Blur Danger lurks in the dead of nightSeventeen year old Nikki and her twin brother Nathan move to the small town of Shore Lake to start over after their mother is brutally attacked When a missing teenag

  • Title: Blur
  • Author: Kristen Middleton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Danger lurks in the dead of nightSeventeen year old Nikki and her twin brother, Nathan, move to the small town of Shore Lake to start over after their mother is brutally attacked When a missing teenager washes up on shore during their first night at the cabin and there are whispers of vampires in Shore Lake, Nikki begins to realize that there are things roaming in theDanger lurks in the dead of nightSeventeen year old Nikki and her twin brother, Nathan, move to the small town of Shore Lake to start over after their mother is brutally attacked When a missing teenager washes up on shore during their first night at the cabin and there are whispers of vampires in Shore Lake, Nikki begins to realize that there are things roaming in the darkness that are far sinister than what they left behind in the city.

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    1 thought on “Blur”

    1. Oh my god, seriously? This was beyond rushed and WAY to cheesy!Nikki was just a fucked up bundle or hormones. At one point I kind of excused her behaviour because I assumed she was being forced into her crazy assed feelings. Just to find out that the 'mind control' was forced onto her only once. So in reality she really is this stupid!The monsters of the book were terrible. Completely lacking in skill of being whom I'm assuming they've been for a very long time. It seemed like a piss poor excuse [...]

    2. Okay so i will, willingly give this a 2.5It's a fast, easy read. Unfortunately raging teenage hormones have gone ape-shit crazy in this book. I thought that our main character Nikki would have some self-control, or be cautious of men after what happened to her mother - oh and her mother? Really. The only sensible one it seems was Nikki's twin Nathan. Okay Let's start from the top. Nikki and her small, as she puts it - dysfunctional family - moves because the twin's father comes back to and attac [...]

    3. I'm not really sure how to describe BLUR. Parts were awkward, parts were cheesy, parts required an eye-roll in exasperation. The dialog seemed forced. I have two brothers and we have never, ever called each other bugger and/or twerp, especially not repeatedly and not at 16 years old. So you want your teenage characters to use curse words but then use childish "terms of endearment"? And how about the use of "jump his bones" and "jump Ethan's bones" a total of five times thorough out the book. Thr [...]

    4. Nikki and her twin brother Nathan have just moved to a new town after their estranged father attacked and raped their mother. Immediately upon arrival, all three have found some hot person to lust after. For their mother, it's local cop Caleb. For Nathan there are several girls, and for Nikki there's Duncan. And when Nikki begins working at the diner, she meets Ethan. When dead bodies begin turning up, Nikki hears rumors of vampires. Could Ethan be a vampire?When I first started reading this, I [...]

    5. It's sad when "It has a nice cover" is the nicest thing you can say about a book. Plot: thin and predictableThis book tries to do both horror and romance and fails at both.Dialog: terribleI don't know anyone who this way. Characters seem to agree about everything and then spend the next 2 pages talking about it. It reminds me a lot of Laurell K Hamilton (and not in a good way). Setting: flatMonsters: completely lacking in horrorRomance: awkward and cheesy etc.The good news is I didn't have spen [...]

    6. This was a fast paced NA PR. It is not really what i would class as YA as there are sexual situations/violence/and a whole lot of cussing. The book was alright, a good way to spend an hour but it wasn't great. I do not plan on reading anymore books in the series.

    7. fiercebookblogger/amazon/Blur-Night-RoamThat's the amazon address to read the summary. Okay so this book was free on my Kindle and i can see why. Plot: Twilight + Immoral Series = Blur. This story was mostly a rip off from Twilight but had some elements from Immortal series. The whole story was about a girl, her twin brother, and her mom who move to a new place to get away from a psycho dad. That's the only original thing in there. She meets a boy who instead of working on cars (Jacob) works on [...]

