No Sex in the City

No Sex in the City It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a student visa must be in want of an Australian wife Twenty eight year old Esma has a masters in human resource management ne

  • Title: No Sex in the City
  • Author: Randa Abdel-Fattah
  • ISBN: 9781742611372
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a student visa must be in want of an Australian wife.Twenty eight year old Esma has a masters in human resource management, never orders just a salad, is well travelled, has excellent taste in music, watches the ABC news, has the Guardian saved as an app on her iPhone, knows all the two letter wordsIt is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a student visa must be in want of an Australian wife.Twenty eight year old Esma has a masters in human resource management, never orders just a salad, is well travelled, has excellent taste in music, watches the ABC news, has the Guardian saved as an app on her iPhone, knows all the two letter words in Scrabble and can tell the difference between a Ford and a Holden Armed with a check list, she s on the hunt for Mr Right, who must be a Muslim.Tired of failed matchmaking, online dating sites and people calling her old fashioned , Esma forms a No Sex in the City club with her friends Lisa, Ruby and Nirvana.Esma s quest for The One was never going to be easy but when family, friends and meddling employers are thrown into the equation, her path to true love suddenly takes a great big detour.

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      293 Randa Abdel-Fattah
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    1 thought on “No Sex in the City”

    1. Quite an easy read and mostly stays true to the chick-lit formula. Young woman trying to find mister right amidst troubles with work and friends. But it was one of the most refreshing books I've read in a while. I enjoyed the cultural context of the book as it explores the lives of rather socially conservative young professional women. With the arranged dating scene creating a different scene to most chick-lit books. There was less jumping into bed with random men and more women knowing what the [...]

    2. Esma is 28, has a master’s in human resource management and works as a pharmacy recruitment consultant in Sydney. She’s of Turkish origin, has traveled widely, still lives with her parents, has a great group of friends and is looking for Mr Right. She has some criteria though, which does narrow down the search just a little:He has to be Muslim who speaks good English (Turkish background a bonus)A Muslim who isn’t fanatical, but not totally clueless eitherHe has to be educated, employed and [...]

    3. Melihat blurb yang ada dalam novel ini, bisa dibilang cukup menarik perhatian saya. Sang penulis yang beragama Islam mencoba untuk memberikan pandangannya terhadap kehidupan Muslim di negara non Muslim yang menghadapi berbagai macam tantangan. Saya sangat menyukai cara bercerita Randa Abdel-Fattah yang tidak terlalu menekankan ceritanya terhadap agama, tapi lebih kepada tradisi, toleransi, dan rintangan yang harus dihadapi oleh Esma. Saya juga cukup menyukai cover novel versi terjemahannya karen [...]

    4. Avustralya’da nasıl bir “eligible bachelor with Turkish origin” bolluğu varmış da haberimiz yokmuş, inanın Türkiye’de bu kadarı yoktur. Kitabı Müslüman Türkiye kökenli bir kızın “the one” arayışı olarak özetleyebiliriz, buna benzer bir kitap daha önce de okumuştum. O kitapta baş kadın karakter Pakistan kökenliydi. Ancak iki kitap arasında aileler ve kültürel topluluklar o kadar benzerdi (ve hatta aynıydı) ki, bu kitabın yazarının Avustralya’da genel [...]

    5. No Sex in the City is like a 21st Century Austen tale, complete with a 28-year-old virgin protagonist looking for a suitable husband. ‘Hang on,’ I hear you ask, ‘in this day and age? Surely it must be about some sad young woman, oppressed by her parents and cultural background? Tsk, tsk.’The fantastic thing about this book is that it could have gone down that path but it doesn’t. The protagonist, Esma, is an independent and outgoing young woman who is happy to keep her hands to herself [...]

    6. Ahhhh!Growing up, Randa Abdel-Fattah was my favorite author. I read each one of her books (Does My Head Look Big in This and Ten Things I Hate About Me) over 5 times (I am not even joking- I can recite those books from memory!)Randa did not disappoint me in No Sex in the City. I enjoyed this book so much, I could not put it down. (I can't help it, I love chick-lits.)The characters were funny and witty. This is definitely my favorite Randa Abdel-Fattah book, and I hope she writes more similar one [...]

