Theirs to Keep

Theirs to Keep When Cade Winslow and Merrick Sullivan find Elle hiding in the cabinet of a gun store they know they can t just walk away from the fragile woman with no memory of who she is or who tried to kill her

  • Title: Theirs to Keep
  • Author: Maya Banks
  • ISBN: 9781475602609
  • Page: 457
  • Format: ebook
  • When Cade Winslow and Merrick Sullivan find Elle hiding in the cabinet of a gun store, they know they can t just walk away from the fragile woman with no memory of who she is or who tried to kill her Merrick is training for the title shot in the heavyweight division as a mixed martial artist and can t afford distractions, but neither can he turn his back on the woman whoWhen Cade Winslow and Merrick Sullivan find Elle hiding in the cabinet of a gun store, they know they can t just walk away from the fragile woman with no memory of who she is or who tried to kill her Merrick is training for the title shot in the heavyweight division as a mixed martial artist and can t afford distractions, but neither can he turn his back on the woman who tugs at his heartstrings.Elle feels safe with her two protectors, and the longer she spends with them, the she realizes that she has no desire to remember her past Not when it could compromise her future with Cade and Merrick.Cade has his own set of concerns when it comes to Elle, and it quickly becomes clear to the two men that for the first time in their friendship, a woman is coming between them But what if they just kept her there Between them Where she belongs.

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    1 thought on “Theirs to Keep”

    1. I love Maya Banks and have ready all of her books. In fact she is one of my all-time favorite authors. But unfortunately this book was just ok for me. I felt like I had already read this story from her a number of times before. I also didn't like the fact that it felt like the story only really focused on Merrick and Elle while Cade was just an afterthought. The things I always enjoy most with her menage books is that each character has their own voice in the story, but that just wasn't the case [...]

    2. Review posted at: Swept Away By RomanceStory Rating ~ 4.5 StarsHero # 1 Merrick ~ 4.5 StarsHero # 2 Cade ~ 4.5 StarsHeroine Elle ~ 4 StarsRomance Rating ~ 5 StarsHeat Rating ~ 4 StarsAction Rating ~ 4 StarsEnding ~ 4 Stars and to be continuedOverall Rating ~ 4.5 StarsThe beginning of this story starts off CRAZY good. Elle is literally crawling through an alleyway, she is wet, freezing and scared out of her mind. She can’t remember who she is and what had happened, except that she must hide, be [...]

    3. I am extremely disturbed about the way things are dealt with in this book and that is why, my rating reflects my opinions about the situation rather than the value of the book in terms of writing etc A woman undergoes immense trauma and abuse *beaten, raped and shot all at the same time, left in mud to die,* then some time later has to endure another attack in which bullets and grenades flying over her, * and lastly another assault resulting in her being beaten the hell out of her again Then, th [...]

    4. DNF at 43%Even though the book started out very promising, I lost interest after the first couple of chapters. I had a hard time connecting with Elle. While I understand that she went through something very traumatic that she can't remember, it is frustrating that she continues to live in denial and refuses to come to terms with her past. Seeing as how the first 40% of the book covers a time span of at least six months, I was really hoping to see more growth from her character. Cade and Merrick, [...]

    5. 5 AMAZING STARSTheirs To Keep is the first book in the Tangled Hearts Trilogy from the amazing Maya Banks and i LOVED it, LOVED it, LOVED it.In my opinion Maya Banks is the best author when comes down to menage books, and i can tell you the reason why as well. She has the ability to give life to every single character, to have his own individuality and make them blend with each other and create a beautiful love story.It's the story of Full review to be postedToday is Theirs To Keep it available [...]

    6. Rating: B- Heat: HotWhen Theirs to Keep begins, Elle has been beaten so badly that she’s bruised and bloody. She’s also cold and lost and has absolutely no memory beyond waking up on a riverbank. All she wants—all she knows—is that she needs shelter, someplace warm, even if it means she has to commit breaking and entering to get it. That and she can’t let him find her, whoever he is. Cade Walker, owner of a private security firm, responds to an alarm at one of his locations. Merrick S [...]

    7. Sooo, I'm not usually a fan of love triangles or menage but I have to admit this one looks good!! When Cade Winslow and Merrick Sullivan find Elle hiding in the cabinet of a gun store, they know they can’t just walk away from the fragile woman with no memory of who she is or who tried to kill her. Merrick is training for the title shot in the heavyweight division as a mixed martial artist and can’t afford distractions, but neither can he turn his back on the woman who tugs at his heartstring [...]

