Hunters Rachel and Daniel broke every rule in the Hunter book Don t turn humans into Hunters Daniel did that when he saved Rachel from becoming a vampire bride Don t travel beyond your assigned area Assigned

  • Title: Hunters
  • Author: Stefanie J. Pristavu
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rachel and Daniel broke every rule in the Hunter book.Don t turn humans into Hunters Daniel did that when he saved Rachel from becoming a vampire bride.Don t travel beyond your assigned area Assigned area They ve traveled half way around the world in search for Vlad, the vampire boss.Report all hunting activity to the Hunters High Council There s a Hunters High CouncRachel and Daniel broke every rule in the Hunter book.Don t turn humans into Hunters Daniel did that when he saved Rachel from becoming a vampire bride.Don t travel beyond your assigned area Assigned area They ve traveled half way around the world in search for Vlad, the vampire boss.Report all hunting activity to the Hunters High Council There s a Hunters High Council Don t tell humans about the existence of paranormal beings Ooopsy, they kinda let that one slip.Don t resist arrest and escape from your death sentence Well, about that If they re to go down, they re taking Vlad with them, especially since he screwed up both their lives.The Council has a valid reason to want their heads, but Rachel and Daniel have pressing matters to worry about Like the screechy voices inside Rachel s head which sing of death and destruction and the creepy Banshee who predicts the coming of a Hunter vampire war A war which Daniel and Rachel must trigger to save their race from extinction.And Rachel seriously doubts that a head on battle between the vampires and the Hunters will be their ticket out of the death sentence.

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    • Unlimited [Philosophy Book] ä Hunters - by Stefanie J. Pristavu ↠
      339 Stefanie J. Pristavu
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    1 thought on “Hunters”

    1. In the beginning, I hated this book. I got the PDF version for free in exchange for giving it an honest review. Throughout the entire book, it switched font and size on my Nook every few words. Very frustrating when you’re trying to read. With the author’s permission, I used Calibre to change it to EPUB format and that fixed that issue.This was the first book I actually took notes on, I disliked it so much. These are how my notes go: Don’t like this book. Vlad the Impaler? Really?! No real [...]

    2. Finally: a vampire romance novel that doesn't make me nauseous! To be fair, the main characters in Stefanie J. Pristavu's debut novel are not fully vampires, but they're not fully human either. They're Hunters, a human/vampire hybrid, a separate species really. A Hunter's sole purpose in life is to wipe out vampires, rather like Blade. That alone makes them quite intriguing, but its their story that kept me turning the pages.Daniel Paxton was born a Hunter, but knows little of his past or his he [...]

    3. Hunters by Stefanie Pristavu is a well-written novel centered around three main characters; Daniel and Rachel, vampire hunters and Vlad, hunted vampire. The novel takes us across Europe as Daniel and Rachel search for the infamous and elusive Vlad in an attempt to dispose of the vampire, thus eliminating the vampire society.Daniel and Rachel have a tenuous relationship; best friends, maker and protegee and eventually lovers. Ms. Pristavu gives a different perspective on a vampire novel from any [...]

    4. Ohhhh, I remember reading this in its very early stages. I can't WAIT to read the final version. Woohoo! Go Stefanie! I enjoyed this the first time, and the second time. The second time even more so, because I could read it all in one go, and didn't have to wait chapter for chapter, lol. I like the wit and action, and the romance, (of course). :P I am curious what stories Stefanie Pristavu will write and publish next. I hope for more in this vein, because the story was entertaining and such a fu [...]

    5. I was given this book by Stefanie Pristavu through the Making Connections ARR group for an honest review, thank you.(view spoiler)[Daniel Paxton and Rachel Guilani are rogue vampire hunters and the vampires they kill are not the sparkly kind. These vamps are mean and take joy in their prey’s fear and pain. Rachel is only seven years old in hunter years, having been saved from turning into a vampire by Daniel. A ten year old vamp Hunter, Daniel is more advanced in killing than most hunters his [...]