    7. why, oh why i do this to myself!! am maybe going to finish it though with a lot of skipping, and maybe it is cute and fun, though i can't really see it with all these cartoon characters. i think for a while i am not going to read any chicklit, either i am getting old or i should choose a book that friends have reviewed!!!and ooh it's so good that i've written this review cause made me think about the book (and life and cosmos and .!) and i am not going to finish this! hurrah!

    8. If you're into chick-lit, strong women, friendships, family and love this is the book for you! The characters are very real and they give very big NO to victim blaming, sexual harrasment and idiotic men!

    9. No Sex in the City – Randa Abdel-FattahSam de Brito writes regularly as a columnist for The Sunday Age, and writes well. Recently, though, it seems to me that some of his ruminations have taken on a more jaded tone that usual. I know from his jottings that he is a single dad of a young daughter, and it would seem that, rightly so, much of his world revolves around her. How he writes it it would seem he is a devoted, responsible parent – but it is patently clear it was a more than bitter Sam [...]

    10. No Sex in the City by Randa Abdel-FattahThere is no sense in these book scores. Three stars doesn't really reflect how good this book is, in an easy-chic-lit-happy-ending kind of way. There were plenty of genuine laughs too, which I do so appreciate when I'm reading. If my husband also guffaws at the right moments, I know what I am reading is good. It is also confidently well written and well paced. Being an older, rather stolid mum, I did feel, at times, as if I was eves-dropping on other peopl [...]

    11. The beginning was hard work - 4 characters in search of a plot. But half way through the pace picked up, I started to figure out who was who (there's a lot of secondary characters) and it had a nice ending. It was a bit " told, not shown" when it came to the characters and their personalities, and there were an enormous amount of issues in the book - sexual harrassment, unhappy marriages, refugees, finding Mr Right, being an ethnic minorittbut despite the flaws, it's quite a good read. It's chic [...]

    12. This was a bit slow to start with but by the middle, I was hooked!! I've never read a chick-lit book where the main character was a muslim looking for her soulmate!! The whole no sex, or even kissing or touching before marriage is hard for me to take - I was quite the run-around when I was young and single so I couldn't relate to Esma's plight at all but still, it was interesting. Anyway, there's a lot of layers to this book. It's well written (though I found a few things confusing and even one [...]

    13. My very first time read Randa Abdel-Fattah's writing. No Sex in The Cityis an easy-chic-lit-happy-ending. Oh, with "another" atmosphere. You can't compare NSiTC with Kinsella's novels. :)) There were chuckles when I read it. Between it's okay and liked it.At least, it taught me something.

    14. Boring chick flick. Or maybe read too many like these before. The comforting thing to read was about how some men are universal jerks and every girl comes across one such whether she is from Turkey or Pakistan to Sydney or L.A.

    15. Randa, i really loved your novel, you make laugh a lot and feel it as well, so realistic and social, i recommend all the ladies around to go through it. keep going.

    16. Originally posted at Gypsy ReviewsI received a review copy via TBD Affiliates. Thanks!No Sex in the City was just as I expected it to be – quick, sharp and witty. It takes on the perspective of women who haven’t gotten their happily ever afters yet and are still in the midst of finding someone but yet also have trouble because they have their own standards for example, religious reasons. It also embraced diversity and different cultures and religion and Esma is a MC I can imagine having dinn [...]

    17. Esma wants to find The One. Who doesn’t, right? And as a twenty-eight year old, intelligent, funny, attractive woman with integrity and standards, this shouldn’t be too hard. Sure, she has a few more criteria for a partner to fulfil if they’re The One – they must be Muslim, able to hold up their end of a conversation, educated, interested in social justice, employed, and spiritual without being too overbearing. But Esma refuses to settle for less in her settling down – why should she? [...]

    18. i have to say i really enjoyed this bookit was HILARIOUS at times and shocking too. i like the characters and the plot lines and it explored a lot of themes. issues like sexual harassment, mother-in-laws, crazy families but the biggest thing was about love, friendship and trust. it was really annoying about the whole debt thing but FINALLy i am so glad she told her sister and it worked out because DAMN WHAT A BURDEN man but i totally understand why she kept it quiet. and the sexual harassment th [...]

    19. Randa has achieved what many try to do and fail at , she has successfully completed the transisition of writing for children and young persons to writing her first adults novel. I had tried to read her Teen books but found them quite hard to get into , but with No Sex in the City I was hooked from the first page whether it be due to the Jane Austen opener where Randa had used the Pride and Prejudice famous quote to help shape her story or the fact that I could relate and for me , in a way I was [...]