    8. Sorry for any spoilers!! This story is about Nikki and her twin brother Nathan. After their mother was very seriously injured they decide to move in another city in order to get away from danger. As soon as they arrive to their destination bad things start to happen. A dead body, a suicide, dangerous and mysterious notes, pale faces, shadows, animals or something else lurking in the woods. Things are pretty intense and the two siblings want to reveal the true meaning behind everything thats goin [...]

    9. Downloaded this book because it was free on . I hadn't really read the plot summary and so when I reached a point in the book where it was clear that the supernatural beings were vampires, my first reaction was to roll my eyes and start skimming. Not another vampire syory, I groaned. However, I couldn't skim. I read through the book enthralled by the characters, even the sexy vampire ones.cially the sexy vampire ones. I found that as the pages left to read were dwindling, that I was starting to [...]

    10. Nikki and Nathan are twins who move with their mother to get away from their father. As soon as they arrive, they begin to notice that things aren't always as they seem. On their very first night in Shore Lake, Nathan discovers a girl's body at the edge of the lake. Over the next few days, things around Shore Lake escalate. Their neighbor comes and warns them that vampires are among them and to beware. When Nikki gets a job at the local restaurant, she runs into Ethan, a strangely intoxicating g [...]

    11. I could tell by just reading the first few chapters this was going to be one of those cheesy books you know you shouldn't like but yet you do anyways. This was that for me. I'm not ashamed we all have guilty pleasure books. You could tell from the beginning that the weirdness at night was going to be vampires and you pretty much knew who was going to be one. Nikki and her family move to this small town after her father does something terrible to their mother. Once they get there weird things sta [...]

    12. DNF at 43%. Not only are you thrust into the middle of a mess right at the start, the story, if you can call it that, moves far foo quickly. Most of it was dialogue and there wasn't a lot of story building in the first place. There wasn't any indication of what the characters were like- at least not from what I can tell. I really wanted to give this a shot but I was bored out of my skull.

    13. I thought this is going to be a pain in the ass when I started reading this book. But after the arrival of Duncan and Ethan it was butterflying awesome.

    14. I downloaded Blur by Kristen Middleton to my Kindle a few weeks ago, because I was looking for a good read, and this one had okay reviews that left me hoping it was the book I wanted.From the beginning, the writing in Blur isn't very good. But the book was a free download on , and the reviews weren't amazing. What was I expecting?I kept reading.The dialogue is kind of cheesy, and there are some facts, conversations, details, and phrases that are repeated several times throughout the book. This r [...]

    15. This book was so amazing! When I started reading this I just couldn't stop. I usually hate vampire books, but this one was so much different. Instead of making me turn away from boredom it drew me in. It was the perfect mixture of horror, romance, and fantasy rolled up into one book.Nikki and her twin brother, Nathan, move to a new state with their mother after they go through a terrible experience caused by their father raping their mother and physically abusing her after a divorce. They think [...]

    16. Review"BLUR" (Read 11/02 - 11/02/2013)Sadly, this book was a complete disappointment! This is my first 1-Star review I've ever given to a book. I agree with the review by Surayya Hosein "Terrible", and wonder as well, how this received so many stars?¿ "Blur" is written from the POV Nikki Gerard, a 17-y.o along with her twin brother; Nathan and their mom; Anne, escaped from California, after their father brutally raped and beat Anne viciously. Almost 3-months after the attack, Anne Gerard jump a [...]

    17. First off, the book starts off with the mom being raped by her ex-husband, who is a cop. Three months later, they move to Montana to get a fresh start on life, and she immediately flirts with the first guy who talks to her… WHO IS ALSO A COP. Like, what. I could maybe see her going for him if her ex-husband HADN’T BEEN A COP AS WELL so that she could say, “Oh, he’s a cop, I feel comfortable with him” but no, it’s just terrible. Also, the whole raped and abused by her ex-husband thing [...]

    18. I read a lot of reviews before starting Blur and I have to say there was a lot of negativity which at first put me off but i had downloaded it as a free eBook so still wanted to give it a go. I am still in two minds about it, it started off well, i like that there is a lot of detail about what the characters are doing and the environment because for me it sets the seen. But the relationships between the characters is so so, i feel the mum who at first seemed to have been through quite an ordeal [...]