    8. I honestly don’t know where to start this review because I loved the book that much. I feel like I should just tell you to buy it and be done with it. I even feel like I should track down some annoying gifs to punctuate the utter adoration I had for Theirs To Keep…d Maya Banks in general. There aren’t many authors who can continually crank out books I can find no fault with . Maya Banks is one of the very few who can consume me with her writing to the point of oblivion to things that happe [...]

    9. First I am a long time fan of Mrs. Maya Banks. Love her books.This story begins with Merrick and Cade. Merrick is a MMA fighter. But together he and Cade own a security company. They have been friends since grade school. Really you could say they are more like brothers than friends. Cade is part of Merrick MMA support team. Merrick is training to become MMA Champion.On night they got a security call from a gun store they monitor. Instead of calling the cops to meet them they decide to investigat [...]

    10. What the hell did I just read? This was a clusterfuck of a book. I just couldn't get into it. I thought that Elle had no character or personality at all and just relied on Merrick and Cade for everything. Look, I feel for her, she went through a traumatic experience that she can hardly remember. I mean she lost all of her memories of her life and who she is, but she remembers bits and pieces of who attacked her? Not buying it. Doesn't make sense!! And how many times does this woman have to get a [...]

    11. ***Slight Details ***I love Maya Banks. I would read dirt if that’s what she wished to publish. THEIRS TO KEEP was wonderful. That’s not to say I didn’t have a few faults with it, but overall, I can’t wait for the rest. I could even say I’m even more excited now. Elle has only a sense of her past and it’s telling her to avoid detection at all cost becauseHeis after her.When Cade and Merrick come into her life, they instantly want to protect her after all she’s been through, but in [...]

    12. Absolute disappointment. I've never really been a fan of the whole insta-love, but this one was a bit much. When they first lay eyes on her, their in love. Another major disappointment was the ménage. There was truly no point in it, because the story focused on Merrick and Elle. Cade was just a hanger on with no real purpose to the overall story. That was sad; I felt so bad for him because I didn't feel the love for him from Elle. There was no true chemistry between any of them, but the author [...]

    13. Was it really necessary to make this woman go through such violence 3 times in less than a year? First she was beaten, raped, shot and left for dead. When she was trying to rebuild her life, which was considerably difficult because she had amnesia, the office where she works gets vandalized and torched with her inside. And because that wasn't enougha guy attacks when she gets home a couple days later. More bruises and broken ribs. Really?I did like the way she tried to overcome all this though. [...]

    14. I was really into menage erotica awhile back and I decided this would be a great time to explore my previous obsession. Plus, it's Maya Banks so I'm pretty much guaranteed a steamy read.This was an okay read for me. I'm all for damsel-in-distress stories but Elle really bothered me in this one. I understand she feels like a charity case, but do something to change that if you feel like you're such a burden. Even when she makes some progress in her life, she'll have a memory of her past and becom [...]

    15. Nem értem én ezt a könyvet! Most mit is akart az író? Írni egy kedves romantikus sztorit, vagy erotikus édeshármast? Az elején inkább az utóbbira számítottam, aztán már nem értettem. Cade teljesen felesleges volt, hisz mindenhol csak Merick volt előtérben.A történet röviden annyi, hogy a csaj menekül valaki elől, de nem emlékszik semmire. A fiúk találnak rá összeverve-megerőszakolva, és hazaviszik. Nem ám, hogy jelentenék rendőrségen, vagy valami… A csaj szem [...]

    16. I had a very hard time finishing the book. While I understand this book is laying the groundwork since it is a trilogy, most of the book bored me. Understandably, Merrick and Cade were very protective with Elle but it came across as treating her as if she were their little sister. I never bought into the love story for some reason.The only thing that saved this book for me was the last 15%. Things were just starting to open up with Elle's back story and it sounds like book 2 will hopefully give [...]

    17. While I tend to love anything Ms. Banks writes, this fell a little flat for me. Still an intriquing story, however; the characters were not well developed and seemed to be quite repetitive throughout. I am looking forward to the next book to see how things playout though.