    6. The only vampire books I've read are the Twilight series and a few Charlaine Harris books because it's not one of my favorite themes, so I was very happy to find a different twist on the vampire theme in Hunters.The two main characters, Rachel and Daniel, are vampire hunters with special abilities and powers. I loved their chemistry from the start and enjoyed watching them grapple with their feelings for each other. Their relationship was my favorite part of the story as I'm more of a romance gi [...]

    7. Note: I received this book from the author in return for an honest review!This was a great, well written story! The characters are very well developed and relateable. I loved the idea of hunters being good and the vampires actually being the bad ones this time. It was a refreshing change-up(but I still love the other vampire books!)! The plot was also very well developed and the story flowed easily from beginning to end. It was truly an awesome story and left me wanting more, even though it ende [...]

    8. First off I just want to say WOW!!! This book was very quick read but with lots of plot and descriptions. I loved how I wanted to know about the characters before this book started and then when it was over I wanted to just know more. The writing and plot made me love this book. I just hope that there is a second book since this was a great plot twist at the end. :-) I am lucky to have done a review read of this book and did really like it a lot and am recommending it to all my friends that I th [...]

    9. This was a fast-paced, made-my-palms-sweaty novel I couldn't tear away from until I was finished. I find myself sitting oddly on the edge of my seat after all the intense scenes, and fueling the adrenaline rush were the laugh-out-loud moments. Pristavu definitely has a way with words which can elicite a chuckle from you, even as creepy vamps are at your heels. Aside from all that, there were more than a few lovey-dovey moments, but none of it is cheesy. (I am in love with the hero, Daniel, btw. [...]

    10. This book took off with a fast-paced start that continued all the way through to the end. I loved the read but had a slightly hard time relating to the characters. Other than that, it was a wonderful novel that you should definitely read!!!

    11. Hunters by Stefanie PristavuI love the cover of the book. I think it is very appealing. The story line is very interesting as well.This is a story about Rachel and Daniel who broke every rule in the Hunter book. They traveled beyond their assigned area. They didn't report thier activity to the Hunters' High Council, and they told humans about the existence of paranormal beings--- BIG nono.I really like the story in general, Hunters with antibodies in their blood and vamipires that are actually t [...]

    12. I'll make it simple.I love this book.It's funny, witty and it has romance and drama. To quote Hannah Montana "the best of both worlds". I love a good vampire book. I've read so many and right now, when I think about it, I can't say anything special about it. They all have the same powers, same action and the characters are like actors reading the same lines over and over. Now Hunters is a different story. The first thing I did, was read the description. It was hilariuos. I couldn't wait to read [...]

    13. First off, I love the cover her eyes are so gorgeous, secondly I love the blurb, as soon as read it I knew I had to read this book, who can resist a book filled with broken rules and last but not least I loved the book, I loved how although it was a book with Vampires the main focus was the Hunters, it was refreshing to read a vampire book from a different perspective. The friendship/ relationship between Rachel and Daniel was brilliantly written and never felt forced I did find myself getting f [...]

    14. Wow! I totally and completely loved this book! The Hunters are half vampires, who's sole purpose in life is to exterminate full blooded vampires - by whatever gory means necessary. The central characters in the book, Rachel and Daniel, are Hunters - but on their own termswhich, suffice to say, does not endear them to either the other Hunters or the Vampires! I don't really want to go into too much detail here about the ins and outs of the story as I don't want to spoil the story for anyone :)The [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this! It was really funny! I'm so glad that Rachel came across as "real" she maybe kickass when it comes to Vampires but she still has her flaws!These are not your shiny happy type of vampires so Rachel and Daniel have to bend a few rules to do their jobs! It flew along at a great pace that made it very hard for me to put it down!I'm definitely looking forward to the next instalment in the lives of Rachel and Daniel!