    19. This book was ridiculous. My eyes hurt from rolling them so much. It started out ok - but not even half way through the book everything fell apart. There was just so much wrong with this book. No world building. Im not even sure what the plot was exactly ?¿?Nikki & Duncan love each other after maybe a week of knowing each other, she has a twin brother who likes to chase anything in a skirt, (but his love & protective nature toward his sister was very sweet) a vampire is stalking Nikki b [...]

    20. Blur is an exciting read from start to finish. The story begins with Nikki and her twin brother Nathan moving out of state due to their mother’s new job. But it’s more than that, their father went psycho on their mother and she’s running so to speak. Hoping to find a safe place for the family to live that he hopefully won’t track them too.Nikki’s a pretty average teen who shortly after moving to Shore Lake meets a cute boy she crushes over. In a very short time she gets a job and meets [...]

    21. Worst book ever Very poorly written, don't waste your time. This book has tons of plot and story eras, it's not even funny. I wasted my whole weekend reading this worthless piece of writing that in my opinion has no right to be even considered a book. I could have written a book ten times better then this piece of poo. Sorry to the people who enjoyed this but, this is a story with poor plot and it really makes teenage girls sound bad and easily gullible. I'm just saying that this author should r [...]

    22. Another winner from Kristin Middleton! Fantastic vampire book, loved the characters, and I am half in love with both Duncan and Ethan! I am also DYING to know who is responsible for the murders of all the girls in town that eerily resemble Nikki! Love, love, LOVE IT! Also, as a side note to anyone who enjoys this book, and also likes zombie stories.or even if you aren't too crazy about zombies because I wasn't a fan at firste also writes a truly kicka$& series about zombies called Zombie Gam [...]

    23. LOL TBH i read it because it was free. I had no expectations going into this book. So i actually found it entertaining and the concept so funny. I wouldn't take so many things seriously in this book. I actually didn't even know the premise of this before i started. I also wont be reading the rest of the books in this series. The main character is WEAK. Her character was VERY inconsistent. But whatevs, didn't expect much from this book anyway. Reding this felt like I watched a cheesy ytv show. Wi [...]

    24. Okay, this book wasn't for me. I feel my mind getting stuffy when I try to explain it, so I won't. Basically, I didn't find anything enjoyable about this book (except Nathan) a nice guy. But as for the rest - Nikki's mum a rape victim and she eyes every guy she sees, Nikki who found her mum after she has been raped and is jumping at every guy she sees. A town infested with vampires. yeah that's about it. Simple, easy to read but not for me.

    25. Blur was amazing!!! It was very detailed and thrilling! In a way it was like twilight where two guys fall for a girl "Nikki",but that is where the comparison stops. I liked this much better than Twilight. The story is told by Nikki. She used to be shy until she met Ethan and Duncan, now she is more social making friends and working. With all the mystery, action and romance, I couldn't put the book down!!!

    26. While I enjoyed this first installment, I don't believe I will continue to read the rest of the books. I think it is a bit too racy for a seventeen-year-old heroine. I may be old-fashioned, but I don't care for so much sexual behavior when the heroine is under age. If she'd just turned eighteen, I would have been fine with this book. Even though this may not be targeting the YA audience, it would appeal to them. Happy reading!

    27. I'm really glad I got this as a deal on Bookbub. I would never have paid money for this piece of junk. The author really needs to hire an editor because there are so many grammatical errors.On top of that, the main characters brother seems to be the only one with any sense. Nikki's mom just got away from her abusive ex-husband, and within ten minutes of moving to a new town she's shacked up with a vampire. Seriously?!Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time on this one.

    28. not a full bookTo the author: you should have learned on Sesame Street that stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end. If you don't write an end, it isn't a story. Not going to be fooled again. Will not be be buying the second book. I just don't care enough what happens to these people.

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