The Woman Who Wouldn't Die

The Woman Who Wouldn t Die The long awaited follow up to s Slash Burn and the ninth installment in Colin Cotterill s bestselling mystery series starring the inimitable Lao national coroner Dr Siri In a small Lao village

  • Title: The Woman Who Wouldn't Die
  • Author: Colin Cotterill
  • ISBN: 9781616952068
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The long awaited follow up to 2011 s Slash Burn and the ninth installment in Colin Cotterill s bestselling mystery series starring the inimitable Lao national coroner, Dr Siri In a small Lao village, a very strange thing has happened A woman was shot and killed in her bed during a burglary she was given a funeral and everyone in the village saw her body burned ThThe long awaited follow up to 2011 s Slash Burn and the ninth installment in Colin Cotterill s bestselling mystery series starring the inimitable Lao national coroner, Dr Siri In a small Lao village, a very strange thing has happened A woman was shot and killed in her bed during a burglary she was given a funeral and everyone in the village saw her body burned Then, three days later, she was back in her house as if she d never been dead at all But now she s clairvoyant, and can speak to the dead That s why the long dead brother of a Lao general has enlisted her to help his brother uncover his remains, which have been lost at the bottom of a river for many years Lao national coroner Dr Siri Paiboun and his wife, Madame Daeng, are sent along to supervise the excavation It could be a kind of relaxing vacation for them, maybe, except Siri is obsessed with the pretty undead medium s special abilities, and Madame Daeng might be a little jealous She doesn t trust the woman for some reason is her hunch right What is the group really digging for at the bottom of this remote river on the Thai border What war secrets are being covered up

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      283 Colin Cotterill
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    1 thought on “The Woman Who Wouldn't Die”

    1. Wonderful to see Dr. Siri back but this ninth in the series is as much or more about Daeng as it is about Dr. Siri. This series has been completely satisfying since the beginning and as with previous books, is filled with humor, humanity, and the spirit in many guises. 100% treat!

    2. Original review at Crime Fiction LoverThe setting is Vientiane, Laos in the late 1970s. The country’s only coroner, Dr Siri Paiboun, now retired, is recalled to oversee the search for the body of the brother of a high-ranking minister. This was initiated when the corpse’s location was approximated by an informant. Incidentally, the informant was a local witch who herself was murdered, cremated, rose from the dead as a clairvoyant, and now takes on the occasional missing persons case.If you [...]

    3. I truly enjoy this series and can't wait until the next one. Without revealing any spoiler, Colin Cotterill left an open storyline for the next book at the end of this one.When I am reading new authors and new titles, I find that I will like some of the new ones but others are not quite what I was hoping for. I have recently had this happen. That's when I like to return to the series books that I follow and those books do not disappoint. This book was one such case. I saw a new Dr. Siri was rele [...]

    4. First Line: Madame Keui was flesh and blood, or so they claimed, although nobody could remember touching that rewarmed flesh, nor seeing her bleed; not even when a second bullet passed through her. Well into his seventies, Dr. Siri Paiboun, national coroner of Laos, has finally been allowed to retire and enjoy life with his wife, Madame Daeng. But a general insists that Siri go with him to a remote village to find the remains of his long-lost brother, along with Madame Keui, a woman who returned [...]

    5. When the Revolution erupted in Laos, in the 1970′s, Dr. Siri Paiboun was a grumpy widower with no faith in man, no tolerance for nonsense, and not a whole lot to live for. When the Communists essentially press-ganged him into being the national coroner (all other candidates had fled, or been shot) he wasn’t very happy about it. But when a genuine mystery was placed in front of him, he somehow managed to overcome his situation and solve it, as well awaken a wise but irritating ghost that had [...]

    6. ‘There used to be a woman in our village who’In a small Lao village, a woman was shot and killed in her bed. Everyone in the village attended her funeral, and saw her burn on her funeral pyre. But three days later, she was home - with new skills. Now Madame Used-To-Be is clairvoyant, and can communicate with the dead. Just the person to help the long-dead brother of a Lao general! This long-dead brother needs Madame Used-To-Be to help his brother uncover his long-lost remains from their rest [...]

