loved getting to read from his POV.Claire and Shane are still so very sweet and cute together,but Shane you know how to piss me off,but you always seem to find a way to wiggle your way back in to my heart.You are on probation buddy-__-Michael and Eve are married now and both sides, [...]

    24. Source: I own this book. Cost: 20p in a charity shop Title:Bitter Blood Series:The Morganville Vampires #13 Author:Rachel Caine Overall Rating:3 starsWhen will this series return from war? When will it's plot lines become good again? When the characters stop making things unnecessarily harder for themselves?Why is Michael a douche? Why is Eve annoying? Where is the series I used to love? Please let book 14 be better, please let Claire stop being an irritating main character?Thank you.

    25. ** Warning! This review contains spoilers of previous 'Morganville Vampires' books ** The humans of vampire-run town, Morganville, once thought their deadly tyrants were unbeatable. The town had once risen against their vampire foe, but were beaten down severely and put rebellion out of their heads forever. Not to mention the human residents have also paid for a bitter warfare that raged between Morganville’s founder, Amelie, and her father, Bishop.No, if there’s one thing Morganville has ta [...]

    26. e bunny slippers were soaked and drooped pathetically. Even the fangs seemed robbed of any charm. "Don't worry," I told it. "Someone will pay for your suffering. Heavily. With screaming." I felt I should repeat it for the other slipper, in case there should be any bad feelings between the two. One should never create tension between one's footwear Oh, the mind of Myrnin! It was awesome to finally get a peek into his thoughts however brief it may have been. The quote above made me giggle out loud [...]

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