    18. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Maya Banks posted on her Facebook page that she wrote and self-published her new book “Theirs to Keep” as a gift to her fans. When I unwrapped my “gift” and began reading, it became apparent that the fans were truly receiving an amazing gift. Theirs to Keep hooked me from the first page. The story begins with Elle, bruised and battered, seeking shelter in a gun shop. The gun shop is monitored by Cade and Merrick’s security firm and they a [...]

    19. Cade and Merrick run a small security system company. However, one night doesn't go according to plan. They find a beaten scared woman huddled in a cabinet of one of their clients gun shops. They try to talk her into going to the hospital but it's clear that she's too frightened to let authorities check her out. She's terrified that whoever attacked her will be notified when she's admitted into the hospital. Merrick and Cade don't want to put her life in jeopardy so they call their friend/physic [...]

    20. I love me a good, steamy novel with some messed up characters, I can not lie. Theirs to Keep…well, it definitely had some messed up characters….but I just didn’t feel the connection with them that I need for me to really fall in love with a book. I’m not a prude by any means, but I just didn’t ever feel like this could actually happen. Yes, I realize this is a work of fiction, but isn’t there some reality in all fiction?“Can you possibly understand what it’s like to wake up faced [...]

    21. I'm not sure what I think about this. I just finished last night so I am going to give myself some time to think on it. The book worked for me on a couple levels. I have a weak spot for damsel in distress stories as well as characters that suffer from amnesia (sad but true!) so the major premise of the story was a win for me. I thought the book was sweet and romantic but definitely lacking in some of Maya Bank's signature heat. I can't believe I'm saying this about a Maya Banks book, but I think [...]

    22. Love Maya Banks!! Best author ever! Ok, fangirling over. Now on to the review:Hot. Hot. Hot. Steamy. LOVE!They saved her. They BOTH want her. What are they supposed to do?Duh! If 2 is better than 1, then of course 3 is better than 2!!But and there is a but She has no idea who the flip she is. I understand that she is traumatized. Who wouldn't be? But having some PTSD moment every chapter got pretty old. It was so intense!! Every bit! The suspense! The training! The *cough* *cough* steamy scenes [...]

    23. OH this book is good!!!!! Maya Banks is at her best with Theirs To Keep. Elle, Merrick & Cade are fantastic characters. They find her scared to death, battered, bruised & terribly abused hiding in a store she broke into to get warm. Someone tried to kill her, now they're going to take care of her, nurse her back to health & love her. They go through many trials & tests of strength & will. Merrick is heading into the fight of his life for the IMMAO world championship of fighti [...]

    24. Pretty decent ménage book. I always prefer when there is some discussion about whether these two alpha guys want to go that route. They never have before in this book. And some discussion about what everyone is feeling and some sort of reasonable expectation discussion. This story took place over 7 or 8 months and so didn't have that super rushed unbelievable thing going on. If you've read any of MB's ménage before you know that it is kind of overly sweet how the guys just adore and pamper the [...]

    25. 3.5 for the beginning, 4 for the restI've found Maya Banks to be a very readable author, she is great at keeping me interested and making me relate to her characters. That said the beginning of this book, the part that sets up Elle's situation, dragged a bit for me. Elle was also more of a victim than I am usually comfortable with. But as the story rolled on everything gained momentum, Elle included, and I found myself engaged. As usual Ms Banks gave us great male characters (I love the KGI seri [...]

    26. Like Merrick and Cade, I also once came upon a beautiful, obviously traumatized girl who couldn't tell me where she came from. I, too, decided to take her home and keep her. Of course, in my case, I'm talking about a stray dog, not a woman.There's a lot--and I mean a whole lot--of WTFery here. From Cade and Merrick basically adopting Elle as a pet, to their near-instant, baseless conviction that she is "the one," to the way they never so much as glimpse each other's cocks, much less make any kin [...]

    27. For me, the first half of the story was slow going and I had a hard time getting involved. But it was still a strong enough plot to keep me interested. I loved all the characters, as with all of Maya's stories. Her characters are always people that keep you invested in their well-being. I hadn't expected the cliffhanger though and wish I had known. That's something completely new for Maya. I look forward to the next book but if I had realized it then I would have held off on getting the first in [...]

    28. Eeeeh like a 3.7 I've read a Lot of Banks work and I don't think this really compared but it was good. The plot didnt really go anywhere. Im assuming that will happen in the two future books. This was more for character development and the emotional connection between the MCs. And they were all ok characters. I did love Merrick though. Although It could be because I love big, rough, tough men with a heart of a teddy bear towards his woman.

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