    7. Just when you think that a Dr. Siri book couldn't get any better, the next one in the series comes out and you are in book heaven ! I am addicted to these books and feel like all the regular characters are my friends ! Mystery, mysticism, culture, history, comedy, and pure entertainment all rolled into each book. My favorite series of all timeof course I'm also reading Colin Cotterill's other series with reporter, Jimm Jurree, so we'll see who comes out in first place.

    8. Why wouldn't she die? Did she or didn't she? The Mekhong mystery of currents and ebbs and flows and forest gods and body doubles and transvestite's final resting places grabbed this reader and pulled me along for the party. It was a crazy jaunt down the river; the only thing missing was a tin cup of rice whiskey for me.

    9. Audiobook-Rezension:Dr. Siri wird älter und ist offiziell pensioniert, das Laos der 70er Jahre hat damit keinen Leichenbeschauer mehr. Doch dann wird in einem abseits gelegenen Dorf eine Frau ermordet - aber kurz nach ihrer Einäscherung taucht sie wieder auf und steht nun im Kontakt mit der Geisterwelt. Das will sich die Frau eines laotischen Generals zunutze machen, sie will herausfinden, wo sich die sterblichen Überreste ihres verschollenen Bruders befinden. Der General beordert kurzerhand [...]

    10. I recently reviewed Grandad, There’s a Head on the Beach, the 2nd book in Colin Cotterill’s new Jimm Jurree crime series set in Gulf of Siam in southern Thailand. I commented that it had been a while, but I seemed to remember being more entranced by his (now 9) Dr. Siri books, set in Laos. When I noticed this latest offering in the Dr. Siri series come available, I grabbed it so I could make a comparison with Jimm Juree fresh in my mind.I was right – Colin Cotterill’s Dr. Siri is a more [...]

    11. It seems that these Dr. Siri novels have become an addiction for me. As soon as I read that a new one had been published, I immediately requested it on my Kindle so that I could read it right away. I was not disappointed. It is another romp through 1978 Laos with Siri and his posse of oddball family and friends.Siri has finally managed to achieve his long desired goal of retiring from his post as the national coroner of Laos, but three months into his long awaited retirement, the 84-year-old doc [...]

    12. GeisterfrauEigentlich könnte Dr. Siri die Pension genießen, soweit man die Pension im Laos des Jahres 1978 genießen kann. Doch als Dr. Siri mal wieder aneckt, wird er für ein paar Tage in paar Tage aufs Land geschickt, um zu klären, was es mit der Witwe auf sich hat, die zweimal starb. Diese Gelegenheit nimmt Dr. Siri ausnahmsweise gerne wahr. Denn so hofft er, seine Frau Daeng aus der Gefahrenzone zu bekommen. Nach ihr nämlich hat ein seltsamer alter Franzose gefragt, was nichts Gutes bri [...]

    13. Love this series! Favorite quotes:"the timelessness of river travel. For hours they hadn't seen anything the early French explorers wouldn't have experienced 100 years before the greed of generals and the land lust of politicians. The river had defied it all and survived. Still her will owed banks bowed to the passing pirogues. Still the grey terns surfed the cool current above the water."I gre up in a remote animist village. But then I went to school in a Buddhist templ. I underwent a strict Ca [...]

    14. Book Review & Giveaway: We’re participating in the Random Acts of Kindness Giveaway Hop and have chosen The Woman Who Wouldn’t Die by award-winning author Colin Cotterill as our giveaway. This is the latest mystery/thriller in the bestselling Dr. Siri Mysteries series; however, it reads quite well as a stand-alone novel, so no worries there. This series is set in Laos in the 1970’s, so it provides us with a glimpse into a culture that many of us don’t know a lot about despite the war [...]