    16. I read this book in my R2R group. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars. I did enjoy this book and thought it was a lot of fun. I thought that things were just a little too convenient for Daniel and Rachel whenever they were in a tight spot, but that didn't stop me from enjoying this book. Although I liked the story I didn't feel like I really got to know the characters as much as I would have liked, the story didn't seem to go very deep. I would definitely read more books by Stefanie.

    17. Rachel and Daniel aren't your everyday Hunters. They hunt Vampires,while also running from The High Council.Both have no problems with rules, well no problem breaking them. Hunters is a fast paced book with much action, fighting to flirting. I had no problen visualizing the characters and sceenes in this book. Congratulations to Ms Pristavu. I look forward to reading more books by you. Thank you for the oppurtunity of reading and reviewing this book.

    18. This was a fun and interesting read. Enough suspense to keep me wondering, enough action to satisfy my bloodlust, enough love to make the girly-girl in me happy. All in all, I enjoyed it a lot.Kudos, Steph!

    19. I've been very on the fence about this review. I actually finished this book over a week ago, and I've been trying to decide how I felt about it overall. In truth, most of the book is very good. I love the story line, vampires being vampires who are actually scary dudes that are bad news. I even liked the hunters, Rachel and Daniel. I liked the idea of a hunter - a human who was only partially changed to a vampire but saved by another hunter's blood giving them antibodies basically against the v [...]

    20. Hunters by Stefanie Pristavu is a book that has a lot of potential and fell just short of an awesome story. Daniel and Rachel are Hunters on the prowl for Vlad to destroy him. In the course of doing this, they both lose the people closest to them and along the way gain some incredible powers to help in their journey. This story idea is top notch, it really is. I love the idea but needed something more. It felt like there were missing bits of information in some parts and in others, the missing i [...]

    21. Daniel is a Hunter. He doesn’t remember his past before he was 25 but he was trained and created by Max, a hunter that has gone rogue from the council. Rachel was made a Hunter by Daniel, he finds her turning into a vampire but as soon as he bites her and gives her his blood she begins to transform into a hunter and not a vampire. Since Max has died, Daniel has kept himself away from the hunters and now that he’s created Rachel he has kept her hidden as well. They have been wiping through th [...]

    22. The premise of Hunters is what made me want to read the book. When I picked up the book something about it just didn't resonate with me, and as I look at everyone else’s reviews I noticed that I am a minority in my opinion. What I liked about the book was how Rachel and Daniel became friends and how he saved her life and stopped her from becoming a vampire bride, how the vampires were actual bad ass vampires.I felt the book was a little rushed and there were things that I felt wasn't explained [...]

    23. This story is a different twist on vampire fiction, though it contains familiar tropes such as mind-reading and blocking of powers. I enjoyed this new take, and I especially enjoyed the humor scattered throughout the story. The voice and the use of humor in the prologue was fantastic. I wish the rest of the story had been told in that same voice with just as much personality. There were times when Rachel and Daniel's personality shone through, but overall, I didn't feel like I knew them, and the [...]

    24. 2.5/5The premise is good. Rachel and Daniel are vampire hunters. The vampires aren't your wimpy Twilight-kind either. I'm in the middle of a book tsunami. I've read an absolute heap of different books in the last two weeks and Hunters just didn't compare. It's mediocre. The writing is OK, but could have been stronger and tighter in places. I liked Rachel and Daniel and found their banter fun, and sometimes funny. However, I didn't ultimately connect to either of them.The biggest problem I had wa [...]

    25. I read your book "Hunters" that I won. it was really a thrilling experience. I found thrill, suspence, romance, tragedy all in one. The best incident was when Daniel suddenly shot Vlad and saved Rachel. I like your writing style and I really loved the story. It can not be written in a better style, you did the best. I feel lucky to have that book in my bookshef sighned by you. Thankyou very much. :)Nice regardsHumaira Zia

    26. Finally got around to reading this one, Steph, I feel so bad! Anyway, I got to read this before it was published, and it's definitely one of my faves :D Great characters, great plot, great author :D Great job! :D

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