    20. I felt an undeniable affinity with the main character of "No Sex in the City". Esma is a 28-year old single muslim virgin who stands by her religious and ethical beliefs, but at the same time has ideas of falling in love and is quite unwilling to settle for anything less. Pressure from family (28 and unmarried, how embarassing!) leads to a steady stream of awkward and unappealing setups, which are frustrating for Esma, but hilarious for the reader.There are very few modern romantic works (books [...]

    21. aww yeah, this is the kinda chick lit i likeso esma's a turkish muslim woman on the search for The One. she's got a crew of ride or die girls -- ruby, lisa, and nirvana, each from different backgrounds and p much all some variety of feminist. they start their 'no sex in the city' club as an excuse to hang out more and vent about romantic woesthere's a lot that i liked about this book -- muslim representation, what up! -- but something that stood out to me was the minimal presence of consumerism. [...]

    22. "Memilih pasangan hidup memang harus sepaham. Imagine jika kau bermain dengan aturan sepak bola, sementara dia bermain dengan aturan rugby, akan ada banyak kekacauan bahkan sebelum kalian memutuskan akan bermain di tim yg sama atau tidak."Well done, Randa! Yessss, I like your story here! *a lot of screaming*. Okay, maybe it's too hyperbolic. But how you manage the story of sociality, religion, culture, lifestyle, is so cute-mixed. Saya sudah baca buku pertama Randa yang berjudul "Does My Head Lo [...]

    23. I’ve read but not been a huge fan of Randa’s young adult readers. “No Sex in the City” is a move in the right direction. The story follows four best friends since college, together they are a melting pot of cultures but they all have one thing in common - they are all single and looking. The main character of the story is Esme - a Muslim who works for a sleazy boss. All intelligent, educated Esme wants in life is a Muslim husband who will treat her as an equal. Nirvana hopes to land hers [...]

    24. I really liked 'No Sex in the City' and I wish more chicklit is like this. I like reading chicklit for a change, but find it rather difficult to find likeable novels in this genre. The heroines in these books vex me most of the time by doing stupid things while drunk and spending to much money on designer clothes or objects. Esma, the heroine in this story, is a pleasant change for the average main character in chicklit. She has good friends instead of frenemies and a job I never encountered in [...]

    25. I liked this book. It was a light easy read but a little disappointing. I love Randa's young adult fiction and was excited to see she had made a foray into the adult novel. These girls do remind you of 'The sex in the city' girls but the characters are not revealed through their thoughts and actions as much as we are just told who they are and what they believe in. I felt as if some of the characters were not as we'll developed as characters in Randa's young adult fiction. The characters work be [...]

    26. Quite an entertaining read with some genuine LOL moments. However, at times I felt Esma's character as a "modern Muslim woman" may have at times compromised the "Muslim" and let the modern win out. Although the book focuses around Esma and her search for Mr Right, the books redeeming quality is the deep and binding friendship that Esma and her friends have established with each other. Weaved into the fabric of Esma's quest for The One are the mishaps of both Ruby and Nirvana's love-lives alongsi [...]

    27. I really enjoyed this. It was great to see how things are in a different culture, and it has shown me just how much freedom I have. As a single mum who has never been married I couldn't be any more different to Esma. However Esma is a brilliant character with a strong set of morals, and it's delightful to see her life. As for the men, I was definitely more drawn to Aydin than Metin. Metin reminded me too much of Danny, even if his possessiveness and jealousy were for good reason, if there is suc [...]

    28. Rarely have I found a contemporary chick-lit novel set in Australia, with bits of Aussie slang, and descriptions of Aussie geo-socio-economics. And even rarer still to find a book that embraces multiculturalism, multifaith-ism (? okay forgive my made up terms!), and addresses serious social issues.This book does all that a with a light-hearted, warm narration that feels so real to me. It isn't one of those mindblowing novels that'll stick in your mind, but it is one that made a small impact on m [...]

    29. A thoroughly enjoyable read. I have been eagerly expecting this novel to be released and wasn't disappointed at all for waiting so long to read it. Randa Abdel Fattah has wrote a brilliant debut chick lit novel given that all her previous ones were YA novels . She tells the story of Esma, a young Muslim professional woman born and raised in Australia to Turkish parents, in her search for the One. Esma's story of finding the One is interweaved with the stories of her single female friends who bel [...]

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