    15. It's a little formulaic in that all the Dr. Seri books share similarities of plot, but if you liked the others (as I have), you'll like this one, too. The high point once again is Cotterill's humor, and the usual enjoyable cast of characters -- Dr. Siri, Madame Daeng, Geung, Dtui and Phosi (plus the dog, "Ugly" who is a real star) all play full roles in the story. As usual, it involves a satire on 1970's Laotian government, more than one plot line, and Siri's connection with the spirit world. A [...]

    16. Another strange and weird romp through 1970's Laos with the irreverent Dr. Siri. It looks like this is going to be another one of those strange ones dealing with spirits but that's not the case. A very interesting dual plot involving the French colonials from the 1950's combines greed and spycraft. Siri might be solving the greed angle while his wife Daeng handles the spy angle but unbeknownst to her he's taken care of the spy angle too. The octagenarian multi-tasker, Siri, is directed to accomp [...]

    17. A book with unusual but striking characters in an unusual series, featuring the Lao coroner Siri Paiboun, who is both a medical man and a sleuth. The combination of Lao beliefs and culture, and the history of the resistance against the French and Russian presence in the country are blended into the novel. This is the ninth in the series featuring the charismatic Siri and his wife Daeng. I've read two of the other novels but am eager to read all the rest!

    18. Dr Siri and Madame Daeng shine in this wonderful, engaging and amusing mystery set in Laos in the 1970s. It is fascinating to read about the history of Laos and its people. I wait with happy contemplation for the next book.

    19. I've enjoyed all of the Dr. Siri mysteries but this one probably the most. All of the characters are well developed and we get to find out more about Laos under French rule and the French don't come away smelling too good. It's alot of fun!!

    20. Excellent book. Very witty, with interesting well developed characters. I love the series, and was worried it was ending. So I was releived to see a new book in the series that was just as good as the previous ones.

    21. Dr. Siri ROCKS! Dr. Siri makes 1978 Laos a HIP place to be. Of course it wouldn't be half as fun without all the zany characters that make up his world. Can't wait for the next one.

    22. Once again Dr Siri gets railroaded into an investigation. It seems that a witch has told the wife of a party dignity where to find the lost body of the man's brother and Dr is to go along for the ride and to identify said body. He is allowed to take Mme Daeng, Mr Seung, and the dog Ugly with him, and Civilai joins them early and later on this trip. Inspector Phosy continues to do background work on this project as well as investigating the whereabouts and identity of the Frenchman stalking Mme D [...]

    23. .In a small Lao village, a woman who was dead and cremated seems to have come back to life. She is acting as a clairvoyant (seer) and many people desire her services. When a general wants to find his brother's remains, Dr. Siri and his wife, Daeng, are sent along with the medium to supervise an excavation of a naval vessel in the Mekhong River.In this complicated plot, it is initially hard to tell who to believe. There is a contingent of Vietnamese soldiers who were supposedly sent along to guar [...]

    24. This is my first foray into the Dr. Siri Paiboun's series. I really liked it. Of course it's filled with Communist talk and oppression but the main character and his wife, Daeng are really funny. Dr. Siri is a 74 years old coroner and his wife is 67 and still runs a noodle house. He is retired but still gets called back to help on difficult (and somewhat ridiculous) cases. This is one of those cases but of course, things aren't exactly what they appear.I thoroughly enjoyed the investigation and [...]

    25. This is #9 in the series and it has a pretty far-fetched plot. Very elaborate. Not my favorite. But I continue to learn much about 1970s Laos and also much about powerful Vietnam after the war. Of course, I know so little about Southeast Asia that I can't help being educated by these endlessly fascinating mysteries. Also in this book we get Daeng's history, which is naturally intertwined with the history of the Pathet Lao revolution. FYI, in case you haven't figured it out yet, it's a good idea [...]

    26. Oh, how I love this series! The author has created wonderful, well-rounded characters, and the reader is fantastic at making these characters come to life. Since I listen to the audiobooks rather than eye-read them, the names may be misspelled. I particularly like the interactions between Dr. Siri and his buddy Siveli - they are so funny and snarky and cynical with each other. The romance between Dr. Siri and Madame Deng is lovely. If you are looking for a refreshing mystery series with great ch [...]

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